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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Silver Tower

    by , 04-06-2013 at 10:52 PM (347 Views)
    Raven opens a portal, and we fly to the Moon. When we get there, we are somehow in her spaceship. She lands it on the Moon, and we meet MoSh, Tigress, and Pablo.
    They say they want to attack the Templars' Silver Tower. We teleport to the Moon Tower, and meet around a table shaped like a pentagon. I show them the Silver Tower on the astral and dream planes, a space station orbiting around Urth, with psychic warriors sleeping in it, on the astral plane. The Silver Tower, the Illuminati Templars' great astral base.
    The five of us fly out of the obsidian Moon Tower, and summon allies to us. scores of dreamers and spirits from the dream plane and parallel universes show instantly appear. I send a message to the Moon Orc king via a war-dove. I howl to the Lunar Wolves to aid us in our battle. Three Armies: The Moon Tribe, the Moon Orcs, Dreamhackers of Russia riding giant beetles, and The Lunar Wolves, gather in the sky above the Moon.
    A Templar appears out of a portal with a large war banner flying in an unfelt breeze. "Hail Moon People. I come in peace."
    Suddenly, a crossbow bolt is ringing the Templar's helmet, piercing his forehead. He slumps over, dead. Raven chuckles quietly.
    I shout, "TO WAR!"
    The Moon Tribe, Dream Warriors of Urth and other dimensions, shout, "TO WAR!" as we clang our weapons.
    The Moon Orcs, the rebel Dreamhackers of Russia, shout in their guttural voices, "TO WAR!"
    The Lunar Wolves howl in rage, and Selene opens a giant portal to the Silver Tower.
    For a second, the silvery space station benignly orbits the earth, then its sensors pick us up, and the auto-defenses engage. Lasers. But, too late, the laser guns are being taken out by gunfire from a thousand guns. Templars come pouring out of the Silver Tower, in angelic looking chrome armor, riding white winged horses. Some are armed with swords and shields, others with bows and arrows. "We are justified," they shout.
    Raven morphs into Queen of Night, and sends lightning into their metal armor. Mosh morphs into a Naga and spews acid upon the Templars, melting their armor. Tigress becomes a great weretiger barbarian, and rips the Templars apart. Pablo runs among them, a little thief-fox, and steals their weapons, giving them weapons to us.
    I morph into a summoner, and summon a bunch of angry goblins. No, these are not dream characters, these are the goblins the Templars had enslaved, pouring out of portals. The ghost of the Goblin King is with them, hell-bent on revenge. There is a dark red flame in his eyes.
    The Templars retreat back into the Silver Tower, as the Silver Tower itself morphs into a giant Templar, reeking of demonflesh. I blast the Conch of Pan. A great portal opens in the sky, and I see the face of Gawn, smiling with great glee. "Hello, son. You've haven't called for awhile!"
    The Templar pulls back his helmet, to reveal an ugly smashed pig-faced demon with horns. Nevergawn, god of Thisworld, Conqueror of Urth, Lord of the Sky."
    Gawn floats down out of the portal, Gawn, The Devil, Gawn, Pan, Gawn, Hanuman, Gawn, Satan, Gawn, the Dream Warrior Master, his black and gold cape fluttering in the space breeze. "Hello, brother," he smirks to Nevergawn.
    "Thisworld IS MINE!"
    "Yes, the Urth and all that's in it, belong to the Lord, doesn't it?"
    Gawn lets fly a thousand sentient daggers at Nevergawn. Nevergawn laughs, and blocks with his shield, but the daggers turn to salt, and eat his shield to rust. Nevergawn summons an army of demons, and Gawn summons The Dream Warrior Corps. We fly at each other, and there is a sonic boom.

    I awake in a white void. Where am I? did I die?

    "Yes, and no," says the voice of Morpheus, god of dreams. "You will respawn soon."

    I am back on the Moon. I see a great battle above the Earth. I armor up, and fly back into battle. I end up fighting one-on-one this strange demon with a face like me.
    "How dare you mock me!"
    "I simply look like you, for I am evil."
    I morph into my demon self, Deathgawn. I rip the demon's head off, and cast it into a portal. I cast its body into another. Suddenly everyone is cheering, and I see the Silver Tower vibrate, then implode, leaving a tiny dimple in the fabric of timespace.

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