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    1. Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey

      by , 10-27-2015 at 05:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey (DILD)


      There was a grandiose robbery going on where it seemed more of a series of technical idiosyncrasies that caused it vs. a physical attack. I was an affiliate of someone that was helping me get some gold bars covered in black metal with the monetary value of them. Each one was close to 55k-100k, but I’m not sure about the actual value in terms of $, euro, etc.

      Most of the environment is very bland with blue and gray, and the carpet for some areas were a mélange of fainted warm colors dominated by the cool color. I wasn’t able to recall the visage of the individual that was helping me hoard money, but based on how he escaped, he was of Asian descent. He had a short hairstyle, and seemed to be in his 30s.

      The more I describe him, the more his visage looks like one with a rough visage. Yes, a slightly spiky hairstyle to him, and a bit of a slanted forehead from the 3/4s angle projected in my mind’s eye.

      Anyway, it seems I’m lucid mostly during the end of the operation, and the ending looks like why where everyone is going their separate ways, and moving on to whatever quotidian lifestyle they want to enhance with the wealth that they’ve gathered.

      The robbery itself doesn’t seem to be one that causes moments of consternation for most of the dream characters. I was apprehensive on wanting to give some gold for the Asian male that presumably helped me out. I believe I had at least a million dollars in gold, and was willing to give 100k-150k for the male. However, just as I was about to profess to him, he’s already going his own way, which probably implies he has just as much, or more than I do.

      I put the gold bar encased with black metal back with the other stack, and now had to devise my own way of getting out. There were two dream characters near me; one to the left, and one to the right. The one to the right seemed like another affiliate because I queried, “Where’s the gun?” and they immediately used the side of their shoe to spin it across the floor to me.
      As soon as they did that, they ran away as well, and all that’s left is a random elderly black female wearing a faded purple shirt and some cool colored pants. She’s just casually reading over some documents, and seems to be passive in terms of being aware that there has been an internal bank robbery going on, or she’s feigning her disposition to prevent retaliation from me, and any other individuals.

      I was not made privy to the layout of the bank in particular, or maybe I just had a relapse in memory at the time, but the starting point was unfortunately having to utilize her as a shield. However, I didn’t force myself to do this to her, and merely just ducked under the desk she was sitting around. It was a thin black metal desk and chair, and her slightly grandiose weight was a useful way to cover.

      Then what happened next completely changed the mood of the dream to where I could take advantage of the moment, and get off scotch-free, I guess. I was in the prone position, and I could barely see the top of someone’s head passing through the small hallway trying to navigate, and potentially shoot anyone that seems suspicious.

      That individual looked like one of my managers I used to work, so let’s call him Jess for now (Hispanic one for future reference with black glasses). He seems to notice that someone is near the elderly female, and takes a shot or two, but is only able to make a few fractures to the wall she’s sitting nearby. I immediately declared to him,

      Jess…it’s me.”

      I put my hands up, and his disposition went from earnest to one of enthusiasm. It was the typical long time, no see conversation with a subsequent handshake, and the dream completely influences me to make a complete 180 in my disposition.

      Jess started telling me how he shifted his role from retail to more technological aspects, but I’m not able to pick out the exact job position he was talking about. He was wearing a light gray polo shirt and black dress pants, and puts his hands around his hips while his arms are in a sideways V position.

      The conversation was short, and I feel that through him, I was able to casually leave the building without anyone feeling suspicious. As I’m walking out, I started to question if this was even a bank robbery at all. I noticed to my right that there’s a female with long curvy black hair that looks like a co-worker of mine. For some odd reason, I feel predisposed towards her as if we’ve been in a relationship with each other in this dream for some reason.

      It felt as if those predisposed infatuations and attractions towards her were taking dominion of my preference to just tone my actions down completely. Somehow, the materialistic gain made me more giddy towards her, but I didn’t have the intention to shower her with items. She was wearing a dark navy blue polo shirt that I’m sure she buttoned up with faded blue denim jeans of some sort. I can tell she was wearing her thick black glasses, and I realized how she’s taller than me.

      Just as I’m trying to be gregarious with her, as if it’s the only chance I would get, a random Asian Indian male interacts with me. He’s wearing a yellow shirt, light gray pants, and some brown sandals. He looks like he has a clean haircut going on, and looks like someone name Brian from New York that I used to know. He’s asking me if I want to move to New Jersey, and queries how much money I have. I didn’t question why he would suddenly query this after the event that just occurred, and things seemed like a blank canvas in terms of how I could react to this.

      For the girl, that I’ll nickname Abbey, she was someone that I wanted to query if she wanted to move in with me to New Jersey. Then, the second dream character that is portrayed looks like my mother that suddenly has the accent of Consuela from Family Guy.

      She’s like,

      “No….you can’t do that…nooo. Noo.”

      She starts to scratch me subtly, which is awkward with the music that was playing when I was thinking of Abbey awhile ago:

      I started to move my arm away from her because it was awkward and irritating. My predisposed attractions towards Abbey started to augment, and before I could be gregarious with her, I was quickly thinking on the meaning of having to move to New Jersey when I could stay in Texas instead, and buy a decent house.

      I felt that these predispositions would go in vain, and yet, it seemed that I was guided towards her. This mélange of unconscious guidance and emotions made me query why a certain individual in waking life was querying over what my hobbies her, and from a dream interpretation site that I take loosely, utilizing gold in a certain way means I should find a new hobby.

      Or in other words, find a hobby that I would be able to synch with Abbey, however, I feel it could just be another co-worker that’s using middlemen to extract things I do for quotidian activities. I wanted to make the decision to move to New Jersey with her, but still was attached to Texas as I like the grandiose feel to it vs. the more compact and economical feel New Jersey had in my previous experiences.

      Flustered with figuring out what to do, I figured that the first step was to touch her shoulder instead of trying to calculate everything to declare to her. And just as she’s turning around with a smile on her face, the dream starts getting blurry, and I believe someone wakes me up.

      It’s going to be awkward going to work.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Kissing, Scarf & Transformers, Drop the Weapon...NOW

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kissing (DILD)


      I was kissing someone that sublimated overwhelming feelings of wanting to be intimate with her. Her existence had a very familiar vibe, but I couldn't really tell who it could be.

      I was more focused on being overly attached to her, as she was with me, and we ended up kissing each other frequently. My memory tells me that she was mixing around with several faces, or it could just be a perception error on my mind.

      But whatever the case, her existence was comforting. She was wearing a long black dress, and had light Caucasian skin.


      Scarf & Transformers (DILD)


      Since I put off recalling this dream to full detail, I'll just give a list of things that occurred:

      • Saw a girl that looked like Sarah B (black haired one)

      • Some Transformers theme were placed somewhere in this dream

      • I believe I actually did see some Transformer robots

      • The same Sarah is wearing a Scarf

      • There was a blue wheeled object that I can only closley associate to a laundry wheeled container that was filled with some items that I believe were clothes

      • Sarah and some girls she was with were scavenging through the assortment of clothes, and Sarah seemed to have given me a long stare with a smile on her face.

      Just Drop the Weapon...NOW (DILD)


      The environment was mostly Fall-related with orange-brown leaves scattered in abundance. There was a fancy shack in the middle, and there seemed to have been no windows, though the outlines have been cut out to imply that there could be ones fitted in.

      There was a man that looked a lot like the waking life counterpart of a dark skinned man that wears glasses that had a thick black trimming. He had a weapon in his hands, and I'm not sure if I had one as well.

      I'm telling him to put the weapon down in an authoritative tone, and I believe my mother was to the left of me trying to help me out. The guy looked like he had a hair trigger if I said anything wrong or out of place.

      After a while, the guy didn't seem like he would be a threat to anyone, and he just seemed to point the gun at me without any intention to actually shoot. It seems my mother got tired of this and left, and as she's in the process of leaving, I was wondering why she's leaving just like that without worrying what this guy may do to the both of us.

      Even though the guy is in an awkward position seeing how he's inside of a shack that's kind of hard to get out of without getting shot by someone else, it felt like this dream just went down the gutter after my mother left.

      It felt like the script in this dream for trying to get the guy to put the gun down as I could euphemistically state was nonexistent, which ended up with me probably getting out of the dream environment as well.

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    3. Asking Advice from a Mute Person & Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:05 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Asking Advice from a Mute Person (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking into a classroom, and as usual, I happen to be the only person to come in other than the presumed teacher that's inside the room. Seems that it's early morning for the dream setting, seeing how the chairs are on top of the desks in this room, and only a few lights were on while patches of darkness fills the rest of the room. I believe I left the door half opened, and as I'm going inside the room, I notice a female is nearby, and from peripheral vision alone, I knew she was taller than me, by 3-5 inches taller.

      It seemed she was on her way of sitting near her work computer, and she quickly turns around to greet me. The moment she turns around, I fall victim for how she looked. She looked Hispanic, absolutely beautiful and her facade was proportioned to near perfection. The only makeup she seemed to have gracefully plastered on her visage were eyeliners and red lipstick. Before she started uttering a word of greeting to me, I made a presumption that she was a substitute teacher for this classroom. The reason being is that it felt like she was exploring the room a bit before turning around to chat with me.

      Her body movements and such clearly wasn't in synch compared to teachers who know what's in the room and know where to sit in the room. She has black hair that's in an updo hairstyle, and is wearing a vibrant orange dress that ends just a few inches above her knees. And as she's turning around and me going through some trance of gazing at her beauty, she asks me a random question,

      "Are you an immigrant?"


      It took me a few seconds to start using logic after falling for her looks, and I quickly stated,

      "Oh, no, I'm a citizen."

      I'm not sure if I gave her a smile along with that, but anyway, she gets closer to me for some odd reason and gets a blanket that she wraps around my face gently. She smiles and casually goes back to sit at her work station, and I begin to notice this blanket is a dark gray color and feels very warm.

      I can feel her very essence through this blanket, and I noticed her perfume is covered on this blanket as well. Her smell and the perfume, although this sounds creepy, it was a very pleasurable experience of smelling it. I take my hands and wrapped my face with the blanket more, going through a slight mental orgasm of positive thoughts.

      Not sexual thoughts, just thoughts of wanting to cuddle with her, and as I'm going through this random act of appreciate a woman's smell, a part of me eventually realized it was best not to be fixated on it for too long. I put the blanket down, and it seemed this lady was going to leave, and I'm not sure if she was leaving for good or just had to get something.

      Either way, the dream quickly shifts to a completely different scenario. What felt would be some cheap romance dream with a teacher that was just maybe a few years older than I was, I'm not some guy with different clothing and with a completely different dream character I had odd fear with. He was dark-skinned, wore a gray sweater with a light gray collar folded neatly along with dark colored pants (can't remember the specific color).

