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    by , 06-27-2018 at 02:54 PM (350 Views)
    I went to bed around 8:30 or 9. I did more journaling and memory work on 6/26 than I had been doing on previous days.


    Round 1 of Dreams.

    I remember one part about being angry about washing machine noise. I was on the phone with my nana. And the washing machine was making annoying noise. So I just flipped out about it on the phone. Nana was listening very sympathetically.

    I remember another part at the end where I was running from some pirates. I was inside a building. Maybe a basement. I had locked the door knob behind me. It was one of those door locks that has to be pressed in. Then I ran up some stairs.

    Some how I re-appeared on the other side of the door I had locked. But I just opened it again, and locked it again.

    I woke up and recalled what I could, then did an RBFA. I didn't re-remember everything but still got a good amount.


    Round 2 of Dreams.

    I remember being in my Nana's room. And then near her dresser drawers. I had stored my food in some cups and shoes. I had stored one serving in each of my white vans shoes. And some others in some cups.

    I wondered if the food in the shoes would be edible. 'Wouldn't it get contaminated from the inside of the shoe?' I thought. 'Maybe I will just eat it from the shoe this time and then start using other containers.' I didn't want to waste it.

    At some point I remembered the cups I store my food in in waking life, which are more sanitary.

    There may have been a part with my sister and her friend M. Maybe something with my dad.

    I also dreamed about rolling down a hill. I had been encouraging people to roll down a snowy hill as fast as possible, and they wouldn't get hurt. Then someone rolled down and landed on some stairs or someone who was stuck at the bottom, and got hurt badly. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I mean, they could roll down, as long as someone has verified that the coast is clear.'

    I went to write some kind of amendment to my original statement so that I wouldn't be sued or anything. That led to me posting on some message boards. There was a board that had a variety of topics, all in alphabetical order.

    I also remember being in a building with some stairs. The forum had lots of pages. White back ground, blue hyperlinks.

    I recalled those and did another RBFA. This RBFA and re-remembering thing is great. I am getting so much more sleep now.


    Round 3 of Dreams.

    I remember a part outside these buildings. A guy was reading from the Big Book. It was an early chapter. Maybe Doctor's Opinion. I didn't want to hear it.

    Everyone was waiting outside the building for the meeting to start. Sitting in an overhang thing by the door. I didn't want to sit with them in case any one smoked.

    Eventually we got inside. I remember standing around with people. Then some other people wheeled out giant peanuts. 'They make peanuts this big?' I thought. 'I guess so!' The peanuts were like 4 or 5 feet long and wider around at the biggest point than my shoulders.

    Then there was something with coconut oil. It was for something specific in the meeting. I had a little table spoon measurer, maybe a green plastic one, and I took a table spoon. I wasn't supposed to have done that.

    Y J saw me do it, but didn't get me in trouble. I hid the tablespoon of coconut oil under something, and considered eating it to make sure I wouldn't be caught. I wondered why I had even taken it, if I didn't even want it right then.

    There were a bunch of rectangular tables. They were a light golden brown color of wood, with a wood grain patterning. I kept expecting them to put all the tables in one long row, but they didn't. Instead, they had them separated. I guess it made it easier for people to walk around them.

    I sat next to someone who showed me the design of the table. They showed me how it repeated almost like a fractal pattern. And how the design looked like peanuts. They also showed me some dark spots and said something about how it looked like a holiday.

    I remember being at some kind of store in the mall. It was something like S P's store but also reminded me of C W's store. It was a lucid dreaming store. He had shelves of lucid dreaming related pills in the middle. One was called "Red Tops" and said Benadryl on it. I was like, 'They use Benadryl for lucid dreaming?' Those were just circular red pills

    There was also something called "Blue Tops". Those were blue cylinders with white stuff poking out of each side. There were other shelves of pills, too, but I think I woke up.

    I remember seeing a picture of Alakazam. And something in the dream was telling me, "You have to fall asleep with focus. Once per night practice falling asleep with focus, then the other times you can fall asleep normally." Something like that. I understand that, but I already fall asleep focused on dream recall, so my mind is occupied.

    I recalled those and let myself RBFA again. That last detail with the lucid dreaming store was funny because it was on my mind as I typed the outline, but only OTTOTT. Then suddenly it came back into full view. Yay!

    I took my Alpha-GPC 300mg and Huperzine-A 100mcg before going back to sleep for Round 4 of Dreams.


    Round of 4 Dreams.

    I remember being at a shoe store in the mall. I was trying on some black and/or tan shoes made of a fabric material. I needed another size. The attendant guy there was saying how he needs 45 minutes to find the right pair. but I'm not allowed to leave the store to go any where else while I wait.

    So I waited. Then a woman brought out a form for me to fill out. It was at least 4 full pages of stuff. "Do I really have to put my social security number?" I asked, noticing 3 little squares. "Yes," she said. I went ahead and filled it in. (I was thinking of how forms say "last 4" of your social but in the dream it was "last 3".)

