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    Notes on wall

    by , 11-19-2019 at 05:13 AM (58 Views)
    ipad, drawing

    classroom riley, me laying on their table.

    Class Trip

    Went on a class trip. It was to Japan. Festival going on and it was one of the more temple-ly cities of Japan rather than urban. The festival didn't start yet but I explore anyways. I found old tan Japanese men building props and stuff for the festival. I approached one of them and asked how could I help them get ready? He gave me a simple task of assembling black tiles together as a flooring for the event. I did what I could but they all flipped white for some reason. He didn't get mad though, gave me some stuff as souvenir. I left, knowing that I was interrupting his work and me leaving would have bene for the best.

    I head towards the right side of the plae. There was some sort of a small cliffy-hill. It went up in zig zag and there was a group of students there. I approach them and one of the girls was just begging, shouting to have her head cut off. I decided to oblige her wish and grabbed a nearby axe. I squatted a little and readied the axe. Got stopped though, as monsters began appearing. I fell down below. Had with me some kind of slime rectangular block. Used as a shield to deflect the projectiles by monsters. Upon closer look as they approached me, they were more skelton like. I tried to block them with the slime shield but it went through. Maybe died.

    Notes on wal ~6 deild, couple more bed scenes
    Found myself in bedroom. Sensations in my mouth. Loose painful teeth, this sensation was present in previous dream and I realized I was still dreaming. Needed to confirm... I found some writings carved on the wall; they might have been sort of sparkling. Like a note left for me to get lucid. So I was lucid​. I maintained view of both my hand and the environment at the same time as I believed that would help me maintain lucidity.

    I went and explored, found myself now inside some sort of lab that looked like that game portal. I had 2 guns with me as I threaded forward. Found something at top, some sort of crest or symbol. I recalled that I wanted to create a portal to another world. Tried to do so but it did not work this time. Kept going forward.

    I probably should have tried to use the guns as portal guns now that I reflect back on it.


    bedroom again. Felt my body move although I was in bed. Was half sure I was dreaming. Got up and looked, found a inspiring passage on the wall again said something like "it's easy" and that made me fully lucid.

    Thanks for the notes... much love and appreciation.


    Bed again, got up and felt very uneasy, very stuffy. I went towards the window and saw sunny awesomeness. I wanted to get out but couldn't open it after opening 3 layers of windows, still a mesh layer there. Still lucid but decided to find another way. I found a little green plant by the window sill. I felt connected with the plant and felt like it was stuffy too, being stuck here. Wanted to water it but couldn't find water nearby, so decided to share some of my moisture via saliva. Felt like I could do better so I walked behind me and found a little bit of water. Watered the plant.


    Meditated an uncomfortable amount. 3x+ few more short ones whenever

    hard to describe the 'uncomfortable.' Not in a bad way, it felt like stretching. Treat it like a challange or a game.

    Keep meditating and stuff

    Remember to FEEL

    This time it's... different. I felt different. I feel different. I felt great.

    Thanks for everything <3

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