      It was as if my competency level was reduced tremendously in this dream, seeing how I literally obeyed, sucked up to this guy's words and commands, and thought he was going to do something bad to me if I wouldn't act accordingly. So while he's being condescending without actually being direct with me, I continue going through random acts of filling out some papers. Whenever I find myself being confused about something, I would ask him and he would just point where to fill out and find information, and the more I needed help from him, the more annoying he was to me seeing how he was so irritated with my questioning.

      It wasn't even complicated questions, seeing how my competency level was now equivalent to a 8 year old or something, and he never uttered a word, only pointed and used hand language and gestures. Was I trying to get advice from a person that's mute?
      If so, then this dream just went downhill.

      In fact, either way, it felt kind of weird being looked down upon a mute person, it just felt that no matter what questions I needed help on, he would only just point and shake his head.



      Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof (Non-lucid)


      So I'm in this spacious building that feels like an airport, a very huge airport. I can presume that the roof was 100-300 feet from the ground, which kind of felt too much in terms of practical building composition. Even so, it's a good thing it was built that way, seeing as you already notice what's going to happen.

      The roof is collapsing without actually showing signs of collapsing, if that makes any sense. Random huge blocks start slamming down to the ground, and in this moment, it doesn't matter what I'm wearing or what I had intended to do, all that matters was just me dodging as much as I can. I had moments where if I were a few seconds too later, my dream body would be "destroyed."

      As I'm trying to keep myself alive in the dream, the fear and adrenaline augments rapidly, and unconscious reflexes started to become apparent. After the series of close calls and dodging prowess that seemed like a deus ex machina, I started to recollect my thoughts again, and it seems my first thought was finding if my mother was okay. I started panicking for some odd reason, despite of the inconsistency with her existence in the dreaming life and waking life.

      As I'm looking left and right to find her, I start using 360 vision again, or maybe it was just spectator mode where I see her behind me feeling perfectly fine. Seems I wanted to reach my left hand out to her without turning back and held her hand. For a few moments, I felt relieved and at ease with myself.

      I turned around and was surprised that she was still alive after all that.

      I don't know what happens next.


      Mini Resident Evil Nemesis (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside a house that's fairly dark, and the more I venture through this building, it feels like a mansion. I noticed that a mini-version of the Resident Evil Nemesis is trying to get me is saying,


      Yeah, time to get out.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Cuddling with Kaomea and a Porn Shoot Prank

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and Cuddling (Non-lucid)


      Seems I was driving a car with Kaomea in it, and she's just wearing a long red dress. The environment feels a bit too familiar, like one of the neighborhoods when I was in middle school. It was afternoon most likely in the dream, and most of the content of the area was blurry unless I fixated on it.

      The house itself looks familiar, and apparently my father is non-existent while my mother suddenly is. I opened the door and let Kaomea in, and my mother is on the chair doing something. I didn't pay attention, except giving greeting Kaomea to her and her greeting her back. Actually, Kaomea looked as if she could care less about greeting my mother.

      Oh snap.

      And then we went to bed and cuddled with each other. After that, I can't recall what happened next. Actually, it was probably just me laying down there and her probably giggling when her back was facing me when she was laying down on her side.

      Man, I am pathetic lmao.


      Porn Shoot Prank (Non-lucid)



      The environment seems like I'm in the backstage of a building, and I'm traveling behind a blonde and some random guy with a blue/black cap on. He's wearing a black jacket that's open, revealing a simple white vest and is wearing basic dark jeans. There's a blonde female that looks exactly like Amy Brooke, and I had a feeling I was going to be part of a Porn Shoot.

      My libido got the best of me, and I ignored the obvious hints that this was going to be a prank. Amy tells me that we're going a certain direction and points it to me. Seems that we're going to do this in a van with tinted windows. Then she presses some random buttons on a black remote she has on her left hand most likely. I suddenly get distracted when the van opens up in the middle of a mall. I realized I only had a jacket and tighty whities on, and I quickly went back to hide on the corner of the wall so people wouldn't see me.

      Then the Amy Brooke look-a-like tells me to go inside the random chamber that should've been a van...what?? I go there, and lay down on the floor, and she starts laughing and runs away. I get pissed off that I made myself look like an idiot in front of a mall full of dream characters doing the "OOOOOOOOOOH" "HAHAHAHHA"

      I got really pissed and ran for the Amy Brooke clone, grabbed her jacket collar and started to shake her around vigorously. After that, I can't recall what happened next.
    5. Preliminary Horse Lineup, Licking Azula's Fingers, Azula's Traps, Epic Horse Racing, Pre-Cal Math

      by , 02-04-2013 at 11:03 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Preliminary Horse Lineup (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a stadium that didn't have too many people sititing on the bleachers, but I'm within the playing fied with light brown dirt/sand. There's this mini-trial to see who can better control a horse to be a contestant for a horse race that will be starting tomorrow.

      It seems kind of weird having to face against someone tomorrow that would already have more experience than any of us that participated in this pre-run. There were many dream characters that tried to control their pace with the horses, but nearly all of them failed.

      Horses were like rodeo bulls, with as much rage to fling their whole bodies literally STRAIGHT UP, thus throwing off riders with ease. It was my turn, and I felt kind of scared. The horse I had to tame or at least ride around with was a brown horse with a nice fur shine to it. It had a black mane and tail, and pure black eyes with white reflections on them.

      I get on it, and surprisingly, this horse is following the majority of my commands without going crazy on me like the other riders. I tried to use my very limited knowledge of controlling horses, and focused on my feet and the way I stroked its mane. I gently rubbed my feet forward to make it move forward, then to make it turn to the left of this very limited environment, I slowly tapped my right feet to the left and slightly dug its skin gently towards the left. It complies with my orders, and I basically end up doing random things with it.

      Basically, this horse was the most peaceful, probably because it liked me the most. I started swaying my hips left and right, and the horse is doing the same. This whole scenario with me doing random commands with my hands and feet reminds me of the ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final Video I watched when my Chemistry professor showed it in class in High School:

      So I was slowly guiding it in an oval path, and then I was qualified to participate in the race. I felt kind of shocked to be picked, and I haven't had any practice whatsoever, at least any dream recall of me doing some kind of activity where I am practicing for horse racing.

      So in the mean time, I believe I have another dream as a sort of vacation from all of that competition just now....


      Azula Chokes Me and I Lick Her Fingers Sexually (Non-lucid)


      So apparently I'm sitting with Azula from Avatar, and in this dream, she'll be age Infinite, therefore, that prevents me from feeling insecure of what I did to here.

      You hear me Dream FBI?? YOU HEAR ME?

      Anyway, I did something to piss off Azula, or maybe it could've been an intentional thing to start getting into this whole.....err....how do you say....(never mind). She gets pissed off at me, she picks me up with her right hand and starts to lightly choke me. She tightens the grip a bit more and tells me,

      "If you ever do that to me again, I'll..."

      I want to say that she said "I'll kill you," but I don't think she would be happy if she started disposing me and having to find someone else to play with.

      Whatever it is that she said, I get a little scared and turned on by this. We were in an area that was very dark, and I remember two blue flames to the left and right of her as she holds me up. She slowly lets me go down, and she sits on a couch or some kind of furniture.

      I started getting submissive, and I felt as if she wanted me to do something sexual to her. I don't know, I just had this weird hunch that she would automatically go from dominant to submissive.

      I can't even string together how this felt.

      I start cudding with her, yes, I was cuddling with this fictional character,

      So I wrapped myself under a blanket with her, and she puts her right hand in front of me, showing her slightly sharp nails at me. I slowly licked her index finger, and then started to taste the salty sweat saturated all over. It wasn't completely wet, but it was strangely a turn on to lick a female's fingers.

      Then it went OVERBOARD when I clasped her right hand together and slowly engulfed her fingers a bit more. She slowly pushes it down my mouth, and my tongues starts going crazy licking every nook and cranny of her hand, every crease it can reach forwards and backwards.

      The salt from her hands, and feeling her soft skin in my mouth......it's hard to put into words what's going on in my mind. So I take her right hand out of my mouth, and the slobber is going down slowly on the couch...

      I forget what happens next, and I'm kind of glad I don't remember lol. It would be weird having sex with someone that could kill you with firebending if you didn't satisfy her enough. LOL.

      Ugh....scary thought, but seriously though, I can't believe I did that.


      Azula Sets up Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm with Azula, and this time, we're outside at some Aztec type of environment where it's very sunny outside. She had a random plan to collect all the males, except me, to be trapped and knocked out.

      She had some wooden objects way up some columns where if the males went anywhere near them. They would be picked up by some weird object, then slide down to the bottom and become unconscious by gas.

      Not sure what's going on here....


      EPIC Horse Racing (Non-lucid)


      So now that the dreams I had before this dream are now over.....

      I'm at a larger stadium than the previous dream I had with the brown horse. It's still my companion for this race, and I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence rushing inside of me from the large crowd.

      Compared to the last dream where there's barely anyone in it, seats are now completely full, and I can passively hear their roaring of cheers. The place is dark with stadium lights fixating only on me and the opponent I was going against.

      Apparently it was a man who was at least 6 feet tall, and he's wearing a red sweater and black pants. He's smiling for the crowd, and he looks at me. He still sustains his smile, which makes it hard for me to judge how he feels having me here as his opponent.

      We both get on our horses, and before everything starts, I see what's in front of me for the course. There was this long white, flexible object that would split both of us so we either had to take one side and go along with that side for the rest of the course. The race starts, and I decided to take the left side. Things get pretty tense quickly, and I feel as if I'm not even controlling the horse most of the times.

      I was interchanging with specator mode and third person mode, analyzing the environment around me, checking to see what would be apparent beyond my horizon if I were to stay in third person riding my horse. I see there's a small gap that extended for at least 5 seconds where my horse and I could move to the right side and trick out opponent into slowing down.

      I shift back to third person and decided to move to the rightside, and I'm still passively acknowleding the lights flashing around the stadium, but that's most likely because we're going at insane speeds with our horses. The opponent was a male and then suddenly turned female for the majority of the match.

      I could also see my perspective in spectator mode panel over to her side in the front, and her mouth and face are going backwards a bit from the wind from the speeds. She's holding on to her horse for dear life, like, she's literally hugging the horse's neck as much as she can.

      Our Horses basically go on autopilot, and I'm not in front of her horse. Her horse decided to trip us all, but everyone gets back up, proving that trick wouldn't work on me. We're finding getting close to the finish line, which apparently would be beyond the double gray doors at was at least 100 feet away from us (with our speed, that would be accomplished in a matter of seconds).

