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    1. Sustained Back Jab

      by , 07-09-2018 at 06:35 PM
      Morning of July 8, 2018. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am wandering around, uncertain of the nature of my current situation. The setting is an ambiguous blend of King Street (where I have not been at all since 1994), and Stadcor Street (where Zsuzsanna and our family and I have not lived in years). It is rendered in a way that is about fifty percent of each, yet I am not confused by this mix and seem to be walking to where Dennis (half-brother on my mother’s side) used to live.

      I walk through a narrow alley toward an area that opens into a vacant parking lot. Three unfamiliar males approach me and I expect trouble. One male presses the small of my back, apparently with a weapon. It does not hurt, but there is a strange sustained sensation that always served before to immediately wake me since early childhood. However, I do not wake from this, though as I am not lucid, I am not aware of what it usually does to me. It happens three different times as I choose to try to walk slowly away to the entrance of another alley on the other side of the parking lot.

      Normally, this back jab event (rendered in dreams in a number of different ways) sends me nearly flying out of bed with its intensity. In this case, it is softer, but still dominates my otherwise illusory physicality. I almost suspect that it did not wake me (though of course I did wake eventually) due to getting older and I wonder if it indicates a biological change, though may possibly be a new form of non-lucid dream control. The parking lot is very common autosymbolism for a specific level of sleep, representing how the body is not typically moving (or is not supposed to be) during REM sleep. It is usually the last setting to be rendered when featured in a dream and I typify it as a liminal space representation (as a parking lot also is in waking life), though not a transitional liminal space buffer as a porch is.

    2. Lego Biplane

      by , 07-09-2018 at 02:11 PM
      Morning of July 9, 2018. Monday.

      I am in our present home in my dream, though which seems rotated from north to west, perpendicular to its real location on the corner (intersection).

      Our youngest son is building a biplane from Lego. However, when I look again, it seems he has changed it so that it is now a building. He is sitting on our youngest daughter’s bed (where he had slept temporarily). I puzzle over this. I visualize the Lego biplane as being vertical and upright, but then consider that I may have only been looking at the “skeletal” foundation of the building (even though it was an actual transformation typical of the dream state).

      This dream is based on very common (an average of more than once per sleep cycle) anticipatory autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation. This does not always result in actual “flight” or a direct change in physicality upon waking (such as a hypnopompic kick or common falling sensation). In this case, with the bed as the literal dream state indicator, with an airplane autosymbolism for physicality in regard to VSC, it simply represents standing up after getting out of bed, though is also an association with our youngest son sometimes standing on this same bed in reality.

      Some previous (posted online) dreams in which a biplane or biplane hang glider has featured include:

      Biplane Hang Glider Mishap, February 27, 2016

      Biplane in my Pillow, April 4, 2012

      Water from a Biplane, December 20, 2010

      Biplane Directive, January 2, 1972

      They are not as common as other flight symbols (that is, dream state contemporaneous symbolism of VSC, which is usually unrelated to waking life), such as helicopters, of which have featured in hundreds of my dreams since childhood, some featured in my entry “40 Helicopter Dreams”, posted on May 20, 2018.

    3. Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 2

      by , 07-09-2018 at 10:11 AM
      Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 2

      Afternoon of July 8, 2018. Sunday.

      Henceforth, these pages are to be the sole resource for resolving any potential for erroneous or ambiguous conclusions regarding any content posted in any of my previous entries since 2004.

      Some of the main factors of the dream state (though not inherent to all dreaming and waking transitions) other than literalism:

      Unification and coalescence (and in contrast, dream state cessation autosymbolism)

      Thinking skills correlation, more so as precursory consciousness testing or initialization

      Vestibular system correlation

      Liminal space buffering

      Subliminal, liminal, and lucid dream state indicators

      Ultradian rhythm anticipation (both biological and emotional)

      There is more, but I will only address these six in this entry and more in another entry. None of these very common components of the dream state relate to waking life or the concept of symbolism in the non-contemporaneous sense. They are traits of the dreaming and waking process itself. People who have the inability to grasp what dreams are and what they are doing (which ultimately includes the majority of people alive today) will likely not be able to come to terms even with the obvious. One of the reasons I am writing this canon is because I have zero interest in discussing or debating what I already know beyond an iota of doubt. Note that these factors typically combine, depending on the particular dream.

      Unification and coalescence is the final part of the waking process. It is simply based on wholeness of consciousness after waking. I typically experience this in my dreams in a number of different ways, the most pleasant autosymbolism of this being the act of hugging (the emergent consciousness factor). Other examples are seeing another dream character being swallowed. (This is a projected form of the “final fate” of the illusory dream self, similar to seeing another dream character fall from a cliff instead of the dream self experiencing the fall.) In contrast to coalescence is dream state cessation autosymbolism, though sometimes these factors are combined. “End of the world” scenarios, a very common form of dream state cessation autosymbolism, seem to occur continuously for many people (regardless of what sort of events or experiences they have had in waking life). Mine are rarely nightmarish. Additionally, it has always been extremely rare for me to “die” in a dream (a result of understanding dream state autosymbolism). “End of the world” dreams begin to occur when a child begins to develop a more complex way of thinking and reasoning and of course, reason is not typically a factor of the dream state, hence this form of cessation autosymbolism.

      Thinking skills correlation is a factor of the waking process and its autosymbolism relates to schools, libraries, and technology. Failing a test (or basically even going back to school) in a dream simply means that the subconscious self is not the conscious self as in reality. It goes through the process as autosymbolic of the return to consciousness. There really is not much more to it than that.

