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    1. Another Joyride

      by , 11-07-2016 at 10:25 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #499 - DILD

      I forgot much of this dream but as some point I become aware that I am dreaming and take a car for a joyride. I got it going super fast and felt G-forces in my stomach as I hit hills. Like always I marvel how the mind can fill in physical effects straight from dream visual. The road fades and I wake up.
    2. Nose Plug Induction

      by , 11-01-2016 at 04:15 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #498 - DEILD - TIME?

      I have to be breif and It wasn't so awesome of an LD but I was happy hitting after being unfocused so much. All I was trying to do was work on recall but I end up doing a DEILD and imagining nose plugs until it really felt like I was pinching my nose. As soon as I get a solid dreamy nose plug I realize I am in the dream and I get brief vibrations. Expectation, I suppose. I stumble around my dark dream house for a bit. Some random things happen and I have an FA where I try to DJ. Then I wake up and try DEILD again but lose focus and never wake up until the alarm. I'm lucky I recalled this at all.
      Tags: deild, nose plug
    3. In-Dream-WILD's

      by , 09-18-2016 at 05:37 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #496 and #497

      I've had two really short LDs the past week. One was this morning. Both of them were "IN-DREAM-WILD" (IDWILD or just DILD?) with really loud screeching sucking sounds and feeling like my body wanted to suck me back in. In both dreams I stopped and relaxed and performed the WILD standing up. In both dreams I wander around the house I am in for a few seconds before waking up or having a false awakening. It's nothing really to write in much detail but I suppose I'll count them. I am not sure why I just seem to randomly do this. Maybe I need to focus more on doing actual WILD. Regardless, I really love those crazy and bizarre lucid dream entries. WILD man totally WILD!
    4. What Is Energy?

      by , 09-05-2016 at 06:10 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #495 - DILD - 6:16AM

      I'm keeping this brief. Again forgive typos.

      There is a longer part of the dream that might be a bit too personal to share but at some point I step outside and suddenly become lucid for no apparent reason.

      I am in a yard and it's a nice day. I try to think of goals and got it a bit wrong. I ask the dream what energy is and suddenly a strong wind starts up. I face the wind and look down a street that ends in a huge tree. I can't keep my eyes open very well because the wind is so strong so I turn around and lean back into is. I float up and fly like I am a kite. I see a huge tornado in a dersert sucking up sand in the distance. It a really cool sight, but I look at it with mild interest. Then I turn around and face the wind. Still messes with my eyes but I endure it and fly around a bit.

      I get tired of that and find a place on the ground with a building to block the wind. Then I remember my actual goal. A long time ago I mostly failed at trying to create fire with my hands. I was caught up in the eye candy of it all and it didn't work well. This time I decided to make it more about invisible energy and the after effect. I see a trash can full of various items and spent a lot of time generating heat from my hands and melting things like empty egg cartons and soap bottles. Then I turn and put my hands on the wall of the build and make to two melted hand prints on the wall. Some it the melting looked really cool and some of the melting didn't last very long. Still it was cool experiment. Something I can work on later. I soon wake up after this.
    5. Noby Noby Cat

      by , 09-05-2016 at 05:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #494 - DEILD(ish) - 4:50AM

      I had some help from my little friend Galantamine this morning. I'm not spend a lot of time typing this dream or the next so please forgive the typos.

      Dose: 3:30AM
      8mg Galantamine
      400mg DMAE

      For some reason I'm leaving work early in the morning and I'm in the break room getting some coffee. The break room in really nice and has a lot of free food options almost like a continental breakfast kind of set up. I speak to my boss and tell her bye. Then for some reason I go back to a back room in the hot mold shop and take a nap.

      I'm laying on a pile of work rags and am feeling like I am in a half dreamy state (irony). There is a TV on. While I watch it things get really psychedelic and I high. I remember I was trying to get lucid and I just relax into the sensations while enjoying all the trippy imagery.