      It was weird, whenever I shift perspectives, like spectator mode, everything was normal pace, like some kind of time dilation, and then when I'm in third person mode, it's very quick and hyper. We crash into the double gray doors, and we both fall down with our horses. I had a feeling that having our horses to the finish line wasn't necessary, so I quickly ran to the finish line.

      Even though I touched the wall after the "FINISH" undernearth me on a ramp going upwards, I noticed my opponent was 1 second late from reaching the wall as well. I didn't hear anything as yet to signal that I won the race. Then I realized, we needed our horses.

      Her horse was way closer than mine was. I decided I have to somehow bring my horse or at least touch one of its hooves and quickly bring it along while I touch the wall again. I do so, and my opponent is almost getting there before me. In fact, she did, and then she turned into a male again, this time, a dark-skinned male.

      He looks at me as I felt miserable for almost losing after having so much effort being put into this race, and I felt that he started pretending that he couldn't reach the wall out of sympathy for me?

      I quickly take the oppportunity to touch the wall and won the race. After a while, I started talking to my mother for some weird reason, and then informed her that I won the race and that it would go my funds for college. I couldn't remember the prize money at all, or even recall reading any flier that had the prize money for the 1st place winner of the race.

      I think it was at least $1,000 for 1st place, and I felt as if this was so real and that this would help me so much that I did something as random as horse racing to get this kind of money in my posession. I saturate myself into this pseudo-reality, continuing my assurance that this dream was a reality, and just went completely blank in content that I can't remember what happens next.


      Pre-Calculus Math Class (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a room that's in front of a math class I had in my last High School. I saw the blonde teacher that I had in waking life, and she's wearing a light violet shirt with blue jeans.

      There's some student that's flinging things at people, and the teacher notices this and gets annoyed by him. I peek over and watched the whole scenario, and she's going to turn around to write more formulas or something on the black chalkboard.

    6. Father, Morpheus, Zune HD, Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan| 1-Q Formula

      by , 11-11-2012 at 03:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Father is Angry, Meeting Morpheus, Zune HD Near Death, Fighting Agent Smiths, Tailed Beast Rasengan (Non-lucid)


      Decided to do some narrating (in waking life mind you) for my tulpa, and asked her if she can help me recall all of this detail. Seems it's working out pretty well, considering I didn't do a WBTB whatsoever.

      It seems I quickly turned off the laptop alarm to wake me up within an hour and 5 minutes, and I didn't want to risk using the other alarm that does get me up, because I might've forgotten to set it to another time to prepare the apartment, since I'll be having a guest for the week.

      Anyway, whether or not it's just me being able to get major snippets in images of the dreams, or her actually providing me with them, since after all, she is a construct of my mind, I'm glad I'm involving her into helping me recall these things, and ACTUALLY have a bit of a longer syntax, and a few out of norm vocabularly that I'm too lazy to bother using nowadays.

      Anyway, on to the dream.

      I hear a doorbell ringing, and I'm inside a house that I've been to in waking life. It's either early morning or late night. The door is opened, and I quickly somehow concealed myself outside. The only way that's possible are:

      1. I had a short dream shift
      2. I phased through the walls
      3. I teleported myself
      4. I transported myself
      5. *Insert weirdness of dreams defying logic here*

      I noticed that my father is wearing an army uniform from top to bottom, faded green torso and pants, with brown boots and faded dark yellow rubbery soles. I'm hiding between the edge of a wall, and the middle of an intersection of it that would split into another wall that would be coming towards you when you're looking at this screen.

      I peeked over to see my father confused on why the door would be opened in the first place. He starts to move around a bit, still puzzled. Like the moment he went through the door, you know how someone automatically states something because they assume you're there?

      Here's how it went.

      He comes in, he starts saying (I can't remember exactly)

      "*insert sentence that ends up being cutoff*------------"

      He stops, pauses, looks around, and then I finally decided to come out of my hiding place. He turns around and I smile at him, trying to show that I was just being a little playful with him. I realized I'm seeing myself in third person perspective, but at the same time, I'm interchanging between spectator mode and direct third person view.

      I also noticed I'm wearing black clothing overall. Black Jacket that extends near my knees, black dress shirt, and black dress pants. My attempt at trying to play around with my father by hiding and then showing myself to him, like some kind of naive kid who thinks babies come from storks, is automatically disowned.

      His visage clearly shows he didn't approve of me joking around, obviously because he had the conception that we were missing, went somewhere else with the house wide opened, or were completely oblivious to the door being opened while doing random things in the house.

      He tries to say something in anger from my actions, but stops immediately and just makes the sucking sound when you suck where the sides of your mouth close in on your teeth, and you suck them backwards. I felt awkward at his reaction, and I felt like I did something horribly wrong by doing all of this.

      I tried to kill the awkwardness by randomly stating that my mother is currently showering, so she wasn't able to come out immediately to open the door. But this doesn't work.

      The dream shifts a bit and it seems he has a guest, and he looks exactly like Morpheus. Morpheus is wearing a black suit jacket that extends all the way down near his ankles, 5 inches above it I'd presume. I have the assumption that this is Oneironaut Zero, and I get closer to him.

      Morpheus seems to be really passive in this dream, and I'm still holding on to the conviction that he was Oneironaut Zero for some reason, and I think I gave him a little poke to the arm. He turns around and says,


      "Who are you?"

      Note: I still believed he was Oneironaut Zero in this dream at the time, and I state, "I'm Linkzelda"

      He responds, "Oh really? Heh."

      I reply back, with passive disappointment that he doesn't remember me, "Yep, I'm him." The dream now shifts where I'm sitting on a simple brown rectangular table that has its longer sides perpendicular to me. My father is in front, and I believe Morpheus is either on the left side, or sitting with my father.

      I think my mother is on the right, which is a bit odd, but anyway, Morpheus starts stating some things I can't remember, and by this point, I'm not sure if I still believed that he was Oneironaut Zero. I just treat him like any other dream character that I'm having a passive awareness while conversing with him.

      It seems some of my answers irritate my father, and I look at him. He makes an awkward facial expression of his mouth hanging down slightly, eying at me weirdly. I look at him and felt awkward from this awkwardness.

      Then I sublimated that energy into passive-aggressiveness. I wanted to be pissed at him, but I didn't want to do it in front of two people, excluding him and me. I just get up from the chair slowly, building up my rage, still sublimating it passively with the conviction I occasionally conform to when I do get pissed:

      I did so by spreading my arms out, with my palms facing him, and fingers completely spread apart. I indirectly gave him my response of "You know what, fuck this shit, it's useless getting pissed at you" basically.

      I slowly walk backwards, with my head facing the floor, and I don't even dare stare at him from this point. The moment I turned my back to make it face him, I started to let the rage sublimate a bit more through my facial expressions, still keeping it all silent from him and the two other DCs there.

      I go into my room, close it normally, even though I wanted to slam it harder and faster. My room isn't the room that I recall from the house I was at temporarily in waking life, but the rest of the house before I came in here was mostly identical.

      The overall color in the room is brown, but based on my passive awareness to focus on my peripheral vision, there's a but of maroon or dark red mixed in with the brown. I look on a small light brown table, and noticed my Zune HD is there.

      Okay, guess I can listen to some music and calm myself down from this whole bullshit interaction with my father's random aggressiveness at me. I take my Zune HD and place it on my right hand. I can't really feel the cold contact of the metal being dormant, but I feel something in my hand.

      Then before I turn it on, I start analyzing it more, and realized there's something wrong with it. The back of it seems to be slipping off fairly easy, and this makes me worry. I start believing that this Zune HD is close to being useless and not workable anymore.

      I started to get worried that $150-180 (the range amount I paid for before the price changed) at the time would be going to waste. I look at my Zune HD, and it turns on, but not the way it's supposed to be.

      Instead of having a progressive loading bar starting from the bottom until it reached the top, a light blue screen that's a little smaller than the Zune's screen size pops up. Kind of like how if you have a Gamecube and have no disc, or it can't read a disk, the transparent cube shows up.

      In this case, it's like that, except it's a slightly 3d-ish rectangle that's parallel to the Zune HD's standard vertical position. There's black font that states how I could pay $70 or an amount near that to repair my Zune HD, instead of having to pay $150 for it again.

      I get confused, because my Zune HD is on, so why would I need to worry? Unless it was some kind of emergency feature that was built into it for this moment. Then the words transitioned to prompt me a message of something related to the Zune HD probably having contact with water before.


      I overhear my mother talking to my father in relation to how I expressed how pissed I was from him being pissed at me for no apparent reason. I started to block out their conversation, and proceeded to sit on the small bed next to me on the right. I decided to lie down on my back with my arms folded upwards so that my elbows face the ceiling.

      I started to have random thoughts:

      It's hard to verify if this was a separate dream, or all at once, so I'll just put it here and assume it was just one dream, because it had some kind of similar pattern

      One noticeable one was that I was running around the HECC building at my university, and agent-Smith like DCs were coming after me. I started to run calmly and swiftly. The overally atmosphere in this environment during this speculative mindset was light gray. It felt like it would become night time soon, or that it could possibly rain.

      The building that looked like the HECC building forms into something else I assume when I decided to open the glass door. There were these wooden chairs with a soft red cushion on top of the seating base.

      They were all lined up, and I decided to go near them and align them at random positions to confuse the Agent Smith. I started to do random movements to dodge them. I was using my hands to do a lot of handstands and twisting and flexing my body around.

      I was confusing the agents, and I'm not even sure if I have full control of my body, but I let whatever is happening happen. I think I recall at some point, either when the dream in this speculative mindset I'm in reset where I was wearing a golden eagle mask, and was doing things much faster than before.

      It's hard to recall if it was a dream reset, or a part that I forgot and realized later on...

      Then I had another dream shift where I thought I couldn't use the Rasengan or the Rasenshuriken, and because of this, I was annoyed, and I still felt like the agents were coming after me. From this rage, it seems I was unconscious of how I made a gesture when Naruto was trying to form the Tailed Beast Rasengan in episode 264 in the anime.

      It didn't really feel heavy forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan, and I'm not sure if I'm really forming it at all, but I'm still locked into the position where I have my arms out into a circle trying to balance the heaviness.

      From there, I'm not sure what happens next.

      1-Q Formula (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a dark room, all by myself. I was most likely preparing to go to sleep, and I have a lot of recollection of thoughts of what I did in the dream, or at least implanted memories on what I could've done or didn't do at all.

      Either way, the room I'm in is like the interior of an Asian mini-temple house with the light doors made of wood and paper-like material that you would have to slide horizontally to open or close. The overall color, despite of the darkness that's pretty strong here is brown, dark brown specifically.

