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    1. 30 Sep: Afraid of a spider and saved by Spiderman

      by , 09-30-2022 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some kind of seminar, tables are set around the room forming a square and people are sitting against the wall. I spot a spider the size of my hand going under the chair of a lady nearby and then climbing up the wall behing her. I warn her, she sees it and screams her lungs out. Then some practical joker on her side grabs the spider and threathens to throw it her at any of us. I freak out and try to run away, but all the people sitting block my passage. He is on other side of the table (inside the square) so he approaches me with the spider on his hand and throws it at me. He misses me, but the spider clings to the wall beside me. Then the dresam shifts and I am in my bed, supposedly in my room at my mom's house, but the spider is also in here. It got cozy in a corner of the wall near the ceiling and made a web there. I watch in horror as some really big animal gets stuck in it and she is about to kill it. The animal is a rat and right away another rat comes into the web and together they kill the spider. Then I freak out that I have two rats in my room. They look at me and they don't seem afraid. Actually, one of them seems to like me. They come down and jump into my bed. I am not afraid of them either since they seem to be nice, only of the flees and ticks they might have. They seem to be some kind of hybrid between a ferret and a rat, they are huge and have dark stripes over a brown fur and the female has a red fluffly tail. She just lays down purring and asking for pets, so I pet her. She is a sweet, but her partner is more shy. I let him know it is okay to come over, but the female rat actually keeps him at bay, showing who's the boss. Then a dog comes in the room, it feels like he is my dog Hachi, but he looks like a white fluffy samoiedo instead. I am afraid that he'll want to kill my new friends, but instead he lays by the side of the female rat and she jumps on his back and all is well. I am amazed. I get up and try to turn the ceiling lights on but there is something wrong with the switch and I can't figure out what it is (dream sign missed). Anyway, I go to the kitchen and put some stuff in the oven to cook.
      Meamwhile Riverstone and Nighthawk arrive and I say I am cooking pizzas and other stuff but I take a break to join them sitting to talk. I notice Nighthawk is feeling really awkward and doesn't even look at me, but after a while we get cozy under a blanket on the sofa and somehow I end up half naked hugging him. We have more people coming over and I suppose Riverstone is entertaining them in some other room, because we only hear their voices, but we don't want them storming in, so I grab Nighthawk and drag him to an empty room, push him against the wall and we kiss. We slowly slide down to the floor, we make out, but then people come in. I quickly sneak out through another door, hiding, since I am kinda naked, but he is not and he welcomes them as if nothing happened. I magically get clothed again and recall that I left stuff in the oven. The house is now some big place like a central train station. I have to walk a long walk to get to the kitchen. When I get there, it exploded and I feel despaired that it was my fault as I left the stuff in the oven burn and somehow caused a fire which caused the explosion. Then from the blaze comes a guy that I know in the dream has a crush on me - he looks like Raita for some reason. Due to the explosion he mutated and is now is 10 mt tall and has a belt with living people attached all around, from whom he sucks their vital force. When he sees me he says "now you'll be mine!" and he chases me down as I run through other people in the large main hall of this building. I try to head to some elevators but they are all busy, so then I go up a spiral staircase that is full of women going up. They all start to run up the stairs with me when they see the monster chasing me. They help me by letting me pass to the front and reach the top first. At the top there is a door with a bunch of locks and knobs and for a second we panic but some ladies come to the front saying they have the one key that unlocks it all. It is a race against time as the monster approaches, but they manage to open it. Behind the door is a platform looking over what seems like a zoo enclosure with lots of different animal species coexisting. Unfortunately not all of them are safe and peaceful. We close the door behind us and we get rid of the monster, but now we spot some wild boars and when we try to come down, they charge, not letting us go across the enclosure. There is an access to a lake which gives access to an area of empty land with a door to some other building. We plan to go that way but I fear there might be dangerous animals in the water too. Some of the ladies take a chance and jump, but soon enough there is a huge crocodile coming their way. I spot the sillhouette under the water and warn them to get out. They get out really at the last second. Then we are hopelessly stuck. Then I remember to call Superman. Nobody knows, but I know him and we've had an affair. It's guaranteed that he'll come if I call for him, so I start yelling "Superman, I am in danger, please come!" I expect to see him right away but he doesn't come. I call two times, three times and he is not coming. Then someone points to the skyline and nearby behind some skyscrapers, there is a battle of titans going on, but it's not Superman, it's a giant Spiderman fighting my giant stalker from before. As I call Superman one last time, Spiderman removes his mask and throws it at me. It's enormous so it covers me like a blanket. Everybody is asking why did he do it and I am worried people will see his face and get to know his identity. I see his face and I am confused as the guy under the mask is Axman. Sure, he is also in love with me, but I didn't know he was also a superhero.
    2. 1 Apr: Rabid rats turn people into zombies

