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    Black haired girl

    by , 09-15-2019 at 04:12 AM (88 Views)
    Had a couple of very short lds.

    The first dream was hard to recall. I'd actually forgot what the dream was about but luckily I had noted it on dj. But the last few words were hard to read. I was a little ninja in some wooden mansion. Perhaps it's the same place from previous ninja dream.

    Wooden apartment
    I was in an apartment the walls were dark wood. There was also a little girl the. She stood out.


    Visualized square had a couple of very vivid hypnogogics. The problem was that I needed to pee very badly. That was too bad since I had ld from similar hypnogogics. But I was definitely sure I was very close to ld.

    I was reading a comic.

    I was in a restaurant. My parents had been there. They were tipping the waiter and I decided to add 2 dimes.

    Volume key not working for phone something.

    Computer lab lucid
    I was in front of a computer and became lucid. But immediately awoke.

    Warehouse, black haired girl
    I was laying down in a warehouse looking up at the ceiling. It was white and textured like asphalt and it had blue writings on it. My surroundings transforms into a gymasium. My dad crouching to my right. A young guy comes out from the door on the left side. He asks if we are OK. The location changes. They are gone. I realized I am in a dream since it was sudden. I realize my emotions are getting excited and the dream is vibrating, so I focus on relaxing. I get up. I see a little girl with black hair standing away from me at the end of the gym. Bad vibes. Decided to get away. I jump up high and through the ceiling.


    Monorail gym
    I'm inside a gym inside a monorail (or kind like the thing you ride to the top of ski hill) at the top of the gym. There were a guy and girl flirting to the left. I am looking forward now and its a basketball court. I am playing with a laser and it's my eyes that are shooting lasers. The lasers remind me what I was doing earlier, visualizing square. and Im lucid.

    Wake up as the rail gets to the end

    My initial dreams recall was bad. I'm really sure it's because I was dehydrated from eating too salty of foods. It gave me a slight headache. After wbtb I drank water and ate and things seemed clearer, although short still got lucid.

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