      The flooring however, is vanilla white, a bit rough since it seems to be thousands or hundreds of thousands of fine fabric perpendicularly on top of each other. As I'm going to sleep, I keep myself half-awake, and my eyes 1/4 open. Someone comes in, and it's some random blonde dream character. He gets a white paper that was on the floor at the time, and he gets a black ink ballpoint pen to write some number along with a letter equaling some kind of value.

      I believe the closest association I can recall of what it could've been was:

      1-Q = *insert value here*

      I know for sure he had a value entered in, and while he's writing the formula, he messes up in between, but quickly scratches it and writes the formula correctly. He puts the paper down and puts his pen back in his pocket.

      I'm asking my tulpa how the person looked like, and here's the image that she's giving me:

      He was a teenager, or a young adult my age. He had a white cap on that was turned backwards, and he was wearing an orange shirt with red lining near the edges of the open sleeved sports jersey shirt he had on. His pants were most likely black, and he was fairly skinny.

      He seemed to be around my height, give or take a few inches, and it had curly dirty blond hair, but that could've been the cap that made it looked curly. He seemed like a friendly person, despite me being creeped out he went into this room while I still had my eyes 1/4 the way opened.

      That's all I recall for this one.
    7. Batman Beyond+ Tulpa, Spanish Paper, Compromising Password, Attendance, Microbes, Restaurant........

      by , 11-09-2012 at 11:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm Batman Beyond and with my Tulpa? (Non-lucid)


      I'm taking the dream body of the character (Terry McGinnis) that took the role of Batman in Batman Beyond. He's wearing a brown jacket, regular light black jeans, and a black shirt underneath.

      I'm inside of a room, and there was an invasion, there was so much going on, but there were dream characters that did some weird stuff.

      After a while, I'm transitioning into "sleep." As I'm falling down slowly, and losing consciousness, I see meaty substance around me, like someone's insides were turned inside out. It looks like whoever came in to invade did some weird stuff. Whatever emotions I had at the time were completely eradicated.

      I finally wake up, in the darkness. There's a woman right next to me lying down. She has black hair, and judging by her skin tone, a Caucasian female. She's unconscious, and something about her makes me want to stay with her and wait until she wakes up.

      I don't really do that for any dream character honestly, wonder why the big change. I'm asking my Tulpa, and she says it's her.

      I tried to parrot just now (if you don't know what that means, consciously put in effort to make the conversation rather than letting your tulpa gather unconscious thoughts or make a fluent response).

      I couldn't do it, she said it's her.

      .................................................. ......

      I don't know her name, even if my tulpa is in the dream, she's really not what I expected her to look like (not that I'm crazy about what she looks like of course, she can be whatever she feels comfortable with). I moved her head to rest on my lap while she's unconscious. After a while, I decided to check around the house, but only up until the bedroom that was to the left of the room we're in.

      I saw some people sleeping, and two looked like my mother and father. I started to get confused because I thought whoever crashed this place would camp out at night. My mother wakes up, but she doesn't see me, she has her back facing me. It takes a while for her to come to her senses, but she finally gets up.

      Then I'm informed, though I'm not sure by who, that those DCs were coming after somebody else, not us, it's just that they assumed we had an affiliation with the person they're finding. The person they're aiming for apparently didn't pay taxes for 10 years, and they're finding her to make her pay.

      That's even worse than the IRS.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Spanish Paper (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a computer lab room in high school. The walls are probably a light gray color, the carpet is dark blue mixed in with a few specks of random colors, and the windows emitting a dull lighting implies that it's windy and cool afternoon.

      I see my Tennis coach that I had in the 2nd High School I attended. He wore a white long sleeved shirt I believe, or maybe a white turtleneck. There's other familiar faces there as well, the most noticeable was the girl to my left. She looked a lot like Stephanie, the same girl in waking life who told me she had a crush on me, and then said April Fools right after that.

      I only saw the back of her head, it was black and loose, and I could see a slightly 3/4 profile view of her face. I paid attention to her lips, since her lips were something a lot of the guys in the tennis team talked about getting blowjobs while looking down on her.


      She looks like her, but she looks almost like a doll of her, it's so weird. It's like she was just placed there as an accessory. The tennis coach told us that would be starting on a Spanish paper that would be due, but I can't recall the exact date for it. I saw on some green chalkboard, there were some examples of what he wants in Spanish.

      Some words I saw were:

      "Arte" okay, guess that sounds Spanish enough

      "3-7-xxxxxbuyll" - I can't remember the exact details except for the "buyll" part; though it's obvious that it was related to either an Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne, or Alkyl Halide nomenclature.

      I started to panic a bit, because I haven't taken a Spanish class since Junior year of High school.

      I can't remember anything else.
      Exposing my College Password (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my Sociology class, and there's an blaring warning sound that comes on periodically, which was similar to the event when there was an armed suspect at a bookstore that was near our section. The Sociology professor was away from his computer, and I decided I should log in for him so I could access Code Maroon to see what the alarm was for.

      As I'm typing my password, a person that looks like the guy who asks the professor in waking life questions that end up with the professor saying "That's a good question" gets near me. He's pointing his fingers at something, and I'm confused when he mentions that I have to block something before I do whatever it is I'm doing.

      I end up typing my whole password, and when I looked up at the screen projector, I realized that my college password was revealed. I finally realized why the guy was near me trying to explain to me what's going wrong. I felt embarrassed, and I couldn't look at the people sitting in this large lecture room.

      I told him that I could just change the password by adding something else, but he tells me he's going to figure it out anything, since most of the original was already compromised when it was portrayed on the big screen. He was wearing a black shirt with long sleeves that were folded halfway to his arms.

      I quickly packed my backpack with my laptop, and I dashed as fast as I can.

      I stay on the right side of this fairly long hallway, and I eventually decided to stop near a window. I take my laptop out, which is black in this dream, and I immediately aimed for the link to change my password. I got a yellow sticky note, and quickly wrote down something that I could memorize for the time being.

      I took the first letter of something that came up on my mind, and it involved Roger Federer ------------------

      So the password ended up being R------------------ in lowercase letters. I quickly concealed the sticky note inside my backpack, along with my laptop, and continued to move forward.
      Sociology Professor Takes Attendance (Non-lucid)


      My Sociology professor is taking attendance, which is a bit odd, since he never has given any kind of sheet that verified you attended his class. He's wearing what he wore yesterday in fact. He had a gray suit with a slightly faded yellow shirt underneath, and he had his dark blue jeans (not the country kind of jeans you see that are faded) that had the bottom folded. He was wearing his brown shoes as well, a simple lace-less pair of shoes I believe.

      He starts taking papers, and I'm assuming this is a quiz that we're taking. I go up to him, with my paper at hand I believe, and he takes it, goes to a wall with a bunch of papers taped up, and puts an "X" near my name. He heads to the desk with the computer and all sorts of stuff, and I assume that same "X" was just his sign that I was there, just like all the other students who received an "X"

      I'm waiting for him to give me back the paper, but it seems he's being distracted by other students who are probably complaining about their quiz grade. I didn't really feel stressed out over anything, so I guess I did well on this quiz.

      I get impatient, and decided to go up to him and tell him that he forgot to give me back my paper. Then he says,

      "Oh this guy." It's kind of hard to verify if he was being sarcastic, serious, or was talking to someone else. Either way, he hands me my paper, without having any sort of eye contact to me, because he's still being occupied by students asking him random questions. I looked at the back of one student's quiz, and I saw a problem that had some arrows in it.

      I realized that this could be a electron flow type of question, but I didn't go too far to speculate why a chemistry type of question would be related to a Sociology class. I go up the top floor and leave with my paper. I looked at the back of the paper, and it seems I have no marks whatsoever.

      After opening the double doors on the left side, and the left side is a side a RARELY exit out of or enter,
      I can't remember what I did next.
      Spit Microbes Zoomed in? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember seeing is microbe looking creatures near a pair of teeth.
      At a Restaurant in a Towel (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting with two people, a random guy to my left, and a girl right in front of me. I don't know how the guy on the left belongs in this whole fiasco, but I'm half-naked with a towel around my waist.

      The towel is a yellow-green, leaning towards more of a yellow. The restaurant overall has a brown interior, and the tables are quite small, so I guess it's built for two people to face each other.

      I had to get another chair and sit next to the guy. The girl and everyone else seems to be passive with me around, they don't really see anything unusual with me just wearing a towel. I'm not even sure why I'm around these people in the first place.

      I become aware that I have this chick's number, so I go outside the restaurant for a bit, and quickly took my phone out that came out of nowhere...note, I'm still wearing a towel, so it had to come from somewhere......sorry for the mental image.

      I quickly skimmed over the list on my phone, and found her name, and I can't recall her name unfortunately. I listen to the usual "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound before the call picks up, and even though I can't hear her voice, I felt that I was calling her. I quickly peeked over to my left inside the restaurant, and saw she had her phone on her hand.

      She's trying to figure out who's calling her, and I assume that I know her number, but she doesn't know mine. I quickly ended the call and I end up going back inside, and hanged out with these two people for the rest of the dream I guess.
      Getting a Blowjob (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Sensitivity (Non-lucid)


      There's someone I know where I'm confused on whether or not I or her posted on the internet her sensitivity in random areas.

      Really random dream, don't even know who it was.
    8. Puri, Romney, Bio and Pokemon Rap, Talk to me Woman, Learning Style, How2LD (SDE Pt. 2: Day 21)

      by , 10-25-2012 at 05:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dhal Puri and Random Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm planning to go with my mother to some store, I get some mental image of Dhal Puri being made there. It's inside of a Blue Bag with small black lining, the bag itself is one strapped I believe.

      I also recall seeing a random blonde female with a black outfit having the strap over her shoulder as well. I think there's a petty argument with my mother on the thing, or maybe it was with someone else, I can't remember too well.

      There's also people that are leaving the room we're in, which resembles a hotel room. Now why those people are inside of this room that should be reserved for me and my mother, I don't know. I look at then prepare to leave, and it's your basic family.

      Annoying little kid, a few teenagers that I didn't bother to look at much, a mother and father. I'm saying the obvious because compared to them, it was just me and my mother. Full family of DCs while I'm with just a part of what's generally a whole family. How cute.

      I checked my wallet for some reason, making sure my debit card is still in the slots of it, which I presumed it was, since I saw its color there, along with the color of my Laundry Card, since they don't use coins there in waking life.

