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    1,197 words

    by , 06-22-2018 at 01:56 PM (134 Views)
    I went to bed pretty early, and tried to take processing time. But, my recall wasn’t as high as I expected. 1,197 words and 0 lucids.


    Round 1 of Dreams.

    I had only slept for an hour or two, but I think a noise woke me up. I remember a bar code thing inside an envelope, maybe. Like the things people scan into their phones. There was some other stuff before it that faded before I could think of it.


    Round 2 of Dreams.

    I think I recalled some dreams from this one but didn't re-remember them the next time I woke up. (RBFA)


    Round 3 of Dreams.

    I remember G and I were scared of something under water. We were at a beach or near some docks. It was either a crab or a fish thing.

    I remember being in my current room, and the window was propped open. It looked like it had fallen out of alignment a little. A guy was in my room talking to my neighbors. I was thinking the older neighbors still lived there, who smoked, so I wanted the window sealed shut. I tried to put in some plastic to seal it.

    I remember going to give a set of colored pencils and markers back to my Aunt C. When I left my room, I saw someone reprimanding a woman for smoking and telling her to put that out. I didn't smell anything. I grabbed her pack of cigarettes. It was a red pack of Pall Mall with white letters. It only had 2-3 poison sticks left. I smashed the box on the ground and smooshed it with my foot. It felt good but then I was afraid I'd get in trouble. Well, I never got in trouble. Guess I did the right thing!

    RBFA and re-remembered.


    Round 4 of Dreams.

    I remember something with the bathroom at a religious store. Something about one being cleaned so the other had to be for everyone. Single person bathrooms anyway. I went in and something about other people using the bathroom after me.

    There may have been something with a pool. Or my sister. I remember some parts but not in detail.

    There was an African American guy named "John" (no waking life counterpart) who had been eating some pasta. He one one square of pasta left on his plate. I messed it up some how and tried to put it back into place, before he returned. The pasta had split into several pieces though so I couldn't put it back into a perfect square. I even put a cleaning wipe over part of it. I also wondered why he just left it out for such a long time.

    When he got back, I tried to tell him what i had done to his pasta! He didn't seem to mind. I still felt kinda bad.

    Then I followed "John" around the building. There were lots of stairs. He seemed to have some magic powers. I am not sure if I got lucid.

    I don't know if I got lucid, but I remember asking "John", "Can we manifest a bunch of dream food?" He seemed interested in that. He reminded me of C R. But I don't remember food appearing until later.

    I do remember being outside a religious thing. People were doing really intense kinds of pull-ups on a trapeze thing. I looked and they had giant arms. I also remember a woman eating a whole cake. But something about how the cake was a little past expiration.

    I might have woken up and done an RBFA between these. Not sure if they were separate rounds of dreams or not.


    Round 5 of dreams. (Maybe?)

    I remember being on a green hill with some trees. It was sunny out. All I remember about it was I was thinking, 'I am not going to go to war. I am not going to the military.' I wonder why I felt pressure to go to the military.

    I remember being in a dorm room with a few other people. "John" was still involved in these dreams. It was a Sunday. I had waited all week to do my homework which was due the following day. Monday. So I was going to have to go to the library and do all my homework.

    I was sitting on the edge of a bed and a woman was to my left. There was a religious guy accross the room from us, saying how we all needed to read his religious text book, and mentioning religious names. Something about a youth group. The woman next to me used a word for it that I forgot, but she was saying how he shouldn't pressure others to join his religion. I agreed.

    I remember seeing a hammer coated in gold on a chair. As I turned to my right and saw another woman doing her home work. The religious guy was still talking but I tried to just ignore him. Kind of acting like it wasn't happening. The woman was doing some kind of room-layout chart. I guess our home work was to design a room layout. "Want to go to the library?" I asked. "Sure," she said.

    We started packing up to go. I remember the room layout papers. And the color red. And a binder. Something about fitting 30 people in one bed.

    This was when "John" returned. He said something that I forgot.

    There were some older people, maybe teachers. One said that he hypnotizes people. The group of teachers stood in a line on stage, holding one ice cream cone in each hand. Some ice cream cones had lots of ice cream and some were empty. I remember looking at the empty ice cream cones in one teacher's hands, confused. They told us all to lick our spoons so I remember doing that. One woman's spoon looked like it turned into blue candy.

    The last thing I remember is a bunch of marinara, pouring out of a pipe.

    I recalled what I could of those and then got up. I always try to see if I will sleep any more as I re-play all the night's dreams in my mind. Then there comes a point where I figure I'm not gonna sleep any more, and I get up.

    One thing I haven't done recently is listen to my older dream journal entries, so I'm gonna do some more of that, and see if it brings my recall back up.
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