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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Akashik library; Past life; Ocean; Sx

      , 09-28-2021 at 06:47 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, thank you Lord! I have much less stress in my life.

      I'm able to spend some time LDing and meditating. Mostly focusing on my betterment, healing, creating my own future... based on spirituality and it's link to science.

      In my absence, I have had a random DILD here and there and some WILD experiences. Mostly recently, after I started focusing on it again.

      Last week I watched youtube videos about meditating, past life regression, healing and creating our own future with power of our mind. Then I WILDed with intent of visiting a past life.
      I had a bunch of exits. One of them took me into a village with some women and kids in front of an old house. I didn't see the surroundings, but I felt that we are inside of castle walls. I walked up to them and wanted to shake her hand. I asked her what's her name. But she didn't reply.

      When I woke up, first thing I did was say Irene Ridel Stone. I have no idea why I said that and I don't recall having any dream with that name. Just for the heck of it, I googled that name and one result came up. Woman living somewhere in US, who died 4 years before I was born.

      Yesterday (monday) I watched some youtube videos for relaxing, healing, creating own future, akashik records, past lives...
      Took 3x300 Alpha GPC at 6:40am
      Took 2x4 galantamine about hour later.
      WILDed to deep relaxation video.
      Woke up at 10:30 from what I estimate was 1hr long event.

      I remember I couldn't get up or float up or wiggle myself out to roll out. Nothing worked. Everytime I was just there. In between, I realized I'm still asleep and I entered another landscape.

      1. I'm flying at night close to the ground with ocean on my left. I'm trying so hard to steer that way but the force that's flying me is so much stronger and it won't let me go there. (I love ocean).

      2. Nighttime again. Someone points out the Moon. I look at it with amusement, knowing, that I tried so many times to get there, but never succeeded. I'm not gonna try. A man behind me dressed in black with old fashioned hat tells me that he can get me there. I understand that he has powers. He grabs me and I jokingly say "oh, you gonna just throw me there"?. He does that, but it doesn't work.

      3. I'm asking to see my past life. Another exit and I'm so happy. It's daytime. Sun is shining bright and it's a beautiful day. Everything so clear. I'm in front of my parents house. Instead of a small thick forest with lush trees and grass there is a small forest with palm trees. But there is no grass and sandy soil is very dry. Short palm trees are all laying down in all directions, as if from drought. I'm thinking that this is not past, but maybe future. When after climate change it will be warm enough for tropical plants to grow in Europe, and it will be dry.

      I'm happy to have this what it thought will be the last lucid.

      4. But then I materialize in a huge hall. A man walks up to me and hands me about 10 folders. Shows me a desk where I can look at it. It's my past lives. He says "if you need more, guy in Istanbul can tell you more". (just before WILDing, I read a few entries from my DJ. I know I have many dreams from Peru and from Istanbul. Not sure what came first, haha. Me living in Istanbul in a past life and that's why I have so many dreams from there, or I just read my dreams about istanbul, that's why the guy in this lucid said it).

      But I ask him if I can look at the library instead. The wall on the left is huge, full of books and it's fascinating. I start walking around. A hallway that looks like in a theater takes me to a short stairway leading down. There is some people standing next to it and I understand it's not advisable to go down. That's where dead people go. I see some people down there and I know they are dead, and also a lady standing on top where I am. But for some reason she didn't go down yet.

      5. Oh yeah. There was another exit. This time to a sunny ocean view. Beautiful tropical see, I fly to it and this time I'm able to go and enter water while grinning ear to ear from happiness.

      6. Also, got lucky in 2 separate exits. : )

      I'm super happy about my experience. I know there is something more to this life than what we see.

      Lol I got logged out while typing this. Thank god it got saved : )
    2. Morning WILD

      , 05-29-2018 at 02:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Got up at 6:30 am, took 3x300mgs of alpha GPC, then stayed up on a computer and watched tv from sofa, in my wilding position.

      Fell asleep at first, then woke up and wilded.

      In no particular order:
      Walking from the door between floral and produce at my store. Looking at my hand, thinking, no, no, I'm not asleep. But I counted them anyway. Stopped at 5 for a second, thinking: see? But then more and more fingers showed up and I was so happy and incredibly surprised by that, haha.

      I was phasing through windows with ease, flying just by thinking "up" .

      At one point I thought "this will be a long lucid" .

      Some other things I don't remember.
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    3. Lucid flying

      , 05-07-2018 at 04:53 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday. Had a bad sleep because of flu or something. Woke up many times. Once I thought that it would be nice to get a WILD out of it.

      I start focusing on what I see, kinda conjuring some kind of a vision. It's up in the air. I "move" myself into the HH and now I'm inside of a dream, flying. I look back at my mom's house. I see her sitting there in her chair. I don't really want to but I figure I should go and say hi. So I fly back through the wall and say hi to her. I'm wondering if she will see me or wonder how I got there.

      I leave again, this time through my old bedroom window. Leads to a balcony. I don't know why I always have to fight my way through the wires we have there to hang the laundry out to dry. Why can't I just fly over them rather than go from underneath. So I get tangled in those yellow and green wires, desperate to get out. I know I can because it's my dream, but I also know how they always slow me down or stop me.

      I'm flying up high again, all happy.
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    4. Alien planet; Lucid flying

      , 05-04-2018 at 03:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Alien planet

      I'm standing on a street, looking at the traffic at a busy intersection. I realize I'm on an alien planet and I am one of them. The cars are wider and have 3 wheels, 2 at the front and one in the back. The back wheel is not always touching the ground, as the weight is concentrated on the other side of the vehicle. I could swear humanoids have 2 ears that look like Shrek ears.

