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    Audrey Parker is a Bitch!

    by , 02-28-2016 at 01:20 PM (434 Views)
    Audrey Parker from the show Haven, a few others, and myself, have been on an epic mission. At this point, we're infiltrating the enemy camp, getting closer to our goal. It's touch and go, sneaking around, and we eventually get separated briefly, but we're headed to a building and I think we'll all meet up there. I get inside and it looks like a cross between a church and stadium seating. The rest of our team is there, but no Audrey.

    Worried, I leave with some other guy, instructing the rest of the team to wait for us there. I'm running myself ragged looking for her, and when I finally spot her walking across a grassy field, I collapse to the ground, exhausted. As I lay there panting, Audrey won't even acknowledge me, and I feel severely betrayed. After everything we've been through! I spent every penny I had in support of this mission, and now I don't even have enough for a bus home! She walks right by me, not even acknowledging my existence, and I think to myself "Fine! I'll walk home".

    I pick my sorry ass up and begin the long walk home. I cut through Fellowe's high school, which is empty but for some students working on some project. I go past them, past a teacher, and into a hallway on the other side of the building, which leads to the exit. There is dead cat smeared all over the hallway, and I accidentally put my hand in some. It fucking reeks!

    I exit the school, and next cut through a Harvey's. It too is empty and deserted, yet the doors are open. I go through it, then start my long walk along the highway.

    What a selfish bitch she was!

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