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    1. LD #294: Subway and Subway

      by , 05-13-2016 at 03:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember lots of stuff happened but the first thing that I really remember is being on a subway train and someone saying that there were vampires on-board. There was also something to do with angels that were supposed to be fighting them. I remember when I asked myself where the angels were I got a vision of them sitting on a cloud eating doughnuts and playing cards. I became lucid.

      The first vampire I saw was turned the other way, terrorizing some girl before he drank her blood. I pulled a wooden stake from hyperspace and impaled him.

      I made my way back along the train. For some reason, I was just throwing the vampires out the window. It seemed like the easiest and quickest way to dispose of them. At some point I saw the master vampire, a female with two children, one male and one female. I remember she kept ordering the male child to drink the blood of different people while not allowing the female any. It was also at this point that the subway had become an above ground train. The male child complained that he was full.

      For whatever reason, I felt like I needed help here. I turned and ran for a window before the male child could get me. I had some doubts that I could jump out the window and fly, but it seemed to work regardless. I remember I flew above the city we were passing through. I used the summoning command and when I did, I saw Manei in the backseat of a car. I pulled down next to her. The car was driving seemingly by itself. I opened the backdoor. I remember she was wearing some heavy jacket or hoodie that she wanted to take off before we went. I grabbed her hand.

      "Are you ready"


      I pulled her up into the air. I tried to ignore the fact that I had a passenger, since that usually results in a quick and painful "Landing". I took her up. The city we were in wasn't very big. I was trying to find the train tracks again, but I didn't see them anywhere. I remember there was a single glass skyscraper. There was an open window near the top floor that I flew into, through the building and out the other side. She started screaming at this point. I couldn't tell if she was having fun or terrified. Probably somewhere inbetween.

      I went down low over the street. A big semi was coming towards us and rolled out of the way. I started to go up again but she said something about my fire jets not being real. I think the conversation went something like this.

      "You're not flying, silly. You're just going 'fwssh' with your mouth"

      "Yes I am, I've used fire jets a couple of times..."

      We got stuck in midair. I couldn't get the fire jets back on.

      "Well at least we're not falling... "

      Cartoon gravity proceeds to kick in and we smack into the middle of the street. We make a large crater but there were no cars. Fortunately she didn't seem irritated by the crash that she caused by making me lose confidence, but it doesn't seem like she appreciated my brand of flying. She said something about the vampires not mattering, apparently the lazy angels had finally gotten around to fighting them or it just wasn't worth chasing that train because it probably wasn't going to turn up again at this point anyway

      Manei said something about going to subway. Apparently it was inspired by how me and S always like to go to subway together IWL. I opened the door of a random building (I think it was a church or some kind of house of worship) and expected there to be a subway. There was a fantastically gigantic line however. By swiping my hand over the crowd I was able to erase them and pretty much empty the store. (I think there was a few people left.) I rubbed my hands together, but it added no clarity to the dream.

      I remember I jumped over all of the waiting line ropes (there were a lot of them.) She bought all the food though and said something about her mother working here. She seemed really proud of that fact, and I didn't want to rain on her little parade by telling her that working at subway isn't much of an accomplishment. We sat down at the table in the corner and she brought the food. I think she got a personal pizza for herself and a sub for me. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I figured she'd know my sub given that she is in essence just an aspect of me.

      Everything seemed normal. While wrapped up the sub seemed normal sized but when I unwrapped it it was miniscule, like a little one or two bite sandwich. (I know I'm not a big eater IWL, but this is ridiculous.) I bit into it and it was particularly bland, even as far as dream food goes. She sensed my frustration and agreed to trade me the remainder of the tiny sub for some of her pizza (that was now like a full size pizza). But first she took a branch that I vaugely remember her picking just before we went inside and pulled off all the little pink flowers that were on it and put them on the pizza. I commented something about that not tasting good and she said that she would just have the whole pizza for herself then. I woke up.

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    2. Space Shuttle 'Landing', School Presentation

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in my old high school. There was some dream-logicy explanation for this, we were taking our 'Final Final' Exams. I was trying to remember what order my classes were in from high school. (Don't feel bad, even IWL I can't figure out the order.)

      I remember walking around. I saw blurry, incorrect and sometimes downright hilarious interpretations of all of my old teachers from high school.