      After awhile I snap out of it and find myself in bed next to my wife. I get up for something and see the mattress is laying on the ground outside and the ground is wet and swampy. I see an hear my dog eating dry dog food as I go lay back down. I remember that I was trying to get lucid and I feel that I am really close. I decide I don't care about being wet, but my wife wakes up complaining about it we take our blankets inside a house. As we are walking I think, "This really is happening." But I wonder if I am really dreaming. There is a room with two couches and we decide to sleep there. Something feels off and I know that if I just stop and concentrate I will be in a lucid So, I stop and close my eyes and focus on my body.

      I am laying down again and start getting vibrations. I focus on that for a moment then sit up quickly. There is a high pitched zooming sound and I fall out of bed. I get up and though I worry a bit about opening my physical eyes I go ahead and open them. The dream is not bright and clear.

      I am in my old house that we just sold. There is sparse furniture and I forget that we already moved out. I say out loud, "Bye house. Bye." I hear my son say bye back to me from the other room. "No, Riley. You're coming with us." I laugh. I walk around the living room and see our cats running around. I scoop up Amelia and hold her close to me as I think of my dream goal. I can't recall, but I get a crazy idea to stretch the cat. I hold her up and pull. At first it feels too realistic and I hesitate. Then I just go for it and she stretches out like a noodle. She looks a little like Noby Noby Boy and It's weird so I set her down and then she has this ridiculous cartoon pouty face. I will her body to return to normal and laugh. I tell her I'll leave her alone now. I walk out the back through the kitchen noticing how vivid and detailed the dream is. Amelia follows but I ignore her now.

      I pause at the back door and focus on what I expect to see. I want to avoid stepping into the void. The looks close to waking life but the sky is surreal. The sun is low behind a cloud and the sky is a deep purple color fading to black and bright stars. I pause and take in the view. For some reason looking up destabilized the dream and I wake up shortly after that.
    6. Cockadoodledoo

      by , 08-29-2016 at 03:15 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #493 – DILD – 9:08AM

      There is some preliminary dream about my wife looking very Asian. I am taken aback by this, but quickly have a false memory that this is how she is supposed to be. I have warm feelings of love and communicate this to her as I normally do in waking life.

      Now it's a false awakening and I decide to just go ahead and sleep on the floor... or did I wake up there? I have the thought that the uncomfortable sleep should help me induce a lucid dream since I have been failing all morning. As I try to have a WILD, my wife starts talking and asking questions about what I am doing. Typical dream wife! I don't get too annoyed, but I do my best to ignore her. As I watch her groping hand over the edge the bed looking to make contact with me, I mumble something about trying to have a lucid dream.

      Suddenly, I am overly worried about waking up on time for work. I know I must have set the alarm for 5am but I need to make sure. I get up and try to check the alarm clock on the dresser, but none of the buttons are working and the digits are distorted. There is a VCR next to the alarm clock that I take for granted, but the time is all zeros. Frustrated, I leave the bedroom looking for my cell phone, but quickly notice it's in my right pocket. I pull it out and hit the side button. The screen dimly lights up for just a second and then fades out. Then I finally get it! What if I am already in a dream? I do a quick half-assed nose plug and agree that this is indeed a lucid dream. At that point, the dream becomes dark and I nearly wake up, but I quickly stabilize by crawling and peering into the darkness – my usual bag of tricks. The dream quickly stabilizes and I stand back up.

      I look around the dream environment and notice that I am in the first house I ever purchased back when I first started lucid dreaming. There is no irony here, just time distortion. Forgetting that, I become over-whelmed with euphoria that I am lucid dreaming and shout, “OH LUCID DREAMING! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!” Then at a normal tone, “I did it. I really did it.” I notice a large, old-looking, child's book on the floor. I try to read it. I name off some random words that appear out of the alphabet soup swimming on the pages. I decide this random garbage isn't worth my time and throw the book away.

      I decide to leave the house but find the back door is missing. I find this mildly curious, but I don't let it deter me as I swiftly move to the front. I pause at the other exit and think about the daylight and the grass I just saw outside the large pained window in the living room. I use expectation to enter that world and not the dark abyss that sometimes grips me when I transition areas. My efforts pan out, but I do notice the somber, overcast sky. The grass is looking really dry with a lot of brown patches.

