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    1. Healing, Flying, Loving

      by , 12-19-2014 at 06:19 PM
      Morning of December 19, 2014. Friday.

      Firstly, I am in some sort of group of mostly unknown males (not relevant to real life). There are two rows of perhaps seven or eight facing each other. It seems to be on King Street, though the front (northeast) apartment is much bigger. I seem to become angry and punch most of them extremely hard. This seems to at least partly be because each and every one of them is being condescending to each and every other, sounding more and more ridiculous, like a perpetual comic strip but with no comedic elements.

      After seemingly several minutes of this, I become slightly lucid (becoming more lucid over time). I have an awareness of an affirmation set and decide that instead of eliminating these people, I will heal them (including “fixing” their brain by bringing it into its most natural resonance somehow). I vaguely sense a “correct” oscillation and harmonic resonance inside their heads when I put my hand on the top of their heads and eventually place my hands on all of their heads. The effect is similar to feeling the vibrations when placing your hand on the body of an acoustic guitar when a chord is played.

      I heal their wounds and cuts as well. However, because I reach an apparent overly energetic stage which is supposedly “too powerful” to use directly (with my palms, for example - where the energy seems to emanate from), I need only lightly touch them with the back of my hand to restore them to their healthiest state - otherwise my power may cause them to “disintegrate”. I do not recall this event being like this in past dreams, as I formerly used my fingers and palms.

      From here, I walk out with a few (unknown) people. The porch roof is extended out more over the front yard than in reality (almost like a large lower awning) which seems frustrating relative to being able to fly out and up as soon as I want. As lucidity is dawning on me a bit stronger, I decide to fly out into the world. As I fly swiftly and efficiently, even deliberately over a longer sequence of telephone lines and power lines (which seem somewhat out of place and randomly going at an angle from the buildings and sidewalks), I notice how incredibly clear and visually defined my dream’s environment is. It is so well-rendered, I am amazed to a nearly breath-taking pleasure on the imagery alone; even more so, because it does not seem reminiscent of a real location. It seems to be near an industrial area of whatever town it is now meant to be. I notice a few buildings, a forest in the distance, and a few parked vehicles here and there, including a semi near a warehouse.

      I feel fantastic as I look down and about over the scenery. At one point, I see a pile with old books and magazines, but mostly atop a taller pile of just debris, at the end of an alley, which appears to be a public dumping area. The pile is almost as high as the two-storey possibly abandoned commercial buildings on each side. I land near the top of the pile and pick up what seems to be an old “Alvin and the Chipmunks” comic book (it may be an association with an old instrumental my father wrote and performed as well as the name of where we lived at one time in Chipmunk Coulee). There are three bats on the cover (which may be related to a short-term comic strip I did as a boy about three “rock star” bats in the early 70s based on an earlier recurring dream). I tell myself that because I know I am dreaming, I may be able to actually read the entire book. However, I mostly only seem to focus on one odd phrase, which is “Poly Calep” and seeing that distracts me from my plan to read the whole comic. Perhaps this is a name of one of the characters.

      From here, I am still aware of the people that had been at the meeting walking around not that far from where I am. However, I decide to enjoy more flying. I am able to again maneuver just slightly above power lines for a fair distance (which used to be problematic in dreams in my youth) without getting tangled. Oddly though, the power lines go up at an angle the farther I fly, but I still directly remain parallel to them the entire distance.

      From here, I find myself back at North Monroe Street, which is usually rare to dream of. I have not been there since early 1968. I notice a few people standing around near the outer hall to the west, where my older brother Earl lived at one time. I go with my wife (who had apparently been standing in the hall) into the apartment, which seems larger and much longer to the east. Of course, I plan on having a nice romantic interlude to see what can physically occur. At this point, my dream is almost entirely under my conscious influence in every way other than the “extra people” that annoy me somewhat (which is typical of this type of lucid dream until apex lucidity is reached). We walk past three bedrooms where I can see a person’s feet sticking out from under a sheet on each bed. As we continue to walk, a male relative (Kevin M) ends up following us as well. Just as my wife and I are able to get into a bathtub (which is perpendicular to the direction we are walking), which is already full of nice cool water, he is still behind us. However, as my wife and I begin to sit down in the water (already suddenly unclothed by mental will alone), I slam the mostly opaque bathtub’s sliding door (much like the setup from King Street) so that we are then isolated from all public perspectives. (I suppose that he could have technically still opened the sliding door, but this does not really occur to me at any level of thought so does not happen.)

      I am on my back and my wife sits on me in the cool water. The pleasure is quite augmented; a very clear sense of wetness and warmth (against the refreshing coolness of the water) and enhanced physical pleasure as well as spiritual unity and oneness. The only unusual distortion is that Zsuzsanna has tiny curly black hairs that create a narrower curved line going up and around her hips and back up towards her abdomen, somewhat like a doubled mirror-imaged harp design.