      I remember going to this one class in G wing where we were having a pizza party and people were giving presentations for their final exams. The class room had card tables rather than desks. I had a couple slices of pizza and some lemonade, and it was time for the presentation to start. The odd part was that a younger version of yourself had to give a presentation that the older version of yourself had written.

      So there was a younger version of me in the classroom. Based upon height/hairstyle I would guess this was myself from late elementary school.

      I think I recall some detail that this actually wasn't me from the past. It was an elementary school student who had looked me up as part of his project where he had to imitate a high school student as closely as possible. It was part of their end of the project.

      I recall him having a shark tooth necklace like the one I used to wear in late elementary school.

      I freaked out for a minute because I didn't have my presentation but after I looked in my backpack I found a couple sheets of typed paper. I handed that to my past self and he started presenting. I can't recall any of what he said, but the teacher seemed to like it and was smiling.


      I somehow wound up outside the school, but the school was floating in space and the exterior was covered in gray metal paneling. Running down the side of the building were hundreds of these little experiment canisters that I had to open. When I opened them, a prompt would come up saying. 'You feel like you had better not let anyone else see this data...'

      Also, I wasn't wearing a space suit and questioned how I was not dead/dying in the vacuum of space. There wasn't really an explanation for it.

      As I was opening them a green bar was filling up. When it got to the top (after opening about a dozen of the canisters) a space shuttle appeared and I found myself in the pilot's seat.

      I somehow knew that I was descending and I strapped myself in to the chair. I started to hit the atmosphere and the space shuttle heated up. I wish I recalled this part better. I was coming down over a cloudy patch and I wouldn't know what I was going to see until after I got through the clouds.

      I then saw that it was a road not too far outside of my hometown. I somehow managed to get the landing gear down, and when I touched down on the road actually rather smoothly. But I couldn't figure out how to stop. Plus there were a bunch of cars on the road and I was running them over.

      I started to get lucid at this point, because even though I was probably killing dozens of people, I didn't really feel like that mattered. Eventually the landing gear broke off, and the shuttle started sliding down the road on its belly. It eventually came to a stop, but I had no idea where I was. Some subdivision with large trees and small houses, but I didn't recognize it from anywhere in my hometown.

      I opened the hatch and hopped down onto the street. I was lucid now, but I got the dream ending feeling. I tried to hang on with a little dream stabilization, but I didn't get much time before waking up.

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    3. Chowderland, University Transfer (Great nonlucid recall)

      by , 10-14-2014 at 12:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am at thie old health club that I used to go to as a child. I am swimming in the pool. For some reason, I notice that all of the drains in the bottom of the pool can be easily removed. I start picking them up, and putting them back to see how many of them are loose like this I plan on reporting this to the lifeguard or the pool maintenance crew later..
      I then come across one in a very deep part of the pool. This one is the only one that is actually screwed down, but for some reason I end up unscrewing it with a dime or something. The lifegaurd came and asked me why I was unscrewing the drain cover. I told him it was because I was checking to see how many of them were broken, and I was going to tell the maintenance people later.
      He told me to screw the drain back in and he would go tell the maintenance people, and that I wasn't in any trouble.

      I recall some dream about my English class. The classroom is much nicer; we are all sitting at this big long table and there is this huge glass window that overlooks the college. We are discussing an essay project we are working on. (I can't remember if it was the same essay we were working on IWL.)
      Many of the students are complaining that the essay project is way too hard. I am one of the few students to say that I actually thought it was easy. The funny part is while we are having this class discussion our professor is sitting at the and end of the long table, eating a pizza.
      Our class discussion gets sidetracked when we notice that there is broccoli imbedded in the pizza.
      "Is that a broccoli pizza?!" one of the students exclaims.
      "Yes, it is. It's healthier than regular pizza!" the teacher replies.
      "I've heard about those! I've always wanted to try one!" a third student says.
      The dream about the English class somehow tied into a dream about me transferring to another college. I was sitting in the back of my parents' van. They are talking on and on about how transferring to a different college doesn't mean that I have any less responsibility or anything.
      This new college that I will be attending will be across the country, in the downtown area of a big city. I recall us arriving. The entire campus is built into one huge stone building.

