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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dark Angels of Vengeance

    by , 08-14-2012 at 11:22 PM (723 Views)
    **abridged due to pain***

    I leap out of bed. I am a savage white werelion with a necklace of tiny skulls around my neck. I roar and create a portal with a bone-dagger.

    I leap through, spinning, and land on the moon.

    I am near the koi pond. Raven is watching the fish.

    She looks at me. I morph into a quicksilver dragon, then a giant three headed canine with the head of a pit bull, a wolf, and a chihuahua. I growl softly.

    "FLUFFY!" Raven laughs and hugs me.

    "Someone is going to have nightmares tonight." Raven slams her fist into her palm, and she becomes enwreathed in violet and black flame. Her dress becomes black, and she grows two horns. Her eyes become green and lavender. She laughs maniacally and creates a portal.

    A zombie-basset hound head comes out of my chest, and sniffs the ground. We leap into the portal, and end up in the bedroom of a fat want to be badass. He has posters of Sylvester Stallone on his walls and some dumbells on the floor.

    "So, this is the sadistic "bad ass" that tortures dogs for pleasure?" Raven asks.

    I leap on to his chest and smell him with my zombie-hound head. "Yep. This is our target."

    Raven chuckles, and I quietly growl with all four heads. The room vibrates with the rumbles. The man's astral body wakes up. I bark with my pit bull head, howl with my wolf head, bay with my hound head, and yip maniacally with my chihuahua head. The din is maddening.

    The man screams in sheer terror, trying to push me off of him. I jump off and he runs out the door into the street. Raven and I teleport outside, and Raven summons a wall in front of him which he slams into.

    I roar, and alter the landscape to be a giant puppy mill completely on fire. I turn the man's clothes into a dog costume. He runs around freaking out. Raven creates a small cage, which he runs into.

    We slowly walk into it. The man is backed up against a wall. The man's face is frozen in a silent scream. Raven creates a portal on the back wall. It looks sinister with black thorns swirling around it.

    "only one way out," Raven states flatly.

    The man looks at us. I am frothing at all four mouths. He leaps into a portal to Hell. We follow.

    The man falls down for hours, and lands on a boulder in a great cavern full of fiery pits. Demon dogs fly about in pain and anger. I leap upon him, and devour his innards. He writhes and screams in pain. Raven shoots a bolt of lightning into his mouth placidly. His body reforms.

    Raven and I merge into a great fiery angel-demon. We grab the man, and fling him into outer space, and follow. "here you will die, o 'brave warrior'," I whisper.

    "Who are you?" He screams.


    The man wakes up. We are in his room, a dark witch and monster. He sits up and sees us. "We are Nightmares." he screams and wets the bed. We laugh and fade away.

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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      You are my hero :-D
    2. Anukramet's Avatar
      I bow to yer nightmarish wisdom o son of the glittering isles...
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      thanks for commenting. I forgot I had this dream. I wrote it in a trance.