      Dream 2

      I'm on a vacation with lots of others. Walking around the perimeter of an island. There are hotels and activities.

      Lucid flying

      I become lucid and decide to fly. I look at near tall buildings and I want to go to the top. I start to hover and as I go higher and faster, I get so friggin happy and I realize, that this way I could make it all the way to the moon. That has been my dream for a long time. But I promptly forget about that and I see even taller buildings. When I reach the top of the first ones, I aim to those, not sure if I can still go higher. But I can. When I reach those, I see in the near distance tops of some very futuristic buildings and I want to reach those. Here is where I lose lucidity. Oh wait, there was some lucid sex here somewhere. Hrm, I wish I remembered more of that.

      Note: Not sure why I'm so obsessed with flying higher and higher. Sometimes I spend my whole lucid on that. When instead I want to just go around, exploring.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Lucid Mjolnir; Tall tree

      , 03-02-2018 at 05:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      So I was watching Thor - The dark worlds last night. I thought I could try and fly with Mjolnir in the next lucid, if I have trouble flying. I also sen an intent to visit Asgard.

      I got lucid last night. First I saw this land covered with very shallow water. Like a huge lake. It looked very monotonous, but I said out loud "how beautiful' and the skies on one side started to turn a bit pink and orange, rest of the land was in silvers and grays. A bit scary looking, but me saying "how beautiful" I tried to make it something else.

      Then I remembered how I wanted to fly with help of Mjolnir. I looked around but didn't see it. So I picked up a large rock and moved it fast in front of me, hoping it's momentum will make me follow it into the air. But I couldn't lift off at all.

      I'm no longer lucid here. Looking out from my mom's kitchen balcony window. There is a tree, looks like an eucalyptus. As I look more and more up, I say wow, this tree is so huge, and the tree is getting taller and taller. It reaches up to the clouds. I call my mom to look at it but she can't be bothered. I think that if the tree break, it will fall right on our house. At that moment a huge limb, which like rest of the tree has a very smooth, light gray bark, starts falling down. I call my mom to look. It's still falling, now I see it from the opposite window, in the living room. I yell "its still falling, come and look".
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    6. Random WILD, random DILD

      , 01-28-2018 at 01:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Week days ago. I'm drifting in and out of sleep, as cats are jumping up and down from my bed. It's around 5am or later, my normal waking time.

      I'm starting to feel dreamy, s I push my head into the pillow (just by thinking it) and immediately I get a major head rush. Swushing in my head, as if water was running near by. At that moment, my cat decides to throw up and that gets me out of it. : (

      Random DILD next day or day after.
      I'm sitting in a fast city train. Like an above ground metro. On the left side, by the window. There is a large body of water on the left, when I notice some passengers standing up, looking outside on the left side, raising their hands with their phones. I stand up and crane my neck to see.

      A large, rectangular shaped space craft is crashing down. It's brownish, color of rusted metal. It's made out of all kinds of twisted metal. Almost like a Borg ship from the outside. I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's so real and I sense some danger coming on. We can't stop the crash. I'm looking for my phone to take pictures, but I don't have it on me. Craft hits the water with a huge splash.

      Now we go by a huge crane that's topped over in the water. It's like a super tall dockyard crane. It's starting to lift itself up. When it does, the cabin starts to resemble metallic mouth and it starts to open and roar. Almost slow motion, looks like those three-legged walking Martian machines from the modern War of the Worlds.

      At this moment I think wait a minute, this can't be real. I look at my hands and count my fingers. I realize I'm dreaming. Get out of the window on the right side of the train and start flying. It's not easy but I'm getting higher and higher with help of some buildings which I semi-climb, fly up to.

      The train and the crash was so incredibly realistic. Thank you, subC!!!
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    7. Random DILD; Badass subC

      , 01-12-2018 at 05:13 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Few days ago. So happy to remember an awesome dream again. 3 in one night, in fact.

      1. My subC is such a cool BADASS

      I'm in a car. There is some presence. It flies out and is flying at me towards the back window. I remember my thoughts from daytime, that you have to stand up for yourself. Don't let anybody bully you or scare you, or enslave you in any way.

      (I had to watch Insidious and there was a scene where a demon had some souls enslaved, and another soul fought and beat his ass. And I remember thinking that that's how you have to approach situations in dreams.)

      So as it was flying at me, about to scream at me to scare me, I punched it square in the chest, expecting to be hit back far harder. But no. No retaliation. So I hit it again and kept punching until I was satisfied that the danger is over.

      2. Cigar and a DILD
      Very low lucidity. Suddenly I just have more awareness and I'm "thinking". There is a cigar in front of me on the table. Not even a whole one. I think "why not". I don't smoke and never had, but I figured what a better place to try, haha. So I light it up and take a puff. We keep passing it between me and my friend, noticing how the smoke tastes and such. I'm not hating it, but I don't like it either.

      When we are done, I decide to go for a flight. I take off and hover over the area, flying like a hummingbird. Horizontal when flying, vertical when hovering. I am SO HAPPY to be flying again. The feeling is unmistakable and out of this world elating. I feel good from this for next 2 days.

      3. VR reality
      Somebody has VR goggles. I ask if I can try them, then I keep borrowing them when not in use. I put it on and I'm on a dusty walking path somewhere high in Andes. Peru comes to mind. I don't think it's in the past, but I know it had been used by Incas.

      When I look through the goggles, I can see the scenery, but also the edges of the goggles. Like when you put on a snorkeling mask. But after few seconds, I kinda lean forward, the goggles disappear and I'm fully immersed in the scenery. I walk up to the edge of the precipice by the wooden handrail and expect to be able to see it only from the distance, since I know I'm not really there. But the scenery comes closer to me and any divide between me and the scene disappears. Just like when I'm WILDing and at first I'm just looking inside the dream from the outside (level of my eyes), then I get transported inside, sucked in, and I'm in the middle of it, in 3D environment. It was awesome to realize all this.