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    2. Empty Church

      by , 12-12-2014 at 08:55 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

      I am in the process of having a sensual interlude with my wife when I am vaguely distracted by a shift in consciousness during an increase in actual rain (in reality) falling on the roof - it is a soothing sound. I am then in a large old empty church. This church (and a contemplation on why it is completely empty) is rather a surprise. There seems to be a vague female presence still (possibly the essence of my wife, but outside the room I am in) in the background. I think the (slightly smaller than life-sized) statue is of the Virgin Mary, though may also represent the generic statue of a tomb. Its location in the center of the room is not really logical. My dream is not very long, only about twenty seconds.

      I reflect on earlier similar dreams, including one of “The Thinker” when I was very young. This statue does not seem to “come to life” in any way, though, as The Thinker did. It is static and with no viable essence. My mind goes two ways on what this could mean. On the one hand, it could represent my wife entering into a new spiritual potential (even after all these years) as that is what statues have tended to represent in my dream universe.

      I could also ponder if the female presence was somehow M’s mother (who was Catholic) and the statue representing what is left of her life in the matter of M’s early death (in her being now less dynamic spiritually - though that is admittedly an assumption on my part). This is something that could never truly go away and which has resurfaced recently with regard to a new online entry concerning those days - also - he still appeared in a dream when I was nearly thirty. I always got the impression that M died at only thirteen because of his hatred of me (and because I did not want to fight that day - as I said in another entry, the calmer and friendlier I acted, the angrier he became), particularly what seemed like proof of precognition to him as the main basis for his anger and seeming fear - even though we had no actual relationship prior to that “last day”. Even more ironic was the fact that precognitive awareness (seemingly via Susan R) happened to me while mostly awake that night and which was verified the next Tuesday (“coincidentally” - I found out later - at the same time his funeral began). Of all the ways any of that could have gone, it all unfolded, in this case, exactly the way I “foresaw” it. However, once again, this can also be “explained” as some form of remote viewing (which I have validated for myself thousands of times, so it really does not pay to feign ignorance) rather than precognition - or more likely - the typical precognition and remote viewing hybrid that most dreams seem to carry at one level.

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    3. Iced Lake Meteor

      by , 12-12-2014 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,525-02. Reading time: 35 sec. Readability score: 61.

      This dream reflected in part (though exaggerated in context) something Zsuzsanna had recently seen on television and had not mentioned to me. (This happens often.)

      There is a lake of ice falling from space, threatening the American continent. It seems like it will be a big disaster. I view various maps and see details on the televised news. Looking at the map, I notice areas that are supposedly more dangerous to be in during the impact.

      However, the massive lake of ice that is almost as big as America melts rapidly on approach. It soon vanishes as it is descending, without causing any “rain.” The event results in an unusual perspective with a strange sense of being personally protected by its natural continuity.

      There is a scene from a Superman movie where he drops a frozen lake over a fire, but in that situation, it does become rain.

      2020 footnote headers:
      [projected transitional vestibular system correlation]

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    4. Plane and Bus Disasters

      by , 12-09-2014 at 06:09 PM
      Morning of December 9, 2014. Tuesday.

      I had a typical semi-lucid “make everything crash and explode” dream of much the same nature as from childhood, though the childhood dreams mostly related to deliberately making cars slide around on a highway and crash into each other. Normally, I am never directly focused on the humanity involved in such disasters.

      In the first part, from a distance, I deliberately (with telekinesis) cause a 747 to lose altitude and crash into the middle of a city (I guess influence from “The Medusa Touch” movie from 1978 never wore off). From there, I teleport to the location and then cause parts of the still-exploding-and-burning plane to hit a specific bus and then guide certain pieces of that bus (starting with the separated bottom, sides, and roof), to fly a fair distance through the streets of a residential neighborhood to wreak additional havoc. I have no concern of being hit by flying, exploding, and burning pieces even though they are fairly close to me at times. I feel much younger and am fast on my feet.

      Later on, there is a scene with several unknown people, mostly males. One has what seems first like a toy flintlock pistol. Over time, after seeming mostly toy-like, I then have a closer look at it and it seems to be a real rifle in some ways, appearing much larger. I take aim with it in a realistically rendered manner but eventually give it back to the other male. It still seems somewhat distorted (toy-like) and with foil-covered plastic parts, including the hammer and trigger. Another unknown male on the other side of the street seems to be communicating particular sentences with me with facial expressions alone, though I do not recall any ideas from the “conversation”.

