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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Dark Brotherhood ov Xhaos

    by , 12-31-2013 at 04:13 PM (510 Views)
    I awake in a dream, tied down to a stone altar by snakelike parasites which burrow in and out of my feline flesh. There are two other cat-men which are dancing around, both lions like me, one black and one a dark gold. We are on a hilltop somewhere in what feels like ancient Ireland. What the fuck? Am I in Stonehenge? There are four black pillars curved inward toward the altar. Altar. Alter. Alter and Mylynes.
    "These are MY LINES, MUHAHAHAHA!" says some asshole from Nowhere. Nowhere. I have to get back to Nowhere. Fuck this dream! I become lucid!
    I turn 15 different colors, then settle on flaming spots and iridescent tiger stripes with a great lion man. I rip off the imaginary snakes and leap 500 feet into the air with a great, "FUCK YOU TWO!"
    "Draw!" says a voice from Nowhere. Instantly, Mylynes, Alter and I are back in a Training Room in the Battle Pyramid, which has been altered as a Hyperbolic Time Chamber to accelerate my training. There are shoji doors around us. We are wearing gi (the basic Asian martial arts uniform.) We bow to each other. I summon a Japanese dining table with zabutan (sitting pillows) and mountain tea (Chinese tea poured over a statue of a castle). We sit in silence as I pour the tea with my big lion fist. The tea smells like rivers and mountain air. As the tea flows down the three good luck tiers of the tower, I hear a small waterfall, and the laughter of children in the flowing liquid. We catch the tea in our cups as it falls off the corners roof of the Japanese tea castle. In the corner that is odd, the tea flows into the moat. A tiny green tea dragon swims in the moat, and turns to me, smiling.
    I sit down, and align my chakras. I breathe deeply of the tea. I feel the steam on my face, creating condensation on my fur. I smell everything the leaves smelled from when they first budded on the branch. I look in the tea cup. I see bits of leaves sitting at the bottom of a clear liquid that changes colors from brown to green, back and forth. I look at Mylynes. He is a white weretiger with blue eyes, wearing a dark grey hooded cloak. He somehow grins at me mischievously and maliciously simultaneously.
    I look at Alter. He is a blue-black werejaguar with one brown eye and one pale blue eye, almost white. He is wearing a dark brown hooded cloak. He seems to have a serious demeanor.
    I go out-of-body, and look at myself. I am a black werelion in a dark red and black cloak.
    "Hail the Dark Lords of Xhaos."
    "All Hail!"
    "Hail Eris, Goddess of Khaos!"
    "All Hail!"
    "Hail the Nameless Gods of Outer Darkness!"
    "All Hail!"
    We drink the tea. It's liquid DMT. Who made this? Me? What the Hell? Suddenly, I am tripping balls. Colors are melting into each other, speaking to me of other dimensions, dimensions where red and blue have sex so we can have purple, and all secondary colors are lovable mixed love childs, baby! Lines are ripping at my mind, simple, 1 dimensional short lines, shredding my brain to bits with their simplicity. Alter roars, and a string of one's and zero's come flying at me. I feel naseous. No, I don't. "FUCK YOU TWO!" I shout, regaining lucididity. I make a box around me, a white box, casting out astral parasites with violet flame, I spin in place and summon my kundalini energy to rise within me. I become golden, and make the landscape becomes the land of Nod, a primal, savage garden, a tropical rainforest growing over mountain and valley with waterfalls and uknown undiscovered creatures burrowing, flitting, fighting, living and dying on the Green Moon.

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