      More dream music while waking up. This time it was this really odd drum beat with a wizzy synth sound playing overtop

      I've had dreams about this type of thing before, but this was the most in-depth one yet.
      I had just purchased and installed this game on my computer called Chowderland. It was kind of like Garry's mod and The Sims put together. The game had a very open-ended simulation aspect and users were encouraged to use mods, cheats and other such things to produce these hilarious episodes.
      I start up the game on my laptop, and wonder at how my laptop can even run this vastly powerful game. It starts up and I see 'Chowderland' on my screen in bright cartoony purple letters.
      The game then loads your info from social media sites and makes your characters' life just like your life in real life. So it creates my character and then drops him into the world.
      I actually wind up in a rather odd setting. I am in a clearing in the woods partially filled with a large meadow, and a dirt parking lot. There are no cars or anything, and it the weather is overcast. The first thing I decide to do is customize my character.
      I open up the menu, and see all of this information such as how hungry he is and how much sleep I've had. All of the bars are full when you start out. I then open the customizations menu and begin changing things.

      I want to make my character look like my dream-self rather than my waking life self. I think that later on I can meet other lucid dreamers in the game. I change the hair to a darker color and add the goggles. But I can't figure out how to make the bicolored eyes. I knew it was possible as I had 'remembered' seeing a video of another player doing it, So I just settled with both eyes being blue.
      I then decide it would be really cool to make the game just like a lucid dream. I think about how it could be practice for when I lucid dream, so I decide to make NPCs for my two regular dream characters. I manage to create and add them with relative ease, and set them as 'followers' so they will always follow me around wherever I go in the game world.

      At this point my dad came into the room and asked me why I had been on the computer for so long. I told him that I was playing this new game called 'Chowderland'. He then said that he wanted to join me, so he sat down on his computer and signed in to my world. I then noticed that there were about a dozen people in the world. All of them were my family members. It felt a little bit awkward having them in the world, so I decided to change the environment.
      I opened up a list of environments. The first one I traveled to was an alpine mountain region with a lake.
      I stayed at this region for some time, but cannot recall what I did here. I recall at the end, the Manei and Marcus NPCs had become tutorials and were trying to show me a survival aspect to the game, where you can turn off the cheats and play the game somewhat like Minecraft where you have to hunt for resources and build a shelter.
      I then recall changing the environment to a tiny island with no trees, only beaches and then the center had a bunch of wildflowers.
      I recall looking through a catologe of environments you could explore. There were literally hundreds of them. Some of them had special tags.
      Shortly after, I changed the environment to the surface of Mars. I opened up the menu and decided to build something. I began building the steel structure of a house.
      I recall exploring someone elses' world. The NPCs that I had created were nowhere to be found. For some reason the graphical quality of the game had gone down considerably. Their world was built in a jungle and had all of these huge white concrete buildings. There was a big ledge running through the middle of their base with a small ramp running up it. I was trying to get up the ramp but my character wouldn't respond properly and I kept on falling off of the ramp and losing health.

      Somehow, Chowderland had become a kind of like a cooperative SimCity where each of your friends would manage a different aspect of your city.
      The leader of the city wanted me to build an elevated rail system and had already researched the maximum level of elevated rail technology in the game. This gave you the power to build railways in all six directions; to the train could go right up the side of a building or straight down or something. Also, the rails could float and didn't need to be supported by anything.
      This was probably a good thing because the city I was working on them with was HUGE. There were these massive skyscrapers on every block, with small narrow streets in-between.
      I couldn't think what to do, so I began placing stations instead and figured I would find a way to connect them later. I found that immediately after placing a station, I already had 700 passengers waiting. This jumped to 1300. Then 2000. I started building to connect this to my main station that was a small building with a lot of space around it in an empty lot. But I got kicked off of the server for being too slow at building.

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    4. The Frozen Forests of Mars, Pizza Rockets.

      by , 08-12-2014 at 04:03 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am flying a small spacecraft down to the surface of Mars, near the polar ice caps. I notice that in some places trees seem to be poking out of the polar ice. I land in a clearing as to not damage the trees or my spacecraft.
      I get out, along with a couple researchers. We are all wearing space suits. They are really excited having discovered (dead) alien life on another planet. Some of the one of the researchers begins taking samples from the tree trunks. Another begins photographing and surveying measurements of the trees. Another begins exploring a cave beneath an ice shelf. I follow him.
      We get underground and turn on the lights on our helmets. We see that the cave is supported by the trunks of the dead trees. We continue deeper to find that there is in fact a winding passage that runs very deep under the ice cap.
      After having journeyed about a quarter mile. The researcher begins urging me to turn back, telling me that we can undergo a more thorough exploration of these caves at a later date, but we should turn back now.

