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    1. Strip Cruise, Another Vader confrontation, 2nd Attempt at confidence issues

      by , 08-03-2011 at 12:14 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      03-08-11 I am on a big ass boat. There is supposed to be some frisky entertainment going on, but it doesn't really cut it and people are getting impatient and annoyed.

      That is until three ladies decide to take matters into their own hands. They decide to start stripping. I know two of them. Carmen Electra, Goldie Hawn and a small slim woman who I don't know and doesn't generate as much attention.

      We are all (on the boat) sat in the main dining/entertainment room. And it is when the apparent lack of entertainment becomes clear that Goldie decides to go on stage wearing a white, fairly elegant dress, and start becoming naked.

      After this the dream turn into a montage of stripping sessions, bar the third woman doesn't really ever show anything. Carmen Electra has huge nuts (no surprise really)´, but Goldie isn't far off and has a certain spark in her eyes.

      At one point she is sat at the end of the stage crouching down with her breasts out looking out over the crowd fairly happy.

      At the end of the dream all three of them are on stage wearing some stripping uniforms receiving an award from someone important that might have something to do with the ship, due to their commitment and brilliance in delivering the shows.

      Carmen is the first to pop a balloon, due her wearing something on her nipples that make them look a foot long and pointy. At first I think it is just her nipples, but after seeing this I notice they all are wearing these.

      My point of view shift so I am now staring at the nipples from the front and here they start looking really absurd and bizarre. They sort of still look like nipples, but it also seems like penises are coming out of these long pointy things.

      I wake up.

      (Thank you whoever arranged for that!)

      I am in Hornslet and I am talking to Mikkel N. He is sat on the floor watching telly and tells me I am supposed to go and pick up Anders. I remember this and call Anders.

      He answers his phone though he sounds horrible, really ill and this has some sort of implication on when and where I can actually pick him up, though he is still intending on coming, which I didn't expect when first I heard him.

      I don't have a car so I am going to have to find alternative sources of transport. I hop in a trailer driven by a tractor. The driver appears and it tuns out to be none other than Darth Vader himself driving, though he has lost all of his terror since the last time I beat him.

      Now he is just a grumpy old man (in full Vader suit however!!) driving a tractor. We head for the road and I try to keep my head down in order not to get noticed by Darth Tractor. I don't want to get thrown off. I briefly wonder if I am even sure to go in the right direction seeing as I am not in control of the vehicle, but I decide to faith it.

      On the way out I am trying to fix up this fishing rod. I have already gotten the line through the rings the first time, now I just need them to go through a second (Huh!?). It is my old fishing rod, red and black.

      After a while on the larger country side roads we get to some narrow town streets. Here it turns a bit hairy as Darth Tractor has to avoid certain obstacles, such as road side stairs sign and people. He keeps looking over his back as if he has seen me, though it could be because he wants to see if the trailer is acting OK.

      At one point I know he notice me and he is obviously not happy to have me on board seeing as he puts his tractor into reverse and drive the trailer AND tractor through a concrete stairs standing on the side walk.

      I go straight through and Darth Tractor ends up looking the fool as he is still sat in the rubble of the stairs (the frame still surrounding him, relatively untouched) unable to move.

      I pick up a glass oven tray, think it still has food bits left in it, walk over to DT and smack him in the face with it. He is stunned for a while as I try to remove his mask to hit him a bit harder. I end up getting the back piece off, but can't remember if I manage to hit him before he sinks into the ground.

      I follow him down and there is a hide out of sorts where the overall layout is designed as our old basement from 1993. There is more furniture though and it is designed as a place to live, not just a basement.

      There are two guys there goofing around. One of them is Jack Black and he obviously feels like he isn't getting enough attention so he storms off and comes back wearing some trousers that allow him to hook himself on to rails of stairs and escalators (it is an escalator leading down to the hideout) and ride them down or up at incredible speeds.

      We calm him down and tell him that he nearly got himself killed, due to wanting attention.

      I am supposed to go to Northern Denmark, and I don't particularly fancy driving with my parents so I decide to drive up there on the bike.

      The problem is that I don't have a drivers license for bikes and I need that to drive the particular bike I have in mind.