      Vestibular system correlation is a biological factor of the dream self’s lack of discernment of physicality while not conscious. This is why flying and falling are so common in both lucid and non-lucid dreams. Ultimately, flying is much easier in dreams than walking (or driving a car), as it is the natural discernment of the dream state, as physicality is inherently illusory in the dream state anyway (why dreams of losing teeth are also common). I fly at one point or another in the majority of my dreams. I could be walking along on the sidewalk, become slightly annoyed by environmental factors (such as walking on mud for example, or there being too much traffic around) and easily and automatically take to the air as if it was the most natural thing in the world. My dream self has mostly always held this focus that flying is something that requires no thinking or effort, whereas walking, though typically only in the first dream of virtually every sleep cycle, almost always results in tripping and falling. The transition of rising up and out of a dream is about as common as falling, though each sometimes occurs during the same dream sequences, for example, falling and then suddenly rising up and out of the dream state (which of course renders the assumption of any waking life “meaning” as preposterous). Flying, falling, and rising dreams are far more vivid (as well as more likely to occur) when activity that is more physical (especially walking a considerable distance) has been indulged in during the previous day, though riding in an elevator prior to sleep also augments this factor. The most vivid falling dream I ever had was shortly after riding the log flume ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

      Liminal space buffering (and the preconscious bulwark) is a major factor of non-lucid dream control as well as apex lucidity. This involves mediation and modulation of waking process autosymbolism. The best example is how I use doors (both lucidly and non-lucidly) to deliberately leave the dream state as well as to enhance vividness when a desire for sustaining my dream is present. I have sometimes even pushed an entire wall aside like a sliding door to vivify and sustain the dream state to an extraordinary level. I also summon dream state denizens (angelic servants) from doorways, from behind curtains, from over walls (less common and more difficult), from within walls, and so on (though also typically from rivers, lakes, trees, or waterfalls). Usage of windows for this has proven to be a tad bizarre (probably because windows are usually not used to go in and out of a house in waking life and thus the literalistic factor dominates) and is never recommended. When I attempted to use a window to sustain and vivify my dream on one occasion, the results were unexpected. It resulted in such an exaggerated (though illusory) sense of weight and physicality in almost painfully crawling up and over the bottom of the window to the other side, with my dream then vivified and sustained to such an extent, it is difficult to believe even now. Nevertheless, experience and knowledge is what counts in the end.

      Subliminal, liminal, and lucid dream state indicators are very common in my dreams, to where they typically occur at least once per sleep cycle, though as with vestibular system correlation, sometimes in most dreams of a sleep cycle. These factors are typically rendered as literalism, but there are many second level (and third level, etc.) autosymbolic factors. Such features are typically beds, being undressed (including in public), not wearing shoes, being in a bedroom (including in a false awakening), and so on. As it is not biologically possible to be fully unaware of being in REM sleep, I often move through various stages of subliminal, liminal, and lucid awareness of dream state indicators. I will sometimes deliberately (lucidly or semi-lucidly) cause my clothes to vanish (even in a public library where many people are around) because of this, when I want to indulge in lovemaking with Zsuzsanna. In direct contrast, if I am walking in a business building while lucid and my shoes begin to dissolve (because of the recall that I do not wear shoes while I sleep), I lucidly will them back. Beds (and bedrooms) in some cases serve as apex lucidity triggers because of their literal link to the dream state.

      Ultradian rhythm anticipation (both biological and emotional) is responsible for dreams of being late or a sustained focus on what time it is. There are many other forms of relevant literalism and autosymbolism, which are too extensive for this entry at this time. The WBTB or “Wake Back to Bed” method of lucid dreaming is a factor based on ultradian rhythm. However, I have never needed any sort of “practice” or any “information” (often of which is based on popular misconceptions about dreams). This is because lucid dreaming, for me, has always been an entirely natural trait since earliest memory (even prenatally, where I still recall making stars and letting them fade and “oscillating” with them as I did so, as well as effortlessly flying and going “back” to my body when I was two and three).

      The factors that I have explained here should all be obvious to anyone of reasonable intelligence. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the majority of people would favor truth over personal bias or long-held superstition. Most people will still prefer to wear a virtual blindfold through life, especially when it comes to dreams and their legitimate causes, meanings, and effects.

      This information can all be experienced and validated (by anyone with a genuine interest in dreams or with any interest in eradicating the virtually endless misconceptions about dreams in today’s society) by way of mastership meditations. For example, the first factor, unification and coalescence, is augmented in waking life by the mirror meditation, where the self is seen in infinite forms in mirrors arranged on the left and right sides (each mirror continuously reflecting the one on the other side, as well as the body reflected infinitely). Then, looking forward into the one mirror facing the body, the one image reflected is the self in unification.

      This entry is subject to change only for purposes of clarification.

      If any content reads as unclear or is perceived as ambiguous, contact me by way of messaging on one of the following sites (order of preference): Twitter (@BlueOpossum), Tumblr (Blue Opossum’s Dream Journal), or my Facebook account via the dream journal website profile.

      Thank you for your time and respect.

      This ends Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 2.

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    4. Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1

      by , 07-07-2018 at 01:57 PM
      Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1

      Afternoon of July 7, 2018. Saturday.

      Henceforth, these pages are to be the sole resource for resolving any potential for erroneous or ambiguous conclusions regarding any content posted in any of my previous entries since 2004.

      What my dreams mainly render:



      What my dreams do NOT viably render:

      Symbolism (in the conventional or non-concurrent sense)

      Please note that any usage of variations of the word “symbol” in my online journal is in reference to autosymbolism (contemporaneous symbolism of the transient dream self of which typically represents the dreaming and waking process itself or subliminal, liminal, or lucid affirmations). For example, “water symbolizing sleep” and “doorway waking symbolism” signifies dream state autosymbolism, not symbolism as implied correlation with waking life (as water neither symbolizes sleep in waking life nor can one walk through a doorway and end up in another realm or with a different state of awareness in waking life). I have recently considered eradicating (editing out) all forms of “symbol” (other than forms using “auto” or as paired with “contemporaneous”) to avoid public misconception about my knowledge or experience or the assumption that I either believe in or accept “dream interpretation” (in the two most common usages of the term) of which I do NOT (and never have, even in childhood).

