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    Extreme fragments

    by , 10-11-2017 at 06:35 PM (367 Views)
    I don't know how much I'll be able to recall once I start writing. I had an extremely rough night and actually "slept" for 11+ hours. I feel very out of it and loopy (and headachy) right now.

    In one dream, I was driving and looking for something. I made a bad turn and ended up going up some courthouse steps, turning and going right back down. I felt like an ass. I stopped to ask for directions but 3 people were snubbing me for that illegal turn. One of them (the mayor I think), softened at the end and gave me directions to Hepzibah (where my bio-dad lived)

    In another dream, I was at some place ordering food with my eldest. I was having a Strawberries and Cream Tea. Don't remember the food. It cost $120. for 2 people. My son was crying afterwards. I thought it was because he was broke. We were in the car and he was crying about cutting someone out of his life because he loved her but she didn't think of him the same way. I was trying to give a personal experience about how we can't make people feel certain ways but that doesn't mean we have to cut them out of our life.... but there was a song on the radio and my son kept interrupting me because he wanted to hear it and see all the colors (?) I became mad at him because I knew he just didn't want to hear what I was saying, so I snapped and told him to listen to it on the internet.

    I had several Jehovah Witness dreams, about being back with the congregation, but I've forgotten the specifics.

    The last dream was of zombies lol. It was standard base building, parkour and fleeing stuff. Except one thing was odd. I had a little hidey-hole and was being over-run. I ran to it and realized I never upgraded it. Upgrading used a lot more resources and I was afraid I was going to run out. But as I went through the stages of wood to iron, clicking the doors and walls with my wrench, cartoon monster faces appeared lol.

    That's it.

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