      We come up on some orphanage, right there on the path. I tell them to hang on, and I return to my "base" and I rummage through the food supplies, gathering up everything I can find to take it back to the kids. It takes a long time, and other things happen. Long and detailed.

      I woke up very happy from all these dreams. This is what I call interesting dreams. THANK YOU, SUBC <3
    8. TOTMs and personal goals

      , 05-31-2017 at 08:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night

      10:10pm - bed
      3:52 am - 600mgs alpha gpc an back to sleep for another hour
      5:05am - 5:50am - WBTB
      5:50am - 8mgs Galantamine and sofa time

      LD estimate - 30 min or less

      Had hard time falling asleep on the sofa, my pillows felt too rigid. So I turned to my left side, hoping that I didn't do it too soon. But I know I'll be ok, since I got lucid on both sides before, not only on the back.

      I still hear the 6am chime. Next thing I know it's 7 am and I'm deciding to wake up from lucids to write them down.

      1. The Exit
      I realize I'm dreaming in the bed in my childhood room. I'm looking at the window I want to get out of, and I'm trying to get up from the bed. It's hard. I sit up, but something is pulling me back. I try again and I smile, since I know this game. I'm trying to stand up slowly, so it puts up less resistance. I get to the window but get slowly pulled back. Still having fun, clawing at the window trying to hold on to something. I try one more time and this time I phase through the sheer courtains and the glass of the window.

      I start gliding in the air at second story height, same as my window is, over my parents yard. I pause for a few seconds as huge joy washes over me from flying. I notice how easy it is to do, how different it feels from walking, how differently my body feels and how much happy this makes me.

      2. TOTM, kinda

      I think of the first TOTM (well, I suggested it for a TOTM, but wasn't picked, so I added it to my personal goals).

      The goal is to sing one of your favorite songs and see how much you remember from it as opposed to waking life memory. First thing that comes to my mind is the national anthem. I start singing loud and on key "ooh say, can you see? By the dawns early light". I'm both surprised and pleased by my choice of songs, haha. I think I stop there, satisfied that I know the words.

      3. Landscapes

      I fly over a lot of different landscapes. Streets, houses, country side... As I'm flying, I see something that looks like a deep gash in the ground. I wonder what it will be. I'm thinking it will be a canyon and I get a bit worried. As I come closer, it's filled with water. Deep blue with small waves, like a swimming pool would have. As I'm flying over the road to the right, I look at the lake and try to do some water bending. Trying to make a water spout or a twisted column of water. But it doesn't happen in next second, so I lose interest, as that was never something I had interest in doing anyway.

      4. TOTM - Total Recall

      Not sure where I am, but I'm still in the air, hover-flying. I decide to do the Recall totm. Try to see how much you remember from waking life - your name, where you live, work, grew up, and anything else.

      So I thing about it and say my full name, my parents name, place where I work, I clearly see that I'm at different place than my parents. I stop there, because I realize that I remember EVERYTHING! I could go on. I'm a bit surprised and very happy about how much I remember. I'm also wondering a bit if I am not awake.

      5. Past life regression

      I read this thread http://www.dreamviews.com/dreamviews...ml#post2216488 and since I'm interested in the topic, I tried it out in hopes that I will get something.

      I practiced saying "When I turn around I am in my past life" , then did it couple of times in the lucid. All I saw were some dark buildings while I was turning, never really saw what was behind me. But I aborted every time, thinking NOPE to dark buildings. That is NOT where I want to go, haha. Gotta prepare better and try again. This is now one of my permanent personal goals.

      6. Vision

      Most of the time I had pretty good vision. Wasn't bright and sunny, more like a bit foggy, or at dusk. But still good. Sometimes I didn't see well at all. I was saying all kinds of stuff trying to make it clear up. At some point I saw the center of my vision getting brighter and as if clouds were being pushed to the side. So I lifted my hands and shooed them to the side, like you would clouds or smoke. It worked.

      NON-lucids at the end

      I am in a huge classroom. Surprised at the young age of the students. I get to the end, closer to teacher's desk, where some older students sit. I walk back and try to take some young students with me, thinking there is no way they can see and hear the lessons from that far away. It's a geography lesson, which I turn into lesson about lucid dreaming. I told them all about my lucids I just had, about the super recall and how to lucid and all that.

      Lol, just thinking about some other personal goals, when I recalled that I made it rain. Didn't feel it on my skin at first, but as I was telling about it to someone, I started to feel cold and wet drops on my face. I think this was not tonight though.

      Oh yeah, no sex tonight! woooo : D

      Personal goals

      1) Past lives
      2) Sing
      3) Pay more attention to sensations, like flying or just touching something
      4) Find rope hanging from the skies, pull at it and let it take me to the space
      5) More WL recall
      6) Enter a poster to go to another planet
      Tags: flying, recall, totm
    9. May TOTM; smoke monsters; Mind-elevator; phone; DC's story

      , 05-02-2017 at 10:51 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night
      bed 10:30 pm
      GPC (600 mgs) - 3 am
      WBTB - 4 am - 4:45 am
      GM (8mgs) - 4:45 am - sofa time
      Got up at 5:15am to potty, then lay on my left side and WILD
      LD estimate - 40 min long

      Woke up from a 40 min lucid at 6:45.

      1. Climbing
      In a huge, gymnasium size room. Climbing up on ropes, ledges, jumping from one to next with incredible ease. Feels great.