      Neither non-contemporaneous symbolism nor reading in the non-lucid dream state is either consistently feasible or sustainable. However, reading, as with either discernible print or as implied perception of words and sentences as such, is certainly possible and even common (for people such as me) in dreams, but is typically transient and unstable. (Handwriting or print usually changes in dreams as I focus on it or look away and back again, though not always, as it depends on the specific extent of liminal consciousness.)

      Additionally, it is obviously possible to be subliminally, liminally, or lucidly influenced by inherently spurious “dream dictionary” content. This certainly does not mean that the implied “meaning” or “interpretation” is valid in any way any more than fictitious content from a movie influences or is rendered into a dream.

      What my dreams typically have:

      Verifiable causes

      Verifiable meanings


      Inexplicable (by present era consensus) factors such as literal prescience or transpersonal communication

      What my dreams typically do NOT have:

      Interpretations, by way of either of the two main fallicious usages of the term:

      Superstition, folklore, or “old wives’ tales” (examples being so-called dream dictionaries or the majority of New Age sources and virtually all websites)

      Psychobabble (any form of psychoanalysis, including both “credible” psychology and pseudo-psychology)

      Where my dreams come from or via:

      Preconscious (both personal and transpersonal), by way of RAS (reticular activating system) mediation and modulation.

      Interconsciousness (both personal and transpersonal)

      Emergent Consciousness

      Biological factors (two examples being vestibular system correlation and ultradian rhythm)

      Where my dreams do NOT come from or via:

      Unconscious mind (unless concurrently biological or biologically premonitory)


      If dreams came from or via the unconscious mind, they would mainly occur in slow-wave sleep, not REM sleep.

      The subconscious (which is not a “mind”) has no viable intelligence, critical discernment, temporality (viable discernment of time), or consistent or correlating spatial orientation.

      Obviously, the preconscious utilizes content from the unconscious mind (as well as the interconsciousness and emergent consciousness) but unlike with the conscious self in waking life, it is unlikely to be accurate, to prevent false memories from resulting (though this applies mostly to only non-lucid dreaming and does not wholly apply to inexplicable factors such as remote viewing or prescience). However, whether or not this biologically evolved or is ultimately a result of incidental synaptic XOR gating is presently unresolved.

      What my dream self is:

      Subconscious, personified

      Witness to the Transpersonal Source (non-local consciousness; biological intelligence; interconsciousness)

      Emergent Consciousness (in ordinary lucidity)

      Virtual Model of the Conscious Self Identity (in the highest levels of lucidity only)

      What my dream self is NOT:

      A viable model of the conscious self as in current waking life (primarily only in non-lucidity)

      This entry is subject to change only for purposes of clarification.

      If any content reads as unclear or is perceived as ambiguous, contact me by way of messaging on one of the following sites (order of preference): Twitter (@BlueOpossum), Tumblr (Blue Opossum’s Dream Journal), or my Facebook account via the dream journal website profile.

      Thank you for your time and respect.

      This ends Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1.

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    5. The New Fence (precognitive)

      by , 07-06-2018 at 11:29 AM
      Morning of July 6, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I had become aware of workers arriving (in reality) to add to our new fence or complete it (a process that, for some reason, has been drawn out over several weeks, so we did not expect them to show up this morning). The noise enters my dream at times, creating the usual intruder scenario, where the men seem to be walking around in our house as we sleep (which of course is not actually occurring in reality).

      As it becomes quieter, my dream shifts into a typical autosymbolic form relating to preconscious mediation of liminal space. In this case of course, the liminal space divider is a fence, but there are unusual aspects.

      The preconscious avatar (as an unknown male) starts talking about our new fence, which I see is oddly open (that is, not a privacy fence of the type they had been building in reality) and different from the previous front fences of the other houses (which were also solid privacy fences). There is conversation that makes no logical sense even though I begin to perceive it as interesting while still in my non-lucid dream. He tells me about painting the bars green so that they match the lawn, which would supposedly render our house as invisible from that angle from the public footpath and street. Despite how ridiculous that sounds, I seem to understand at one level. A person out on the street sees our lawn and fence bars at the same time and it seems like a solid wall.

      After waking, I am surprised and very puzzled by how my dream was literal (rather than solely the usual preconscious RAS mediation with this dream type: PRECONAV-LIMSPCDIVF). They actually did built an open fence after having spent time on the high privacy fence in the beginning, which to me makes no sense, especially as they took the privacy fences down from the other two houses and replaced them with the type from my dream. Therefore, I have no choice but to designate this dream as (literally) precognitive. Of course, this happens all the time, but sometimes with less defined matching (including impersonal associations with something I see or read later).

      The unlikely ambiguous integration of literally prescient threads and autosymbolic threads has puzzled me since I was very young, especially as autosymbolism and literalism have the same extent of dynamics and integration into many dreams. Neither requires “interpretation” (in the conventional sense). For example, the phrase “the interpretation of words in their literal sense” puzzles me, as literalism does not require interpretation in the typical usage of the term. Dream and waking thought autosymbolism does not either. (This is why I have never believed in “dream interpretation” in the two most common usages of the term, as dreams are either autosymbolic or literal, not symbolic in the conventional sense, which is usually not even possible, though reading is possible at some levels, though unlikely to be static or sustained.)

      Ultimately though, the conversation relating to the fence and how the open area and lawn could be perceived as a “wall” was more about the dreaming process itself (RAS mediation) and I suspect, a level of synaptic gating relating to viability of the interconsciousness or any transpersonal factors . As the majority of people in society obviously have severe liminal space blindness, especially those who do not recall their dreams at all, this does make a lot of sense in my own experience; an analogy to Venetian blinds though without the will to mediate them directly or even know they are there in the first place.

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    6. White Audio Tape not Playing Correctly

      by , 07-05-2018 at 07:08 PM
      Morning of June 30, 2018. Saturday.