      I contemplate driving up there anyway under a veil (a magical cloaking veil, Dresden style, not a bride style veil), but don't know if the veil will be powerful enough or if I can even drive the bike, which looks fairly high tech, red and extremely fast.

      I am visiting Marie (I think) and I am sleeping on a couch under the window. I keep drifting back and forth between the bed and packing my stuff to leave. In other words probably 3-4 FAs.

      In one of these I am walking down some stairs listening to a Danish rap band. They are rapping about Gyro Gearloose as a metaphor for students not really doing anything productive in society as well as the benefits for western culture to finally have hooked up with China.

      I sort of like the band, though I am personally a bit offended about the Gearloose part, but decide to investigate. I find out that the band is called “Anus” and that a CD is currently playing. The CD and cover is completely black.

      I wonder to myself why a band that actually has some decent lyrics decide to call themselves “Anus”, but then again I don't understand modern Rap culture that well.

      Another FA. I wake up and see two identical copies of my wallet lying about. I need both of them as they contain cards I need, both in general and the upcoming travel. I try and consolidate the contents into one.

      Another FA. I wake up and start looking around. The bed is in the wrong place and the windows are on the wrong side compared to where I was sleeping before. I am dreaming. My sister is standing by one of the windows and I sort of do the commentary to her.

      I realise I am naked and I look at her and point my hands towards waist and proclaim “clothes”. I don't particularly feel like something appear, but I decide not to look and just believe enough in the pair of shorts I have wished for.

      I tell my sister “Now let me show you something cool!” and jump backwards towards the roof window. I close my eyes as I am about to fly through and I bump my head against the window. “Now that is uncool” I laugh and try again this time keeping my eyes open and fly through. My sister seems to be smiling all the time without actually saying anything.

      At the apex of my flight I extend my arms and envision a forest behind me. Then I turn around and to my surprise it is actually there, though not as “piny” as I had imagined.

      I start falling, the sensation starts scaring me a bit as I keep falling, but I remind myself it is a dream and I can't get hurt. At some point I shout “stop!” and I stop falling.

      The dream is dark and the only light I really have is the moon hovering just over the horizon straight ahead. I start flying over the forest and ask for help with dealing with my confidence issues (not in dreams, but waking life). Nothing particular happens, except a road appears a bit ahead of me.

      I start becoming annoyed about the lack of visual details and light. I shout out “Increase brightness” nothing really happens except some bright spots appear further up the road on both sides.

      I land by the road and is a bit annoyed of the lack of people. A car drives past me and I decide to stop the next car that is coming towards me so I walk out onto the road and look to my left.

      Soon enough a car appears, and I hold out my left hand in a stop gesture and verbalise the command as well. I decide to try out something fun I visualised prior to going to bed. I push down the hood telekinetic and the car starts flipping over, though compared to my visualisation it is trying to get around me and I don't have it in a firm grip.

      The car turns over and as I try to grip it towards me I can't really. However in the back ground I see shadows of motorcycles starting to fly somewhat towards me somewhat out over a forest.

      The car, which is yellow does hover over the ground a bit, but not enough to say I had control over it.

      A bit later a woman appears walking from the car wreck. I start making my way to her and ask her name. She is wearing a turquoise top and she is smiling. She tells her name is Anne and she doesn't seem to concerned about me wrecking her car.

      I feel the pulling sensation of my physical self
      (My dream body being pulled by the position I am lying in physically, until they match and the dream has disappeared) and I awake.

      Notes: I didn't spend much time stabilising the dream or engaging my senses. I was always afraid of my ability to sustain the dream as well as slightly sceptical of my abilities of within dream control. The dream mimics my life in a sense that I am in a hurry all the time because I perceive a limit of time much closer than it necessarily is, which frightens me and makes me impatient. Second attempt at dealing with confidence issues went really bad, next time spend time really stabilising the dream before making any such attempts.
    2. Tenerife, Holland, Cash collecting

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:58 PM
      30-07-11 I am on a trip in Holland. First of all Holland has turned in to an archipelago connected with numerous bridges each island effectively having some degree of autonomous control.