      2. Phone TOTM
      I decide to see if anybody is calling, so I pull out my phone from my pants pocket, same as in last dream. I'm thinking about holding it to my ear with my shoulder, but don't want to drop it while climbing that high. I couldn't make it ring, so another TOTM fail.

      3. Tell me a story TOTM
      In a room with tons of DCs. I remember the "Ask a DC to tell you a story" TOTM.
      I walk up to a young asian woman. I ask her to tell me a story. She says "NO". I'm like "wut?" So I walk up to another woman to my right, standing with group of friends. I again ask her to tell me a story. She is obviously looking for words, but I sense a rejection. While I wait, I lose interest and move on, and possibly lose lucidity here for a bit.

      4. Smoke monsters
      Probably same building. Someone says something about some monsters outside. I look outside peeking through the door and there is a huge smoke figure. Looks like a tornado reaching from ground to high into the skies, in faint shape of a humanoid figure. It's all moving, you can see the dark smoke swirl and move.

      We try to run, but as I look behind next corner, another smoke figure is coming from there, and another one from third direction. We kinda run around a bit in a panicked chaos.

      5. Your mind is a room - take the elevator to the deepest levels TOTM - success
      I find myself in a medium sized, almost empty room. Something like a lobby, but on upper levels. I remember this TOTM and say out loud, very clearly and articulately: This room is my mind. I repeat it once more.

      When I'm satisfied that it's so, I say "there is an elevator behind me". (When reading this TOTM and one attempt during the WBTB, I decided that UP is the way to go to the deepest/highest levels of my mind. Plus I don't like to go down, because of the negative association with that.)

      I turn and walk to the barely visible door in the wall. I open it and walk into another, much smaller room, but it's not the elevator. I walk through another door and I force it to be an elevator by walking to the wall and looking for controls until I see them. They are the regular 1-9 numerals. I can't decide if it should be 1 or 2, and while another person presses some number, I look for an arrow UP and when I find it, I press it. The controls are barely visible. They are same shiny metallic as the rest of the wall, and flush with the wall. Hard to see. I make it to the top floor.

      The door opens into a busy, bustling room which looks like produce section of a grocery store. There are tables with fruits and vegetables and people taking care of them. (ok, so now my real life job is my subC?) Anyway, I'm surprised by this.

      6. Yeah, there was sex ofc.

      I did a lot of hovering, flying up with ease, and when it started to be hard, I just forced it to be easy again by not forcing it, just by knowing it's easy.

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    10. March TOTM and TOTY - grow, ask, help, car. Memorable.

      , 03-24-2017 at 05:21 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9:30pm

      Woke up at 3:50 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC and went back to sleep some more
      Woke up at 5:16 am - got up for WBTB
      2x4 mg GM 5:40 am and to the sofa for a WILD
      up at 7:45 from lucids

      My cat was laying on me the whole time, keeping me very light asleep and even waking me up at least 1-2 times. I was having hard time falling asleep so I wanted to try on my side, but cat was laying on me, haha.

      Throughout the whole time I was trying to do the IMP - impossible movement, or just my old style moving my body to see if I'm already asleep. This also after I woke up and didn't think I'll get into lucid again. But it helped a lot and I did.

      I have a good memory of the whole thing, because half way through I realized that I can just pause and retell the previous parts to myself to remember them. I used to retell them to myself during transitions between DEILDs, but I don't have transitions between them anymore.

      I fell asleep and was trying to get up, but couldn't. Couldn't stand up or float up. I got up, walked a bit then got pulled back. I was thinking kinda upset that this will be second time in a row when I didn't get lucid.

      But then I got up again and started walking away, when I remembered what I wanted to for years now but never did. I returned to my sofa and looked at it! It was empty. But it was the exact replica of my sofa placed in same position and location and what I felt but didn't see a copy of my real room. The sheets were of the right color (darkish blue grey) with wrinkles and all and a cover peeled to the side. I got so happy and told myself "great, I'm not there, look, because I'm in a dream". As in away from the bed, haha.



      First I was in some industrial complex. We were sleeping in some service room. I was venturing out from there looking for stuff to do. Started climbing this building but the outside was not stable. People on the ground were asking why the heck I'm doing it. I just wanted to get up high.

      I was trying to figure out what to do. When I remembered Pk's jumping over stuff idea. So I started to run, but that woke me up.

      I wanted to grow myself big again even though I knew I have already tried. Not sure if I remembered that I didn't finish the task last time. I started to grow, but then I felt my feet disconnect from the ground and got disappointed. I started to shrink again, and I did this a few times. I didn't really feel myself grow, but I was watching the ground. Large puddles of water and moonlight reflecting off of them, they were getting smaller and decided to watch my progress like that.

      I'm in a crowd of people, walking around. I catch a reflection of me in a window. I have man's underwear on and there is something in it. Pull it off and there is a huge pen0r. It looks ugly, all bumpy, curvy, colors from pink to angry red. The end is wrapped in some tissue. I unwrap it and walk up to a girl. We sit down and start to kiss and touch. It never gets further, but not because I didn't try.

      Somewhere in the middle of the experience I try to estimate the length of it and I come up with 40 min. The dream, haha, not the pen0r.

      5. Ask subC what my DV avatar means - fail - TOTM
      I'm outside on a busy city street. I'm watching the DCs walk by. They are all different, with different attires and I'm happy I see DCs. Then I remember the TOTM. I turn to a young man and about to ask him the question, when I remember it's not suppose to be DC, but my subC.

      I walk away a few steps from him, wait a second and look up at the skies to make sure it's clear I'm not asking him. And I say out loud with clear and articulate voice.

