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    The Taste of Broken Glass

    by , 02-26-2016 at 03:31 PM (556 Views)
    My parents and I go to stay and my uncle Denis' for a week. There's some kids there, and they're fighting for my attention, especially the girls. For some reason, my mouth is full of broken glass, which I'm constantly spitting out.

    I'm about to go to bed, when I see a kitten jump into a laundry chute in the wall. I open it to look because I want to pet the kitten, and see more kittens jump in it. Then some woman comes in with even more kittens, these ones smaller. She keeps finding smaller and smaller kittens and putting them in the chute, until they kittens are about the size of ants. Then she accuses me of squishing one and gives me a dirty look.

    I go to bed, still spitting broken glass, and find broken glass all over the bed. I pull off the sheets, and find it's just covered in broken glass. Not just loose pieces, there are chunks of window glass embedded into the mattress, sticking out with sharp jagged edges about 4-5 inches. It looks like it was done on purpose. I go find my uncle, in a room with everyone else, to call him out. "DENNIS!" I yell, and he pulls his hat over his eyes and pretends to be asleep. I grab the mother fucker, tell everyone about the glass, and say he either did it on purpose, or he's just a complete fucking idiot. I'm still spitting out broken glass the entire time, and my tongue and lips are getting sore from all the little cuts.

    Dennis grabs some bedding and goes to set me up somewhere else to sleep, and I follow. He lays out a mat and some blankets on the sidewalk, and I lay down. I lay there for a few minutes, looking around, watching some people in the park before deciding this is some bullshit. He expects me to sleep on the sidewalk right next to the street? Fuck that shit! I get up and storm back to the house. Entering the house, I see a kitten in the doorway, and the more I look, the more kittens I see.

    Once back inside, I see the kids again, and notice there's something off about them. They look like inbred mutants. I notice one of the girls has a penis, but one that looks like a weird animal penis, it's just disturbing. They are also evil and have powers. They are the ones responsible for all this broken glass in my mouth, which I'm still spitting out.

    I begin to realize all the adults in this house are at the mercy of these evil little monsters. The situation is just so fucked up, that I become lucid! I fly down a hallway and see an opening to some sort of store. I fly inside and see bars on the walls, behind which are the store's limited wares. There isn't much, but up high on the wall I see a large machine gun behind some metal bars, and figure that's a great start for any lucid dream. I fly up, rip off the metal bars and take the machine gun. It's monstrously huge, and would make a gatling gun look small.

    I land, and make my way out of the building, mowing down anything in my way with the gun. Once outside, I drop the gun and take to the air again. I fly in a standing position and have no problems controlling my flight. I'm very careful not to look back or let my thoughts dwell on the previous part of the dream, lest I make it real again. I land in a park next to a stage, hoping there will be a concert, but it's too late and too dark.

    I either forget what happens next, or got woken up by the neighbors. That breaks a lucid dry spell I've had for almost two months!

    It didn't seem like I did much with my lucidity, but I'm proud of how I didn't look back, like the biblical story of Lot's wife, surely that was a lesson about dreaming. Everything requires your attention to exist in a dream.

    The mouth full of broken glass likely comes from a magic spell based on the princess and the pea I suggested someone use yesterday. Only I suggested broken glass or thorns instead of a pea. Never going to post publicly about that kind of magic again

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