      I rent a quad bike to go driving along the coast lines of these islands to really see Holland. I brag to my cousin about this.

      I go driving, sometimes close to an edge where there is a long fall down. The horizon seems limited or narrowed in at these times. It is dark.

      I sometimes make extreme jumps out on to the bridges, these bridges are something else. Long narrow (very narrow) wooden suspension bridges (you know, Indiana Jones style). Brief fearfulness of missing is ever present, but I never do.

      At one point I make a jump over an edge and land on another island. I am immediately warned that I am trespassing and only people owning 7 bicycles can pass or stay on the island. I get fined.

      I drive back to safe territory and speak with Ruth, who is at work and Ida is there with her. After explaining the situation she sends me an email with what I am to write to the organisation that manages these situations (It is the same she is in). First in Dutch, then English, so I do that. It explains that I am living with her at the minute and was unaware.

      I am on Tenerife and the weather is sunny and bright. I am being guided by a Mediterranean guy who is trying to close the gap between fundamental Muslims, Christians and the general population. He is telling me about these circular buildings on top of walls that we go visit.

      The roof of these buildings can actually be taken off to let in the light. The complexes themselves seems filled with people wearing turbans drinking coffee and smoking pipes.

      As we exit one of them he is talking and talking explaining something, but I don't really listen. I pretend and feel that I should tell him something like; Listen I want to hear you, but since I missed the start it is difficult. I just let him talk.

      At one point we come to a church like structure (we later come to what the guide refers to as “the church”) I feel really happy when I see the spires, which are excessively tall and twisted towards the top, they look beautiful.

      We then come to “the church” and my guide starts laughing unable to stop himself. He explains that the only thing they actually use their church for nowadays is the bus station and he points at a small black shed, currently empty where you would order your tickets.

      I go towards the area I presume the buses would be in and start looking up the amazing twisting spire. For some reason I become almost euphoric at the sight.

      Some mates of mine from elementary school come to greet me. It is all the people a year above me I first became friends with after school. I am pleased to see Lars S doesn't hold a grudge from our last encounter. N is there. Reza is bullying a bit, but I decide that now we are all grown up and I am significantly larger than back then I give him some back and he soon lays off.

      Lars starts singing. I go to the rooftop of an adjacent building to marvel at the spire from higher up. I then hear Lars continue the singing. He is singing about cookies, coca cola and alcohol and water in the tune to “Beauty school drop out” from Grease, sometimes in tune with the melody other times as an extended talk about cookies that doesn't fit the melody unless you listen to the entire rant. I am laughing, but I somehow struggle laughing because I find it funnier than my body is actually expressing.

      Lisa is there and we talk a bit about how things are going and I think it is her that asks me if I am seeing someone.

      I am at a house. I walk out and press the doorbell. It is blue and I have an instinctual hunch that I will get money from pressing it. Someone appears in the window and I explain my hunch. She gives me money by letting the light on the doorbell button light up.

      My friend express admiration for my foresight.

      The entire dream is about me walking around looking out for blue things, including a quite wondrous specimen of blue flowers, plastic from the inside of fizzy drink caps and any other bluish colouring of the surroundings.

      In the end I find myself staring down a road looking at the incoming rain. It is mild at first but gain in strength, I am looking at the drops as they bounce from the road. The space between them become less and less.

      A wind start sweeping in from the left. and I start making my way back towards the village counting the blue caps I have collected so far, after first having just stood and just felt the rain and wind for a while.
    3. Magic, Sprinting competition and narrated lessons on nature

