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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Remote writing; Azerbaijan

      , 11-12-2018 at 04:49 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2 night ago I had an awesome dream.

      I was looking at some papers which I just finished writing on. I knew I was remote writing.

      They were at least 3 distinct styles and types of writing.

      One looked like a letter, with beautiful handwriting, small, slanted to the right letters. All uniform, same size, cursive.

      Another one looked like a page from an encyclopedia. With serif typeface that was printed, rather than hand written. It was complete with images, and description of images.Topic was something about languages or grammar. I saw the name of a male author, which I didn't recognize.

      Last one was a page with beautiful drawings I recognized as chinese style, but they were distinct. Golden and black inn color. It was maybe animals.

      Last night:
      I was with a group, on our last day of a trip to Azerbaijan. We were deciding if we want to stay at the resort, where I just discovered a spectacular looking beach. I was taking pictures of it with my iphone. Or, if we want to spend last day in the town to shop for souvenirs, and be closer to mode of transportation which will take us from there.
    2. Random WILD; Iran; Iceland

      , 02-15-2018 at 09:14 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Random WILD

      Last night, I realized something is going on. I started to rock on my bed. Just my dream body, ofc. The swing (or should I say it was motion from left side of the bed to the right side and back and forth, flat on the mattress) was getting wider and wider, and I picked up a nice momentum, when movement continued by itself. next thing I know I'm standing next to my bed, not in this room, but my childhood room, I think.

      Don't remember how I got outside. But I'm standing on a rooftop of a skyscraper in a super modern city. I'm looking down and all around, no fear of height at all. I decide to climb up to the top of the tallest building. So i go through buildings, on the sidewalk. There are some new police recruits practicing climbing on the rope and doing some police actions. I get to the top, there are few more steps I need to take to stand on the highest point. The sun is setting and it's beautiful, I feel quite accomplished.

      Few nights ago.
      All I remember now is that I was in Iran.

      Another night I was in Iceland. We landed there on our way from Europe to the west. Walking around the airport, stores, luggage, my brother, food...

      I just remembered this cool part about the lucid.
      As I'm standing on the roof of this huge skyscraper, among other people milling around, there is a family with 2 year old boy. Sun suddenly shines through the clouds and everybody is so surprised and happy. I realize that in this future, there is no sun. Little boy gets down to the ground and is rolling around so happy to see the sun. I feel it's warmth on me.

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    3. Saudi Arabia

      , 11-07-2017 at 07:50 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      We just got out of our hotel in Saudi Arabia. I pull out my camera but something is spilled on it and I'm not sure I can clean it up.

      Going to a restaurant I saw in a tour guide, but the lines are huge. A person is with us. I have a feeling she is rich, not saudi, but lives there for a while. We ask her to recommend a place.

      Then something if I got all my scans done since I was in the Royal hospital. It was suppose to be top of the line and free, or maybe she paid for it.
    4. Mexico; phones; bad guys

      , 11-02-2017 at 04:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm in Mexico with someone, visiting his family. I want to take picture. Pull out my 2 extra phones I brought with me, when I see that my mobil's battery is getting low. But they both don't have a memory card.

      One of the people in the house drives me to the store. They would charge my phone but they don't have a charger, and there is some issue with batteries. As I'm looking at my "iPhone", i realize that's not it, it's my old, red phone. I can't figure out how did I make such a mistake.

      Outside of the store I'm waiting for this guy to pick me up and I wonder if I recognize him. Guy pulls up and he recognizes me. We drive back to the house. Suddenly we are driving through some tunnel construction, over some metal structure, not even a road. He is like "its ok, I used to work here" . After that we stop on the other side of a tunnel, some people from other cars get together and we have some good mexican red wine.

      Back at the house. Everybody leaves somewhere. Only couple of women stay in a detached white house and I stay with some kids. We get a call from them, they are scared, something is happening. We hear them scream. I take the kids and we hide on a balcony that has no access from anywhere and it looks just like a wall. A small kid next to me is whimpering and I'm trying to calm him down. Two guys are walking down the stairs from the opposite house. I don't want them to hear us. But they do. One cuts the "wall" open. I get out. They don't have uniforms, but they act like secret police or something. I ask them who they are. They tell me I'm arrested for car theft. I laugh, like that's not possible.