      "What my ... ( I search for a word here) DV avatar means?"

      I keep looking up at the sunny skies, but I get no answer. Only some not so distant noise, like a rumbling.

      6. Help someone cross the street - success - TOTM
      I walk another block away from there when I think of another task. I recall the "make a tea" task but I know that's the only one I completed.

      So I think of the Help someone cross the street. It was nice and sunny. There is a lot of DCs. A young "sister" which for some reason I believe is French is walking towards me. I grab her by the arm and tell her:

      "C'mon, I will help you cross this street. There are no cars here, but that's ok. Just a few more minutes and we are there. Here is the sidewalk." And as I said it, I heard a grey older type car coming by and I was happy that my help was now not so silly looking. I got her to the other side of a not so wide street to the sidewalk with grass. Then we started french kissing. Since she was French.

      7. Drive a car (rip out engine and wheels) - success - TOTY
      I remember another TOTM (actually a TOTY but I don't know that). And I feel the urgency as I feel like I may be waking up.

      I actually remember this task when I see a huge, old type, german car with no top parked by the sidewalk. It's matte black with some gothic looking style. It's a bit menacing.

      I open the hood and it's empty, so I open another and another. Seems like the hoods are layered, haha. But there is no engine in any of the compartments.

      I walk around to the other side and look at the wheels. They are huge, rugged, black, dirty and warn out from heavy use. I KNOW it's easy to rip them off, so I grab one and pull it off. It comes off right away. I move to the next one and do the same. The belly of a car is dirty from many roads it traveled. I see something that looks like another wheel deep under the car. But I dismiss it knowing that it doesn't belong there, it's just my subC messing with me. Besides, I didn't want to get dirty climbing under to get it. As I think that, I don't see it any more.

      The car is full of people all dressed in clothes from era of the car. I'm thinking pre-WWII, Germany. First and I think second row is taken, so I sit in the second or third. I will make it work, even if I'm not behind the wheel.

      There is a dude sitting behind me and he does something that I can't even say what : D

      So I sit down and I'm looking at the lady behind the wheel. I ask for the keys. I have to ask again and someone turns to me with keys in his hand. I take them and I ask for ignition. I ask again and it appears in the headrest of the seat in front of me. I put the key in and turn it. The car starts. I look at the wheel and I make it turn the way I want. We cross the intersection where I helped that nun cross the street when the street dips down. I will it to fly over it, realizing we should be on the surface, so after the dip (which looks like construction site of a highrise) we kinda land on the street again.

      Here I wake up and decide to write it all down.

      There was classic sex with a dude somewhere in there too, but I remember I was also doing something else at the time, like a split person. Same thing happened last time. Ain't nobody got time for that. hahaha

      I'm so stoked

      Thank you my subC, you the best
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      lucid , memorable
    11. March TOTM - Make a cup of tea - success

      , 03-09-2017 at 08:35 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Same nite as Grow yourself big to reach the moon attempt before the WBTB. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/gab/

      So after the alarm woke me up at 4 am, I stayed up for a WBTB

      WBTB 4am-5:30am (I was so stoked from a random lucid, that I couldn't sleep sooner. Plus, that is my usual waking time so I had to fight my body's urge to "wake up for the day" and stay in the sleepy mode.)

      I already took 2x300 Alpha GPC at 3 am, but I felt like I used that up for that random lucid, and since my WBTB was so long, I took another 600.

      - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      - 2x4 Galantamine

      Sofa at 5:30 am
      Woke up from lucids at 7:52

      I estimate lucid was about 60 min long, maybe bit longer. I could tell the extra choline made a difference. I was getting headrush and entering lucids at much faster pace than normally, and the headrush was very intense.

      I don't remember much details, since there were no breaks in lucidity when I could retell my lucids to myself. And I slept more after I wrote down a few keywords.

      Ok, so there was a TON of sex in this one. It was happening with some invisible entity, for a long time. But there was some problem, he may have forgotten to take my pants off. Then bunch of other scenarios with chicks and dudes.

      After much walking and exploring, I remembered the TOTM Make a cup of tea and report how it tastes"

      I start looking for some place to make the tea. I see some fire on some snow covered ground. I decide to go closer and use it. Hoping to see people there who will have cups and stuff. But there are 2 dogs by the fire. Another fire is nearby and I see a cat by it. I come closer and as I'm wishing for it to be a fox, it turns into a fox. He is not very friendly, starts to chase me away. Needles to say, he didn't have any cups : D

      I come to a market place and I search the stalls. There are some glass colored tea cups on one of them, with some liquid in them. I ask "is this hot water"? Vendor says no, it's tea. Well, that's not what I need. I grab one cup, dump the liquid from it and I ask the vendor to put a bag of tea in it. She is putting some in her cup as well, but it's not a bag, it's lose tea. I'm ok with that and she sprinkles some in my cup. There is a pot with semi hot water and I pour that in my cup. I hope I don't burn myself when I taste it. It taste like rose-hip tea. Kinda mild flavor, but very nice. Lukewarm, not hot at all.

      After that I go for some more sx and slowly losing lucidity, until some long dream in singapore or other major asian metropolis, in a hotel with my brother and his wife. Not sexual haha, we were just there.

      Did some flying, didn't see much, looking at hands to make it more clear, didn't really work.

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      Tags: animals, asia, flying, sex, totm
    12. Lucid, transitions

      , 02-19-2017 at 05:11 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night Ė bed around 8pm.

