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    Dream Poem!!!

    by , 05-13-2018 at 05:45 PM (354 Views)
    A scary elephant came into my room.
    I was scared and felt alot of doom.
    I knelt by my bed and asked for help.
    It was not sleep paralysis so I could yelp.
    The scary elephant whispered "roger that".
    I woke up in my bed laying flat.
    It turned out it had just been REM sleep.
    And now I had a new dream memory to keep.

    (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

    In another dream I found some flowerbeds.
    But instead of dirt, there were reptile heads.
    I could see they had a lot of thirst.
    And if they got thirsty that would be the worst!
    So I flew to Wal Mart in 5 minutes flat.
    Got a gallon of water and gave them that.
    I was just glad that they were alive.
    Those reptiples almost did not survvei.

    (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

    I got lucid in another part and saw myself flying.
    Surprised to get lucid cause I wasn't even trying.
    It was a clone of my physical appearance.
    I tried to stabilize and give the dream some clearness.
    Because I had been dreaming a while,
    I thought I'd take a more conservative style.
    I asked my clone, "Want to recall what we dreamt today?"
    But my clone wasn't interested and flew away!!!

    (doo doo chss, doo doo doo chss)

    And before I end this conversation,
    I also want to mention my false awake-nin'
    I found I had a golden retreiver dog!
    I pet him and then went to find my dream log.
    This was after I tried to astro-project...
    And I did neglect- to have reality-checked!
    My land line rang and played a pop song.
    But I was in my dreaming mind and nothing seemed "wrong"!!!

    (doodely doo doo ch ch ch ch)

    My last verse will be about this class,
    I heard while I was cleaning a thing made, of green glass-
    The teacher said, "What if, when you were a kid,
    Everyone showed you love, no matter what you said or did?"
    The rest of the class cheered with enthusiasm.
    The other dream details must have fell in a chasm.
    Those wise words will stick with me.
    I remember the dream also had a tree.

    (the end!)

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