      I was quite uncomfortable in Mexico : D
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    5. Iceland

      , 10-30-2017 at 05:49 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm in a house in Iceland, that looks like my mom's kitchen. They are talking to me in icelandic, but I don't understand them, because I don't speak that.

      Outside, it's overcast, cold. Looks like street outside of my childhood house. Kids just got out of the large metal tub outside in their front yard. They are all Icelanders. Short, blond hair, I'm amazed they are not cold to me in swimsuits. But I guess the water was hot. I wake up and I'm cold from sleeping at opened window.

      At a large table with icelanders, eating food.
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    6. Futuristic Japan and transportation

      , 05-08-2017 at 08:46 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm off today, but chose not to WILD. I just wanted to sleep in, which I never get to do, working 6 days a week and WILDing on the days off.

      I had a bunch of dreams. Recalling this last one.

      I'm in a futuristic train station, in US. The train looks like old steam engine trains. Black, but much shorter, with shorter engine and wagons.

      I get on, and I'm talking to 3-4 ladies. They say they live out in the country, where it quiet, everything is green and peaceful. I ask them if it's worth it because of the long commute. They say, it only takes them 2 min to get home, since trains now are very fast.

      I realize I'm on a wrong train. Decide to get off on the next station and catch a train going back. But the stop comes on too fast and I don't get off. That was the last stop in US, and next one we make, just a minute later, is in Japan.

      I get off, but everything is moving so much faster, I miss getting on my train. I hop on as it starts to move, and I hang on the handle from the outside. I finally manage to open the door and get inside. The conductor is not very happy with me.
      Tags: japan, train, travel
    7. Singapore

      , 04-02-2017 at 05:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      18:22:22] <gab> oh yeah, I just remembered my dream now that you mention it
      [18:22:27] <gab> I was in singapure
      [18:22:34] <gab> just now, afternoon nap
      [18:22:43] <gab> buying candy
      [18:22:47] <gab>
      [18:24:42] <gab> I really wanted these awesome looking candy bud didnt buy it then, when I went back, they only had 3 pieces, orange, watermelon and mango flavored and I was like wtf
      [18:25:10] <gab> Im only once in singapore!

      I just remembered. I was also buying some soft tennis set and some other sport toys. We talked about that with my nephew last time we spoke. My first time dreaming with him.

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    8. Peru; Chased by police

      , 03-24-2017 at 03:58 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was last night. Bed 10 pm. Watched The Town movie, where bank robbers have a shootout with police in riot gear.

      Long and detailed. Took 2x300 alpha gpc.
      So I'm in a building with others. Trying to escape. Get to a huge room, size of a hangar. We are high up. Looking down, the room continues to the left. Blood on the walls. It's some kind of a killing room and same was suppose to happen to us. Long heavy chains are hanging by the walls from the ceiling. I'm thinking if I could climb up, swing the chain, grab another one, all the way to the exit. But they are too far from each other.

      Someone comes and opens locked door, let's us continue escaping. Going through corridors and rooms. Now in a residential house with group of escapees. We have a long way ahead of us. I'm looking through cabinets to find survival gear. Finding clothes, plastic forks, tupperware, items for personal hygiene. Packing them all. We see police in riot gear sneaking around the house. Watching them through the window blinds. Then I hear my mom yelling outside the window if I am there. I get out through another window and meet up with her. Now some people from my original group walk by. I tell them to watch out for police car on the corner, so we turn and walk other way.

      This was a couple of days ago.

      I'm In Peru on a group tour. Walking through some caves. Guide tells us about artifacts that can be found. We look, and sure enough, there are silver colored rings in the ground. Some are only half berried, some found after some digging. I pick some up, but then I leave them. I don't know why we were able to find them and what's the catch. When we are leaving, one male tourist says "will pay for these copies" . It made me think that guides put them there for groups and then they make them pay for it.

      Another scene - going on a fast boat across a large lake. Water is very muddy and turbulent. Lots of strong currents, large waves. I'm thinking which way I would swim to the shore if we capsized.
    9. Meteor, Canada, Militia, Budapest

      , 02-14-2017 at 01:12 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:45 pm

      DREAM 1 10 pm

      I'm looking at the skies with some others, trying to see the meteorites someone mentioned. First there are only stars, but then we see a meteorite and it's flying at us. It zooms over our heads, we quickly turn around and see it fall near by, making a big fireball on impact. I ran there to collect some meteorites. We were in US, but meteor fell in Canada.