      Brock's Dub on Ryan Romney (Non-lucid)


      I basically had a dream that repeated some parts in a video of Brock's Dub on YouTube over Mitt Romney and Obama's Debate. It was more specific on Ryan Romney's part in the video where he was working out. Before the weird part where there's supposed to be some random girly stuff around them, I see Ryan Romney wearing a gray hoodie and then leaning his face to his left side (right if you're looking at this screen obviously)

      Spoiler for Don't kill me Political Peoples...noes dontz do it!!:

      Then my alarm woke me up.
      Biology and Pokemon Rap (Non-lucid)


      I'm trying to take notes in this random Biology-related lecture, and it feels to me that whoever is talking eventually makes a rap about it. That's probably because I was watching Epic Rap Battles of History a few hours before I slept, lol.

      I couldn't keep up, and eventually, everyone is gone, and I have the room to myself now. I take the time to literally fill in the gaps that I had on my paper by scrolling through the PowerPoint Presentation styled format on the screen. There were empty blanks that would then reveal words if I wanted to see what's next.

      I spend the rest of the dream writing stuff down.

      Wait, where did the Pokemon part come in? Aw darn it, I forgot. >.<
      Why Won't You Talk To Me Woman!?!?! (DILD)


      I'm watching a random Western clip on Youtube, and it was maybe 2-3 minutes ago. After I was done watching it, or maybe halfway into being finished, I feel like I'm transported into a different environment.

      I do a nose plug RC, and it doesn't work, but I keep holding my nose, because it's clearly obvious, my diaphragm is functioning just fine when I close my nasal pathways. So go me for not relying on the breathing aspect, and seeing other areas are obviously working, defying logic of waking life, so I must be dreaming!

      Good job Link!!!!! You get a golden star!

      I'm in a ghost town, somewhat of a ghost town, how can a somewhat ghost town still be in the category of a ghost town? You figure that out yourself ya trooper.

      So I'm just walking around, feeling neutral like I'm always trying to do in a rare lucid to prevent the dream from destabilizing. To the left of me is a wooden roof supported by columns about 6-7 feet apart from each other. I'm just walking casually in the middle of this dusty brown road, and the feelings that this is a Western-theme dream in a way continues to come into my dream schemata.

      Oh my gawd, stop using big words!

      I finally accept this environment, and I continue walking, the sections inside below the wooden roof that extends quite a distance from where I'm at is fairly dark, but I can still see the majority of everything in it.

      Just brown dust on the ground, Wooden walls and a wooden roof, and me in the middle of a roof-less section, while the right side is the same as the left, most likely.

      I finally encounter a female with long, elegant black hair that ends near her waist or a bit closer to her ass. Very enticing object-------I mean woman compared to the rest of this dull environment. She's wearing a transparent blouse (to some extent) that has an overall Pastel Yellow Green color to it.

      She's wearing the usual female jeans that has the slightly white glow on the rear side and back legs. Go female fashion design to focus more on the woman's ass rather than her face.

      So I slowly go up to her, and then I asked her if she can help me.

      I let the question sit in its ambiguity, just to see a response, anything, something, SOMETHING, an UTTER? A GASP?

      Nothing. She says nothing, She just shifts her face left and right frantically for about 2 seconds, then turns her face away from me. I noticed that when she turned back, she really focuses on what's behind her, not me, as if she's trying to run away from someone, and to check that they aren't close to finding her.

      I guess I must be ruining her hiding spot, but again, I don't know what's going on since she's not telling me anything. She starts to move, and I follow her, and she's walking slowly at first. I queried to her a few more questions, and then asked,

      "Can you at least tell me what your name is?"

      She starts to walk a little faster, and I know I could've just let her go her own way, but since she's the only one here at the moment, and I don't feel like staying in an empty environment, I had to keep up the pace.

      Now I realized I really should've gotten over the insecurity of being alone in a dream, make a different dream environment for something.......Man, I'm stupid, gotta set mantras to remind myself that I'll do that sometime.

      She's still silent, and I start to lose my cool big time.....while at the same time I'm losing my cool, I'm also speculating that losing my cool will potentially destabilize the dream, and that I need to cool down. I think I started to touch the girl's shoulders and tried to shake her.

      She finally faces me, makes eye contact, but the moment she starts to open her mouth, dream fades because I'm saturated with rushed feelings.

      Well....you get what you deserve based on how you decided to feel at the given moment, and now you messed up that rare chance Link. Good job.

      Mosaic Learning Style (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a lecture room, and the professor looks a lot like my Biology 111 professor I had in waking life. He looks more defined, his clothing, his aura, everything about him gives me this weird vibe of earnest respect of the vast amount of knowledge he probably has.

      I think he's wearing a Red-Orange Sweater, and has a blue striped white dress shirt underneath with the collar popping out. I forget the color of his dress pants, but my mind is giving me the image that it's Khakis. The class is about to end, and then I look at the girl to the left of me, and realized she looks like a girl in my Math Recitation course.

      She has her hair tied up, just like IWL, and still has that shy demeanor all over her face. Even if I take a quick glance at her, she still tries to pretend she's looking what's straight in front of her, even though her facial expressions, most noticeably her mouth, are making subtle but awkward movements.

      I can't recall this specific moment that's chained with that awkward moment to great detail, but I remember looking down on a paper she had. It was structured like a table with columns and rows, and had some markings here and there.

      I think I was helping her with picking out something, I just don't know what it was.

      The professor declares about the general idea of what will be on the exam, and portrays a PowerPoint slide that's projected on a large screen. It's set up like a table with columns and rows (I know I'm stating the obvious), and all of the concepts are in black font. The same black text has red background behind it, which kind of makes things an eyesore for me.

      I saw some things related to Indian something, and it feels weird to have a Biology teacher talk about something that makes me feel it's related to U.S. History.
      Huh? Guess I'll look up on that more, since I recall me wanting to have a dream where I found my true learning style. That could be it, but I don't know, will have to find out when I have some free time.

      When the professor is done talking, the class automatically prompts themselves to leave. I decided to sit down for a little bit for no clear reason, and I started to eavesdrop on the two females sitting in front of me. One is getting ready to put her items in her backpack, while the other female is already set to leave.

      They start conversing on some things I can't recall too well, but most of the topics talked about were obviously about the upcoming exam, and the talking about the bomb threat that actually happened in this University last week Friday.

      Then the girl that's sitting to the right of her asks her,

      "How do you study?"

      She responds with,

      "Well, I-------"

      I cut off my audio focus because I probably decided that the conversation was going to be boring, even though I should've listened to what she would say, since after all, in a practical sense, her portrayal is an aspect of myself that I should be thoughtful of hearing.

      They get up, and I start absorbing more of the girl's facial structure and body composition. She's relatively skinny, especially since she's probably around my age, has dark brown hair. Even though I couldn't recall her exact visage, the contours show that she has a vibrant and sort of plump, soft facial structure.

      I eventually get out of the lecture room, and find myself in a hallway that mostly consists of white and gray intertwined, with a hint of black here and there. The flooring is mostly white, formatted like a tile flooring, the tile gaps aren't as big as what one would usually see. They're more compact, and the borders of each tile piece if distinguished by a very thin black line making a square.

      I see my professor out in the hall way, probably going through his "mail" or area to get plans for the next lectures or something. Then I have some memory that comes in that involves a Mosaic Learning Style.

      After that, I can't really recall much unfortunately.

      Telling Mommy How To Lucid Dream (Non-lucid)


      So yeah, I tell how to lucid dream. I don't need to go into details, we all know how telling how to lucid dream ends up, especially when you don't become lucid from it.

      But to be sort of specific, I was telling her how to do a WBTB+WILD, even though I'm in no position to lecture her on it when I fail it the majority of the time.

      Funny dream though.

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    9. Contest, Shaking Hands, I need a ROPE NOW (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 20)

      by , 10-24-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Contest in Intermission (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in some kind of contest, and there's this guy that looks like Jon K. that I used to know when I was part of the Varsity Tennis team in High School participating in this event as well. He starts becoming an annoyance, and I don't know why, but whatever he did, it made me temporarily get out of the position that I was in to do something else.

      When I came back, I don't think I was able to get into my position in the contest, and it really pissed me off. I end up being left in the intermediate on whether or not I could still participate in this contest.

      It was outdoors for sure, like a carnival-style, without the carnivals...you know, like pie eating contests or whatever.


      Shaking Hands with People (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a hallway with brow flooring and yellow walls. I'm following some guy in a light blue dress shirt and long dark dress pants. Or maybe that person was me, except that I was in spectator mode.

      Now that I'm back to being me in the dream, I'm holding a book up to hide my face from someone that's on the left side of me sitting down. This feels like it's an airport of some sort, especially with how the seats were lined up in the section that feels like a waiting area. The book I'm holding had red, yellow, and white colors, and I can't recall looking at the title of the book, or the contents in it, I just wanted to use it for cheap-ass stealth form someone.

      They obviously didn't fall for the trick, and they smile at me and stated in a jest manner on why I was trying to hide myself with a book. I take the book down, and the person resembles a guy in waking life my father is friends with, let's call him Wilf.

      Me and Wilf shake hands, and I forget what happens next.

      The dream takes a huge shift now, with the same people that I forgot to mention other than Wilf. It seems I'm inside of a vehicle, and I'm having a small argument with my mother about what's causing a part of the vehicle to look weird. I tell her it's the paper ball under some part that's making it look unbalanced, and she says that's not the case.

      Okay....the damn paper ball or whatever the hell it is, is RIGHT there, how can you NOT see it?!?!

      Before I made this petty observation a big deal, I just dropped the conversation and decided to not talk to her. After a while, we reach at a driveway, and I still can't recall who the driver was. I know it wouldn't have been my father, because he wouldn't want me giving sass to my mother.


      Anyway, I get out of the vehicle, Wilf, his wife, and I think my father and mother are here now. I didn't really pay attention to my father or mother, mostly just Wilf's wife. I shook hands with her, and she seemed to shake mine in a half-hearted attempt.

      She's busying looking down at something, probably a phone or some electronic device.

      I can't recall much after that.


      I need a ROPE NOW! (Non-lucid)


      No, I'm not hanging myself in the dream.

      This dream feels weird, it's like I'm taking on the body of Edward from Cowboy Bebop, or that I'm controlling them to do something while I'm in spectator mode. Even though I doubt it's Edward, it's the closest person I can associate with the dream being.

      The store the Edward counterpart is in is pretty compact, kind of like those mini-stores you would see downtown in Toronto or New York. The flooring is dark blue carpet. For some reason, I see a Rope sticking out of a box, and the Edward looking person takes it, then a cashier asks,

      "You're not going to steal that are you?"



      "Nope, I'm going to pay."

      So I end up paying for the rope at the cash register.