      by , 11-10-2010 at 12:09 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      10/11/10 Party at the top floor, entered via fire escape, dancing as part of a spell, have to leave for a moment, I keep swirling and believeing, Pil is somehow better and more experienced than me, transfer of knowledge through breaking of the spell and the bond shared within, blood bond?, symbolic knowledge, knowledge of letters, someone there, knocking in the ceiling as part of the spell, call Daniel so he knows it is just part of the spell, mette and friends invite me in second time around, bump into Casper/Sauer on the way in second time, they are leaving, I care little, go inside Mette's place and make sure I invite peeps from upstairs, I am offered food, not the cheese as it really taste like cheese and mette thinks that is bad, I try and explain it is ok and she should give it to me, pil says the sameand is eating some of the cheese.
      I am in the woods climbing trees, the primary part of them are badly mutilated, there is a narrative going and I am being educated about the trees, some trees change as you get closer to the crown, others have parasitic entanglements native to them (and as such grow quicker!). I have a small retractable knife with me and I am cutting in the trees, I don't have malicious intent and what I am doing doesn't seem wrong (this logic later baffle's me and I remember I find it strange that I had to use a grass sort as the perfect wood for a bow). The season is a bit off for learning I decided and exit the woods right out into the streets where Thure is waiting. He explains that I should try and get Pil to teach me Magic as I might get experience and progress I tell him “Hah, so I can become a level ½ wizard!?” in a jokey tone although I contemplate telling him about the surges of energy I have been feeling lately. I say “If it was a fight where anything goes I would probably beat him.”
      “Well actually I don't know” I continue sincerely
      Thure joins in “Well he is actually quite strong.”
      “Yeah and I have lost quite a bit of my mojo since the last time I worked out”
      I challenge him to a sprint and he agrees. I almost beat him, but something happens towards the end that make me slip up. Some random guy asks if we are to do it again, I say yes, but I don't really feel like inviting him in so I select a distance that is narrow enough that even 2 people would have issues in certain points of the course. There is a countdown from 3 led by me and we are off again, I am in front most of the time, but Thure beats me towards the end, I just can't seem to be going any faster. The random guy shouts out “Why yes of course” during the sprint and explains that Thure won due to his running economy and the fact that he maintained a vertical posture in the beginning whereas I was flat out sprinting leaned forward the entire time. I look at him intensely as he seems to know what he is talking about and say to Thure “Again!” we prepare for another sprint. I wake up.

      Being stuck on a tropical island as I had to go back to get my clothes.
      My mum was there as well.
      Told her I was going insane.
      She told me it was because of grandma we were there as longs as we were.
      A broken toilet, tried to fix it, disgusting!
      Finding various pieces of old clothes I don't know where are now.

      Skip or new dream

      On Bornholm, somehow it is in a different climate branch than usual.
      Driving on muddy biking paths, running too.
      There are crocodiles on all sides of the paths.
      Driving in a golf buggy, bikers in the way, they don't seem to understand that I am not quite driving a car.
      I loose my shoe, which is really a fish and it gets eaten by a baby croc.
      This means I have to run through mud and crocs bare footed.


      I am in Africa, on a shore.
      In a documentary where they are showing ancient hunting techniques and how they have discovered that they are different to what previously assumed.
      They are hunting crocs, and preserving them making sure they don't over hunt.
      At a point I have to run across the shore on difficult cave terrain and stamp the crocs out of their caves.
      I am a bit scared.
      I end up knocking loose a big shield shaped rock, this defines the old king as remainging the king although he was just challenged by his son.
      He gives me a set of 3 ancient (or not that ancient) mugs as a thanks.

      Sisse is coming down the street on a bike.
      She tells me about how her mum is cutting up materials and making shirts.
      She would like to sell this in Thailand.
      I tell her I can help.
      Something about Facebook.
    4. Disease would be the them for tonight

      by , 11-03-2010 at 12:11 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      03/11/10 I am playing battlefield with a couple of friends, but we are more than usual and the difference is that we are actually there. I manage to find a good spot and snipe a couple of my friends before I run out of ammo. I throw a grenade or two, jump into the river and swim across, I have been spotted by one, but I throw my last grenade at him and keep running. I get him. I run back behind a building and find them at the same spot, but now I have the high grounds behind the wall above them.
      I get compliments from the guys.


      Something about having to change hotels because my mum, me and Åse (friedn of the family) still had traces of Salmonella so we had been booked into a different hotel.
      The logic baffled me
      we had already come home from holiday
      why do we need to switch hotels
      in fact I am lying in my bed right now
      ah she must mean a different trip
      and I am actually not in my bed
      I can see that now

      (Nominates himself for lucid miss of the year! ^^)
      Something about cooking some food, although we were in a hotel, running around the rooms like mad.
      We were back at an old house my father built and there were loads of signs of him extending the house thoroughly. Marie was there and I was pointing out that now she could see for herself how much he was improving the house.


