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    1. 12 Nov: Department store and false awakening

      by , 11-12-2019 at 03:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a department store. Going through different sections, checking clothes, then latest electronics and end up in the music and film area. Not looking for anything specific, but remember to take a look for Björk albums, since I don't buy cds for years. I find a cd which I didn't know, and check the inlay booklet. Looks nice, but I think it is one of those Björk albums which I don't particularly like and I wonder if I am willing to pay whatever it costs. But there is no price tag, so I need to go to the check-out with it.

      Then I have a FA and think I am in my bedroom. It is very dark, but once again I see this little purplish orb moving around the room. It is beautiful, but it also makes me feel uneasy. Since last time my teacher told me to swallow it, my first instinct was to do so again. So when it got near the bed, I opened my mouth widely and swallowed it. It went totally dark and then I woke up or entered a dream, I am not sure.
    2. 18 Nov: Small enlightenment and rebirth

      by , 11-19-2018 at 11:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Looking to attend my guru's teachings. Not sure if I will see him, because I just dropped by and was not invited, so I decide to explore the place a little bit and see if I encounter him by chance. I risk going through an area I am not supposed to enter. I come across a few monks and lamas on a hallway and before they see me, I go down a flight of stairs that lead me to a sort of chamber where some people are seated waiting for an audience with my teacher. Nobody sees me as I hide under a table covered in a cloth. At the opposite side of this room there is an opening to outside and I spot my teacher arriving with a group of people. I am watching through a gap in the cloth and I notice that although he is talking with the people on his group, his eyes are looking in my direction and I know that he knows that I am hiding there. I feel there is no need to keep hiding, so I come out and join the other people in sitting on the floor in front of a low wooden stage. My teacher comes to talk to people but he chooses to sit on directly on the floor of the stage, right in front of me. Since his eyes locked with mine, he hasn't let go and I feel as if he is inside me. I feel dizzier as he comes closer, so close I stop feeling there's a separation between us. I become sort of lucid, not exactly, it is more like a small enlightenment. I feel so light that a breeze pushes me through the ground and slowly it elevates me in the air, seated in half-lotus position. I just go with the wind, I cross walls and tree trunks and rise up in the air. I rise and rise until I am in outer space, surrounded by darkness with the dim lights of the stars shining far away. Then I go across the fabric of the universe itself, until all shapes and forms start to disappear one by one. All of my memories fade like 2D pictures dissolving in a black background. I let go all of them. But then I panic. I don't want to lose my teacher's memory. I hold on to his memory. And as I do it, a faint vision of a table and a chair become stronger in front of me and I grab the chair and sit, to stabilize this reference. I grab the table and try to recall familiar things. Then from the table, embedded in it, a dark male figure rises, kinda demonic, but I feel it is also the help I need to go back. He wants to know what I want. I state clearly that I have to go back to my teacher, no matter the time or place, just meeting him again.
      He says no way, that's gone, now I am stuck here forever in this limbo. But I insist on coming back to my teacher. I recall the time I last saw him, but any other time and space will do. He gets mad and disappears. Around me a scenario of an office starts to take shape. I get up and walk around until I find a couple ladies at a booth, like a ticket booth at a train station and they ask me my destination. They ask date and exact hour. I don't know. I feel a bit confused. They yell there is no time for hesitations. Only a few seconds for the time to be set. I could see in a screen random numbers starting to form a date and I shout my actual birth date and as I am saying the hours, I am already feeling a pull and I am thrown back on planet earth. As I approach I see the clouds, rocks, majestic ocean waves, buildings and people and I feel an intense happiness that I will be meeting my teacher again.

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    3. 30 Mar: revisiting my rebirth

      by , 03-30-2014 at 11:19 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am playing some kind of game, following leads, finding clues, to unravel some mistery. I'm alone but competing with other teams. The last lead brought me to this hexagonal atrium, with scupltures in wall niches, decorations on the walls,
      and the clues I have is "9" and "ice". I look around to find anything that relates to these clues. I see a stone roman nine on a wall and what seems like and ice cristal. I press them, hoping to open some door or something, but nothing happens.
      Then a couple of other teams appear and they have different clues, but they also follow my logic and start pressing others numbers and symbols. Nothing happens.
      Then I have the feeling I have been here before and this hasn't worked, so I reason that the answer is cooperation. We all found clues and together they form a password. I suggest this to the others, only a couple of blond girls thinks I am probably right, the others think I just want to still their clues. But after a while of everyone trying their own ideas with no sucess, they consider trying my idea. We try different combinations and I say them out loud. When I pronounce the right one, my voice sounds like a thunderous angel's voice. It shakes the fabric of the universe, it shatters the place we were then. And I find myself in this ohter place, strangely looking like a diner or cafeteria in the 60's. I look around, trying to figure out what's this about and I see my grandparents, younger than I've ever met them. I stare at them and my grandmother looks at me with a frown, like "what are you staring at?". I have the feeling this was the moment when I chose my family, before my parents had even met. When I feel this certainty within me, I then feel like I'm transported to heaven's waiting room, where I am pampered and all my needs attended by incredibly polite waiters. I sit at a bar and I am served nice cocktail drinks I don't even ask for. They also ask me what I want to eat and they offer me seafood, which I reject and ask for something vegetarian instead. But they tell me all the "animal-like" food they have in this place does not come from real animals. No living animal was actually killed, this food is materialized as it is. I still don't think it feels right and I don't eat it. Then a boy sits by my side and starts flirting with me. Says he is a huge fan, I soon realize he is more than that. He is becoming annoying, so I tell him politely that I'm not interested, but he makes a scene, throwing dishes with food on the floor, on his chair, all over me. The nice waiters come immediately to help me, they clean up everything and about my dirty clothes, I understand I just need to imagine a new set of freshc clothes and they instantly replace the dirty ones. He is kicked out from this place. But eventually I decide to get outside of this "waiting room". I go fly a bit over a forest outside, but soon I am shot from the middle of the trees. It fails to hit me, but then more shots follow and I have trouble avoiding them. I fly away to a nearby city, but all the people there look alike and they all turn to me and try to hit me. They don't have guns, but they throw anything else at me. At first I just dodge, but after a while I'm getting sick of it and start catching and throwing back. And I don't fail and they fall and I weaken him/them.
      Then the time comes... In the middle of the chaos, appears like a nursing room and symbols of my childhood to come. I see a box with toys and the barbie doll ballerina that I will have and hold in my memory 'till this day.
      Then the dolls become real women experiencing sexual ecstasy and I am being pulled into a vortex. As they reach orgasm simultaneously, I also experience an orgasm and as my body spasms, I wake up.
    4. 15 Nov: Suicidal cousin, bear, friend in the bardo

