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    The Cusp

    Hometown Shoot out

    by , 02-13-2013 at 04:05 PM (431 Views)
    Shoot out
    Recall: 4/10
    Sleep: OK
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I'm in the small town of Bourgette, and I love how quiet it is. I walk down the street and don't see a single person, then turn around and walk back and forth a few times, still not seeing anyone.

    I go to find my uncle who gave me a ride here, and he's taken cover behind an overturned car and is shooting it out with the police. The townsfolk tell me he only has to hold out for a certain amount of time, after which the police are no longer allowed to enter the town. That time is 1AM. I look at my watch and there are 7 hours left. It doesn't look good for him lasting that long, but the townsfolk are helping by "crashing" their vehicles in front of the police to get in their way.

    I go into the local hotel/bar, where I see pictures on the walls of all kinds of celebrities and royalty who have been regulars here in the past. The rules that outlaw police presence in this town have made it a hotspot for partying, and people come from all over the world for a little lawless fun.

    I haven't lived here since grade 2, but when I go up to the bar, the bartender calls me by name, which I find awesome.

    The police were after my uncle because he killed a man, some kind of royalty who was supposed to marry a princess. With him dead, it turns out I'm the last remaining person with the proper blood line to marry the princess, who is hot and smart. We get married.

    I go back out to where the shootout occurred, and some people are cleaning up. Turns out the locals set up the murder of that man, framing my uncle, so they could recover some treasure during the cleanup process.

    Should have taken notes on this dream, it was way more epic than my recall made it out to be.

    There were three major influences for this dream yesterday

    1)Saw a girl I went to school with in that down posted new pics on facebook, and I was impressed wiht how hot she was. This set up the location

    2)The Donner shootout, which mirrored the shootout with my uncle

    3) An episode of Ultimate Spiderman where the Wrecking crew would attack the city, then steal by sneaking in with the clean up crew

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