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    Determination! 2 missed chance

    by , 03-30-2019 at 11:40 PM (175 Views)
    Had trouble dreaming, many HI. Just went ahead to get more sleep and had 1 very short dream and failed ap thing. Still rem depraved I think.

    Went to sleep
    Awake and immediately did GRC

    Short dream:
    It was Movemver, bunch of guys on a long cafeteria table were comparing their beards and mustaches. All sorts of mustaches and beards. I take a look and walk around. I crash into a camera. Finds Joey from vat19 they were filming and ask me if I'm ok, camera lights are hot.


    Wake, Get buzzing, I focus on it, it gets pretty loud, see if I can get out of body. Failed. Arms and body numb but I can move easily. Perhaps too excited. Neck was tense, could be related.

    Key notes :

    So it's good progress. I did rc as I woke up, felt my body touching the bed. That means the rc is setting in. Had I been in rem state it would be a Ld!

    My theory regarding grc and meditation causing rem depravation may be correct. It may make you too aware for rem initially.

    Failed ap may be due to body tension, will relax and soften today. So close!

    MILD. I did mild and shadow work yesterday but I know I did not do it 100 too effectively. But today I did it well and am excited.

    No Ld but were very close considering how little rem I had. Should I ease on grc before and on bed so I get more rem? Would def be easier if I had more dreams.

    Could it be mental exhaustion from doing grc? Increased sws duration to adapt or something.

    Always improving super oneironaut.

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