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    Days off

    by , 05-12-2018 at 04:39 PM (268 Views)
    Hi everyone. I am taking some more days off writing my dreams. Before any one panics, I am not totally quitting or anything. I still recall and record my dreams in a voice recorder because I know one day I will look back and be glad to have those recordings. But I am just taking a break from the extra work of typing and formatting.

    If you look at my dream journals until now some days I have written 5000+ words. So I am really burnt out. I literally have no enthusiasm or interest for LD beyond the minimum of recalling and voice recording my dreams, because I am so burnt out. So I am just saying that. My "goal" is not to force myself into anything LD-related until i actually recover from burnout.

    Now this is not to say I will be reverting to a mode of video gaming and eating dessert food all day in leiu of intensive LD practice. I am taking a look at my general mental/emotional/physical health. I won't go into detail on it here before it gets too non-dream-related but I just wanted to make an appearance. Thanks everyone
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