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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Banishing Demons

    by , 07-30-2012 at 02:37 AM (682 Views)
    I am in a house that has poltergeist problems.

    The occupants have asked me to`come and banish the demon(s).

    They have sectioned off the haunted part of the house with a curtain. I pull the curtain back, and a dark wind blows out from a large empty plain shrine.

    I cast a spell and banish the darkness. SUNTULU D'ZATN!

    A red and gold footstool flies out of the room and hits me, paralyzing my mouth. I can no longer speak.

    I realize I left my Staff of Chaos (which I have IWL) outside the room. I retrieve it. A crazed half-posessed human tries to attack me.

    I swing the staff in a small circle, spinning a tooth on the end of a string on the bottom of the staff, and the human backs up.

    I struggle to speak, but I have lockjaw.

    I awake.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Does your staff have a tooth on one end IWL? Was there any connection in retrospect between you getting hit in the mouth and the tooth?

      Cool dream.
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      It has no tooth in waking life. My savage ancestors would kill a man from another tribe, and make his jawbone into a musical instrument to become a man. A suitor of my grandmothers wore a human tooth dug up from a grave as part of an inner circle of necromancers in a Kaballistic cult called the Filipino Federation of America.
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