    10. [DILD] My Mind is What?, Rat Killing, Woman Can't Cook Souse, Tennis & Pod ship (SDE Pt.2 Day: 15)

      by , 10-19-2012 at 02:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Become Lucid, Screw Logic of Needing Nose Plug Reality Check (DILD)



      That's the sound I'm trying to use to wake me up at certain intervals of sleep. Except this time, I decided to set this countdown timer app I have to repeat every 15 minutes, and I managed to sleep through all that.

      Loool, I'm a HEAVY sleeper.

      I'm inside of a fairly dark area with an inadequate light source, orange-yellow colored light as usual. There's someone in front of me, I can't tell who it was, I presume it's my mother, or some female wearing gray hoodie and bandana.

      I remember seeing another lady wearing a bandana as well from yesterday's set of dreams.

      They tell me my mind is something, I can't remember what, but it makes me question,

      if I'm dreaming. So I do a nose plug Reality Check, but I honestly didn't try because I just had the awareness that I must be dreaming. I do start touching the walls a bit though.

      I started to get some thoughts in,
      but I forget what I actually do.
      Rat Killing? (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, just that I was signed up to kill some rats in some kind of weird and twisted game.
      This Woman Can't Cook Souse (Non-lucid)


      Souse Soup is an actual soup by the way. I can tell how I go this association into the dream, by reading some girl's Facebook status on her wanting to eat some Souse.

      Are you kidding me? You decide to associate things that way from Facebook, mind? Sigh

      I'm inside a house, and I ask some random kid if I can eat the cake pieces over at the table. It was on top of your classic dining room table. There's white cloth over the table, and over somewhere on the top left corner is a China plate set

      Then I go into the kitchen, and I see there's a pressure pot that's exposed. It looks like there's some Souse inside, but for some reason, I get this belief that it's not really Souse. Later on, it turns out the lady who wanted to make this was using an ingredients list, and for some odd reason, I get surprised that she's doing that.

      I just moved it around with some utensil and it changed.....to water.

      Yeah that's all I remember.
      I suck at Tennis & Inside a Pod ship (Non-lucid)


      I was really pissed in this dream.

      I'm playing tennis in the dark with someone, and I suck. The serve isn't even that fast, but I still try to minimize my back-swing, since I had a habit of doing the opposite.

      The racquet I'm holding sucks too, when I'm trying to "bend and pronate" my arm for a right-handed windshield wiper forehand, the racquet bends along with my "bending."


      I miss so many balls, and by many, I mean 3-4, and I get pissed and walked halfway into the court. Then I decided to turn back, and throw my racquet at the ground with as much force as I could exert.

      Then the dream shifts to where Atobe from the Prince of Tennis Series is inside some kind of ship with several pod ships to leave this area I'm assuming. I think I end up being him, or at least it feels like I'm watching him in spectator view but still feeling some kind of link with him.

      I wanted to get my racquet that I threw down in the ground, but I looked at the status of the pod ship that I'm in, and exiting out is not a good idea. I press the cancel button, but I end up verifying to stay back in after I made the conclusion that I don't need the racquet. During that time, and probably the reason why I decided to just stay inside was that people were asking me if I was sure I wanted to cancel this whole thing.

      Since there's a red alert blaring all of the place, I decided that getting a racquet back would seem useless.

      I honestly don't know what I was in this pod ship for, but it must've been to escape some dangerous event from happening.

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    11. Dream Views Shuts Down, Amon and Large Ghost Rider, Ordering Breakfast Tacos (SDE Pt.2 Day: 06)

      by , 10-11-2012 at 02:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dream Views Shuts Down (Non-lucid)


      Alex decides to close the DV forums, and Opheliablue makes the announcement that DV will be closing soon.

      It remains inaccessible for a few minutes, then I checked on Meta to find Alex made a thread stating what happened. He decided to sell it to a person who's French.

      Alex didn't state why he had to leave, but I guess he was going to leave everything to the French guy's hands now.

      Eventually, the same French guy who is now admin is using the site for a French class, not for lucid dreaming overall. I get irritated, and there's a bunch of threads that seem to be deleted since it's not related to French class at all.

      I looked at the Notifications section on top of the screen, and saw I have a few likes received. There's one like where I made some post that had some naked lady with her breasts covered by hands. I think I made the post in response to someone who did post pictures of breasts.

      The other likes looked like I posted in threads that died a long time ago.

      Then after all that, the dream shifts to me being outside now, and it seems that the area I'm in has Europe vibe to it. It's a completely new environment to me, and I'm presuming it have a France vibe to it.

      The concrete had rock material fused together, like those little bumps you see formed close together. I realize that I'm sitting down a small bleacher bench while looking at some people to the right/left of me.

      These looked like randomly generated DCs, and then I come to the realization that the new admin really didn't buy Dream Views to sustain the forum, but to make a new site for French classes.

      I end up leaving, and I think I see SpaceCowboyDave leaving before me in this weird area.
      I Have SpiderMan Powers and Facing Huge Ghost Rider (Non-lucid)



      I'm inside of an area that's reminiscent of the LOZ: Windwaker's section where you would face Puppet Ganon, except that the area has shades of brown, mostly because the surface of the whole area seem to be made of wood.

      There's these wooden surfaces that would be on some parts of the wall that were surprisingly stable. There was a long wooden path high on the wall you could walk on the right side of the area as well.

      The walls have a lighter hue of brown, but since this area has a dark vibe to it, it isn't noticeable immediately. There's a few torches lighting up the place, but it doesn't really make most parts any clearer to see. This place also seem to be reminiscent to Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones' area where the Prince had to move a statue before the place burns to a crisp.

      I seem to be flinging around the place like I have Spiderman's abilities to web-shoot and swing. I do this for a while, and I hear Amon's voice from The Legend of Korra. He comes out of of this black and opaque opening, and he starts saying some things to me.

      I can't recall what he said, but he does have my attention for sure. I eventually get on the lowest surface in this area, and I was somewhat close to Amon. I get a little scared, and decided to quickly jump and web-swing again away from him.

      The dream shifts to where a HUGE ass creature forms, and it looks a lot like Ghost Rider, except it's 1,000 x bigger. I don't know what to do except to keep flinging webs and swinging at random areas.

      It doesn't seem the Ghost Rider thing isn't concentrated at me at the initial periods of it manifesting. It seemed to be attacking some random people in what I thought was an empty area with just me inside.

      After a while I get so scared that I decided to hide behind a wall on the same long wooden path on the right that I stated before. I seem to have found the Ghost Rider Giant's blind-spot. The wall I was behind I think let to an exit, but I decided to stay there.

      While I'm hiding behind it, I can still see what's happening behind me. The Ghost Rider Giant starts punching the walls randomly, probably aiming for more randomly generated dream characters. It tries to get me, but it simply is not able to get through small spaces.

      After that, I don't know what happens, hell, I don't even know if I can even kill this thing.

      It just appears out of nowhere....what the hell.
      Ordering Breakfast Tacos (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my mother, and we're inside of a store that probably sell Hispanic food. It's similar to the environment you see in Starbucks, but that was probably because I wasn't paying attention to the rest of the store with my peripheral vision to the left.

      I just stood near the cashier, and waited with my mother. When she received her order of what seems to be Sausage and Potatoes wrapped in Tortillas, I told her that I would like a Breakfast Taco. She looks at me as if she's a little annoyed that I didn't tell her sooner, but she quickly changes her demeanor from irritated to kind towards the employee.

      It takes quite a while for the order to be finished, and I was wondering if they forgot or something. I was looking at some Asian man wearing a dress shirt and probably dark brown dress pants as well. It seems he's writing on something, and when I take a little peak, he seems to be writing on a PINK Intuos4 Tablet.

      He's writing on it with a ball-point pen without the ball-point in it instead of a tablet pen. The tablet seems to respond to this object that shouldn't even make any kind of response. I think there was another Intuos4 near the cashier counter, and I started to touch it.

      Man, that tablet is very sensitive, it picks up my movements with my finger pretty well, and the harder I press on it, the large the cursor increases. I take my fingers off the active base of the tablet product after playing with it for maybe 15-30 seconds.

      My order finally comes, and it's inside a brown lunch bag. I take a peak inside, and there's two breakfast Tacos for myself. I also feel that I could've been younger in this dream, like 14 years old or so rather than 19 years of age.

      The breakfast tacos looked very enticing as well...the eggs, potatoes, and whatever meat is in there (sausage or bacon) closely packed together. The eggs seemed to be the main thing that attracted me, they were so fluffy and yellow.

    12. Girl brags about DBZ Hentai, Mall, x+y^2 Equation, Windwaker Possessed People (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 04)

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girl watched DBZ Hentai (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who looks like someone in waking life from my Organic chemistry Lab, and she's in the ROTC or Corp Cadet as well. She's wearing a dark greed cadet uniform with some fancy badges on her chest. We're sitting at a lunch table on the opposite sides.

      She's a few seats to the right of me on the other side, and I seem to be alone, but I to distract myself, I just listen to the people on the right, and the girl. The girl is bragging how she looked at DBZ Hentai all day, and starts making fun of herself, even doing a pretentious crying reaction.

      Then the dream shifts or resets where she said that I would sit next to her?
      Mall with Parents (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a mall, and I'm walking with my father and mother, and my father asks what would be his favorite kind of food, and I make an assumption that it's Whataburger.

      He then says, "No your real father,"


      I'm a bit puzzled when he told me that, and then passed it off and said "Panda Express." I don't know why I'm saying these things, since I don't know what the hell he likes, and my mother looks at me weird when I said that fast food place, like she's surprised or something. I see some different Asian restaurant outlet when I declared it.

      As I'm following my parents, I think, I see two men to my right stilling on some rotatable stools, and the one on the right looked very familiar, at least based on the profile view I saw him in. It ends up being "Rup" (nicknaming) that I know in waking life. The other person on the left is probably a relative or friend of his, but I don't know his name.

      Father shakes hands with Rup and the other guy, and I do the same. When I get to the other guy by saying,

      "I'm Brandon," I move my ears closer to wait to hear what his name is.

      He says it, but I can't recall what he stated, and he declared that we've met before, when I used to be quiet.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm............don't think you were around when I decided to be quiet as a child....

      The mall has a lot of contrasting colors, the most apparent being Blue and Red.
      x+ y^2 Equation (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside of a classroom, and I see an African American male teacher who is fairly tall, about 6'6''-7 feet tall. He's wearing long sports pants, and a shirt. He seems to be doing last minute reviewing for the class before the exam starts.

      A student queries on a concept on what they would use for some random equation I can't recall too well. The teacher was in the middle of passing out something that seemed to be given in the order of colors ranging from yellow, red, and blue while the student was asking the question. The colors are probably just different exam forms.