      I recall my dream goal to talk to an animal; I had a really funny dream about a talking rooster the night before and wanted to repeat some of that experience. This time a large white husky type dog comes running to me. He's so excited to see me. He dashes around me letting me pet him a little then runs circles around me. After a moment of play, I mentally tell him to talk and he quickly reminds me of the dog from the movie Up “OH my master. I am so happy to see you.” Something about this is disappointing and I decide to mimic the chicken from my other dream hoping to recapture the humor there. I say, “Cockadoodledoo maaannn.” Yes the chicken from my dream sounded like an old burned out hippie. The reply I get is total unexpected and that's what I love about my dreams. I hear an echoing answer from across the street, but it's no chicken that I can tell. How do chickens sound when they talk? Not like this, I suppose. Certainly not like the dream that had me laughing all day. No, the voice sounds like a little boy and I am curious to find it's owner. We play a quick game of Marco Polo, stoner rooster edition, and I am taken across a large yard to a barbed-wire fence. Because of the nature of dreams, I know this could turn into a tangled mess so I quickly decide to phase right through the wire. There is some fight, but I mange just fine. I sense the boy is calling to me from this old farm house that's now in my sights, but just before I reach it, the dream switches to black and I wake up. Damn the luck!
    7. Anything Is Possible

      by , 08-13-2016 at 05:25 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #492 - DILD - 8:41AM

      I have a long dream segment of hovering above a crowd in some sort of elongated flying machine. There were seats dangling from under a helicopter / blimp sort of thing and we were all strapped in like the Batman ride. The pilot was in the front and maneuvered us over the crowd as they all watched in amazement. I notice I am in the back and there are about 6 women riding in a line in front of me. I wonder why I am the only man here. A few times we get too low and scrap the top of some black SUV.

      Suddenly I am floating in someone's living room and totally lucid. I am not sure how this happened but here I am. I feel like I was lucid for the flying machine but wonder why I didn't take control. I understand that woman pilot had to go in the house to take care of something. I feel the need to wait on her and decide to play around with floating and flying through the house for a long while. The family seems to be appearing near me watching in different parts of the house. A little boy finally asks me how I am flying. I tell him that this is a dream and anything is possible in the dream state. He just stares at me like he really doesn't understand what I mean. I float into the other room. Now the woman pilot is my wife and I tell her to hurry up. I don't want to say anything about waking up, but I tell her I really want to conclude this dream. I hate not being able to finish a lucid dream. She tells me that she is trying but our son still needs to brush his teeth. I tell her this is a dream and just make it be done. Now they both come out and follow me one the way out of the house. I realize I am walking now. I don't like the feel of it and tell the boy, who is still staring at me, that I am walking and I'll have to fix that. I have some trouble getting in the air but when I do I kick off the wall and do a backflip. The action destabilizes the dream state and I wake up.
    8. Aspects of Self

      by , 07-05-2016 at 01:52 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I intended to take Galantamine last night but, remembered that I didn't need it. However, I think my recall would have been much better if I had.

      #491 - DEILD - 2:44AM

      I partially wake up and focus on relaxation. I immediately get vibrations and quickly get up. It's dark and I and I end up in some trippy body sensation where I am twisting around all weird. I have a moment of thinking I am moving my physical body and open my eyes. For a moment I think maybe my physical eyes are open but I trust my instincts just go with it. I can see now and I go out side and fly around a bit.

      I have a huge memory gap or maybe I lost lucidity but when I come back to myself I am floating around town with a woman that resembles my wife. There is a closeness that feels like a part of myself. I say I wonder what aspect of myself you are. The woman giggles. We hug as we float around a food court. I grab her tit and she pushes my hand away. I have an understanding that she is resting because I don't want this type of lucid dream. I nod and verbalize this to her.

      Suddenly we are having ice cream. I take a bite and then decide to leave. A disfigured and mentally ill kid runs after us from behind the counter. I suppose he expects us to pay. We fly out of the food court and effortlessly phase out a window. I look back at the kid running after us. I wake up.

