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    1,052 words - couldnt get back to sleep!

    by , 06-03-2018 at 09:27 PM (379 Views)
    Closing the computer at 8:07 P M.


    I think I woke up at first after only 1 hour or so of sleep, but went back to sleep.


    Had some dreams after a few more hours of sleep. Round one of dreams was RBFA. However I remember that I was outside the local food store. A D, from high school track, was there. Something about going for a walk together. And exchanging contact information. I remember a phone out. FSH. At the end of the dream I remember a big pizza being taken out and cut.


    Round two of dreams was easier to remember and I didn't RBFA.

    First there were some parts I forgot. I do remember some kind of football game thing. And I remember R S, R M and other people from high school football. I saw them in the hall. I think I started to say, "I was just dreaming about you guys!" but without knowing this one was a dream.

    I remember going over towards the high school side and seeing J R, P S and N G, maybe others. Something I forgot with P S. But I remember N G needed some help. Help getting food from the store and some other stuff. So I wanted to help him. FSH. Then there was some stuff with being in a house with a desk, by a window. G A said he wanted to help N G. I remember trying to pack some peanuts in a tupperware in a back pack. I wasn't sure if he wanted them wrinsed. I decided to leave them dry but second-guessed the amount I put in the tupperware, and went to add more.

    I remember a computer screen with mathematics. There were various functions with the letters r, s, v, s, w, q, x, and others. Some times it showed the letters upside down. There were vector symbols and intergal symbols through the letters. Like a lowercase r with an integral symbol through it. There were equations with more upside down letters. I wondered what it meant.

    I remember laying in bed, in the dream though, and being unable to sleep. But it was a dream.

    So I dreamed that I had a night of insomnia. Then I dreamed that I had got up early to food shop for N G before school, I think. I was at the local food store again. I remember being inside but not clearly. When I got outside I was thinking of having sweet potato as my starch, instead of rice, because it would be quicker. There were these big garage doors that went around the parking lot but they were open. I thought of the air mixing with the outside air and how it would affect the temperatures. There were some white thumb tacks propping up some of the wooden boards. I thought of closing the garage doors, but didn't.

    A C, L C's brother from S W T, was there. He had a sledge hammer and stood in front of a big block of pavement, getting ready to smash it to pieces with the hammer. It was some kind of contest. I saw him before he started and gave a heads-up about using proper form. He said thanks and that he would be careful, I think.

    I walked on a little more and saw another guy doing shot put. He was warming up his right arm and his left. On his second warm-up for his left arm, the ball bounced back and hit him. (There were these goal post things that it could bounce off of like a lacrosse bounce back net.) This disqualified him! When it showed the seating, it showed that his team had so many people already, that it was more likely to disqualify someone sooner. I remember an old woman in the seats as well as many others. The guy was really sad because he had prepared for the contest.

    I remember a part where I actually began to cry. I forgot exactly why, but part of it was feeling sad for the guy who got disqualified over something so forgivable. Then I remember hearing the people say to someone, that there was plenty of stuff to draw every day. To try to see the beauty in every day life and find something to draw. And then it showed an example of something to draw. Some kind of animal thing, I think.

    Then the people on another team only had 2 people, and one open seat. One of the guys offered to get the D Q'ed guy a spot on their team. They would just have to say that someone on their team had been deceased, which explained the open seat. So that was a relief.

    I remember a big battle with Megatron and Optimal Optimus. It was pretty cool. They locked hands and fought. I don't remember the whole thing, though.

    At some point, there was a self help author talking about his theory of going out and doing something about self help. He used the word S T U P I D which always triggers me. It kind of triggered me in the dream, too, and I was offended by the use of this word. I think that was earlier, in the food store part.

    At first I just made some short-hand voice notes so that I could go back to sleep. But it turned out I wasn't able to sleep. So now I will stay up until I feel sleepy again.


    Yeah, I laid back down, then couldn't sleep. Got up and it was like 5 A M. I felt myself not being tired or not being able to sleep. So, that was that. Hopefully I sleep better the next night.
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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Yes, hope you have better sleep tonight! Trigger...that triggers me. Do you know why you don't sleep well some nights? Do u you have memory foam, I love it.
    2. Charles3's Avatar
      I don't know why I don't sleep well some nights. I try to figure it out sometimes but its usually something out of my control. Everything in my control, I am doing right. No, I don't have memory foam. My Dad keeps offering me a new bed but I keep saying I don't need one.
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    3. Durza's Avatar
      Ok, hope you figure it out someday. I sleep on a couch, so much better than a bed, u should try it too...
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    4. Charles3's Avatar
      Thats interesting why is it better? Softer?
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    5. Durza's Avatar
      It isn't really what it is, its just that I have slept on a couch for the past like 5 years, and so now, sleeping on a bed is really awful and I don't sleep as well, but on a couch, I can get to sleep anywhere. Also, I like having something against my back and its just better, hard to explain.
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