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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Meeting my Non-Lucid Self

    by , 12-19-2013 at 09:44 AM (418 Views)
    I go into my Inner World, and meet my non-Lucid Self. We are sitting on a cliff over looking the ocean. There is an chocolate volcano island in front of us. He looks like me in jeans and a red t-shirt.
    "Hey buddy, why can't you be lucid."
    "My name is Jerry."
    "Okay, that's weird, I don't like that name."
    "Exactly. Germans were called Jerrys in world war two by Americans."
    "You mean the Nazis."
    "I mean the German Soldiers. The Nazis were a political party."
    "Yes, whatever. So, why the hell is your name Jerry when that's not my name, and I don't like it."
    "Jerry's kids. You dated a girl with cerebral palsy. Jerry Lewis, cheesy comedian. But, he's kinda funny."
    "You're ashamed to be German."
    "No, I'm not."
    "Why don't you research German history?"
    "My people weren't even called Germans when we left Europe to go to America."
    "Well, that's a start."
    "You're ashamed to be non-lucid."
    "No, I'm not."
    "You do stupid things when you're not lucid."
    "Hey! I only had sex with a unicorn once."
    "Let's not go there."
    "So, Jerry, you are saying my non-lucidity, or you, my alter ego, your existence is somehow tide to my subconscious shame?"
    "I hate it when people say that."
    "Don't blame me. I do a lot of dumb dumb stuff that you don't like, like have sex on the sidewalk during the day with people walking by."
    "That's in my Inner World! It's fine."
    "Then why are you blushing?"
    "I feel stupid. You're right."
    "You feel stupid? I feel stupid! I'm the one doing all these weird things."
    "So, I need to release my shame somehow in order to become lucid more often?"
    Jerry nods. I go to hug him, and then he turns into some kind of weird vampire demon monster and bites me on the shoulder. The whole world turns into a grey graveyard. Zombie versions of people I know that have died come out of the graves and ask me, "WHY? WHY?"
    I scream in sheer terror, then a rage overcomes me, and I grab the Jerry monster and rip him in half.
    I am suddenly in a White Void.
    I hear the hollow laughter of Morpheus, god of dreams echoing all around me.

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      wow - crazy conversation! Looks like just trying to embrace was not enough- what more could your non-lucid self want? Is he also your shadow do you think? Based on the graveyard scene it sounds like there is a whole bunch of stuff you need to make right with yourself before 'Jerry' will be willing to be part of you...