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    Freagin Awesome

    by , 03-16-2012 at 04:10 PM (334 Views)
    I went to sleep at around 3:30AM and I crashed fast and hard, but I still tossed and turned a lot. At some point, I even ended up at the opposite end of my mattress lol

    One dream was just... wow.... but it's merged (in recall) with another dream or two.

    There were 2 peoples or nations or planets (?). A marriage was arranged to unite the worlds or kingdoms. I watched the dream mostly, but sometimes I saw/felt the story from the POV of the main female DC.
    She had heard stories that joining with this man would be painful almost to the point of death, so she was extremely anxious.
    The man was attractive enough. Not handsome, but definitely good looking. He had blond hair and a baby-fat face. He looked young and innocent except for his eyes which were black and way too serious.
    He asked her what was wrong and she told him what she had heard. He asked 'Is that all? That's what you've been fretting about?'
    She said yes.
    He began transforming and told her she had every right to be afraid.
    He became a giant wisp of darkest shadows with a form in the center not completely inhuman but definitely evil.
    His form enveloped her and she screamed.

    There was SO stinking much more to the dream but that's really all I recall.
    I do remember her telling him that if he hurt her he's the one who should be afraid because someone (another guy? Her true love?) would make the creatures existing most unbearable.

    In another dream, I was on a trip with my hubby. He wanted to get a camper and stay at some strange country B&B. We were assigned to slot 3 which was too close to the sewage outlet, so we left. I interacted with the owners a couple of times, but I've forgotten all that went on.

    In another dream, my grams was dying. It was said she would be dead by Monday and my parents wanted me to visit with my bio-dad and my friends because when they (we) home to Florida, we'd never return.
    I remember seeing my Uncle Hank and my childhood friend Dawn at one point, but that's about it.

    In another dream, which may have been connected with the first, I was exploring on some alien planet. People were upset because their spears had rusted unusually fast. I suggested salt water, but the water had always been fresh. We went to investigate and sure enough, the waters were very salty.
    The environment was breathtakingly beautiful. The water was the same light shade of blue as the sky.
    There was a sort of bridge/walkway through some of the water, and there were these strange fish. The walkway was underwater by a few inches and I thought the fish were being used as weights lol because they were at the edges. They just preferred it there. Then I wondered how they could be alive when they're fresh water creatures and their environment had so suddenly changed.

    I also dreamed of a fat little boy. He was still in diapers, but when pulled aside for some reason it was discovered (quite by accident) that he knew the mathematics language of computers.
    And at some point, a little child worried because I lit a candle in her room which wasn't allowed.

    Now I'm going to eat. When I'm done, I'll try to remember to come back here and add proper line breaks lol

    And no... I hadn't taken any allergy meds all day :cackle"
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      I like the first part! That sounds like quite a wedding.