      2:18 Ė 2x300 GPC, back to bed
      3:30 Ė up for WBTB

      3:58 Ė 2x4 GM and sofa

      DREAMS before 2:18
      DREAM 1
      There is a flood. Whole area is covered with deep, almost white water. Only tops of trees are sticking out. I see some monkeys trying to hold on. For some reason I need to get to the other side. I am on a small sandbar thatís not even visible, but Iím standing on it. I want to start swimming across but the waves are getting bigger and bigger, about 5 feet above my head. I turn back but the waves are carrying me. Somehow I made it back and now there are 2 upturned boats caught on the sandbar. I turn over the smaller one, a canoe and Iím glad that the oar is there. I get in and start to paddle. A really huge, tsunami like wave is cresting over so I grab the boat and dive under the wave, kicking furiously to make it back to the surface.

      DREAM 2
      Iím visiting someone in the suburbs. Single story houses, all similar. Nice working class neighborhood. Their neighbor is a guy from my store, T, who we donít get along. But I donít care. We go out to some school fundraising action. They are serving us food at the table. First course is a meatball with something. I taste it but leave the rest on the plate. A russian waitress yell at me why I started if I didnít finish it, someone else could have had it. Iím telling others that I had meatballs with more onions and I liked them a bit, with less onions and I liked them more, but these, I didnt like. We all agreed there was something powdery or dry in them that was bad.

      AFTER 2:18
      Visiting another people, this time from WL. Guy is telling me his plan Ė going to Pittsburgh. I ask: ďa gameĒ? He says no, Target. He calls it that, because of poor neighborhood. Mentions german store and I go off on history of our beer and how it was good then but now its really good.

      SOFA 3:58

      Iím in a middle of transitioning when my cat jumps on me. Then jumps off again when I get to transition again. I hear the 5am chime. Wake up from below experience at 5:28am

      I start seeing a TV screen. Black and white female face with big lips, moving. I kiss it and it kisses me back when I will it to do so.

      I stand up and walk out to the balcony. I think ďoh wow, this is my childhood home, my roomís balcony.Ē There are wires for drying laundry and for a second I stop to ponder if I should jump over or go under. I go under and climb up on the rail. I squat down. I take a moment to realize, that Iím feeling and seeing everything in great detail. I have only a T-shirt on and I feel my hair blow in the breeze. I feel so free and happy.
      I gently jump down. Incredible roller coaster feeling in my stomach makes me giddy and even more happy. Gosh, I missed this so much. Iím starting to think that I will hit the ground, but I slowly take flight. I notice with amusement that Iím again in my flying lazy boy position. As if sitting on the lazy boy, legs in front of me, slightly bent, flying feet first. Iím so happy. I think go higher and I do. I think go over the roof, and I do. I see a beautiful, clear moon in the distance with 3 stars near it. For a second I debate if I should go there today, but I decide not to.

      Cat got me out of this LD.

      Iím back on the sofa. I get this sensation of extreme acceleration. My head is buzzing like crazy and itís so intense, Iím starting to worry a bit. I donít know how to enter a LD from this type of transition. I tilt my head down, pushing it to the pillow so I change direction of flying. Itís so intense, twice I tell myself ďIím not scaredĒ. After second transition, I see a nose illuminated, but nothing else. I will it to become brighter, but it doesnít work. Another transition, and this one is the most intense. I try to think to get my dream body out of my via my head into OBE or AP.

      5 am clock chime.

      Iím laying on the floor in a large room. Like a school gymnasium. My cat is sitting on me. I donít know what to do. I notice slight movement when I breath, so I try to amplify it. Now Iím moving couple feet to the front and back with each inhale and exhale. Itís an amazing feeling.

      I realize I could probably stand up. I do it and I walk outside. I see a grapefruit tree. No, itís a pomelo, I correct myself. I want to pick one of the huge, green fruits, but the branches are too soft and delicate and I donít want to break them. I touch them and the trunk of the tree and itís very sponge like.

      I keep walking and come to a ridge. Moon is high up and itís quite bright. Below me is a witch all in black, returning to her hut. Iím not scared, but I want to change her anyway. I keep saying ďgood princess, good princessĒ. But she is not changing.
      Got up at 5:28 to write this up, then went back to sleep some more.

      Iím being chased. Lots of streets, warehouses, buildings, rooms. Windows are boarded up. I start to tear it down, finding a hole and getting out. Guards are patrolling outside.
    13. January TOTM - Pencil - success, Pandora - fail

      , 01-04-2017 at 05:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally had good conditions to WILD.

      Took a nap in the afternoon, so went to bed later.
      Last night bed 11:30pm - 2:30am
      2:30 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      2:30am - 3:30 am one more hour of sleep for 4 hrs total
      3:30 - 4am - WBTB
      3:50 - 2x4 galantamine
      4am sofa

      Estimated length - 45-60 min

      5 am still heard the chime on my watch, after I already turned to both sides than back to my back and finally fell asleep shortly after when I felt first signs of falling asleep.

      Woke up 6:27, after last part of the dream was already non-lucid - FA of me writing down my TOTM.


      (I wanted to do the opening of a forgotten christmas present, massage, tell pencil to draw. I realized I have not used a pencil in a long time, so before bed I was visualizing how I will pull out a pencil from my back pocket and I thought about if it will be regular one or a mechanical one. I also visualized pulling out my box cutter, cutting the tape on a present and opening it. And how I will open my door and there will be Pandora.)


      As soon as I realized I'm asleep, I got up and went to my front door, as I visualized it before bed. Opened it but there was nothing. So I went to the window to get out that way.

      I flew to the neighbors window and I felt naughty, because I knew it's at night, he is asleep and I will be intruding. I looked in both of his beds which looked like someone slept in them recently, but they were empty. I looked again, and there he was, under a sheet, on his back. I giggled and went down on him. I wish there was a nice way to describe this in detail, but there isn't, so this is all I can say. I was wondering if he will notice and wake up. Another girl joined us. I was like "I didn't need help, but ok."

