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    Super Jumbled Mess

    by , 07-19-2018 at 02:06 PM (1631 Views)
    I slept off and on to the extreme last night.
    I got a lot of dreams as a result though.

    I wrote them in my "Day One Journal" on my iPad, so I'll just copy/paste here.

    "Strange dream. I was part of a Bible study. It was set up a lot like a family study, but it consisted of the Congregation. A little boy cut himself and his sister offered a bandage only it had the US flag on it so they got into an argument about it. The dad was running the meeting and he said he was whitelisting her(meaning banning her from participating- which isn't a thing) which caused another argument. A Scripture was cited for us to look up. It was in Timothy, but I kept losing it as I flipped through my Bible.
    Then my FOV changed and I was actually watching it on TV.
    I was very excited about that and told hubby. JW's don't have TV programs. I even told him about an app that had just been made which is made up of games for kids.

    Dreamed also of getting ready to take a trip with hubby and also about zombies and a building catching fire before I could completely loot it.
    Also dreamed a tiger killed a baby elephant which was playing in someoneís yard.

    I fell back to sleep a couple more times. The last dream was of traveling with a large group that my parents and Rochelle were part of. We had to walk a great distance. Oh yeah... in one dream or another, I was at my Grams house. I was trying to staple a picture I drew onto an entertainment center. It was to conceal the area where the Tv goes. Later, in that dream, I was scared and looking for kids. They were in that hidie-hole. I dreamed of hamsters. Some were on the floor dead. One looked dead and was covered in fleas. It appeared to have no mouth so I was going to kill it to put it out of its misery. But then the mouth appeared. I was looking for things of sentimental importance at Grams house.

    While we were traveling, I saw a huge tornado form in the distance. We ran in the opposite direction, looking for a large tree. But then it was like it never happened and we continued on our way. There were cats everywhere. A couple got ran over despite trying to call them over and also warning the vehicle. We got onto a large vehicle at some point. Maybe a train? Because the next thing I recall was being lead by a turtle down a rollercoaster type track. There were no rails and I wondered how we didnít jump the track when we came to a huge dip. The view was beautiful and I wished I could have taken a photo. It was over too quickly though.

    Then I saw a caricell (the thing with horses that take kids round and round) in the distance yet on a road. Then I realized I was on it and I wondered how we were getting anywhere.
    We passed the same gun shop a couple of times. There had been a robbery and a fatality.
    I got separated from my mom and Rochelle at one point. Someone went into some water to look for them. I just back tracked, on foot, to the beginning of the journey and found them. I was exhausted from all the walking.

    Someone lost their ID and couldnít continue. The husband was furious and sad and scared. He gave the guards his ID and said he was staying with her.

    The dreams (of my memory of them, lol) are a jumbled mess. There was a lot more- speaking to people about the tornado; walking for what felt like forever; seeing my uncle Hank; a woman with a broach; my Grams house being packed for a move; almost getting into a fight with a woman because my bag was stuck on hers; speaking about religion and the resurrection during the walk and a guy commenting that I had a lot of knowledge (to which I disagreed but his friend shook her head yes that I did) but my application of the knowledge was all wrong and then there was a weird comment that I must get a lot of male callers; I was freaked out a few times, thinking I lost my e-cig.

    Weird that all of that was dreamed about in the span of under 2 hours!!!"
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      I have copy-pasted this DJ entry
      Into my tablet colournotes app.

      I am especially attracted to the Tiger killing the baby elephant.


      My bestest dream facebook friend ... well I called her a tiger in a 2009 online dream conference and my avatar in last years online dream conference was a baby elephant.

      For me ... the reason there was a killing ... is to make sure you remembered that dreamlet ... so you would post it here ... to make me Smile ... 😁😁😁

      I love this Dream Journal entry



      Now I got an earworm

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    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      I'm Ba ack


      I'm back again with exciting thoughts ...

      The Tiger (to me) is my late rvdc's life LIVING
      long time partner.

      During the 2017 iasd 2 week online conference
      While the Dream Remote Viewing Experiment competition was running the Australian football Grand final was on.

      It was between the Adelaide Crows (representing meee)
      (me, baby elephant avatar at that conference)
      And the Richmond "Tigers"


      The Tigers WON

      THE tiger killed the baby elephant meeee
      Because I actually live in the Adelaide Crows Territory.


      rvdc loved the song

      Row, row, row your boat
      Gently down the streem
      Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
      Life is but a Dream.

      His partener (Tiger) and friends
      Held hands, prayerfully, around his hospital bed
      And sang it quietly, over and over while he,
      who was in deep coma
      due to a masive and sudden brain stem stroke
      And he slipped away. The Great rvdc died ��


      as I was Googling around
      during the Dream Remote viewing contest
      in the 2017 online dream conference
      I found a clip
      that explained where the tune for
      the Richmond Tigers anthem cam from. Whatch THIS

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    3. EbbTide000's Avatar
      I changed my avatar
      To that baby elephant
      The Tiger killed
      In someone's backyard
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    4. Zhaylin's Avatar
      What a tale (and Grrrr, for the earworm lol).
      Glad my snippet made you smile
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