      In an earlier dream, I am reading some sort of Internet-like screen, though it seems to be something different than the Internet. Apparently, it is some sort of forum-like communication but more indirect to where postal mail or something similar is implemented. An unknown female “talks” of a friend’s dream (with hand-printed writing) that featured a window and then asks what a window means in dreams.

      I write a long paragraph of what windows (when as a dominant feature or main focus) in dreams have meant for me. I explain how a window can represent a portal between different levels of consciousness or focused awareness. I reflect on one dream where I seemed to be “stuck” in a window, half in and half out, and was semi-lucid at the same time, but in an uncomfortable frame of mind, both unable to wake when I wanted yet unable to enter back into deeper sleep. In another dream I had crawled through a window and became far more lucid than I had been prior to that - a lucidity more defined than some waking states. I relate how looking through a window in some dreams seems akin to watching television in reality. Finally, in a dream from childhood, having jumped from a bridge (while pursued by a brontosaurus), I landed on a window, breaking it, thus “breaking” my dream (I could no longer look up and back into the previous dream scene and see any sign of the brontosaurus) and setting about the waking process by then picking parts of the “broken dream” out of my feet and path.

      At any rate, my hand-printed message, in ink, takes up about half a page. There are other things on the paper, which look to be similar to an order form or application of some kind. I plan to scan it and then send the scan digitally, I think.

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    5. Falling Back

      by , 11-30-2014 at 09:47 AM
      Early evening of November 30, 2014. Sunday.

      Ever since I was young, I learned how certain recorded affirmations in a loop (and altered in particular ways, which must be done correctly but would take hundreds of pages to clarify) - and at a fairly low volume using headphones - placed me into altered states fairly quickly (sometimes within less than three minutes or so). This is more effective with at least two different “streams” in two different locations of the stereo field (although one stream can be centered or monophonic). I never needed anything else and in fact, had been able to duplicate any kind of perceptual state without any drug or commercial product (which seems moot as dreaming is already a totally natural function anyway, but which is greatly enhanced through education, sharpening the mind, and real-life experience).

      Sometimes there are drawbacks, but fairly inconsequential. This one was the “falling back into myself” event. This was caused by the fact that the sequence was only 22 minutes long and stopped suddenly, causing me to shift consciousness too rapidly (I did not intend to fully shift into this other state but sometimes it cannot be helped as it is often automatic at one point even if I am otherwise fully awake up until then). I had fallen into a deep altered state while sitting up in a chair (head slightly tilted to the right) and this is the second time it had happened recently with the “falling” event. It was so vivid and intense, I was nauseous for several minutes (much like car sickness but a bit more powerful), but then in a more focused clarity at this later stage.

      Entering this other “realm” or mental location, whatever it is, had always been (for over forty years) preceded by the exact same “imaginary” sound pulsing. This is always the sound of what seems like a small stone falling into a shallow amount of water, but with various frequencies over time, and in differently oriented areas of my perception, and similar audio effects, which are mostly fluid-like. (However, there are sometimes stages where it sounds similar to someone flicking the tab on an empty soda can.)

      Falling sensations “from greater heights” (seemingly) during actual normal sleeping times has been very rare for me over the last twenty years or so (other than when I deliberately do certain flying maneuvers).

      During the session as I was otherwise reading here and there and looking at a couple web sites, I started to realize I was shifting and thought it might be a good idea to lie down, as I do not really like sleeping or being in a trance in an upright position when I do not have head support. I started to become aware of vague sketchy patterns - somewhat comic-strip-like, but then seemed to be very aware of a girl (wearing blue jean shorts) walking over to me and placing glasses with lighter blue lenses on my face - not only did I see this, I also felt a change in my awareness once the glasses were over my eyes. After this, I am trying to focus. I am quite aware of the imaginary sound pulsing, which at times, seems to have audio “tendrils” emerging from the stone-into-water effect coming out into intricate higher frequencies in an almost ecstatic way, almost musical (bordering on the nuances of an intricate chime effect). Another typical sound in this state is a sound somewhat like the single shuffle of a bird’s wing, which sometimes seems to cross over through either ear.

      Eventually, after being who-knows-where for about twenty minutes, I find myself suddenly fully conscious “too quickly” and falling rapidly into myself (from a seemingly great distance) and am aware that all sound (both real and imaginary) has completely stopped. The nausea is a bit much but short-lasting and inconsequential.
    6. Venomous Cat Encounter on Loomis Street

      by , 11-24-2014 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2014. Monday.