      I'm standing on a street, looking around what to do. There is an area to my left with lots of people, between some trashcans. They are watching something going on and I know I was part of it before. Not as a spectator, but as a performer. From my previous dream you can guess what it was about.

      I remember I wanted to do some of the Beginner tasks just for fun. So I kneel down and my hands touch beech sand. It's so soft, like the softest flour, cool to the touch because it's nighttime. I play with it, take it in my hands and let it run through my fingers. I smooth it with my hand and watch the pattern my hands make. (It's so simple but very cool detail and I will do this from now on often.) I decide to look for some seashells and I find a huge mollusk with some seaweed, but it opens and I can tell it's dead. I wonder how come It doesn't smell.

      Throughout the whole even, at least 3 times I realized that I can't see well. I brought my hands in front of me and forced myself to see them. They were slowly appearing in better detail, until I was satisfied and moved on.

      Somewhere in the middle I realized this is quite a long dream and it's nice and stable, almost no fadeouts, only dream scene changes. I was not worried about it ending or me waking up at all.

      I remembered the "Tell pencil to draw something" TOTM.
      I sat at a desk, pulled out a pencil from my back pocket (just as I visualized before bed. It was logical, because I carry a pen there at work, but have not seen a pencil in a long time.)

      I looked at it as I pulled it out. It was a regular pencil, with forest green shaft, white band at the top and black top. No eraser. I put it down and say "draw something". I look at the desk and there are some marks as if someone draw with an eraser. That's not good, so I ask it again. I lose the scene here.

      I end up at the similar table again after something else, pull the pencil out again and this time it's shorter, as if it was drawing a lot in the meantime. Some female is sitting opposite of me and we are talking and watching the pencil. I ask it to draw. It does some calligraphy ribbon on the desk itself, but it doesn't look like a drawing. I look at it and when I look back, surprise! There is a beautiful, technical drawing, like from a blue print, of an airport. 2 runways, 2 passenger buildings with boarding attachments and some perimeter buildings. It's clean, no shading or anything else. Only blueprint, except it's on white paper and with the lead tip.

      I pick up the pencil to examine it. I want to read what kind of pencil it is, the manufacturer and anything you can usually see on a pencil.

      There is a lot of writing on it, lot more than it should fit. There is something in faded golden letters on every side of this many sided pencil. Left and right side of lettering is faded, the middle is more readable. I look at the lead and it's loose, ready to fall out. Great details.

      I am hover flying over the street. I am sooo happy about this. The feeling is incredibly good.

      I want to turn but realize I have low control. I decide that it's my dream and I can do whatever I want. So I slow down in nice and controlled way, turn around and fly where I wanted to.

      Hrm, the inevitable sex. With others, by myself, came to happy ending 2 or 3 times.

      6. FA
      I'm at my moms. I rush to the desk ans start writing down my dreams. I draw the airport picture too. If I didn't, I would have not remembered how it looked after I woke up for real.

      My brother is in some radio program and so am I. I'm some "performer" and the tell me they will need me to do it now, and also say some commercial. I tell them no way, I'm writing this down first, nobody talk to me till I'm done.

      I retreat to my room to continue. My mom barges in telling me stuff, and I yell at her to not talk to me. My dad comes in with vacuum turned on, I yell at him too. Mom tells me through the door that they are leaving to some fun place and to go with them. I don't even reply. I don't want to lose the memory of my dreams.

      THANK YOU! I LOVE my higher self, my subC and my mind. My partners and friends. : D
    14. December TOTM - Lift and carry a car - success

      , 12-22-2016 at 11:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 10 pm.

      1am - 2x300 mgs Alpha GPC
      3am - WBTB
      3:17am - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa
      5am? waking up from lucids (forgot to note the exact time)

      Started out on my back with my cat across my legs. Noticed some stomach ache and I realized I didn't eat any bread with choline or galantamine as I used to.

      Turned to my left side and got lucid almost immediately after.

      Non-lucids remembered at 3 am:

      Me and Ophelia are coworkers. We are together in some town that's not hers or mine. She needs to drive back and it's getting late, so I offer her to sleep over.

      As we are walking, she mentions that she got a new job, teaching in Canada. I'm shocked. She says she starts ( I expect to hear "next year"), but she says "next week". I'm so surprised and hurt, I can't even say anything. I suggest that we could both get jobs babysitting in US instead.

      Still Ophelia, this time at my house. Same scenario, she is leaving, I offer her to stay...

      1. - Dildo market
      I'm walking through some indoor market place. I stop at a stall that displays dildos. Beautiful, dark wood, shiny, glass... All kinds, shapes and sizes. I say I want one, and gorgeous young black dudes lounging near start to giggle. I keep browsing but I don't see what I like. I ask them to show me more. One young, blond beauty says ok, walks to the back with me and starts to undo his pants. I say I would like to test drive some and the black dudes keep giggling. When I'm sitll not seeing what I would like, the offer to make me one and start bringing all kinds of materials. I ask what for and they say "for a display case". Black dudes are now roaring when I reply "NO, I only want the THING".

      2. - I'm flying through some futuristic city, high among the sky scrapers. It's at night and cloudy. I see a huge billboard with some scary, cloudy skies. I decide I want to go there and see if i can find some intense place. As I come closer, it changes into an image of some huge factory hall. I decide I don't want to go there and I pull myself out of the image.

      3. - Same city, over some highways and freeways partially suspended in the air. I'm watching cars pass by when I remember the TOTM - lift a car and carry it somewhere.

