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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Healing Twin Powers: Activate!

    by , 04-01-2013 at 05:49 AM (468 Views)
    Raven wakes me up in the astral world. "Nomad, I was waiting for you, but maybe you weren't asleep yet. It felt like I was waiting a long time. It was weird. Maybe has to do with time dilation? Or I just got lost looking at the koi. Anyway how are you?"
    "Oh! Am I dreaming?" I look at my hands. Ghost hands. I see WinterFae sleeping next to me. "Oh, we're in the astral."
    "Yes, I thought it might be easier to heal the physical body from the astral plane than the dream plane."
    "Right! Let's do it."
    Raven and I whipped out our sacred cadeucei, and raise them to the sky. The serpents wind up the staffs, look into each others' eyes, and the four snakes bite their partners. Lightning strikes our caduecei and engulfs us in heavenly flame. Our impurities burn away. We pull the caduecei into our bodies, and they spin as we morph into archangels. I feel Michael's energy pulsing through my body, light shining out of every cell. Raven and I slam our fists together, and a sonic boom blasts out negative energy from the area. I draw a flaming angel sword, and run in a circle around the perimeter, as Raven raises her arms to the sky and charges herself with lightning. I run faster until I am running into my own flame. Raven creates a dome of electricity springing up from the fire circle.
    Then, we step to WinterFae, and place our hands above her. I pray to the angels to grant me the power to heal. I see her heart chakra spinning wildly, and I calm it. We balance her chakras, and move stagnant energy through her astral body. I notice she has dark energy stuck in her ankles. Raven does a soul healing, and I hear a song something like, "Take this heart, all the broken parts... mend beyond .... end ..."
    WinterFae sighs and smiles in her sleep. I work in trying to straighten her spine. Michael tells me in my head that energy healing works best against infections and illness resulting from viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and speeds healing, but is not so effective for things like spinal adjustments.
    I focus on soul healing with Raven. WinterFae smiles again, and cuddles with our blind kitten, Gypsy. I hear Michael say, "You've done all you can for now. You have more to heal ahead."

    I wake up in a desert. Holy shit, I'm thirsty. Afternoon... I'm in the Sonoran desert. Why am I... I see a raven watching me, about ten feet away. The raven caws and flicks it head. I feel the raven looking into my soul. I stand up, on all fours. I'm a coyote? I must be dreaming... No, too thirsty to be dreaming. I'm hallucinating. Did I eat peyote? I see heat waves, and a form like Raven Knight flashes in the ripples. "Nomad?"
    What? O, Eris help me... O Nechtan, help me find water, for I thirst my god. The raven flies a few feet away and caws. I follow it, and the black bird leads me to a green palo verde tree, and scratches the sand. I smell... water! I dig in the sand. About two feet down, water fills the hole. I dig deeper. At about two and half feet, there's enough water for me to drink my fill.
    I am so exhausted, I fall asleep, under the tree.

    I awake on the mountain the biodome. I see don Juan. He looks deep into my soul and laughs. Then he whispered in my head, "You're almost there."
    I fall down a wormhole.

    I land in a strange land of hills with dark dead trees and a red dawn rising. I feel strange and cloyingly terrified. I see Raven standing on a hill, arms raised to the sky. She turns to me. The fear makes me buckle, and I fall to my knees. White light shoots out of Raven's eyes. "O Brother Nomad, thou dost feel the pain of thy soulmate. You are one, yet separate. Now is the time to cleave her pain from thine, o angel."
    Raven's light energy fills my body. I can walk again. I stand next to her. She calls down lightning, and I call down fire. All the dead trees are struck by lightning and burn. I hear WinterFae moan in pain. Raven summons a wind to blow all the ash away, and I summon rain. The sky changes from red to violet to blue as the sun rises. Grass and shrubs grow, then trees, and streams appear. Insects and small animals, and then larger ones. I hear WinterFae smile and giggle in her sleep. Raven turns to me and smiles. I give her a hug. She makes a portal, and we return to the Biodome.
    We are at the Hot Springs in the Biodome. WinterFae is in the water with her eyes closed. MoSh and Asuka are sitting next to each other. Raven and I get in. Link is in the water, recharging his heart containers. We sit in silence, enjoying the peace of the dream.
    Selene walks to the edge of the hot spring, and whispers something to me about the heart of the moon. I feel half asleep, but I'm in a dream.

    I am suddenly underground in some strange cavern. A large greyish human heart, the size of a small house, pulses, sitting on steel columns. I feel like vomiting. Why is the heart of the moon plugged into machines. I feel terrified.

    I wake up in the sick bay of the Biodome.
    Selene is next to me, wiping sweat off my forehead with a cool cloth. "You were having a nightmare," she explains.
    "Sh..." Selene kisses my forehead, and the dream fades to black.

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