      #492 - DILD

      I am shooting some type of full automatic rifle in a shooting range in a cave. Says "Carbide" on the rifle. At some point I recognize I am dreaming but I continue shooting. I don't worry about reloading properly. I just dump some bullets in. I notice the bullets are made of stone. I continue to shoot noticing how dull the shots are in dreams. I know I can shoot as much and as fast as I want. I carved designs in the wooden targets. I smile and just enjoy that I am having a lucid dream.

      A NLD about making copied from objects in a mirror. Some how I put something in front of the mirror and turn around to find a duplicate. I ended up doing this to myself but somehow copied bunch of other people. I some how got the duplicates to go back to where ever they came from but I kept the copy of myself. I wondered if having sex with myself would be gay or just masturbation. I try to talk about this to my copy could read my mind. We left the question open and unanswered.

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    9. No Child Left Behind

      by , 06-14-2016 at 03:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Im at some church service with my mom. They talk about some lady keeping her baby after being raped and that baby having 33 kids. Justin says doesn't that hurt? I say, "Nah after awhile they just fall out in a conga line." We laugh, but notice she's right behind me. I'm not totally sure it's her but Im scared to look. I tell Justin look because I can't tell.

      We are on a bus now. The lady is question is talking in British accent about her recent child birthing. I realize it is her and hope she didn't hear me make fun of her.

      The bus stops. My son, Riley and younger daughter, Dalynn, get off. I'm overly aware od Riley's glowing red shirt. They walk past my window alone. I panic and start knocking on glass the glass to get them to loo at me. I yell, "They got off!" Dalynn phased through the bus and takes a sear, but the bus driver leaves Riley. He's too young. My mom is the bus driver. I scream, "You're leaving Riley!"
      She calmly says" Well, he'll have to find his way back."
      I say, "You're not leaving him. If this was real life you wouldn't." I look at my older daugher, "Hey! "Is this real life?" She just looks at me curious. I go ahead and do a nose plug just in case

      Lucid now, I move to front of bus. I say to my mom "He's back right there now. No worries...boom." I point and turn expecting to see him. There he is. "Look mom, there he is. I look at mom and look back. He's not there for a second but I refuse to believe it. I look harder and a different child morphing into his likeness. I see he's wearing the same red shirt and leave it at that. I don't get caught up on the details. I'm just really determinded to not leave my child alone at a bus stop dream or no dream. I wake up.

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      Tags: bus, children, church, lady, mom
    10. Nothing special

      by , 06-10-2016 at 01:18 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I'm not adding these to my LD count because my recall is just terrible right now. It seems like I have to trouble getting lucid, but trying to remember is a giant challenge. I've got to even out my sleep habits and drink less and meditate more.

      1. I was playing a piano and realize I was making it all up. I realized I have no idea how to play a piano and used dream control to make a unique melody.

      2. I was in some hovercraft and became lucid when I realize I was making it fly over traffic with my mind power. I enjoyed this for quite a while until I lost concentration and was fooled by a FA.
    11. Singing Werewolf

      by , 04-12-2016 at 01:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #489 - DILD - 6:15AM

      I wake from a dream where I am in a version of a break room at work, having a hard time getting water from a strange water cooler. I am going in to work late to day and feel a bit restless so I focus on some meditation and LD and fall back to sleep.

      I am back in the break room but now we are watching something on a TV. Frank in laying in a bed and for some reason I think it would be appropriated to strip down to my underwear and lay next to him. The show is really confusing and I look over at everyone in the break room. I begin to feel self conscious so I get dressed. I have a hard time getting my clothes to cooperate and it makes me feel like this is really dream-like. As I finally pull my pants up, think that if I turn around and see everyone as disappeared, then this is a dream. I turn and sure enough everyone has vanished. I laugh a bit and walk out of the room fully lucid.

      I enter my living room as if I had just walked out of my bed. I try to think what to do and I see a huge glass window on the North wall. I walk to it and blind summon a random item, then throw it at the glass. It breaks through, but the glass heals itself. I move closer and punch both fists through. The glass heals tight around my wrists and pull the glass to me. Instead of breaking it turns into a thick taffy-like substance. I free my hands and try punching again. This time it is as hard as stone and will not break. I throw several pieces of furniture at the glass but they all bounce off.

