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    I play games, not girls
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    Early 2000s games, dreams, anime


    "I thought I was only acting but I felt exactly like it was all for real."


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    by Dojodoj on 03-03-2015 at 02:42 AM
    Me and my buddy Erich were at his "house" (his house looked like nothing of his house in real life) his house consisted of a small living room, one bedroom, a kitchen and a big garage. The front door led to the living room which had only a tv and couch. The living room led to the kitchen and the living room was right next to the bedroom. Adjacent to the 2 doorways was the back door which led to an open field with a forest outline and a lake/beach. I remember me and my friend out on the beach/lake and me swimming. He told be about how his mom has slept with a lot of guys and how his dad hates it. Shortly after walking back in his mom took me out side to the lake/beach that i just came from and told me a story about how there is some sort of storm going on in the lake and that it will fight back against the storm and some other random lore about lake creatures needing assistance against the storm. This could of been a great dream about the lore of the lake but instead she lead me back inside and i hung out with my friend again. Erich was watching tv on the couch but i was close to the front door and i could hear his mom in the bedroom moaning so i some how saw through the wall and watched her (some super power i guess?) I then proceeded to get up and go into her room and we were having sex. Shortly after we finished the dad came home and I hurried to find my pants but i couldnt so i stood by the back door with out any pants or underwear just acting all cool like it was the norm. They didnt know intill i walked out the garage door with a pair of shorts and i was then chased around some small rural town. After awhile i got ontop of this guys house and the dad followed up the house, so i jumped off the roof and he looked at me and said "HEY, I SWEAR TO-" before tumbling down a chimney. I walked to the house next door and the guy walked outside wondering what the hell is going on. I said "Some adult is trying to assault me, could you get me a ride home?" He replied with a yes but kept talking to the mom that had followed her raging husband. I told him that we needed to go now so he finally stopped talking and we headed into his garage. When i walk to the back of the garage, the dad breaks through the corner of the roof (the garage was made out of really bad shanty like metal) and started yelling at me. The mom finally told me to just straight up talk to him so i faced my fear and went up to him. He started a swing and then stopped then started laughing. We shook hands then i proceed to say "Dude look im sorry, but you and i both know, your wife is amazing." in which he smiled and we all walked down a dirt road to the end of the dream.

    Updated 03-03-2015 at 02:46 AM by Dojodoj



    by Dojodoj on 06-14-2014 at 02:59 PM
    There is this girl that i like in the dream. We like each other but some guy took her and told her that he would kill me if she leaves him. We are in a very small house/hotel, it has one kitchen and living room and 4 rooms for rent. I was in the first room to the left and the other guy was in the 2nd room to the left. I went over to see the girl but then he saw us and told me that he would kill me if i come within 18 feet of him. I went back to my room and started drawing with these tubes filled with graphite powder. Then some people started to come and help with the drawing (it was a really big drawing of a waterfall). Then right before it was done the guy came in. I looked for my sword. I grabbed it and i was going to attack when someone drawing on the drawing used some graphite it went in front of him and it instead cut my sword. (my sword was literally about 1/4 its size and had a boxcutter edge (slanted)) He was flash stepping around me and he had his sword only a few inches from my face. I started doing some battle cry of anger and slashed at his stomach. He flash stepped to my left only a foot away. I stabbed him. He said he put his sword away and we didnt need to duel but then i grabbed him and stabbed him over 9 times (there was a set amount to kill, it was like sao only needed 7 hits to deal enough damage but i kept stabbing. when he died he exploded like in sao)

    Canada, Sex, and Anger

    by Dojodoj on 04-25-2014 at 03:53 AM
    The dream started with me look at a map. I look up and see my self at the "border to Canada" which was just a giant trench going all the way across America i thought to my self how bad this is because i knew i was dreaming but im bad at changing dream scenes. I look behind me and find out that Canada is just the back yard of my old house so i walked towards the driveway and then took a right to my neighbors house, which looked totally different (this was a polished wood house with fancy lighting). I walked inside to find a mom and her daughter about to get ready for dinner. The mom asked "Hey... are you here for dinner?" and i said "Yes of course, i come here all the time." and she responded with "Oh really? I should probably stop drinking so much!" and then she walked up stairs. I look at the table and the girl is giving me the thumbs up and biting her lip. She takes my hand and walks me up the stairs into her bedroom. I look around her room and when i turn back around she is on the ground on her elbows and knees with her ass up. I casually had sex with her then the dream skips and i lose lucidity. Im now in an apartment with her and another guy. I decided to go outside and got to a house about a mile down and check out what it has (no one is anywhere) I then see my girl and the guy going to the house next door as i was searching. I see them run back as i get out of the house. As soon as i got to the apartment i had a about 20 satchel charges (out of no where) and i was throwing them at the guy and he threw the girl into the explosion. (This whole satchel charge part was really weird cause it felt like i was playing gta; it felt like i was controlling my self with a ps3 controller) I then had to start using a different "button" on the ps3 "controller" to throw more charges. I find my self in a room and i blow up the door as soon as he opens it and shoots me.

    School girl (fragments)

    by Dojodoj on 03-12-2014 at 02:11 AM

    At school, there was a problem? Got a girl friend (dont remember seeing her ever in my life) we made out in between classes, computer classes

    Stealing Art (vitamin b6)

    by Dojodoj on 03-05-2014 at 06:52 AM
    *First night taking vitamins before sleep*

    I remember me and my family (my dad, my mom, and my bother)(also my mom and dad were divorced so this was weird) just casually walked into an art museum at around 2-4 am (guessing by car activity and how dark it was) there was no alarms and it wasnt locked. We were gong to rob some painting but we saw this piece of paper on a pedestal in the middle of the hallway aprox. 15 feet from the entrance. The moonlight seemed to gleam on it. We went to get a closer look at it and we saw it had some kind of "lunar dust". Moonlight shined out of the dust and into the night through the window above. For some reason we fell asleep on chairs we pulled around it and we woke up about 2 hours later from the loud noise of a car door getting slammed out side. I remember running to the right of the main entrance to an other room on the right and out the fire escape . (the fire escape was more of a door to a gas station and also the parking lot was a small lot in front of the museum and it looked just like a gas station lot with the gas pumps and the roof) One of my parents grabbed the paper with the dust and some how we all got in the car and went *somewhere?* (can remember where actually ) The dream soon ended but i remember it being really vivid and it felt like i was actually there.