    As I filled out the form, and looked around, I figured it was because every person's shoes would have a different foot print. Then, they could easily catch someone who did a crime based on the foot prints. They wouldn't just sell shoes to someone with cash any more.

    Then I saw my Uncle C at the register. He might have had someone with him. I looked at him, but he didn't seem to notice me at all.

    I remember being at this church building place. Then went outside. A Mustang was out to the side, in the drive way. I got on a motor cycle. I had my lap top open on a panel of the motorcycle. It showed a map which was similar to near the Arboretum.

    I had a funny feeling throughout this dream. I thought it was waking life, but I thought that I could fly or use powers if I really, really tried. So my plan was to fly the motorcycle to the arboretum.

    Then I decided just to drive it... But realized I had no helmet. 'Will I get in trouble for having no helmet?' I wondered. I had on my orange glasses and some head phones or ear muffs.

    Just then, a family pulled into the drive way. They were out of gas. The father had 2 red gas cans to help fill up the car. 'I could just give them some gas from my tank,' I thought. But I didn't know how to get it out.

    They came into the church building with me. The dad went to light a big cigar. "Wait! Please don't smoke that while I'm here. If you start smoking that I will leave." He put it out.

    "Maybe you should just call some actual mechanics," I suggested. The mom told me that she didn't want to, because of a bad experience with the mechanics last time.

    'Maybe the other people arriving at the church can help them!' I thought. Sure enough, some people were beginning to come in from a hall way over to the right. There was one older man in a suit. I figured they could help, and I went to the bathroom.

    'I know it's not a dream, but I really think I can have some powers,' I thought. I was in a bathroom stall and some how the lock didn't work right. But anyway, I tried to jump in the air, then turn my body into a push-up position in midair. Then, use the force to push against the ground, making me levitate. It actually did work a little, but I eventually landed on the ground. More lightly than I would have with full gravity.

    I left the bathroom stall and walked back out to the room I'd previously been in. There was some water I slipped on. A heavy African American guy was out there. I asked him why I felt like I had powers, or something like that. "Because of all the love!" He said. I still didn't know it was a dream.

    I walked over to a table where E L was working. He was in charge of a Pokemon card table. I remember seeing one Venusaur card. It's HP was in red lettering, but not in bold. It had something like 228 HP. There were other cards, too. Some looked like proxy cards. I remember an electric type.

    I realized that E L had been covering for me, and really, it was my shift to be in charge of the Pokemon table! From 3 to 4 PM. It was already 3:50. "Do you want to do the rest?" he asked. "Sure!" I said, almost not seeing the point.

    I walked around the side of the table. There was a chair. I wanted to do a front flip with my hands on the chair, and land inside the 4 tables. I managed to get in the air but crashed down on the table on my left side.

    Then i woke up. I had been laying on my left side physically, so it made sense to land that way. I think I was afraid I had hurt my ribs, until I realized it was a dream. Then, I was like, 'Argh! I was trying all that stuff but didn't realize it was actually a dream!!!'



    Round 5 of Dreams.

    I remember driving around near O B and then being at a gas station. I was thinking about making a You Tube channel. Something about hiding my identity though. Or responding to comments. Not sure.

    Then I was in a place like that church place again. I remember Vegeta was there. A guy from the church was offering him some diagrams on the wall that would be helpful for target practice. Vegeta said, "no thanks," because he was afraid the pictures would brain wash him.

    Then, an older man came through without a shirt. He got his shirt and put it on. There was something about how that man proved that people here were being brain washed. They were under mind control.

    Then Vegeta was about to buy something at the vending machine. "No! Don't buy the processed food!" I said. But it was too late. He selected a thing of cookies.

    He ate half of one. "I will just use these when my HP gets low," he said. There was something about writing it down. "Okay," I said. "It's good to have something you like."

    Then it shifted to where I had a brand new blue chair cushion on a table... And a guy was walking on top of the table to get to something. He stepped on my blue cushion a little and I got really angry. I started yelling at him. "You should ask first to see if its okay to step on my cushion!!!" Something like that. He yelled back.

    I also remember something about writing my dream journal entry. I was writing on paper, and also had some drawings on the paper. I was writing around the drawings. I remember I was writing about the part with the mom and the kids.

    I also remember something with a stack of coins. I think that was as I was waking up. I saw that image.

    I woke up and recalled those, then re-played all the night's dreams in my mind. I've been regularly getting 5 rounds of dreams per night, which I think is good. I also appreciate the consistency. My shoulders have begun to hurt from sleeping on my side again. That worries me a little but I hope it goes away. I missed the 7:30 W A meeting because it was 8:14 by the time I finished the dream outline. But I'm glad I'm sleeping enough for a change. Sometimes early morning meetings are hard to let go of. In the past I would be too adrenalized about getting to the meeting, and not let myself finish sleeping. I am trying to let go of that now, since there are plenty of day time meetings.

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