      by , 04-01-2022 at 12:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At my mom's neighborhood, behind her apartment building. I watch as a bunch of big rats climb each tree at the hill behind the building and destroy them in seconds. I make noise trying to disperse them, but I just delay the process. Someone starts screaming and I see rats trying climbing all over her. These rats are really dangerous. I get inside my car worrried about it, but I leave as I am heading to my old univeristy. My former colleagues are all there studying math for an exam and they wonder why I left the university. I wonder to. I go talk to a former teacher and bring some papers with me. I try to explain what I have been working on and that I left university in part due to my autism diagnostic. I expect some understanding but instead I get some some ugly remarks from her. and so I decide to leave. But she trigerred my stims and I am feeling uncomfortable that others might notice it. A friend joins me and we get in the car together. We notice more situations with rats out of control. We get home, which is a kind of loft with an attic that we share with a bunch of people. From the window we see absolute madness of rats everywhere attacking people and invading houses. I remember that the windows in the attic are open, I go close them. We all stay really quiet and silent, waiting for something to happen. One of the girls comes in with a bite in her arm. She later becomes rabid and attacks another girl. Meanwhile, outside people are starting to bit other people. I realize we have a zombie attack going on and we must leave the city now. But I am really concerned that it might be too late.
    3. 9 Jan: Flying lucid and dating my school crush

      by , 01-09-2022 at 10:09 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am taking pics and for the first time I got lucid from the always obvious dream cue that I can never take a photo. I look around and I am in a city, surrounded by lots of people. I start flying over them. I want to know if any of them is aware we are dreaming, so I tease them, but they all act like zombies who couldn't care less of someone flying, so just DCs with no reaction. I lose lucidity.

      In my teens, walking down the street with Big Bad Wolf, from school to home. We are adting but in secret. He wants to touch me badly, but our school colleagues are nearby and we don't want them to know. Anyway, he stops like pretending to look at something and whispers that he can't take it anymore. I touch his arm soflty and say "wait". Then he goes past me, inside a gate to some guys' farm, who sells fruits and goes buy something to take home, and use that time to clear his head. One of my female colleagues approaches me and with a smirk says "So, I can see love is in the air". I deny, embarassed, but she doesn't buy it.
      I keep going all alone. It's getting dark when I arrive at the main road leading home. I spot a couple rats running away and I follow them. They stop at some trash bags lying on the ground, looking for food. They find nothing but tissue and cardboard and start chewing on it. I try to stop them, worried about their health. Then I look for food in my bag, find a couple pieces of bread and give it to them.
      Finally at home, but not living with my parents. I am in the apartment I lived in near my mother some years ago. I recognize the kitchen, although it is like 3 times its real size and looks more like a supermarket. There are really long shelves on the wall with lots of food. I go check what's expiring, so I cook something out of it and find lots of weird foods I would never buy. Then my mom comesfor a visit and sees some cookies and powdered milk I selected and put on the table and she says she'll bake me a cake with it. Then I am looking for the trash cans and other itens in the kitchen and find a bursted water pipe leaking to the trash cans and all the trash flowing to the floor.
    4. 4 Dec: Dystopian future, zombies and a middle-eastern market

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with Zilla. I am preparing toasts in a kitchen and I put lots of margarine on it. Can't remember details, but she and a friend are in the next room making arrangements for something and I can see and hear through the walls and I am feeling excited with this ability. There is a guy too and at some point they all take a bus and I know from my super-power that the the guy is carrying a good amount of money with him and they advised him to be discreet.