      I stop a yellow car with my hand up and I pick it up with my hands. It turns into a radio, so I put it on my shoulder and listen to the music while I go and pick up some more cars. I lift one up and put it on a tractor trailer that's near by, so it still goes somewhere after I stopped it, haha. The driver looking at me is Tom Cruise.
      I pick up few more cars, same way by standing in front of them and lifting them with my hands. They are weightless. I move them around a bit and put them down. Just as I practiced during day, haha.
      4. I look at the dark stormy cloudy skies and decide to fly there for some action. I am noticing that I'm looking for some intense and normally scary things to do in this lucid.

      5. I think this was a first one. I look up at the skies and see something. I don't remember what it was but I straighten up and take of flying there. It is something blue with red.

      Oh, before the lucids, I had lots of sex. No happy ending though.

      Non lucid.
      I'm at work, doing markdowns. A man and a woman come up, showing me a list of floral deliver and they want me to sign for it. Dude swears it's all in there. I tell him we are not allowed to sign, they need to find some kind of a manager. Almost identical to what happened just day before. Amazing.

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    15. December TOTM II

      , 12-13-2016 at 06:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:50pm.
      1:50am - 2x300 alpha GPC and back to sleep
      3am - WBTB
      3:25am - 2x4 galantamine tablets by relentless improvement
      3:50 - sofa
      5:03 - woke myself up to record my lucids after maybe 30 min long one

      I didn't turn to the side before the lucids. And my cat didn't lay on me as usually. But half of the lucid she was in my arms and we were flying together.

      As soon as I got lucid I started working on my TOTMs. I remembered them all, except the "burn a house" because I didn't want to do that one and "buffet" because I already did it.

      Advanced TOTM - Spin around and teleport yourself to a random location. - fail - I don't remember where I ended up.
      I'm laying on a bed on top of a hillside at night. There is a high dropoff on my left with ocean glittering from moonshine. My cat is laying on me as he is usually when I WILD.

      I remembered first TOTM and started to spin. My cat in my outstreched arms, kinda like 2 ice skaters, haha. I was giggling so hard. At first I was just spinning in one spot and I lost my vision. Then I felt familiar sensation in my head and I was lifted up and carried up to the right. I'm pretty sure I landed somewhere but I don't remember.

      I think I ended up flying over this huge river that looked like it's in Africa. Lot's of water flowing over some huge boulders making white froth. Lot's of people in and around the water, having fun. There is a huge animal and whoa, it's a Brontosaurus. People are bathing their huge elephant just few feet from there. Looks like they are all coexisting in peace and harmony, like a future advanced or alternate society.

      We fly some more and I wish the river to turn to ocean and it gets wider until we are over an ocean at night.

      I'm walking down a street at night and remember the
      Advanced TOTM - Lift a car with super strength and carry it somewhere. - fail. I forgot to carry it somewhere.
      Streets are empty, but a huge red fire truck just turns a corner out of my view. I want to go after, thinking "really, you had to pick this huge car?" it when a huge green garbage truck turns to my street and is heading towards me. I'm thinking I'm gonna get so run over if this doesn't work.

      I read Ophelia's DJ during the WBTB and she teleported people. So I outstrech my arm and will the truck to float up. I'm not even surprised when it does. It wobbles a bit about 5-10 feet above ground. I want to do more, so I turn it upside down then let it drop. It's all crumbled and I see some movement in the cabin. I walk up to it and say "oh yeah, and the driver si fine, he is ok".

      Now I'm looking for a Moon and I find it and start flying towards it. Everytime I want to fly faster or higher, I actually slow down. So I give up on that.

      I'm in some city between building. I remember the
      BONUS TASK! - Go into a room and close the door. Tell yourself that while you were in the room, time stopped for you, but continued to advance outside of the room and it's now 100 years into the future. Describe what the future is like! - success

      I look into a window of couple of houses but they look scary. I find one that's ok and I tell myself "this is my house". I walk in and remember I need to go in a room, so I walk through an empty room to another room and close the door.

      I was preparing for this as I was falling asleep. I planned on finding a lever on a wall which I would pull and a counter would show numbers go up to the future.

      So I put my hand on a wall looking for a lever. It's not there. I say "I turn back and there will be a lever". I turn and nothing. I look again and there is a metal ring hanging on a chain that's coming out of a hole in a wall above my head. I say "ok this will do". I pull on a chain, it turns some flywheel and I hear it turn fast then slow down and stop. Before it stops, I pull the chain again and I do this 5 times, because 5 times 20 years is 100, right?

      I walk out the door and now that room has some people in it, sitting on chairs. I say "oh, hi" and I rush to the main door to see outside. It looks even older than before and the houses are all different. Now there is a roof over the whole street. I'm thinking maybe this is a museum and I take another door to get out to the "real world". But it leads me to same place. I get frustrated and start to think that this is how the future will look like and I'm not liking it.

      After this I woke myself up to write it down. As soon as I sit up, I'm like uhm, which tasks did I do? Did I just dream doing them, haha. Fuuuu. Then I recalled the last one, then the previoius one and then the first one.

      Went to sleep after this since this was all just aboout 30 min long. Had a very long non-lucid with Ophelia. She was mad at me and asking me for some money for a trip we took together. I was like OK, but I thought were were pretty even. Her BF was there too during the whole dream. They wanted me to leave so I did. Then they stopped me at the door and somehow we ended up in a futuristic, or just very modern city in Asia. I even new the name. Going up and down the escalators and sitting in rooms in highrise buildings. OP told me she wants me to have a sex change, haha. I was like from what to what, haha. It didn't make much sense. I remembered her gender-bender dreams and I just couldn't figure out what is she now and what am I and how would that all work, lol.

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