      Then, I noticed that liquid water was dripping onto us. I decided to do something stupid. I started to take off my space helmet.
      "NO! Don't do that!"
      I do it anyway. It comes off. I take a deep breath of cold, wet air.
      The researcher is freaking out, and trying to radio his friends that I have just broken regulation and taken my helmet off. But we're too deep in the cave for his radio to connect. I feel like I can hear some kind of rumbling noise.
      I 'sssh' him wanting to hear the noise.
      "Do you hear that?"
      "What is it?"

      I wake up.

      Didn't I dream about a mission to mars two days ago? CONGRUENCY!

      I was visiting this pizza place. It feels like I am very far away from my home, Like I might be in another state or something. The pizza place is near this freeway overpass. I go in and ask for a small peperoni pizza. The manager comes to the counter and asks if rather than pay, I would be willing to preform a small task because he is understaffed.
      He walks me outside and says that what makes this pizza joint special is how fast their deliveries are. They actually specially deliver pizzas using these tiny rockets, about the size of a small garbage can. He wants me to put the pizzas in these rockets and fly them to the correct destinations. He gives me a pizza to practice with, then goes inside.
      I put the pizza in the hatch on top of the rocket, and launch it. It takes me a few minutes to figure out how to do so. I have no idea how to control it so the rocket just flies straight up. When it starts to come down, the hatch opens and the pizza comes out and falls onto the manager's head, who had come back out to check on my progress. The rocket falls back onto the launch pad and breaks.

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    5. Feeding my Zombie Form, Helping my DG.

      by , 07-28-2014 at 02:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am sitting in my kitchen. I have just heated up a ton of leftover pizza and begin eating like I had never eaten before. Now in RL I have a weak stomach and usually by my third slice, I'm about ready to barf. But in the dream I was able to just keep going and going.
      My mom came in and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to feed some zombie form that I had. And triggering the form came by eating a ton of food. Once in the form, for a limited time I became extremely strong and was able to regenerate from any wounds that I got.
      I recalled being in my zombie form before. I engaged in a battle atop a moving train with several armed personnel. They fired dozens of bullets at me but all of the wounds regenerated. I then charged after them and dispatched them accordingly.

      [Partially Lucid]

      I am walking through the woods. It is a deep, hilly woods with tall trees that have lost their leaves. Sun rays are filtering through the treetops.
      I then come across Manei arguing with who I can only assume was her mother. I can't recall what they were arguing about. I just walked past the two of them. I didn't even recall recognizing her until later. I continue past them and go up a large hill. I sit down on a fallen tree, and continue to watch them. I can still barely see the two of them through the branches.
      Then the two of them follow me and come up to the fallen log and sit on either side of me. I ask them what the fight was about. They reply but I cannot recall what their reply was. I end up telling the two of them that they shouldn't fight, and should just enjoy the beauty of the woods.

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    6. Rebuilding Recall

      by , 04-30-2014 at 01:16 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This is old and I never published it for some reason.

      Four or five people are sitting around a table and are snorting cocaine. They offer me to join. I decline.

      I am at some cafe or food court area. There are several restaurants. Only one of them is open; a pizza place. I ask the person behind the to please get me some pizza. She gives me a pita bread with some ketchup on it. Some other dream characters come, and the woman gives them actual pizza. I am jealous and ask some of the other dream characters if they were willing to share. They are not.
      Several other food-related things took place. Some of the other restaurants came open. I went to a chinese restaurant where they offered noodles. I tried to purchase noodles but they gave me raw dry noodles.

      I am in some industrial park or power plant area. Odd mix of heavy industry and nature. I find a hole with a ladder leading underground. I open it and some man emerges wearing heavy high-tech looking armor, something like the fallout armor.
      The armor grants him superhuman strength and he begins throwing rocks and large pieces of stone at me and other dream characters. Me and the other dream characters fight back by [dream logic] throwing fruit [/dream logic] Supposedly it was because the fruit had acid in it that would cause the armor to rust and freeze up.

      I get hit by one of the rocks, and die but become partially lucid upon the moment of my death and reset the situation.
      I help coordinate the dream characters and instead of simply attacking we plan an ambush and end up defeating the man in the armor.

      I am in what feels like a combination of a shopping mall and my middle school. I am lucid, and try to throw a plasma ball. It fails.

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