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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Tears of a Demon

    by , 10-17-2012 at 04:29 AM (499 Views)
    I am on the Moon chatting with some people in the Biodome. Where's Raven? someone asks.

    Hmm... I open a mirror portal. I see her sleeping in her bed, an astral demon sitting on her chest. I feel a dark rage overpower me from deep within my soul. I morph into my Demon Self, Deathgawn. I roar in anger, and rocket down the wormhole. I come flying out of the portal and slam into the astral demon full force as we crash into the dirt outside her house. He tries to strangle me by picking me up by the neck. I laugh as fiery spikes shoot out of my neck into his hand. The astral demon tries to speak, but is too busy getting sucked into the black hole in my chest.
    A host of demons descends from the skies, and apparently are starting a ritual where Raven is the sacrifice. There is a green fog around Raven's face which I blow away by summoning a wind.
    "Come to enjoy the sacrifice, brother?" One of the demons asks. I respond by leaping to Raven, and spinning my staff and creating an energy sphere around us. I summon my giant hellhound, Jo, with his eight legs and crocodile teeth to protect Raven while I go into her Inner World to wake her up.
    I create a portal on Raven's third eye chakra, and hit the Micro button on my belt, then leap in.


    I am in a forest. I see Raven's childhood self, and my childhood self. My boy self is telling Raven he can't play with her in dreams anymore because she is an imaginary friend. Raven is very hurt and frustrated. No! I'm real! she is saying. A tear rolls down my demon cheek, and lands on the ground. A tree grows there, and two snakes wind up the tree. My kundalini rises, and I morph into my Archangel Self. I ask Michael to possess me.

    "Raven, this is a dream. We need to wake up in the astral!" She looks at me, smiles, then morphs into her adult self. She hugs me, then hugs my boy self, and he fades away.

    She opens a portal, and I tell her what is going on telepathically as we fly through the wormhole. We leap out of her third eye chakra. Raven's dream body merges with her astral body, and she flips off the bed, transforming into Queen of Night, but she looks more like Catwoman. haha.
    We fly into the sky, and the demons rush me, thinking Raven an ally, and me the enemy. I allow them very close before I go supernova and blast them into thousands of portals Raven has opened for them to fall into.
    The battle is quickly over. Raven and I nod at each other, then she suddenly collapses. I catch her and open a portal to The Healing Glen in The North. I lay her down on the grass, and parasites run off her as MoSh, Tigress, Pablo, and Basara play healing music. The Frost Giant comes and blows healing herbs on Raven. He picks he up and takes her to his cave.
    As she sleeps, he talks to me by the fire.
    "You, all of you. All the lucid dreamers in your Urth are under attack on all Planes. You are being poisoned, subjugated, busied, distracted, confused, and assassinated. See with Nine Eyes, brother. The Time is nigh."

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Thanks for the help. I can feel that I've been under heavy attack lately, though the past few days don't seem to have been as bad. Now I know why.
      WakingNomad likes this.
    2. Lmrhone's Avatar
      The end of this...it describes how I've felt lately, especially confused and distracted, so much confusion out of nowhere and all of a sudden I had a nightmare the other night, I won in the end but I needed help and I actually felt "fear", true terror. Maybe I need some meditation. It's probably nothing to do with this but who knows! Maybe so...maybeee not... I'll have to get in contact with my dream guide and figure out. Well I just saw he said " All the lucid dreamers in your Urth are under attack on all Planes" maybe I'm not in that category.