      I am back at my older sister Marilyn’s house in La Crosse and trying to get her to appear by calling out to her to show herself (having the understanding that she had died yet also still potentially present in certain supraconscious dream realms, perhaps). I am semi-lucid in an atypical way; not in a more coherent sense. In one sense, it is vaguely like some sort of soliloquy-like seance. Over time, my sister does not walk from the other room as I expect her to even though I vaguely sense her presence on the other side of the darkened doorway. I am trying not to project my frustration as there is a growing realization she does not exist anymore, yet at the same time I sense her unwillingness to come out. However, there is no stronger focus on mortality by that point. (I have had very similar dream scenes in the past but usually tulpa-based, not related to real people either living or deceased.)

      Eventually, three cats enter the house somehow (possibly through the open front door). One of the cats seems to be one which my family presently has (though had supposedly died in my dream’s back story weeks before). It is Franco, a black and white male cat. The other two cats are more like miniature leopards in one way but still with domestic cat attributes including the body proportions. From here, my dream goes into some distorted scenes where my perception is badly skewed.

      I falsely “remember” that these were my sister’s two cats. Somehow (also an in-dream false memory) they died around the same time she did, which is supposedly related to something unexplainable (relative to “mutual deaths” which stems from real-life ideas of the past where a sister’s neighbor died and then their otherwise healthy spouse died shortly thereafter, supposedly out of grief). However, at the same time, there is a highly ambiguous idea that they are still alive (but Franco had been partly made sick by them as well) and had caused sickness in other people (in turn causing their death) by biting or scratching them (again, a false memory as the other people reflected upon other than my sister are still alive). Again, this is directly related to the two “leopard cats” (possible association with leprosy as well as the pet hybrid bobcat attack I experienced in my youth). They are not very aggressive (they seem to be mostly just playful though do attempt to “hunt” based on my body’s movement), but I want to completely avoid contact with them as they are seemingly venomous. I am aware of mild pressure on my body at times but I do not seem to actually be bitten at any point. (This seems partially related to a “struggle” with the bed sheet and an attempt to get my real physical body into a more comfortable position.)

      I go to the couch, slowly going back into a semi-lucid state, and am on my knees on the floor at that point, my head near the seat of the couch. However, there is not that much coherence even though my general awareness is slowly sharpening. I then go into an odd state that is quite rare, where I attempt to “spit out” my dream while still in it before I fully wake. It takes about three attempts in making sure my dream’s environment does not “enter” my waking essence (the opposite of healing dreams where I intentionally carry facets of my dream’s energy into waking life). I do not seem to recall reading about this sort of dream experience, other than some supposed healers in real life spitting out the essence of what they supposedly take out of their patients. On another note, this dream setting near the couch is the exact spot of one of the only times in my life I have been ill in this manner in real life (from one of the only times in my life that I drank alcohol).

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    7. folding my legs into my back

      by , 11-22-2014 at 05:22 PM
      Night of November 22, 2014. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,505-02. Reading time: 44 sec.

      In my dream, I am in bed in the position I am in as I sleep (though my head is in the opposite direction). I am on my stomach. I slept this way sometimes when I was young but not much as an adult.

      After a short time, I realize I have four legs. My second set of legs are slightly elevated, one on each side of me. My back opens up, and my two extra legs move perfectly and simultaneously as if with a robotic function (though there is a vague association with insects). They move up and down into a recess in my back as if for storage. It is a vivid and smooth event with similar nuances as another dream of over twenty years ago when telescopes suddenly extended from my eyes.

      My dream’s causal factor stems from a lack of distinct physicality during REM sleep as well as the subliminal but distorted perception of muscular tension and relaxation. It is by way of the same process that causes the hypnopompic kick (most often when on my back) but with different dynamics.

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    8. Cracks and Strands

      by , 10-30-2014 at 01:07 PM
      Morning of October 30, 2014. Thursday.

      A young goddess appears and speaks like a younger version of my wife at one point. I am distracted from my heightened lucidity in an amusing sense although I “absorb” the typically breathtaking beauty of this state. A yellow but “human” monster stands in a doorway with a knife raised and growling. Behind him are nighttime, rain, and sparse flashes of lightning. This is a “parallel” dream, a typical scene when having two or more dreams at the exact same time. “Don’t even go there,” says the goddess/wife/tulpa/entity quite clearly and telepathically.

      Still, I do decide to “go there” at least three times as I am still in “her” dream at the same time. It dawns on me that this scene of the human monster in the doorway is quite pathetic and non-threatening. I amusingly perceive it as a “deleted scene” from a DVD (where the monster never even appeared at any point in the movie in faux “reality”) and feel a strange subtle hilarity yet almost feel sorry for this creature who never got a chance to be seen by people. Eventually, I feel the growing energy of the goddess-like presence. I go back to the first dream (of extremely heightened depth perception), which, since earliest memory, I become fascinated with the thin strands of hair and the sense of very slight, almost barely perceptible movement. But it is there. I catch it. I enjoy my ability to see the “life” there even though the movement is caused by a very soft motion of air. The “light” energies of this beauty move through me. I am not disembodied as such but feel I am floating.