      I was with a girl in a city setting that reminded me of Amsterdam. There were a lot of canals and we were heading back to my place. In the mean time the girl was contemplating if she really wanted to come as I had chickenpox and she hadn't had them yet. We were chatting a bit and our lips touched, not quite in a kiss as she was still a bit unsure, but she purred with excitement. She really wanted to come and in the end she sort of justified it with a “well they might be airborne within 10 years anyway”. We were on a really weird route back, a route that involved climbing across windows that where adjacent to the canal. At a certain point she tried to push me in, but I managed to grab hold of a rail, but I quickly realised that the rail I was holding on to was too high for her to reach, she quickly decided to just jump into the canal and follow that way. She had a ball that she threw at me while I was hanging up there and I laughed saying “I knew you were gonna do that”. I was looking forward to getting back with her, but I noticed the dream starting to fade (even though I never became lucid, even at this point) and I was a bit disappointed.
    5. Babies in beaches

      by , 10-18-2010 at 08:33 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      18-10-10 I am at a beach and there is a very young kid, this kid belongs to one of my friends and she is panicking whenever he enters the water. This is understandable though as he cannot swim. He runs into the water and my cousin and I rush after him with the woman screaming in the background. My cousin only gets his green hat, and I dive into to pick up the kid and get him up. I ask him why he runs into the water when he knows it can kill him. He replies that I am always there to pick him up, to which I respond that I will and cannot possibly be for the entire future. I then start jumping down logically organised plateaus of different depths of water on the beach to find something that will be ideal for the boy.

      Something about coordinating travel in a tropical house with my family present.
      dream fragment
    6. Fragments and some odd pre-cog like stuff

      by , 09-04-2010 at 12:58 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      04-09-10 I seem to recall 4 dreams although they are very fragemented and possibly interconnected.

      I am in a tunnel, there are a series of doors that have to be opened by shutting down the power supply and reconnecting it again, as I proceed through the tunnel the difficulty of the tasks increase. My friend Daniel is there, he is pretty useles in this dream, so I am trying to teach him how to do the assignments. At one point he is trying to reconnect the power to a door, but I see that it is a tricky task so I take over, as I attempt to reconnect the power I get electrocuted with something like 300 volt, and I am unable to let go of the cord. I feel the shock (very realistically!) but I am able to scream, I keep yelling to Daniel that he has to pull me off it as I myself am unable, he is just laughing. He keeps laughing, I sense that he thinks I am joking, after a while he realise I am in agony and his smile fades from his face, I wake up before he pulls me away from the power.
      I am in a heroes of might and magic setting and there is a woman who is teaching us how to build in order to get an early victory and achievement (I know heroes doesn't have achievements). Daniel (same guy from above) is moving for me and screws up the entire plan. I get angry. I think there is something I am supposed to do when I get angry but think little more of it (Anger and acting on aggression is a clear dream sign for me, so whenever I have a slight aggressive thought IRL I RC)
      There is a big group of old friends of mine from highschool and we are working on obtaining cash to go somewhere on a ship. There is a shop that sells equipment we need in order to get the money. I have bought a ferrari, an old worn down ferrari, and my friends are mocking me for breaking my code of conduct regarding consumerism. That is until they see the car. I seem to have also bought a bike where the wheels have no tires, pretty pointless. Lasse gammelgaard is in a wheelchair and needs a certain moped, but he is unable to bargqain the price down within his budget of 18,700 Danish kroner. As we are preparing to leave my cousin explains that he is not going to leave Mads behind, I explain that I just saw Mads and my cousin convince me to say goodbye, which I agree to. Unfortunately Mads has been taken to a mental instituion. We find him and join him for group therapy, he is just goofing around he has no intentions of taking it seriously so we start goofing around as well. Apparently Thure, my flat mate, becomes the center of attention for not only the therapist, but also the rest of the group. However the Therapist is starting to suspect that some of the people there are not supposed to be there, apparently she can tell that we have been watching movies, which means we are not allowed to be there. The group is disbandening slowly with people laughing as they leave.
      I am with B, a friend of mine, and she tells me she really wants sex, and by that she means very quickly and with me. This is weird we are too close friends for this I think, but seeing as I do fancy her a bit I go with it. We kiss, she tells me that won't be required she is ready, she takes her top off revealing some perky small pink nipples on perfect breats, just dying to be licked, so I do this. She tells me I don't have to do this she is ready. Essentially she wants it hard and fast! So I start removing her stockings and by doing this gets extremly excited and wake up.
      I ma playing startcraft in a 4 player game. I get my ass handed to me big time, the winning player admits there was a bug in the game he exploited although he didn't know it would be there.