      by , 11-15-2012 at 12:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakenin

      I am all dolled up to sing and dance at the Oscars. But when I am dancing, I behave like a troll. My dance partners are so upset with me and during a break ask me why am I doing it. And I say it's hard to explain, but it's just stronger than me. They think I'm having a stroke or something, but the truth is I'm having a blast, just having fun.

      I get a phone call and I understand someone died. I'm worried sick to know who died, but then I'm told it s a distant cousin called Tomé. He was found dead and all pointed out to suicide. I can't remember his face, but he was best friend with my dad who seems insulted by the fact I can't remember him, so he insults me back, with some remarks about my limited intelligence. That's when I remember which cousin is. I only met him once or twice but he was somethin. I say to my father that Tomé was the only intelligent person on this family and I loved him very dearly. All of a sudden memories start to flow and I cry compulsively.
      I go outside and I am possibly in Germany. There are lushy green hills and a castle that looks like Nuremberg castle.
      The colours and details are amazing, but I'm consumed by the sadness of my cousin's death.
      Then there's a bear on the lose and it is angry killing people.The bear enters the houses and follows people to the attics and basements. So we have to keep running cause no door seems to stop it. Then I meet some guy along the way and we end up together in a dead end at some terrace. While we're there we get to know better and we feel a strong attraction to each out, so we make out very passionately, despite the danger lurking.
      Then we see the bear on the street again, it finds it's cub and seems to calm down. They return to the mountains.
      I get lucid and remember my cousin again. I think there might still be a chance to stop his suicide, maybe it didn't yet happen in real life, so I send a telepathic message out there to him, asking not to do it, saying how much we love him. Then from the horizon, giant clouds of black spectres rise up, gather in the millions and start coming in my direction. They look like Dementors, they want to stop what I'm doing. And I conjure a kind of light shield (like a Patronum spell) to stop them. They are too strong, I feel the shield weakening, but then I trust absolutely in the power of love and they start fading away, I start to fade away, then I wake up.

      I am dreaming some kind of movie about a girl (I'm her) and a widowed guy (who looks like Tom Hanks) in a small town. Some public event is going on and we hide in some storage house away from the crowd, where we get naked to make love. But then some kids go inside looking for something and expose us publicly. I'm embarrassed, mainly for being caught naked, but the guy is embarrassed because of what people might think for him being a widow, so he says to people that he regrets all of this, that he shouldn't have done it, that he insulted his wife's memory. But then once they're gone, he wants to make out again. I feel mad with his attitude, so I tell him to fuck off.

      Then I get lucid and I decide this time I'll do something important. I've been wishing to meet my friend Isabel in the bardo. She died about 6 weeks ago. I try jumping through a portal twice but I'm kinda rusty so it fails twice. At the third time I end up in some kind of palace or opera house with a beautiful stairway. I call for her, don't see her anywhere, but I see some famous singer she likes, so I think maybe I am really at her personal "dream space" in the bardo, so I stick around, focused on meeting her.
      I am attracted to a rose marble statue on the top floor and I have a strange sensual-mystical feeling about her, as if she is the core of this place. Although marble, she is also fleshy-organic. I direct my thoughts to this statue, my message to my friend and then the statue directs my eyes through a window and I see my friend on the street below. I run to meet her and she is strolling with some friend at some street market, buying vegetables. I say "hi" and then go straight to the point. "Isabel, I am here to tell you that we're in the bardo. You have to acknowledge that." She looks at me with a serious face and decides to ignore me. She continues passing by the fruit stands and I keep telling her "You died, Isabel! This isn't real! I'm here to help you recognize this!". She pushes me away, upset and I grab her hand and insist. Then she tells me "Okay, so if this is the bardo and you're awake, show me: transform this water fountain into something else." I look at the water fountain and have no idea what to do with it, but I concentrate in making it change into something. The eye of Sauron appears at its very centre under the water, and I don't know if that's me or something to scare me. In the mental fight to tranform the fountain, I make it melt and all the water flows overboard. The street becomes quickly inundated, the stands are dragged by the water torrent, as well as people and then I wake up.

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