      In a typically skewed awareness, I believe I am looking at very small cracks in her skin, but then I realize that I am looking at slightly damp single hairs across her back. This is not a new perspective though and continues as the usual “oh that’s right” moment.

      The “monster in the doorway” had come from looking past her, from looking between a few strands of her hair hanging down and into the “other dream”. Perhaps in the environment beyond, businessmen are running in alarm, forgetting their briefcases. I try to focus on if such a scenario is there behind her, but there is only the mirage-like “wavering” of slightly magnified and “deep” visuals.

      The visuals invert and her hair becomes “hollow” and everything is “engraved” into the background (such as with the mask illusion). I first experienced this altered perception in my twenties, where a door to a house across the street seemed to invert and become very close to me, but as some sort of “tunnel”. Three-dimensional inversion is a strange thing that you cannot undo with the mask illusion (although you can with the staircase effect and the cube drawn with lines and such but not so much direct at will).

      Finally, I see a section of her hair invert and form what is supposedly the “human power” symbol from this other “world”, almost like some sort of insignificant debris in the background. However, this “human power” symbol, which is “drawn” with “heavier lines” and looks like a raised fist, only displays two fingers; the left pinky and the left ring finger (the two fingers that were the hardest for me to mentally “rewire” as a toddler). I reason that this makes sense, because people do not really have much power or control in the “higher realms” (unless years of practice are implemented). In a way, I wonder why there would be any symbol for humanity at all in the “higher” layers - something as odd and “unnatural” as seeing a human statue inside an anthill tunnel and greeted with friendly associations, or a group of snakes welcoming people into a forest - “Sorry Mister Snake, for stepping on you” and the snake says “That’s okay, come and meet my brothers so you can step on them as well”. It seems “correct” to a point, though. I do a typical wall-tapping (which is some sort of composite of brick and chalkboard - something I have seen before in-dream) with all fingers in a claw-like form and meet strong solid resistance as I tap about four times…yet I do not have to walk through this wall. Instead, I turn around and walk out of the dream from the “forward opening” of my “mind’s eye”, which is always there.
    9. Goddess on Loomis Street (lucid but changing)

      by , 10-13-2014 at 04:13 PM
      Morning of October 13, 2014. Monday.

      There were (among other dreams on this date) three dreams that slightly ran into each other. The last one was extraordinarily lucid, of the type of apex lucidity I do not usually post online, though there is a humorous side here. I enter the state somewhat slowly, being aware of the various environmental features which come into focus and which I know are solely in-dream (which is typical of this state since earliest memory). Finally, when I am in the full-body state, having arrived, so to speak, I notice it is a version of my sister Marilyn’s house, being similar to her living room. This was probably residue from the previous longer dream (which was non-lucid). Within a short time, with no need to mentally will a scenario, a goddess-like girl appears, seemingly a younger version of my wife but dressed somewhat atypically. (The Loomis Street house is where I was staying when she first wrote to me in 1991.) I am fascinated with the realism and reach out for a full embrace. She seemed to have walked from around a corner, although technically there was no corner and it was more like walking from behind an invisible prism of human height. I am amazed by the clarity and the beauty of the imagery. However, I am also aware of environmental noises at times (in the real environment as I am sleeping).

      I decide to leave the dream state to make sure my real body is in a comfortable position. However, when I “wake”, I do not notice right off that I have had a false awakening into another dream (though I am not lucid now) and in much the same environment. Eventually, I do come to realize that I went into a less vivid dream rather than really waking up, which seriously annoys me, so then I do wake up.

      Previously, my earlier dream was a typical “search” type where I just look for old documents and such. I had wanted my mother’s old letters to my sister to do more research on my life that I had not documented myself, as she wrote quite often to Marilyn from mid-1967 to mid-1978. However, after my sister died in real life it was the typical fiasco where one person (not even a relative, but a supposed “friend” of hers) decides to throw everything out with no consideration for anyone else in the family or even attempting to communicate with anyone. In my dream, though, I actually see a younger version of my sister walking to one of her dressers and she seems slightly confused by how everything has been put into bundles, with almost everything in her house in stacks (including clothes, books, personal documents, and so on). I do manage to find some letters, which I believe are the ones I want. There is also a scene where a box has been put aside with certain things wrapped for my oldest daughter. There are many manila envelopes in the front room that seem sealed, some apparently related to comic books I had made for her (far more than in reality).