      But I start to see more fires in the neighborhood. I stop in front of a house that has corner of the yard and the front lawn on fire because of broken gas pipes. I start yelling fireeee in my native language. Then I realize we are in Canada, so I start yelling in english.

      Little later after the event, people start lining up and joining militia. There are several groups and none have good weapons. And when I got back home, I had a new cat that was abandoned in Canada and it looks exactly the same as one I have now. They were twins.

      DREAM 2 at 3 am

      I'm buying a ticket for a train going to Budapest. I notice one of the T's advisors has a ticket to same booth as I do. When I board, I get to my compartment and there is a suitcase and clothes all over the place. I put my stuff neatly on one seat/sofa. I notice the cables to the internet and other media are brand new and tools and pieces of cables are all over.

      In another part of a train, I have a seat number 4, but there is no TV in front of it, so I sit/lay in another seat. Some of my former classmates are there too. We are talking about how long this train ride is, why do we get to Budapest at 11 pm.

      In another compartment, we put down pillows and blankets in front of our numbers to prepare for bed.

      I was just watching TV and a car with bicycle attached to the back of it came on. That reminded me of this dream from last night:

      I'm riding my bike up the long hill, from the old theater to the city square where buses used to be. I look back and a guy is running up the hill. I think maybe he is running after me and I better keep an eye on him. As I think that, it really looks like he is running after me and when we reach the top, he is almost at my bike. I turn around with the bike and I wonder how come, since the momentum is taking me forward but now the bike is sideways and even backwards, how is it gonna hurt when I fall down. I yell at him to scare him away and at the same time I am whooshed in the air, spinning and turning still on the bike. Weird sensation of motion and not understanding how is it possible. Feels like transition motion, but I don't know it during the dream.

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    10. Black elephant

      , 10-04-2016 at 05:21 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 8:30 or close to 9pm. I'm off today, but I got sleepy and I want to keep my sleep schedule anyway, so I can WILD in the morning.

      Had this dream before 1am

      I'm in New Zealand. Something like an exchange student, only I'm not a student. But I'm in a family I don't know. The woman is getting me things, showing me rooms. It's a long and detailed dream, but don't remember much except this:

      They take me to a large room to meet the elephant. The animal is huge. All black with short, shiny hair. Kinda like beaver hair, just a bit longer. Very dense, black, shiny. I'm standing in front of him and I am a bit sad for him. I'm thinking how I always wanted to touch and elephant's trunk, when he starts moving his trunk to me and he touches my hand with the tip of it. I feel that he is old and smart and I appreciate his touch.
    11. Airplaine; Baby; Apartment

      , 09-25-2016 at 12:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

      DR ar 1 am

      Me or someone has a private 747 jet. We are thinking where to take it. Aspen, Cannes. I tell them those places have remodeled their airports so now even big planes can land there. I'm walking around aspen airport outside, on a hill.

      DR2 at 1 am

      We are going to walk somewhere with another person, maybe my mom. She wants to go certain way. We go there and I show her lots of deep snow and I tell her we would be sinking in it. It's so deep, at some places small caves have formed. I look at one of those caves and there is a baby in clothes laying on the ground, moving his arms and legs. I yell at someone to call the cops, there is a baby in a cave. Because of the commotion, a man who was laying behing the baby sits up and is all confused. I tell them to call the cops off, baby was not abandoned.

      Then I'm in some apartment hallway. I witness a conversation between "mom" and another woman, probable a reporter. She is telling "mom", that tha'ts the way to go if she wan't to get custody of kids and make "dad" look bad for leaving baby alone. I realize it's a scheme and I start recording it on my phone.

      DR ar 3:30
      I'm in an apartment in a tall building. Suddenly there is fire and some guys starts running around, trying to get away, without telling us. I look for it and I see smoke. We start gathering our pets. After a while it looks like the smoke is in some distance outside.
    12. China-US; Bully

      , 09-25-2016 at 03:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 8:30pm - 3:20am

      DR 1:19am

      Long at detailed dream of me hanging around the China - US border. Mountainous region with high mountains, steep with lots of greenery. Kinda like the Asian "dragon teeth" mountains. I'm wallking around the town, lots of people. I look up at the chinese and american flags on top of the mountain, side by side, just feet from each other. I think "so that's already China there". I take some pictures.