      I decide to maybe go outside, but when I do everything is really unstable. I get on my hands and knees for a bit studying the porch, but eventually go back in the house. For whatever reason, things were way more stable. Suddenly I hear and alarm and find myself back in the bed.
      I think I have woke up and my wife is turning off her phone alarm. Shes stressing out about something and looking through a pile of junk. I realize this is not how our rooms looks, so I must still be dreaming. I say, "Babe its fine. We are still dreaming. I mean... This is a dream." My wife's dream character goes silent and frozen and I decide to walk out, but not without considering having a sex dream.

      I wonder what to do and tell myself this must be why I don't lucid dream very often. I've run out of things to try! Maybe not... I really want to get outside and decide I need to make myself more powerful. I transform into a werewolf and run out the back door on all four feet. I begin singing random songs that I don't recall. I was quite at first, but I realize I have a powerful and amazing singing voice in this dream so I really belt it out. I climb up the side of my house to the roof then leap to the neighbors roof. I look for more places to leap to and see a huge city on a hill in the distance. I try to zoom fly to a spot on a tree, but it wont work. I leap off the house and run to the city still focusing on zoom flying. It works. My hands reach a wall of the city and I pull myself up.

      Still singing, I climb up building and reaches the highest part of a steeple of old world looking building. I notice that I am surrounded in a thick fog as I swing around the steeple. I begin to sing a really sad love song and become impressed with the lyrics. I feel as though I am making them up on the fly and it actually make sense. Too bad I don't recall what it was. The fog begins to clear some and I see a Blue Angels plane suspended in the air close by and then down below not so far down now I see a beautiful courtyard with a fountain. I leap down to it, but end up in my living room.

      I now switch genres and make dub-step sounds come out of my mouth. I find a full length mirror and dance crazily. I see that I now look like some greasy, grunge rock type guy and decide to go do something else. There is a baby crawling around on the rug on. I stop and say, "Ooohhh. Hi babies! Did your mommy put you done hear on the floor?"
      The babie turns and looks me and says, "No."
      I wake up.
    12. Angry Boss

      by , 03-28-2016 at 04:22 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      It's good to be back! I was trying to do an actual WBTB last night, something that I haven't taken the time for in ages, but my legs disrupted my sleep too much. I was lucky have this late morning LD.

      #488 - DILD - 9AM-ish

      I go into work two hours late and Mike and Brenda is telling my boss is mad at me for it. I decide to fill out a form for sick pay so that maybe she wont be mad. I try to clock in on the computer, but nothing is working right. Woody tells me the computers are down and I have to clock in on the old time card system. I have a hard time finding a blank time card and all the ones with writing look really strange. It takes a minute to find what I am looking for. As I slide my card in the machine it dawns on me that all the trouble I am having is typical of a dream.

      I walk way from time card and walk back into my work place. I see various people that I know, but their faces are all melty-flowy and shift into other faces. This is typical for me so I don't pay much attention to it, though I find it annoying. As I try to think what I'll do in this dream, I realize that I am really tense now, trying too hard no to wake up. I force myself to relax a little and things feel better. I decide I should go ahead and see why my boss is so angry; I figure it would be good practice for waking life.

      I walk into the break-room and see the usual people she sits with, but my boss is absent. I sit across from Sasha and ask where Sandy is, but shes deep in some conversation and mostly ignores me. I see some red sugar cookies and a coffee sitting in front of me. I try a cookie, but there is no taste. I go ahead and dunk it in coffee; still no taste, but now my mouth feels like it's full of something thick and expanding. Sasha tells me that I have red sugar in my beard. I try to say something back, but my mouth is so full I can't speak. I quickly wake up feeling like I have cottonmouth.
    13. The Other Ones

      by , 02-21-2016 at 05:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Again my memory is fuzzy, but this dream was super long in reality.

      #486 - 2.20.16 4:14AM - DILD

      There's some creature or entity that want's to take some dream ability from my mind. I thinks it can get the best of my by taking away any possibility of loosing consciousness during sleep. I decide it's a good time to try WILD.