      In another dream, I am seeing most of humanity as a different “species” than myself, which is no surprise. People, that is human beings, start out as some sort of chimpanzee-like being and as they grow older, they turn into a creature that resembles a baby elephant. This is possibly a play on how “apocalyptic” elephants came from representing my childhood fear (pachydermophobia developed out of real-life events) to representing people falsely promoting soon-upcoming worst-case scenarios (doomsday or judgement “trumpeting”).
    10. "Elaborate"?

      by , 10-11-2014 at 04:11 PM
      Morning of October 11, 2014. Saturday.

      This is a soothing dream at first. I am in an unknown location, seemingly inside the large room of a mansion. Sparkling dust motes “swim” in the air.

      There is a rather odd setup. A very large and complex dollhouse, I believe of three storeys, is in one corner of the room, almost as if it is a part of the design of the house (and big enough for a person to go into). It has a sort of combined Grecian and Victorian appearance. Sunlight is coming in through large windows. On the roof of the dollhouse, in front, is a large complex clock. There are white monotone angel statues built into the clock. Their subtle wing movements somehow relate to the clock.

      An unknown darker-haired younger girl appears. She says “elaborate”. In fact, that is all she does say, several times. No attempt at any form of communication results in anything but “elaborate”. She pronounces it as an adjective (not the verbal pronunciation). I think perhaps she is saying it to describe the environment. I am fairly sure she may live here somewhere. No actual communication ensues. It is rather amusing, probably more amusing than frustrating.

      “What is your name?”

      No response.

      Long pause.

      “Elaborate." (Over time, she says "elaborate” at least six times.)

      The feathers on the wings of the angels on the clock seem to flutter at times, but that may be an optical illusion caused by subtle motion of the rays of sun. I think the wings themselves move up and down (over time) with the minute hand.

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    11. Failed Flight (Wing Knocking On Eaves)

      by , 10-01-2014 at 04:01 PM
      Morning of October 1, 2014. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,453-05. Reading time: 2 min 38 sec.

      I am in a big room on at least the fourth floor of a school building. There are at least four rows of small singular school desks, but there is otherwise no indication of a more defined classroom setting. The door to the room is in the front and to my left, and I am probably near the back of the classroom. My wife Zsuzsanna is there as well as a few unknown people, and we are adults with our current waking life appearance. It may be in Australia though looks like my fifth-grade homeroom classroom (though that was on the second floor and outside was to my left). The outer appearance of the building resembles a hospital in La Crosse. The room I am in is possibly the second room back from where there is a corner (that is oriented inward) that goes off to my right so that I can look out the window and see the other perpendicular outer wall and windows, which is closer to the street. The entrance is seemingly on my side of the inward corner of the L-shaped (or possibly T-shaped) building, and the area outside to my right is a parking lot.

      After a short time, a scheduled flight occurs. It involves advertising Wonder Bread. I hear a small airplane engine and look to my right. The airplane, which is like a crop-duster type, flies too close to the building and its left wing is somehow hitting the eaves, making a tinny knocking sound while it seems to be “stuck,” though still slowly moving forward. The pilot flew too close in his daily routine around the building’s perimeter. Eventually, a sense of awe occurs with the realization that the pilot will not be able to make the ninety-degree turn when reaching the corner. However, instead of crashing into the other outer wall of the building, the airplane pauses in midair (though its flight was impossibly slow, somewhat like a helicopter hovering but moving ahead a short distance at a time) and it falls straight down in near the building’s assumed entrance.

      Some people come in, and I talk about what had happened, describing the event in detail at least three times to different people. I ask if it was a Cessna and a young man tells me no, it was a “Mercola” something. The pilot had lived, and he is reported to have no injuries.

      For new readers or inexperienced dreamers: A school setting is typically autosymbolism triggered by the conscious self identity being incomplete while in the dream state. Attention to my right correlates with the subliminal awareness of sleeping on my left side. This dream has an unusual reference to doorway waking symbolism, relevant to the knocking sound, a door signifying a dream’s possible exit point. Roofs, ceilings, or eaves are indicators for being closer to consciousness. There is the result of vestibular system ambiguity, with associations with falling, flying, or rising. An airplane is often an imaginary extension of the physical body during the natural vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep. In childhood, I called this kind of dream “failed flight waking symbolism.“ Use of the word “failed” does not imply a negative connotation as it is solely a biological dynamic of waking from REM sleep. The victim in this dream is the vestibular system simulacrum. The intersection layout (in this case as a building with a perpendicular outer wall) is autosymbolism that relays the choices (via RAS mediation) of remaining in the dream state, returning to dreamless sleep, or waking. The airplane falls rather than crashes due to my dream self’s subliminal awareness of the nature of vestibular system ambiguity. The Wonder Bread advertising stems from linking the word "bread” with “loaf” and the “wonder” of the dream state. “Loaf” is a play on being in bed. (“Mercola” may be a warning against cola, perhaps being a composite of “mercury” and “cola.”)