      Afternoon nap today.

      I'm at work (ugh). Walking fast, with purpose, as I normally do. There are boxes and carts and I'm organizing others how to put them.

      I'm outside of a bus full of people. I hear that someone is being a bully in the back of the bus. I get on in the front and tell the driver that I will get on in the back door, to wait for me. I get on, grab the bully by his shirt collar and drag him off the bus. People are happy.

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    13. Brazilian hairy worm

      , 08-15-2016 at 02:15 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This at night.

      I'm sitting in a small room in one room apartment with a woman and a man. Man walks to the door and he says "oh man, look at this worm". I'm like "how it got there?" He replies that maybe from some potted house plants.

      I'm thinking it's gotta be big, since all those exotic worms are. It starts coming closer to me when he tries to chase it out. I say to him not to chase it towards me. I get a good look at it. It's maybe a foot long (30 cm), shape of a question mark with his head raised. He has a tuft of hair on his head and large eye. He is moving like a slithering sea horse. I grab a piece of cardboard and shoo him away. I can feel him impact it and I can tell he is heavy.

      He hides in some bushes and the girl with me sticks her hand in there to look for him. I'm like "you gotta be crazy sticking your hand where you can't see".

      This dream from few days ago.
      I'm sitting on a low metal roof. I prop myself up with my hands to jump down. What I didn't notice was some flat metal sticking out vertically. It cut both my palm. I go to a guy who is a doctor to ask him if that needs stiches. It's not even bleeding and only thin red line suggests that I have a cut. But he bends my palms and as they separate you can tell they are cut almost all the way through. He probes the wound with his thumb and it gets all messy and bloody. i wonder why, when it's clear it's a big wound.
      (few days ago we talked about thumb/palm rc and how I can't do that anymore because it became so real and bloody and painful)
      Tags: brazil, travel
    14. Foundry; Emails, NY bicycling

      , 08-02-2016 at 03:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm off today so slept 9:20pm - 6:30 am

      Had 3 distinct dreams.

      DR1 10:53pm
      I am in a huge place. It's a shape of a swimming pool, with all corners rounded and it's made from yellow/brow/greenish dirt and sand. Has a feel of foundry or some other place that has huge machinery and railings on the floor, walls and a ceiling and deals with molten metal. Somehow I'm flying near the ceiling, or I'm on some machinery being taken to the other end of this room. Trying to figure out something, how to fit some equipment to the one already there or something like that.

      DR2 2:57am
      I'm looking at some emails that were lost till now. They were send in May (I know in a dream it's already August) but they were delivered just now. I'm reading them. One says something about mom of some kids not being comfortable with some social events done on behalf of her kids.

      I'm with a large group of people in New York. They seem to be owners of some grocery store and other ultra rich people. I don't feel right among them, they seem to think I belong there. One older lady speaks to me in Yiddish and I'm thinking now they will realize I'm not one of them.

      Everybody has a bike now and they give me a different bike. It's ultra slim frame and wheels. They are designed for street races. I'm testing it out as we all start to bike as a group. I'm testing the hand breaks, righ is the back and left is the front brake. I keep my feet down a bit before I sit on the seat to see if it's not too high. We bike through some snow and ice and kids are playing street ice hockey there. Looks like a sports park, because another group of bikers come in opposite direction so I'm not worried that we will disturb the players. I clearly see the snow and ice on the ground and I wonder why, since it's not winter.
      Tags: new york, travel
    15. Alaska

      , 07-31-2016 at 11:45 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night went to bed at 6pm. Slept till 3am

      Had at least 4 distinct dreams. Last one, we talked about traveling and comparing sand from some beach to sand from Nile.

      Yesterday's dream:
      I'm in Alaska.
      Somebody has a problem with 2 spirits, a boy and a girl spirit. I'm recommending someone to take care of it, but then we realize tha person has connection to spirits as well.

      I'm walking on a street. I have only regular shoes on, so I'm careful not to slip. Streets are covered with ice from snow that melted then froze again. It's very slipery, has some puddles and it's not even. I get to some stores and restaurant that have an awning and that makes the walkway a bit more safe. I'm thinking I should eat there some local Alaskan fish, since I'm in Alaska.
      Tags: alaska, travel
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