      The setting is unknown but implied to be our present home. I had been given an audio tape with music on it, from an unknown young male. Zsuzsanna is present. The music is like a mix of dub and progressive rock and has a science-fiction theme.

      The tape is about as wide as reel-to-reel tape. It is shiny white but otherwise has the same texture. I attempt to play it by putting it in a large device in which one end of the tape goes up at an angle, about a foot away, onto what looks like an oversized spool for a sewing machine. This is set up inside a cupboard near floor level.

      It plays at times but keeps getting jammed. I notice that it is irregularly encircling the higher spool to my right. The rest of the audio tape in transit is not touching anything as it winds around the higher spool from the other part of whatever I am using to “play” its audio. I get annoyed, take it out, and realize that it will not play correctly, as it has a buildup of gray spots on it, which I call “gray oxide”. I am slightly annoyed at being given a older audio tape that will not play correctly.

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    7. The Barolin Effect

      by , 07-05-2018 at 12:42 PM
      Morning of July 5, 2018. Thursday.

      I am again living on Barolin Street (with minimal threads of my conscious self identity). I am giving a speech across from the Barolin Street house (which is no longer there in reality), slightly north of it. I am standing at an outdoor lectern. There is a small audience of perhaps twenty people. (This dream, like a number of other dreams, illogically has the lectern or podium near the street and facing the street, with people implied to be on or near the street rather than in a yard, where it would be more logical. However, this is more about the autosymbolism of a street being more relevant to the dreaming and waking process.)

      I get into a very long speech about dreams and their nature (without attaining active lucidity). I explain how I cannot accept that people really believe in “interpretation” in the conventional sense (especially from another person).

      I relate the falsehoods of psychoanalysis and the great fraud of Sigmund Freud, explaining my view that he was the greatest and most despicable con artist of all time. (Freud and his associates coldly and cruelly rejected Jung and Silberer, hindering a greater understanding of our psyche.) I include the detail of how Herbert Silberer, who at least knew that hypnagogic dreams are autosymbolic (even though normal REM dreams typically are as well), hung himself because of this conspiracy and how the game of “interpretation” (in its two main fallacious forms) has dumbed people down ever since (other than those like me who understood dreams from a very early age, as well as created and controlled them to an extent). It is an example of the “Barolin effect”, I say.

      Later, I realize that it is supposed to be “Barnum effect” not “Barolin effect”. I decide to inconspicuously correct myself while on another subject. However, I end up saying “Barolin effect” again, but no one seems to notice or acknowledge my error.

      Looking across the street, I see the somewhat deranged and confused ex-alcoholic that lived in the halfway house near us in real life years ago. I then decide that “Barolin effect” is suitable to describe such people.

      Curiously, I was also subliminally aware that P.T. Barnum was apparently born on today’s date in 1910.

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    8. Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15

      by , 07-05-2018 at 10:20 AM
      Evening of July 4, 2018. Wednesday.

      This entry contains brief details in a list of complete online entries for 15 fascinating dreams that meet the criteria for designated type: PRECONAV-VSCPCEL. This entry’s internal code is PRECONAV-VSCPCEL-01-15, for personal statistical records in over 50 years of studying and resolving tens of thousands of my dreams. The entries are not listed in any order. They include the specific causes of each dream’s autosymbolism, meaning, and outcome. To hold the PRECONAV-VSCPCEL code, a dream must meet the following criteria:

      The preconscious avatar during waking process autosymbolism must be a celebrity, in their real-life identity, a character they play, or their appearance without my dream self’s recognition as either (for example, erroneously perceived as a relative, friend, or member of the public of which would not imply their celebrity status). Both celebrities and unknown or unfamiliar people are common preconscious avatars, as neither is a part of waking life (other than when literally prescient threads exist).

      Vestibular system correlation of RAS (reticular activating system) mediation or modulation and the mediating or modulating personification of vestibular system correlation as such must be the primary basis for, and cause of, my dream’s autosymbolism and outcome in both lucid and non-lucid transitions and in both controlled and passive dream state scenarios. It must be as a waking process factor (in its autosymbolism) rather than an induction factor as in other cases, though some induction autosymbolism is typically present to render the particular dream’s foundation.

      To understand the causes and meaning of this dream type requires the intelligence and experience of knowing that dreams are mainly autosymbolic of the sleeping, dreaming, and waking processes, including concurrent biological dynamics and ultradian rhythm factors as well as environmental circumstances. This dream type, depending on the dream, is a result of subliminal, liminal, or lucid awareness in anticipation of the waking process as well as various levels of non-lucid and lucid dream control based on the knowledge of dream state autosymbolism. Although flying, falling, and rising are a biological factor of dreaming and waking (inherent in vestibular system correlation on how the dream self cannot viably discern physicality while in REM sleep), the preconscious often serves as an additional factor of RAS mediation and modulation as an anticipatory projection of the subconscious self. The main factors behind this type of autosymbolism are in the desire of having both a helper (in the anticipated “fall” from the dream state) and a witness (and companion) of the waking process. I began to understand much about dreams at age four and by age six, had an astounding level of both lucid and non-lucid dream control. This dream type, like most others, may include obvious dream state indicators, such as a bed or being undressed (in subliminal realization that my physical body is usually undressed when I am sleeping in bed).

      01] Fictitious Lloyd Bridges Movie. March 10, 1978. My preconscious avatar is actor Lloyd Bridges, serving as the virtual replacement for my subconscious self that is otherwise only a witness (to the fictitious movie titled “Bridges”). This mainly stemmed from a nostalgic focus on the TV movie, “The Deadly Dream”, first viewed in full on September 25, 1971. This dream even ends with ending movie credits rolling as I wake. While the real movie was based on a dream that turned out to be real, my dream is autosymbolic of the dreaming and waking process and includes the play on “bridges” as representing the concurrent changes through different levels of consciousness in REM sleep. “I just hope he comes down all right” is a reference to the waking process and the biological anticipation of “falling awake” (waking start).