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    12. Mirror Me

      by , 09-28-2014 at 09:14 AM
      Morning of September 28, 2014. Sunday.

      This was an extended version of a long-recurring dream scene of looking in a mirror and deliberately trying to change my appearance in various ways even though I am only semi-lucid.

      This is a rather unusual state of semi-lucidity which often involves an intense “forced frustration” and somewhat of a need to instigate distortion or alter imagery without being more aware of the virtually infinite possibilities of the dream state when fully lucid. (By experience, I have learned that there are at least three very distinct types of in-dream lucidity, probably more when breaking down the more diverse nuances.)

      I look in a dresser mirror in a somewhat dark room (just with enough light to see most details of my face but in shadow) and attempt to force different perspectives and to distort how I appear in the dream (which is otherwise amazingly realistic and mostly consistent throughout). Based on my reflection in the mirror, I appear to move close to and fairly far away from the mirror even though my physical body remains in the same place in-dream (about the center of the room). This changing “zoom in and zoom out” perspective (which has also occurred in different dream types) and different range of views does not at all seem unlikely in-dream (it is probably number four on my list of recurring dream aspects that seem familiar and likely in reality, but cannot be). I also try to force a mock fear, due to the sort of tingly energy it creates (have done this in semi-lucid dreams since early childhood), but am unable to strengthen it, and no other beings are there except for me even though I change my appearance somewhat as a sort of pretense, but nothing dramatic ensues. Sometimes I had done it by lowering my eyebrows and squinting yet focusing on the immediate foreground (near my nose) so that my view is pair-of-eyes-shaped, with the idea the eyes-shape is from another being just in front of me (this being something I learned in a dream in 1972, age eleven, when I deliberately tried to create more energized nightmarish states but was usually unable to - however, this also resulted in the zooming in and out perspective which I did not realize was otherwise not possible in actuality, therefore not recognizing the dream state).

      Prior to this, there was also the typical cleaning dream, where I “polished”, refurbished, and “mentally repainted” aspects of the room. In this one, I also find various items under a rug including dust and old food scraps. I clean the room as thoroughly as possible.
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    13. Return to the Pink Planet

      by , 09-26-2014 at 03:26 PM
      Morning of September 26, 2014. Friday.

      I am planning (in my dream state) on doing a “comic book page” of the most vivid version of my “The Pink Planet” dream due to its seemingly paranormal nature (relative to a number of things that are simply too complex to get into in writing). The concept of the “twin Earth” is not unique to this particular “dream universe” event, as it had come both long before and long after November 6, 1971. In one case, it was a “shadow planet” remaining on the opposite side of the sun. Taking a photograph of someone with green eyes (my wife has green eyes) and implementing the photographic negative, will cause the “pink planet” effect as well.

      I have completed the page in real life, after this dream, and decided to put it in my tumblr journal assuming it will be large enough to display the writing. In my dream, are new facets of energy relating to a “remake”. The remake is based on some sort of overwhelming emotional nostalgia combining the present and the past. In “The Bermuda Depths” (which ties in with personal events and other connections), the ending shows the turtle that was small during the time that the male and female characters are together as children, except now it is a giant yet still has the initials on its back. In this dream, I see that my wife, as a child, is blowing soap bubbles into the sky, one lasting longer than would be typical - the surface of the bubble reflecting Australia as it travels skyward. It grows larger and larger and “returns” as the “pink planet”, still with the residual reflection of Australia to “inform” me that she is on “the other side”.

      This layer was not extensively referenced in 1971 or earlier. I have done a lot of research on causal patterns relating to my main “pink planet” dream. Doing this sort of thing is almost like a sort of meticulous “surgery” to try to piece together how my mind is able to combine so many layers into one to manifest this type of dream. Much of this I have documented before many times. One reason is that certain dreams have earlier “prototypes”, become the main experiential dream in terms of residual focus to recur or “reset” (often in “mid-dream”), and are often followed by a lesser “sequel” or with partial parallels (especially when growing up), sometimes broken up into less noticed nuances a year or more later. It would not surprise me at all to learn if some people had the same “key” dreams, thousands of times, throughout all their lives, without remembering a single instance of the more important layers. In fact, I have actually seen plenty of evidence of this online, but will not go into it here.

      Firstly, this was during the time when “Pepto-Bismol pink” showed up in my dreams at least once a month or so - and in such cases, I even curiously reflected on this as the color in-dream, yet it still did not result in any trigger of lucidity. As before, I can argue whether or not my dream would have been the same had I not taken Pepto-Bismol. I also believe there was an influence from volume 16 of the Young People’s Science Encyclopedia which I had at the time. The cover shows pink clouds with a man hovering over a sphere and another one shown in the distance as shown in the image of the cover.

