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    Cities in the Astral

    Travel to 3 Mystical Places Advanced Task Attempt.

    by , 08-31-2013 at 08:03 PM (279 Views)
    08/30/13 DEILD from last DJ entry. I shook my phone for snooze. I kept still and pictured the hotel room and my wife. I was quickly back in the dream.
    I decided that I should attempt another Advanced Task as my lucidity was very high and the graphics were still good. I took my wife's hand and exited the room into a hall way. I told her we were going to attempt another task. "What is it?",,, "We must travel to 3 mystical places, Stone Henge, The Pyramids, and oh say Easter Island or something.",,, "Why not just create those places around you?",,, "just for the challenge, I want to travel to them."
    We were out in a casino looking part of a hotel now. I decided too much travel would never fit into the 15 minutes I had. I told my wife, "lucky that this hotel is also an airport." And it suddenly was. "There is the gate to Stone Henge, we are also lucky this airport takes you quickly to each place with some form of magic."
    We entered the gate and went down a short hall. We got on some sort of lift. I tried to think about Stone Henge. An image formed of one of the stone arch ways. Ahe said, "There it is, that is Syone Henge." I was not impressed.
    We were still on a lift looking into a dimensional gate or something that showed just the one pillar. I said, "No, we still need to get there and have the whole thing look kind of real." The lift itself and everything around it was very egyptian looking, so she said, "I think we are already inside a pyramid, if we just go outside we will have accomplished one of the goals." My reply, "No, I have dreamt myself to pyramids a few times, I need to stay focused on getting itno that gate and seeing Stone Henge."
    At that point my wife almost fell off the lift. I gave up on traveling for the moment and helped her back onto the lift. My alarm was going off again. I woke up. I shook it to attempt another DIELD. It worked (see next DJ entry), but was far from impressive. Dur exactlly 15 minutes.

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