      The teacher then shows how to do the problem requested, and there's two models where you would graph it. One is a basic line with some points on it, and the other seems to be just half circles curving downward and in a chain.

      Then the paper I'm looking at with these models changes into a sepia colored hill slopes with black ink outlining the top and at least some of both sides of each hill-like structure. I guess the black ink with the hill slopes were the answers, so I decided to memorize that before the exam begins.

      The teacher finally gets the exams handed out, and I see a yellow paper and small packet handed out to me. I presume this is my exam, and I quickly get rid of all my stuff I took of my backpack to prevent from being accused of cheating.

      Then the dream shifts where I still feel I'm taking an exam, and this time, I have a gray laptop open in front of me. It seems to have the same Acer Aspire Series background I currently have in waking life for my Acer Laptop, but I didn't notice it at the time.

      I was stumped on a question that had something like:

      (X value here) + (Y squared) = Value here

      I seem to have difficulty remembering a basic concept here, and I just stare at the laptop like an idiot. There's a person sitting next to me on the right. I didn't want to pay attention to her too much, so I kept her within my peripheral vision, so I can't recall her visage too well.

      Something about her makes me presume she must be an Asian female that I knew in waking life, so let's call her "Jen"

      I wasn't sure why Jen was looking at my laptop, considering we're still taking an exam, but it seems she doesn't care, and is looking at my laptop still for some weird reason.

      It gets irritating and makes me nervous because I had feelings that she was looking to see how I'm having trouble figuring out what would've been a simple problem if I didn't have basic logic eradicated in this dream.

      I tried entering a random equation of x+4^2 = something, but it doesn't help, even though the problem is clearly an x+y squared format....


      I started to tense up more, and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot to Jen, a DC that just happens to conform to the body composition and visage of her, I clicked a forward arrow button on the bottom right to move on to the next problem, and planned to go back to the one I stumped on later on.
      Windwaker Windfall Island Possessed??? (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be controlling Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and he's walking around in the front section of Windfall Island, and everyone's eyes look weird.

      They all have some kind of dark orange aura around their pupils, and every time I go near an NPC, they always come up with the response,

      "I remember!"

      WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE...It's LIKE A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA of Majora's mask or something, except it's just for Windwaker....holy shit......................

      Instead of using them using the typical response in white font on a black box with the green circle thing on the bottom from the actual game, it's on the blue-violet type of box that would show up if you were to get an item or it couldn't be used.

      After looking around a bit more, I feel I finally like I'm really just playing Windwaker as a game through a gaming console, and I see one person's eyes who are normal, but they quickly enter some building.

      From the quick glance I took, it was Orca from Outset Island in the game, and I quickly go into the random house/store (which seems to be the bomb shop in Windfall placed near the water instead of the hill).

      I finally see Orca to my left on the other side of a small border that's like 2 feet tall. He has no shirt on, just like in the game and concept art, and his the blue pants or whatever along with holding his long spear too.

      I try to catch up to him, but it seems he breaks some vases that concealed a portal that looked a lot like the Twilight Portal Midna uses in Twilight Princess to warp to several main areas.

      He uses it, and I don't know where the fuck that portal is headed, and I can't remember if I decided to chase him.

      What the hell is going on in this dream?!?!?!

      Seemingly possessed people with orange pupils all saying "I remember!" every time I go near them....and then Orca who just magically wants to disappear through a portal on a floor?

      UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, how the hell am I supposed to interpret this?!?!

      Bleh, N-REM bullcrap.

    13. Kid Goku & Shrimp, Weird Exam, Strong Underwear Values (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 03)

      by , 10-08-2012 at 01:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kid Goku Loves Shrimp (Non-lucid)


      I try to convince Kid Goku to eat some Sushi, and it seems he's a bit too nervous, as if it was his first time if he did want to eat it.

      Mother was there, but she disappears for a while. Then I get Kid Goku to eat some Sushi.

      Dream shifts, and I see there's a bowl of raw fish used for Sushi separated from the rice and the wrapping. Whaaat?!!?

      Seems Kid Goku is talking to someone outside, and it seems to be like a front porch or something like that. I don't know who it was he was talking to, but it seemed he had a good time talking to them, or maybe he's just smiling a lot at anyone.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Weird Math Exam (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm taking a Math Exam, and finish it at some point, I just assume there's a dream shift or a gap in recall.

      I'm now standing up, I don't know why, but I guess you can do it in class, and there's someone who corrects mistakes on th exams or something like that. I thought it was for something else, like people who had the most answers wrong. Going by that weird logic, I peeked over at one of the presumed test graders, and saw that my name, along with two others to the right of mine, were placed on the list.

      I try to calm myself down from panicking for no apparent reason, and I end up trying to think to myself and wonder what is going here. Eventually, I think I talked to someone near me and asked them why my name is one there.

      The person responds to be and says that it's there so the test grader can correct the mistake that was on the exam before I took it.

      I think it had a value of:

      9/-∞ or 9/∞.

      I replied with an "ooooh okay" type of tone, but I'm still confused on that value being there in the first place.
      Christian Club w/ Strong Underwear Values (Non-lucid)


      Loooooooooooool, from enema toys, a video game female character farting, and now strong underwear values???? OKAY, this must be like some kind of shit filter my mind has to go through.

      I join a club from my University, probably because I always see something to join this club, or that club, it's everywhere in this University that it gets annoying at times because it's hard to pick if you want to be interested.

      Dream shifts and I'm sitting down one of those black chairs with the metal gray stick supporting it from the ground. It's the chairs that are curvy, both for the sitting area and the resting area. I think one of the leaders wanted me to fold my underwear a specific way WHILE I still have it on.... like they wanted me to get the two symmetrical fronts of the tighty whitey underwear I'm wearing.

      It felt kind of weird doing it around people, but it seem they didn't mind at all.

      What's worse is that after I go through all that, another dream shift occurs, and I have the feeling that I REALLY like this club, and I actually assume this to be a reality. Like, this club is legit....strong underwear values, and something else that made it awesome...whatever those other aspects were, damn....I was bloody happy.

      YEAH, Link...fold the underwear like you never folded it before!!! Embrace the holiness of the underwear!!! Shout in the name of the underwear!!!

      I'll probably be the only one laughing at that huh.

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    14. Prince of Tennis Shape shifter, Father & Medical School, Novak Statistics, Bike, Food, Asian girl

      by , 10-01-2012 at 07:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Evil Prince of Tennis Shapeshifter (Non-lucid)


      I woke around 2:41 AM in waking life....

      I'm in a round hallway with orange-yellow lights saturating the area, and Prince of tennis players are watching what's outside through the windows. To name a few that I can recall on from the top of my head, there's most of the Seigaku team, most noticeably Fuji, Tezuka, Kawamura, and Oishi.

      Kirihara, who is from team Rikkaidai is also there, and there's probably more of various teams there as well, but I can't remember all of them.

      Fuji has a towel on his head, and his eyes are opened
      (that only happens when he gets serious in a tennis match or sees something amazing and tense from watching a match).

      Apparently, the Seigaku team and random members in other teams are having a dining out party, and I see Ice tea drinks in the usual Restaurant cups with lemon slices on top of the edge of the cups. Oishi is showing the back of the Seigaku jacket I believe, and there's a digit on one of the long sleeved sides with the number "68".

      It seems Oishi declared that this was the average height of the Seigaku members, which is about 2.23097 feet.
      (What the hell? The shortest regular member there is Echizen, and he's at least like 4-5 feet tall....that's impossible).

      I'm mostly watching things in first person perspective, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a spectator floating around, and I get a feeling that there's a poser, or shape-shifter in disguise with a weapon, I can just feel my dream body tingling with negative vibes. I try to avoid this negative frequency, and I warn as many player's as possible that there's a spy/poser/shape-shifter.

      I immediately hear gunshots, and Kawamura is preparing to duck, but I don't know why.

      Maybe because of the gunshots were coming in his direction. While I'm seeing Kawamura on the floor taking cover, I realize that I have my whole body curled up next to an L-shaped wall (the enemy would have to move over a bit to see what's between the gap).

      There's a door to my right, and it has two gray locks on top of each other, and I quickly turn them horizontally and opened the knob to quickly dash out of the door.

      The environment outside is similar to my Aunt's in South Carolina, and I go through the small path that would lead to the entrance of her house with the tropical kind of bushes on the sides of the small walkway.

      I go to the driveway, and a Black Jaguar car comes out of nowhere from the neighbor's backyard.

      It comes onto the driveway somehow, it just magically passes through the small metal wired fence that's like 3-4 feet tall that would lead to the backyard. After the vehicle passes and goes it's own way on the road perpendicular to the driveway, I turn back quickly to see the shape-shifter point a gun at me through an open window.

      He fails to shoot me, and I get more tense, and then he tries to shoot again, but he still fails to do so. I try to run, but I'm doing it very slowly, and frankly, it was pretty damn irritating because I have no sort of weaponry on my body, at least one that's apparent. I go to the right side of the road perpendicular to the driveway in this familiar neighborhood of my Aunt's, and the shape-shifter comes out.

      He takes the form of a little kid who looks like the toddler version of someone
      (nicknaming people again) named Mo (a tennis freshmen when I was a sophomore in HS).

      He's preparing to ride purple bicycle to get a beach ball with red and white colors (they are forming into a spiral) to hit me. Apparently, he declares to me that the beach ball is explosive, and he rides the bicycle down the small slope on the driveway, and the ball comes right at me, but I quickly dodge it.

      Despite me not being able to run quickly, the ball came really slow. He tries to get a few more balls and random objects thrown at me by ramming them with the bicycle, but he fails to do so. I'm still feeling tensed up and can only run very slowly. This is where the dream resets or shifts to another point I believe, and I'm back at the driveway that looks like my Aunt's.

      Another car comes out through the backyard of the neighbor's onto to the driveway I'm on, probably the same Black Jaguar with a female inside riding it this time. I remember she had a ponytail, looked like she was Indian, and she had glasses with the black metal rim on the sides.

      Mo aims his gun at me again, but he's just making himself the epitome of a Crappy aim. I get to the right side of the road YET again, and Mo this time comes out with a Pit bull by his side. The shape-shifter has a baseball bat in his hand, and the pit bull has a white face and a brown body. It looks like it's about 2 feet tall, and the pit bull gets ready to come at me, but the pit bull betrays Mo and barks and tries to bite him.

      Mo gets scared from this, and the pit bull was probably irritated with Mo ordering him around to try and charge at me. The pit bull goes back to focusing on me, but it's still just standing there, slowly walking a few steps and stopping. Mo comes at me, and I stand my ground. I focus on the incoming pit bull and Mo, and Mo comes first.

