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    Heir ninjas

    by , 05-24-2019 at 06:09 AM (64 Views)
    Got lucid? From the need to pee pretty badly felt like it was almost coming out so woke to pee. Too short.


    I was once again in Japanese classroom. Will remind self of dream next time. I was a cartoon character that liked it eat ramen noodles. I was in his body and realized that his stomach felt funky constipated like so I understood why he always wanted to eat ramen.

    Met Joey and played with a gadget in the classroom to the right.

    I'm no longer the cartoon character and I'm supposedly the secret heir to someone important. As I head back towards my classroom to the west I begin to notice people around me were acting weird. They appeared to be controlled by my aura or brain waves or something - an ability passed down the generation.


    I was getting the familiar vibrations in bed. I began to focus on it and it became stronger. I wanted to experiment moving the location of my focus backwards more into the head and lost the vibration. Likely would have succeeded with usual method. Maybe was distracted by thoughts

    Did some rc to make sure.

    Failed the attempt but learned something new.

    I was escaping old Japanese building into the FOREST. Bamboos. I had a couple of kunoichi ninjas who were my personal guard. They were fighting off other ninjas as we engaged them in the clearing. They die protecting me


    Maybe related to previous dream they were trying to hunt down the heir. Japanese lands but more far away from the city if not in an older era. If I was to map it out I suppose north east of the school.

    I laid on my right side. Then I was in the living /family room laying on the wooden floors in my right side. Kids playing laughing asking me why I'm laying on the floor? Why indeed? Why not become lucid?


    Notes :

    Moving vibration to back was ineffective, but moving up does work. Maybe just got distracted.

    I'm going to begin training deepening to make lucid dreams last longer. Maybe focus wholly on that.

    Should I give up or take a break from gravity rc? Feeling a little demotivated regarding it.

    Should techniques be combined or not?

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