      02] Shopping with Silas Weir Mitchell. June 22, 2018. My preconscious avatar is actor Silas Weir Mitchell, serving as helpful companion to my subconscious self. I reset my dream while semi-lucid after he falls off the curb two stories down to the street (which is impossible) but then I decide to wake. This was a different form of the first dream of virtually every sleep cycle for over fifty years but which involves me directly. I take a step while walking on the sidewalk and trip (with an unusual misstep) or fall off the curb and experience the vestibular system correlation and hypnopompic kick of the waking process. However, this process is far more vivid after I had walked a lot more on that day. This otherwise stemmed from the association with the character he plays on the TV series “Grimm”, which is Monroe. I lived on North Monroe Street as a child. This same association has triggered other dreams of Silas walking down the street near me. The intersection is autosymbolism for RAS mediation and the choice of waking for the day or returning to deeper sleep for a time (ultradian rhythm factor).

      03] Dancing High (with Jordan Gavaris). June 1, 2015. My preconscious avatar is actor Jordan Gavaris, serving as a parallel avatar to my subconscious self. This dream stemmed from nostalgic associations with my “Money Cat Minion Saves Me from Falling from Roof” from 1966 (age 6). Jordan starred on TV series “Orphan Black” as Felix, and I associated that name with cats and supposedly “always landing on their feet”. (Cats have often served as witness to the dream state in liminal space autosymbolism and as a form of the preconscious avatar in both lucid and non-lucid dreams, including in cases where a cat, including such as a lion or a tiger, becomes a person in my dream’s final scene). With this dream, there were resets back into the same elevated scene, both lucidly and non-lucidly.

      04] The Flying Carpet (with Lucie and Desi Arnaz, Jr.). March 23, 1973. My preconscious avatar is actress Lucille Ball, serving as a liminal emergent consciousness precursor. The song “Magic Carpet Ride” is a dream induction influence (especially as its first line is “I like to dream”). It also takes on the dream state indicator analogy of being like a bed. A parking lot is dream state autosymbolism that represents the physical body being inactive in sleep.

      05] The Tiny Man and the Apocalypse (with Gregory Hines). April 12, 2017. My preconscious avatar is actor and dancer Gregory Hines, serving as a catalyst for the waking process of a very long dream. In this dream, a sketchy version of Gregory was rendered as impossibly sliding down the side of a building (though of which was ambiguously in what was perceived as also an indoor setting as in many past dreams).

      06] Ralph the Airplane Fixer (with Mary Canfield). December 13, 1969. My preconscious avatar is actress Mary Canfield, serving as helpful companion to my subconscious self. Mary played the character “Ralph Monroe” in the TV series “Green Acres”, and as explained above, this (North Monroe Street) is an association with where I lived as a boy. The rest is a bilocated essence of autosymbolism of the dream state itself (flight) as my bed also somehow being a flying wooden airplane (even though I remain in my bedroom).

      07] Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” (with Pierce Brosnan). May 19, 2016. My preconscious avatar is actor Pierce Brosnan, serving as summoned helper to my subconscious self. In silliness, I place a miniature model of me as meant to represent me being asleep and dreaming. I associate Pierce Brosnan with James Bond, which relates to spies and a loose association with detectives, which are a preconscious factor of liminal space, in needing to understand the transitions from sleeping to dreaming to waking.

      08] Yet Another “Uhny Uftz” Dream. August 4, 2015. My preconscious avatar is actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke, serving as a virtual replacement for my subconscious self. This was based on a nostalgic association with an episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” titled “Uhny Uftz”, first watched in full on September 29, 1965, though in my dream, it is a “real” flying saucer rather than a toy as in the TV episode. This dream brought about an elevated sense of peace and love.

      09] Nichelle in a Small Rocket. March 8, 1997. My preconscious avatar is actress Nichelle Nichols, serving as a virtual replacement for my subconscious self. This association comes from “Star Trek” but also links to the concept of communication in liminal space (as she plays the communications officer), between dream self and conscious self (as well as the dream self with the transpersonal interconsciousness).

      10] Saul Rubinek and the Airplane Crash. May 28, 2015. My preconscious avatar is actor Saul Rubinek, bringing attention to the nature of the vestibular system correlation of the dream state. This dream was partly a result of environmental noise as well as the usual vestibular system correlation autosymbolism that renders in virtually infinite ways. I associate Saul as a good avatar due to his association with the TV series “Warehouse 13”, as warehouses are autosymbolism for memory processing in REM sleep (even though non-lucid dreams themselves rarely have any form of accurate memory or viable intelligence).

      11] Talking About a Dream from a Don Knotts Movie. May 3, 1998. My preconscious avatar is actor and comedian Don Knotts, serving as witness to my liminal awareness of the dream state and my appreciation of the surreal nature of dreams. I am very vaguely lucid and relating to the nature of autosymbolism of vestibular system correlation, which is linked to flight symbols, in this case, the surreal scene from the movie where the stealth bomber transforms into a manta ray (one of my favorite and most nostalgic movie events).

      12] Russell Johnson and The Cane Toad War. October 6, 2013. My preconscious avatar is actor Russell Johnson, serving as helpful companion to my subconscious self. This was the typical hovering and floating around near the ceiling dream, though no lucidity came about in this case. As with Josh Holloway, my association with Russell is as being a castaway on an island (the dream state).

      13] Female Robotic Suit (with Barbara Bain). August 22, 2014. My preconscious avatar is actress Barbara Bain, serving as both vestibular system correlation and as an autosymbolic representation of my annoyance with my real environment. Barbara was an association with my perception of Zsuzsanna being annoyed by the noise next door as well, and the association with needing “protection” as such while sleeping. (Barbara Bain shares my wife Zsuzsanna’s birthday of September 13 in addition to playing Helena on “Space 1999”. Helena is Zsuzsanna’s mother’s name. Barbara’s character was also a doctor on this show, hence the associations with needles and medical features.)

