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    Jumped Completely out of Bed

    by , 01-27-2021 at 06:16 AM (56 Views)
    I was having a cool vivid dream when I came upon a snake. I was outside and walking with an old friend. We went down some stairs when I huge rattle snake came out of no where. I was fascinated with how realistic it looked. The head was almost as big as my hand. I noticed even small scales could be seen on its head (much of the body was blurred out, but the head!) I tried to back up and not go near the snake. It came at me and I decided to jump over it. The dream got weird and I knew the snake was right up against me. In slow motion I flipped over it and it was right on me. Was it going to bite? Stop thinking about that...
    Ouch! What the hell?! I am on my knees in the dark, my calf hurts and I am on the ground. For some reason when I leaped in the dream my actual body tried to leap and I jumped out of bed, banging my calf and slamming down on my knees. Not cool!
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