      Notes: The funny thing is that Daniel from my dreams (the first time I dream of him) actually ended up disturbing 3 WILD attempt during the morning, by first starting a hoover upstairs, then turning on the music and lastly knocking on the floor all at times when I was extremely close to transitioning. This made me angry at first, but I thought it funny later on =P
    7. Reverse plot: attempt to pick up additional details, WILD attempt, started in non-lucid >.<

      by , 08-24-2010 at 07:41 AM
      24-08-10 Gonna start from the end, as the beginning seems very blurry, much of the dream could have transpired during my snoozes that happened over an hour. I am talking to Sam about something, the woman from before is interrupting in what might be Norwegian, I seem to understand some of it, but although it sounds strange and makes me a bit suspicions, I write it off as wishful thinking. People are exiting the bus, I am waiting behind as I need to get to the top floor to get my backpack. As we are coming to and end of the journey I continue my conversation with some of the younger guys, I explain how awesome the train policy in Germany is regarding group tickets (missed the train sign), some of the younger guys have asked Sam (a younger Sam Winchester, only in resemblance, residue) if they are really going to Amsterdam. We recently got to Holland and as this comes to my mind, I say it it sounds interesting. This conversation is happening on the top of the pier, a pier I have come to like over the past few days, there are 4 or 5 of us now present. “Sam”, his best friend the younger guys and the outsider, namely me. I am still in awe about what Sam and his friend have just done, the reason we are now sitting atop the pier, that rises very high above the surface of the water. The journey back up to the pier starts in the ocean, I wonder why Sam's friend doesn't swim as it will be quicker, but he seems to prefer walking on water. As I come to the flight of stairs I notice a lot of silver worms in the sand (Residue, you guys should have seen the size of the creatures I saw at work yesterday) I quickly head to the top and await the others. I quickly swim over to Sam's friend and tell him what they just was insane and amazing. They placed themselves in the top of a box stacked upon another, and tilted this from the top of the pier into the sea. Funny enough the boxes actually don't just fall down, but slam into the side of the pier sling shooting Sam and his friend under it, but I somehow know that this is what they intended and both come out OK. Think this is where I first saw the woman who spoke in Norwegian, short blonde girl with a slim face and very very long hair, not all smooth, which sort of goes with the crowd we are hanging out with.


      Oh and here is what I remember from my second dream ! I wake up, I know I have to go to work tomorrow and I know I am only in my first REM stage, I am really tired so I quickly find a post-it block and jog down a few bullets from my first dream, wow that was quite short but amazing. I might as well try to WILD, as I might have to leave the minute my alarm goes off, I lye down, focus on my breath with the intention of going to sleep, I use my breath checking on a lower frequency than before, as I recall how aware and awake I can become if I focus on it too much... I soon drift off and go to sleep...
    8. Fragments

      by , 08-23-2010 at 08:39 AM
      23-08-10 3 fragmented stuff. Mathias Amdi paying for a pizza, in a swimming pool talking to a very cool penguin/shark/hedgehog in a pool , one of my friends stroke it and I think it is weird to stroke a soft jelly type animal, it might also have also have been a jelly fish. A female friend of mine discover she has a camera that can film under water and also link up with a receiver to provide live streaming (I am dumping the universal dream sign of technology not working for me period!). I wanna pay for the pizza I give 100 kroner, when the final prise is 85, so Amdi and I talk about sorting it out. Something about an after party we have to attend. Something about the airport? Many women following around, I seem to know them all. Something about me not being able to take on a pair of diving glasses under water.