      14] Helicopter to Spaceship to Helicopter to…. June 9, 2016. My preconscious avatar is actor and model Josh Holloway, serving as helpful companion to my subconscious self in the last scene. After a dull and sustained focus on vestibular system correlation in a faux sleeping scenario outside on the ground, my dream begins to progress toward the presence of the preconscious, who shows up as Josh. I mainly associated Josh as being “Tom Sawyer” as a castaway on an island (an analogy to being in the dream state, especially as associated with water induction).

      15] People of Powder. September 18, 1990. My preconscious avatar is actor and comedian Don Knotts, serving as a parallel witness for my subconscious self. “Can’t be…there aren’t any airplanes anymore”, which he says upon hearing an airplane flying in the sky outside while we remain in the ruins of a commercial building in New York, comes from his role in “The Reluctant Astronaut” and how he was afraid of being on an airplane or in space. (However, it also tied in with threads precognitive of the September 11 attacks in 2001 and the grounded airplanes after that event, the 2001 anthrax attacks, as well as my as-yet-unknown-of upcoming marriage.)

      Additional notes as correlation samples:

      Associations with dream state induction: Lloyd Bridges (“Sea Hunt” - water induction, being like a fish), Silas Weir Mitchell (werewolf-like character as analogous to dreaming and waking), Russell Johnson (isolated on island, dreaming), Josh Holloway (isolated on island, dreaming), Don Knotts (“The Incredible Mr. Limpet” - water induction, becoming a fish).

      Associations with outer space (augmented ambiguous vestibular system factor): Lloyd Bridges (“Stowaway to the Moon”), Dick Van Dyke (“Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”), Nichelle Nichols (“Star Trek”), Barbara Bain (“Space 1999”), Don Knotts (“The Reluctant Astronaut”).

      Transitional autosymbolism (liminal space): Lloyd Bridges (play on “bridges”), Gregory Hines (cop in “Running Scared”), Pierce Brosnan (James Bond movies), Barbara Bain (“Mission Impossible”), Saul Rubinek (curator in “Warehouse 13” - secret service agents also feature in this show).

      Enhanced vestibular system correlation: Lloyd Bridges (“Sea Hunt”), Jordan Gavaris (dancer), Lucille Ball (dancer), Gregory Hines (dancer), Nichelle Nichols (dancer), Barabara Bain (dancer), Don Knotts (as an animated fish in “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”).

    9. Calling Cards for Murder

      by , 07-02-2018 at 07:56 AM
      Morning of July 2, 2018. Monday.

      The first part of my dream is the impersonal perception of unfamiliar people traveling together (the cause of which stems from passively watching television in waking life). However, my preconscious and emergent consciousness begin to form a surreal directive over time and I maintain a minimal level of non-lucid dream control as usual (though my preconscious does not manifest an active avatar for the waking process).

      There are some contrasting events and ambiguous but parallel processes. There is an abstract autosymbolic process of taking a scene from this “movie” (of which is perceived as a “real” three-dimensional event), where the unknown people are playing cards, and phasing the essence of the scene like mid-side audio polarity reversal, to discover and “hear” the isolated elements. This is done by having volume control separated to MID and SIDE rather than stereo decoding (of left and right), with the SIDE raised one decibel in the overlaid wave of reversed polarity, as that would be the only element of the wave that would then be present (as all the other audio is cancelled out by polarity reversal). Although this is a legitimate process, it makes no sense at all to integrate it into three-dimensional imagery, which would otherwise be a factor of molecular polarity reversal (assuming the scene is real) or additive and subtractive color wavelength manipulation. (This level of abstract thought processing is very common in other dream types of which occur closer to consciousness, even with “cycling” my physical body as perceived as letters of the English alphabet.)

      The next scene stabilizes and I find myself entering a large dark room that seems part of a college. At a large desk, I find an eerie setup. Someone has been killed and is apparently on the floor near the desk, though I do not see them. The young people of the previous scenes committed this crime. There is a business card on the desk of which I can read very clearly.

      It says, “Use your bed sheet as a sail on your sailboat for your journey through your dreams.” As I read this and study the message (in this case, the printed words do not change as in other dreams where I read), I feel an intense awareness of happiness and knowledge, almost bringing me to tears, even though I do not possess lucidity. However, something in the back of my mind is opening up awareness of a truth that most people never discern in their lifetime.

      To my left (as I sit at the desk) is a small box with a stack of business cards, though which may contain different statements. There are small blood spots on the top card and the sides of the stack. There is also a knife with blood on it on the desk. This is probably the murder weapon. Apparently, it is all part of a tradition similar to chain letter fraud (perceived as such in my dream only). It involves moving the evidence to a different crime scene as these other people travel and commit crimes while leaving evidence from different crimes, all to confuse the authorities, though there is also the concept of others involved in other regions. I am to be a part of this “important” cycle, even though I do not know the other people or the victims.

      I decide to leave and I place the knife, singular card, and box of cards in impossibly large pants pockets. The pockets now protrude and I consider that I look conspicuous like this. I pull a trench coat over the front of my body to cover up the pockets in part. Later, I have to carry the box under my left arm.

      When I leave the building, I walk through the large entrance hall. Two other people are present; an unfamiliar man and woman (which are preconscious “watchers” without active sleep processing mediation); though they do not approach me. A thread of liminal dream state awareness is briefly present; enough to remind me of the autosymbolism for walking down a flight of steps (which represents a change in the level of dream state consciousness). As a result, rather than triggering enhanced awareness or apex lucidity, there are metal bars as a cul-de-sac (autosymbolic preconscious bulwark) around the bottom of the staircase that extends a few feet from the building over a concrete platform surrounded by lawn. This puzzles me, but I manage to slide under the bottom horizontal bar on my back, from the concrete to the grass of the outside college grounds. (I had briefly slept on my back during this situation, though I most often sleep on my left side.)

