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    The Cusp

    Nap Fragments

    by , 02-23-2016 at 09:24 PM (319 Views)
    -I'm at my parent's house, and my mother asks me if I've seen the things floating above our house. I go out back, and the sky is filled with very dark clouds. The kind of darkness of a dream which isn't yet fully formed. I can't see shit. I look for a few minutes, then go back in. My mother mentions it again, and this time I look out the side windows, still seeing nothing. Then my brother shows up, and she mentions it to him. My brother and I go out into the front yard, and I still see nothing but dark clouds. I lay down on my back in the grass, determined to stare up for awhile, but the darkness increases and I can see even less.

    -At home, and I'm worried about a small motorbike I apparently own. My car either folds up into this tiny bike, or it drives out of the car, I can't really remember. I look out back in all the snow, worried it's small enough for someone to pick up and steal.

    -In a room with my mother and uncle mike, who begins asking about old computers he can have. My mother points him to a closet, and he starts loading things into a laundry basket. He puts in what looks like the old tape drive from a Vic20 computer, but when I look closer, it's a small cassette player which is badly broken.

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