      Me and mom drive into a very degraded neighborhood, looking for the house of a lady to pick her up for something. Some houses are falling apart, people here are really poor. On arrival to the address, my mom crosses path with her older brother who doesn't get along with her and vice-versa, but he tries to get a ride from us. She pretty much ignores him and goes to sit on some low wall that surrounds he area. He then goes away with someone else. Then a third person says that maybe we should have been more sympathetic, that the man is down because one of his grandfathers died. But this grandfather isn't grandfather of my mom. He was a well known gypsy with a reputation. My mom doesn't feel any obligation of anything and anyway we also had family members dying and he never showed up.
      We pick up the person we came for, she lives with kids in the basement of one of these houses.
      We go to the city center, go through some place like a street market, looks like a dystopian future, but everyone dresses like the 80s, including us. There is a celebration of an election going on, but it looks chaotic and dangerous like in a Mad Max movie. And we are worried about two street kittens that mom used to feed in this area and were forced to move on to another area and now we can't find them.

      Visiting my university and particularly the student's association. All is so different, dark, degraded, once again Mad Max like. Instead of political work the kids are having hardcore parties and the association looks like a really shabby non-recommendable club.

      I go outside and walk the streets and I spot a little squirrel looking for food. I have some cat food with me and I slowly approach and try to feed him. When he finally caves in and comes eating on my hand, I sit on the floor against a wall. Then some guys come warn me that I am sitting against the Israel's embassy and that I'd better move on or they'll find suspicious and shoot me. I get up and as I walk towards their entrance, I am dragged by a crowd who is also in celebration mode and apparently welcoming someone important. I don't want to have anything to do with that, so I cross the road only to see myself in the path of a car with black windows, escorted by bikes and lots of security. Once again I really don't want to be in the middle of all this.

      At home, I check my non-lethal traps for rats. All empty. And then I hear noises in the walls and realize they are infested with rats nests. I open a few holes and there they are, some very large rats. And they look at me with their really cute eyes like challenging me, knowing that I don't want to kill them. But I think I need more traps and maybe will even try to catch them by hand, as they are so many.

      A post apocalyptic scene with zombies. I am watching from a distance a man on top of a car in the middle of water. He thinks he is safe there, but the water is knee deep and 3 zombies head towards him. Luckily we're dealing with slow zombies. So I have time to go there and try to help. As I fight through the zombies, a military jeep comes by with half a dozen soldiers, men and women, and they take care of it. They take the man who is injured and say are they can't take me as the jeep is full. But 3 ladies in the back seat squeeze themselves and still find a little space for me. On the way they are arguing with one of them who shoots black zombies more than whites and he does so also to those zombies who are not an immediate threath. Since there is an official program to find a cure, the protocol states they only kill the ones they really have to, but they noticed this guy is trigger happy regarding black zombies. He denies but everybody can see he is a racist and is using the opportunity to shoot some black people in the hopes that when the cure is achieved, the world will have less of them. We are shocked.

      Somewhere in a middle eastern town. In some compound with my dogs in a garage. My dog Lady finds a way to break the gate and they all run outside and disappear in the labyrinth of a street market. I freak out at the idea they get lost and don't come back, so I follow them and shout their names, so they don't lose me as a reference. I spot Maya and Soraia and lure them to me. Since they are the smaller ones, I grab them and then go look for the others. It is easier to get the other to follow if I carry these two. But on the way back, Maya and Tara become human girls and they want to buy scarfs from a salesman. I say no, Tara insists. She gets a blue scarf and somehow she has the money to pay, but she doesn't leave a tip. The couple of owners and their family start saying profanities and insulting the girls, but they speak in portuguese and I realize they are actually a portuguese family. I go to them and very politely I say that I understood all they said. They feel awkward. I explain she doesn't know about tips and the local customs, even I didn't know, but that they are the best people and don't deserve to be insulted that way. I leave a tip them and then we go away.