      From here, I walk around on the street; slightly wary of the box of cards (as in being possible evidence) I have in my impossibly large right pants pocket, though I am now carrying additional items under my left arm again. It is also as if I have more than two arms, with another “arm” carrying something in front of me (which is based on the typical lack of viable perception of physicality in the dream state).

    10. Non-Lucid Trekking on a Beautiful Planet

      by , 07-01-2018 at 02:16 PM
      Morning of July 1, 2018. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, the induction factor stems from non-lucid nostalgic associations with “Star Trek” comic books. I am in an unfamiliar second-hand bookstore (which I had non-lucidly created), though no one else is present. There are also DVDs present of which apparently contain episodes of “Star Trek” that I have not seen. My dream self is vaguely aware that there are 79 regular episodes but does not remember that I had seen every episode at least a few times. I somehow watch part of one “previously unseen” episode by way of dreaming within my dream, though still implied to be of the same setting and events. It involves activity on the Enterprise bridge.

      From here, my dream becomes extraordinarily vivid. I am in the “Star Trek” universe and on another planet at night (at first). Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are present, though I have no memory at all of the character Spock. My wife Zsuzsanna and our children are also present in one area, validating that at least a few threads of my conscious self identity are present. There is a small hill (about two feet high at the peak) of minerals of two different colors; blue and yellow. It is near a small building. I let these small glittering stones flow through my fingers and feel very peaceful. I marvel at their essence.

      Later, I walk over and look at the incredible beauty of a canyon through a fissure in a high rocky hill, and it now seems suddenly daytime (the usual ambiguous time jumping of the dream state). There is a downward slope giving the impression of a narrow hall of rocky walls (the fissure) before the expanse of the canyon opens up a great distance below and beyond with more mountains on the other side. I ask my youngest daughter if she wants to take a closer look at this beautiful area, but she is wary of how deep the canyon is. However, there is not much danger, because the end of the fissure is not wide enough for someone to walk through. In fact, when I look again, it is narrower than before and it is less likely to allow an accidental fall.There is a cheerful mood.

      Later, when my dream is somewhat less vivid and focused more on the fictitious “Star Trek” scenario, Captain Kirk is talking to some aliens that otherwise appear as ordinary people as on Earth. These aliens live in cylinders that rotate in the air several feet above the ground. The objects are only big enough for one person to move around in. The area is like a sparse forest. The aliens seem to think humanity is undeveloped and barbaric, though they still talk to Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy with a friendly demeanor. The conversation relates to a trade of natural resources.

      Captain Kirk explains how the same species would develop differently on a different planet and in a different environment. The alien male in charge of the bartering operation expresses appreciation and says that he understands the concept and thanks Captain Kirk for explaining it to him. (As is often the case, I am aware that my conscious mind and current conscious self identity is creating my dream, though not in the lucid sense or with a viable recall of what a dream is.) My dream fades from here.

      There was no discernible preconscious avatar in this dream (despite the celebrity presence and it being the final dream of my sleep cycle) and no subconscious self focus on RAS mediation or modulation. As a result, I returned to sleeping more deeply for an additional two hours even with noise and activity in our home.

      Vestibular system correlation did find its way into my dream, though did not fully initiate. The canyon view had the liminal space divider (preconscious bulwark) as the fissure that was not wide enough to step through, so there was no chance of falling (biological waking process). Additionally, the aliens supposedly living in a cylinder slowly spinning above the ground was a precursor of vestibular system association, though my thoughts did not coalesce enough to wake during these typical processes and I had a very soft and slow awakening for today as a result. (I had been more tired than usual prior to my sleep cycle.)

    11. Soundfont Fiasco and Roosevelt Not Roosevelt

      by , 06-28-2018 at 10:16 AM
      Morning of June 24, 2018. Sunday.

      This entry is about two dreams of a different nature, though of which occurred during the same sleep cycle.

      In one dream, I am in an unknown room in semidarkness. A friend and classmate from years ago, Roosevelt, is seated at a different table than I am. I am talking to him about a “different” Roosevelt as he is writing something, not listening to me very closely. The Roosevelt I am talking about is in reference to who he is now in contrast to our school days (even though virtually everything else regarding my current conscious self identity is not extant in this dream scenario). (He is now a well-known singer in Germany.) After a time, I am very puzzled by what I am thinking, as the Roosevelt at the other table is apparently the same one I am thinking of and I wonder if he will be annoyed because of this. I cannot clearly focus on the scenario. I am even wondering where the “other” Roosevelt is even though he is at the other table and there is only one Roosevelt. This is a typical dream state waking process, where my conscious self identity is emerging more slowly. The two literal threads of which are both the one Roosevelt have not yet coalesced. (Synaptic gating and preconscious coalescence is a major factor of the waking process and is often rendered by way of dream state autosymbolism.)

      In my other dream, it seems I am seeking more soundfonts, though very curiously, they are actual objects rather than computer files. I have many of them and I am testing them to see if they could be feasible for producing music. There is an unknown male present in some scenes. We are sharing information on these supposed soundfonts to see which ones sound best.

      These fictitious “soundfonts” are a bit like miniature comb kazoos that one must press their lips around and blow on, the difference being a vague similarity to reeds with several “teeth” and without the need for paper over them. I have a library of them which supposedly includes one million eight hundred thousand (1,800,000) different flute sounds. I also recall one relating to various sounds of trombones.

      At another point, I see a set of hundreds of dog stickers or icons of which are somehow related to the soundfonts as possibly some sort of context menu or somehow descriptive, mostly only sketches. They include dog firemen and other scenes of dogs in human activities.

      Much of my dream involves playing these supposed soundfonts in an unfamiliar outdoor area, though my dream eventually distorts into the usual indoor-outdoor ambiguity (the sense of being indoors and outdoors at the same time, a common factor of the dream state itself, mainly caused by subliminal awareness of being asleep in bed while thinking about being outside).