      I have an easy in-dream-WILD (DILD) and stand back up. I try to confront the thing that is jacking with me, but it is invisible. I think I can hear it skittering around, but I see it's just my miniature dachshund. I get annoyed and kick my dog. I flies across the room and out a window. I am shocked and a little ashamed of myself so I just leave the room. I still hear the skittering sound, but can't see anything. I still feel like it wants something from me so I remain resistance. For some reason I feel the need to hide my thumbs in my fists.

      I enter a new room and remember that I wanted to fist fight someone in a dream, but I can't seem to summon anyone. Instead I decide to punch and kick at the wood paneling in the room. The walls are really tough, but I eventually break through one with a spinning jump kick. I try to imagine what I'll find on the other side. I expect a white walled hallway, but when I look, I have a view under a bathroom sink with all sorts of bottles and stuff you'd expect to seem. It's not interesting so I back out.

      I hear my mom talking to my dad about what I am doing to the walls. I follow the voices to a dinning room with a table. My parents are there and my grandmother is standing next to them. Nanny is giving mom some advice about some illness. I focus in on there telling her the problem is the "upper lefter wing".
      I feel this is important information. I say, "Hey. We are getting medical advice from you in a dream. Let's try to remember this... upper lefter wing. Ok?"
      We say it together, "Upper lefter wing." I don't try to understand it; I'll look into it when I wake up.
      I go on, "OK so try to remember this dream when you wake up. It'll be interesting to report the same dream to each other." Then it dawns on me. "Oh no. Oh wait. You're... not with us anymore." I hug my mother's mom. "You're...dead."
      Now curious, I ask, "So what's it like on the other side?"
      Her character seems to breakdown now and she seems distance and less lively, "I have to watch out for them."
      "Watch out for who?", I ask.
      "Them. The other ones."
      I am confused. "What do they do?"
      I expect a better answer; something exciting and wonderful, but she simply says, "They have sex with me."
      I wonder what the hell this is, "HAVE SEX!? WHAT?! Who? What do they look like?
      Her appearance is now changing to a young dark haired woman, "They all look like the first one." For some reason she points to one of her ears. "Evil."
      I continue to try to understand this, "How do we stop the evil ones."
      "The same way you always have." She says.
      "With what? Goodness? Kindness? Holiness? Purity? Jesus? WHAT?"
      She looks like a complete stranger and has faded away into a vegetative state. I decide this conversation is over. The dream fades and I wake up.
    14. Unshipwrecked

      by , 02-21-2016 at 04:54 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      My memory is fuzzy on this one since it's been so long.

      #485 - 2.17.16 2:34AM - DILD

      I am floating in a ocean with ship wreckage around me. I don't like this so then I am in an intact ship but parts are full of water. I feel trapped and then the water starts going down. People the receding water down the stair well. I take pictures of everything and by the way the phone is acting I become lucid. I enter a room with Betteljuice and some other character. For some reason I am not interested and totally ignore them. I find some bubble teeth laying around and decide to put them on and prank people. I see various members of my family and I act all silly and goofy toward them. I am laughing but everyone just looks shocked or frightened so I move along. I enter a room with large macaroni and cheese wallpaper. I laugh at this and wake up
    15. New House

      by , 02-21-2016 at 04:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Catching up. The next three entries will be brief with less detail.

      #484 - 2.14.16 8:39AM - DILD

      I am at a Nirvana concert. I remember Kurt Cobain is dead and the guy singing looks nothing like him. The concert is over and as I am leaving I somehow become lucid. I find my car and drive away. The town looks like a childhood memory and I find a house to explore. When I get out of the car it feels like I am getting off a bicycle and I let it drop behind me. There is a fence with a sign I can't read. Inside there are painters. I get the impression this is a new house. I tell the painters they are doing a nice job. I explore a bit and I like the lay out of the house. I think this is how I want my house to be if we ever build. I find upstairs and see a door in the wrong place. I look away and mentally rearrange things then continue with everything in place. Its a bunch of bedrooms. The upstairs leads to a balcony then back around downstairs to the other side of the house. I find some kittens and my lucidity drops as I play with them. I wake up.
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