      Comic strips the eve before personally showed the usual odd synchronicity. Nancy “blows her breath” into a balloon to (sarcastically) “save her breath”, which is shown as a sphere, an act similar to blowing soap bubbles as in my dream. The other is Snuffy Smith where the two primary female characters look at a crystal ball covered with snow - this of course influencing the idea of the top being the “North Pole” were it to be a subtle symbol for Earth.

      Finally, as the most obvious cause in 1971 (at least on this date) was that I had seen “When Worlds Collide” (from 1951) 11:30 at night (on “Shock Theatre” on channel 13). I then watched about seven minutes of “I Walked with a Zombie” (from 1943), the second feature, but was too tired to stay awake and had already seen it a couple times by then. My 1971 dream likely started from around four in the morning at the latest, three-thirty at the earliest.

      Were it not for pop culture continuously shuffling me along and giving me “clues”, I may likely have still found my soulmate. The amusing “go to Japan” in-dream aspect as mentioned before, again was accurate, as that is where the airplane landed prior to reaching Australia, something I do not think I could have even subliminally known as a child.

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    14. Hidden Rooms Below and Black Robot (with meaning)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 03:18 PM
      Morning of September 18, 2014. Thursday.

      A dream situation that has been somewhat recurring for a few months (but with different locations or features in each) involves looking into areas of our house that have openings to hidden rooms underground or under our floor (which of course represents exploration of my unconscious domain or even access to the whole of human consciousness). In this particular dream, one of the doors is like a lighter horizontally-hinged swinging type of perhaps fiberboard. It reminds me somewhat of an incomplete dumbwaiter setup. I push it inward for a short time and discover a large cellar-like room below the floor (but by which the higher area is inside the wall) where two hallways on the far end go in both directions. In the area near the hallways, it appears to have a dirt floor. It looks like something had been stored there but I do not contemplate if it is ours or not. It seems it likely is in conscious afterthought.

      At a later point, I am in our kitchen and I hear some sort of strange voice (which is somewhat authoritative yet also a bit artificial) speak from our second-youngest son’s room. It may be some sort of dangerous “invader” that is not fully human. I tell it to come out and show itself. Out of the room comes some sort of vague energy, briefly seeming like a large transparent black robot. It speaks again (somewhat menacingly) but by that time I realize that it is my own dream self’s instigation in trying to bring it into a higher clarity and it will not materialize due to my own concept of self-preservation (even though it represents the waking transition). This has happened in dreams all my life, where I (as my unconscious mind) often could not create what could become a more ominous or even disturbing dream. As I have noted before, even my dreams relating to a so-called devil ended up being mostly cartoon-like and comedic.

      In another dream immediately offset from this one (as the waking transition “failed” in my first), which has a very cheerful atmosphere and is somewhat lucid but passive, an Asian male and his young son are in a room testing old battery-operated robots of the type I got for Christmas in 1969 though it seems they are or are like completely new toys. The sounds and flashing lights are “perfect” and enjoyable over time. This leads me to ponder on why I had the life-size somewhat menacing (but transparent) black robot in the other dream for a very short time. Still, the flashing lights of the robots represent dawning conscious awareness and eventual waking.

      In hopes to augment understanding of this dream, black is the representation in this case, because it is of an anthropomorphic form, of the conscious mind in liminal space. This is evident by the common light of day projection, in this case, from the opening chest of the robot as with my actual toy in reality. The robot opens the doors of its chest as it shuffles about to emit light as toy laser guns. Anything that emits light as such is the conscious self seeking the unconscious perspective to instigate waking through coalescence, the main purpose of final dream segments when they are completed. I realize that my unconscious self is more in control of my transitory waking self here and thus my dream shifts to an offset waking scenario that is far more cheerful but still has the “light of day” (downsized robots, no longer menacing or hidden in any way). At this point, the Asian man is my conscious self nurturing my diminishing unconscious dream self into the waking state, showing me that the light of day (and conscious awareness) is not so bad or mysterious after all.

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    15. Russell Cayman?

      by , 07-05-2014 at 01:05 PM
      Night of July 5, 2014. Saturday.

      I am apparently listening to a radio broadcast in a state of half-dreaming. The announcer clearly says “Russell Cayman’s dead”. I have no idea who that is (I have not listened to a radio for many years) and for a moment, I think of (a type of animal) caimans (alligatorid crocodylians). This seemed like some sort of telepathic pulse (or perhaps a postcognitive remnant or “artifact”), but who knows? I am not even sure of the spelling.
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