      Tags: music
    12. A Fictitious Actress, Spectra Lee

      by , 06-28-2018 at 07:07 AM
      Morning of June 28, 2018. Thursday.

      One very curious factor of my dreams has been the effortless creation of interesting fictitious names. These names are most often female and sometimes implied to be that of a celebrity. Usually, this fictitious character is either a part of a vivid lucid experience or is a part of a specific type of non-lucid dreaming that is unlike other dream types and features the presence of a broadcast of the essence of watching television, though me being passively present in the broadcast setting at times (typically with a sense of ambiguity or of being incorporeal). In this case, it seemed to be an unlikely blend of television and Internet in its design as an unrealistic composite.

      I am looking at information about a popular 1960s actress whose name was supposedly Spectra Lee. It appears on one part of the webpage as “Spectra.Lee” as the title of her website and related contact information. She appears in a number of 1960s photographs, some black and white. She is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses in most of them.

      I suspect it is a play on “spectrally”, as I have been doing more sound engineering lately, though it could also apply to the nature of dreams and liminal space. However, after waking, I had a brief association with Elektra, the female Marvel Comics character (and of course Stan Lee).

    13. Rose Street Talk and Drinking Sudsy Water and Soda

      by , 06-26-2018 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2018. Tuesday.

      These are two dreams during the same sleep cycle. Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side who died in 2014) appears in both.

      In my first dream, I am back in the Loomis Street house. At times however, I also seem to be simultaneously present, at least in mind, in the Rose Street building (where I have not lived in real life since 1967 at age six). I am “remembering” it incorrectly though, which is usually the case in non-lucid dreams when thinking skills and viable memory (and viable contact with the unconscious mind) are not present. I am conversing with Marilyn about the Rose Street building (where she also lived in the 1960s across the hall from me and my parents).

      The conversation focuses on the elevator that was, in my fictitious memory, near the back of the building. I discuss the elevator as well as the rickety steps (that were a real-life feature). I relate how my mother did not like me using that staircase. I talk more about the fictitious elevator. My dream eventually fades (without waking) and I am in a different dream scenario.

      In my other dream, I am sitting on the floor in the Loomis Street dining room (where I have not been in real life since February 1994). I eventually end up drinking what I first believe to be solely soda, though from a large plastic bucket and with a long drinking straw that almost reaches the bottom of the bucket. Over time, I realize that there is more in the bucket than just soda. In fact, when I begin to focus, I realize that I drank a lot of water with laundry soap in it. In the bucket, there are also a couple of clothes (my pants and shirt, at least), a few Matchbox cars near the bottom, and other items as well as other liquids (such as orange juice) mixed in.

      I mention this to Marilyn (who is in the living room near the front door) and my mother (who remains in the southwest area of the dining room) as I remain sitting on the floor. (My mother died in 2002.) I tell them how I do not feel any different after drinking this unlikely mixture of soda, laundry suds, and possibly other contents. I eventually notice a pile of clothes on the floor. I end up mostly lying on my right side, feeling very aware, and wondering if what I drank will affect me. I focus on my perception and there is a very vivid awareness but no lucidity. My dream soon fades.

      Despite my dream self not being viably lucid, I am still always aware on one level of when I am dreaming, as it is biologically impossible not to know I am dreaming. This changes the entire nature of what many people believe dreams to be.

      Although my memory is not viable (because of being without viable contact with my unconscious mind while in the non-lucid dream state), there is a thread of memory of dream state autosymbolism. My dream self is actually describing dream state autosymbolism without being lucid. This has happened many times before even in childhood dreams. An elevator is autosymbolism for the dreaming and waking process. It has nothing to do with waking life “symbolism” (as dreams are not symbolic in the conventional sense).

      My last dream also reveals liminal awareness of the dream state. This is evidenced by my position on the floor. Although I usually sleep on my left side, I had this dream while briefly sleeping on my right and I was mostly on my right as my dream ended. The rest is more about distortion from lack of viable joining of unconscious and conscious self identity. I also had mild indigestion in sleep and my dream was creating a ridiculous scenario to remind me of such. The laundry soap and loose clothes were present as a reminder I am not wearing clothes when I am asleep in bed.

    14. “Earaches and Pancakes”

      by , 06-26-2018 at 07:43 AM
      Morning of June 25, 2018. Monday.

      I am watching a scene of which I am not directly a part. It is an unknown house of which is being renovated by a few unknown males.

      There is a slight awareness of needing to use the bathroom, but I am uncertain if a bathroom is available nearby. I am also thinking about working on some music.

      A voice calls out, possibly about an unfinished kitchen or bathroom renovation, “There is nothing in there but earaches and pancakes”. I simultaneously find this both startling and clever in my semi-lucidity.

      It is typical of the preconscious to call out with random rhyming gibberish or bizarre surreal phrases near the end of a dream. This is similar to how the creative process works.

      Tags: renovation
    15. “Back Feet”?

      by , 06-26-2018 at 06:35 AM
      Early evening of June 23, 2018. Saturday.

      I am looking at a desert scene of which is virtually identical to the image with this entry. I sense industrial activity going on behind me, likely in a factory, though I do not turn around to verify this.

      An unknown male voice calls out, “Just the back feet are shut down”. I consider what this may mean. It puzzles me when I see it as regarding human anatomy. I then consider it means “feet” as a unit of measurement even though there is no numerical value.

      As dreams, regarding their autosymbolic nature, are mainly related to the nature of the dream state and waking process rather than real life (unless prescient or literal), “back feet” is a typical distortion regarding how I was briefly and lightly sleeping on my back. I rarely sleep on my back in my normal sleep cycle. The fact that the back of my feet was the only part of my feet that was in contact with the mattress is likely the reason for this dream, though it may also have an analogy to an animal’s back feet as an indication that parts of my mind are still active in sleep. Additionally, a desert is a biological factor that usually indicates a need to drink more fluids.

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