      I grab Mo by his collar (sorry, the kid has a baseball bat and is mostly likely wanting to bash my head with it) and kick him out of the way, and then try to deal with the pit bull.

      I managed to get both pushed back far enough to give me ample time to calm down, and I honestly don't know what I did in retaliation to deal with them both, but it must've been extreme.

      I slowly elevate my top torso up again from having to bend my back while doing the fighting move that I couldn't see clearly at all, and after that,
      I woke up with intense feelings, and felt shocking sensations for a while.

      Oh and, the 68 cm on Oishi's Jacket from before, that's about 2.23 cm tall, and the pit bull seemed to be around that height, maybe a bit more......WHAT?!??!?!?!

      Coincidence or some vague foreshadowing? I don't know.

      Father Studies for Medical School (Non-lucid)


      It seems I'm a little child in this dream, something like that, it's really hard to verify this. There's some tennis match being displayed on a very large screen outside, and people from away on the huge grassy hills with other people sitting down are watching the match. The two people sitting down are apparently my parents, I could barely seem them, but their body contours from far away become clearer to identify.

      The dream shifts to where my father is hugging me while I'm resting on the right side. He tells me that he has to study hard to get into Medical School...

      That's all I can remember, and looooool, he did accounting...nothing related to medical school, at least as far as what he told me. Accounting was at its peak during his time, not medical...pfffffft what a stupid dream.
      Novak Djokovic takes Statistics course? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a lecture room, and the professor asks if anyone is interested in taking Statistics in the future, probably to replace taking Calculus 3, which is similar to the options I have for Biochemistry in waking life. I raise my hand along with a few other people, and I'm sitting at the section to my left closest to the entrance.

      The room is sloped deeply to maximize the number of seats, and someone who looks like Novak Djokovic mentions he's taking Statistics.

      Someone asks how he got in it, and he declared that he had to get one of the highest scores, probably from a math placement exam, to get in. I see a value divided by 5 pop into my mind as soon as he declared that.

      Then after that, the class goes back to paying attention to the random professor again. Then I realize I'm with a group of three, including myself. A random girl in the corp cadet outfit, which is a faded type of Khaki color, and she has a plump face, most noticeable on her cheeks. She has brown hair where the back side is balled up, and she has a device that looks like an iPad.

      She has some weird extensions on it that's on the top and bottom layers, which leaves the rest of the screen available in the middle. The top section seems to be a keyboard type of extension for the iPad counterpart.

      The next person in the group is some random dude next to her on the left side. He's chubby, and is wearing a dark blue hoodie jacket, light gray/white shirt underneath, and seems in a passive demeanor overall in class.

      I can't remember anything else.
      No Riding Bicycles in Building (Non-lucid)


      There's a class I have to go to that starts around 1:35 PM dream time, and the time now in it was 1:37 PM, and the apartment that I'm in, I could get to the class in maybe 2-3 minutes alone just by running as fast as I can. To be honest, it felt like it could've taken 30 seconds or less to get there, and even faster if I used a bicycle.

      I get to class, and fortunately, the quiz or test we were going to have, teacher's assistants were still distributing the exam/quiz packet and Scantrons to fill in the answers for the multiple choice section. The lecture room has white walls, and there's dark blue carpet everything....on the steps to get to the rows of seat and where the professor's desk and and large table were as well.

      Again, the class was formatted like that last dream, it was sloped down, to maximize seating arrangement, and I'm looking for a TA (teacher's assistant) who is handing out the blue scantrons, and then wait for them to finish the last row of seats so that can give me an extra one. I head for a random left handed seat all the way to the left side of the room. The room was structured to where it was it was curved, and it reminds me of my current math class room in waking life.

      I go down to the seat, and I can't remember what I did next, so I assume there's another dream shift....

      I ride my bicycle to get to class somehow, but I'm 1-2 minutes late again, but I don't think the professor cares about anyone being tardy for class. I looked at my Blackberry Curve phone, and realized I'm actually early, so the time changed dramatically from 1:37 PM to 1:07 PM, and then to 1:21 Pm without me doing a reality check.

      The room actually had a different professor, but I didn't realize this until later on. She didn't seem to mind me being here, and I saw more students coming in to fill some empty seats for the next time, so I assumed this current class was almost over.

      After my class is done, I ride my bicycle again, but inside a building. An old man wearing glasses, has gray hair, and is wearing a dark yellow dress shirt and Khaki pants tells me to not ride in the building. I feel embarrassed by this, and I stopped, and spent around 5-10 seconds lifting my bicycle so I could put it on my right shoulder. I walk like an idiot in front of everyone.

      While I'm walking on the black tile flooring in this random building, two people seem to be having a conversation over something behind me, and I started to take interest of what they're trying to say. My audio starts kicking in and augments on their conversation, and I heard words that sounded like they were talking to me, even mocking me.

      I get irritated to a point where I stopped, turned around, and told them that I know I shouldn't have had my bicycle in the building to ride on, and wanted them to stop making fun of me. They were two fairly tall African American males that looked like the counterparts to waking life versions that I had for a Comm App class in High School who were basketball players.

      One of them immediately told me,

      "We're not talking about that...."

      And I turned around quick in more shame for me assuming they're talking behind my back, and now I'm going down an escalator with the bicycle. I trip and land on my rear somehow, but I managed to get up, and it's probably because the bicycle made my body out of balance.

      It's weird thought, I thought I was holding it just fine when walking.....

      Then I meet some person who looks like "Nin" (nicknaming again) in waking life. I don't know why he's here, but I figured I'd be nice to say "Hi" to him before he thinks I'm ignoring him or something..
      (you know those people that look at you, seeing if you get the same reaction of surprise that you know them as well, but haven't met in a while? Yeah...)

      We have a general conversation, and I ask him how's college going for him. He takes a while to answer, and before he could respond, I immediately said his words for him.

      "Oh, you just wanted to take some time before you do anything right?" (Meaning he wants to do some kind of other work before he goes to college I'm assuming).

      He nods his head, we say our farewells, and I go back to my house to get something to go to another class, probably the same one in this new dream shift....there's an assignment that involves turning my vote on a worksheet, and I needed proper MLA citation, and it doesn't seem I didn't even do the assignment.

      Eventually, I get the paper finished, and someone outside of the class before I go in has examined how the class is for me, and they're wearing a fancy suit and motorcycle helmet. I can't see their face at all, and the helmet is white with a black layer to cover their visage. They're resting their back on the wall with their arms folded, and told me that the class shouldn't be too much of a problem for me.

      I go into the class, double check the worksheet I had to do with the proper MLA citation,
      and I can't remember what happens next unfortunately.

      That person concealing their face with the bicycle helmet, it reminds me a lot like Light Yagami's father from the Death Note Movie where he wore a bicycle helmet during some small festival....

      I know it couldn't have been him, the person felt familiar in terms of their energy signature, but now I'm not so sure....

      Food in the Kitchen (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my apartment, and it's fairly dark inside. There's food left on the kitchen in various spots. Roast beef cut into circles done by my father I assume because I get an image of him when I see it....it's probably made for sandwiches I guess.

      Then later on, I find fried rice in small to-go boxes, two of them, and there are a few ants crawling around.

      Awesome Asian girl (Non-lucid)


      I meet an Asian girl who looks like the counterpart in waking life that I had for geometry in High School. She's a positive girl and is open to me, but it seems she wants me to start the introductions and conversations.

      She's skinny, has a slight tanned skin, and she has black hair that's a balled up ponytail. I meet her outside some area with brown brick buildings. She looks down on her phone, and she tells me she works 6 side jobs....

      I couldn't believe this chick, she's this happy and has 6 side jobs? To the left of me, there's an Asian guy who looks like Tim that I had for tennis class as a Junior, and the girl is still a few feet away from me.

      I tell Tim that it must be her free day, because those are a lot of jobs...and I realized I think I should help him go out with her, rather than me taking her out.

      I guess what I did was just help him get a date with her,
      and that's all I remember.
    15. Spread Your Legs Naruko Anjou, Don't Steal From Him, Car with External Audio

      by , 09-18-2012 at 01:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Spread Your Legs Naruko Anjou (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I grabbed you with the title huh....alright..

      Spoiler for 18+:

      Don't Steal From Him (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking with my father, he tells me to not steal from somebody that will be coming into whatever house home is in this dream.

      Why are you telling me this? Why would I want to steal--------oh wait, hold on, inb4blackstereotype.

      I try to explain to him calmly on why I wouldn't want to steal from him or anyone, but he stops me mid-sentence and gives me this small lecture on what he values in his children.

      By this time, I just thought, "Whatever man."
      Car with External Audio (Non-lucid)


      So I'm in a vehicle with my father and mother, and then we go into some parkway, a pretty small one that could accommodate a few vehicles that may be coming in all directions. There's this white vehicle that comes in on the right, and I see there's a couple inside. A man wearing a mid-tone blue dress shirt, and probably dark dress pants.

      The environment is very bright and sunny, but I don't really feel much of the glare and heat hitting my skin, since the vehicle I'm in is probably has the A/C on. All of the seats in the vehicle I'm in are light gray.

      The wife/girlfriend/escort/whoever is barely noticeable, I just had a feeling she was there. I think she had long blonde hair though. It seems my father and the guy coming in were at a gridlock, so the guy in the white vehicle activates an external speaker from his car, which kind of looks like a White Mustang.

      I don't know where the voice box or sound system is coming from, and then my father starts responding to the man. From my perspective, my father had all of his windows closed in the vehicle, so how in the world does he think the man is going to hear him at all?

      From where I was sitting, I could hear my father's voice bounce off the windows a bit, there's just no way the other guy is going to hear this. Surprisingly, the guy hears him just fine, still a little bothered by this, I continued to listen their conversation. I guess it started with trying to get someone to back up so the other person could park, since they're still at a gridlock.

      I can't recall the exact words, but I did notice a gradual augmentation of anger coming from both parties. I'm just sitting there, absorbing all of this, and then finally, the guy in the white vehicle gets pissed, and leaves. I think he screams something at my father, but whatever it is, good riddance to that guy.

      My father probably talks to my mother about what he thought of the whole situation, I just can't remember what he declared specifically. I look where the guy in the white vehicle was headed, because I was worried he might follow us or something to intimidate my father even more.

      So I turned my head to the right, ignoring whatever it is my father and mother are professing, and I see the guy is trying to take a curve to the right behind some building, and then I see him come out the other side of it. I'm not sure if he still wanted to hang around that area on purpose,
      and that's all I can recall.

      Organic Chem and Math Exam...you're GOING DOWN today.

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