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    Playing along with the dreams

    by , 04-23-2018 at 04:04 PM (278 Views)
    Here is a copy of my dreams with images in line (as a pdf)

    2018-04-23 - DJ with images.pdf

    Here is just the text from the dreams (without the drawlings)

    Round 1 of Dreams

    There was something with some people on a raft earlier in the dream.

    There was something really cool I couldn’t put into words about a powerful being.

    I remembered my sister drawing smiley faces in my Nana’s back yard.

    One had the top of the circle curled over like on the left. The others had different versions of a lowercase U like on the right.

    She also drew a lizard. It said, “My name is dinner.”

    Round 2 of Dreams

    I had a dream of being at the Arboretum.

    Then I left the arboretum. And drove kind of crazily. I pulled out across 4 lanes and in front of a truck going the other direction.

    Then I also backed into a building and it got smashed. But then I rewinded it somehow. I don’t think I was lucid. Eventually the dream shifted.

    Then I was with these people telling lucid dream stories. I didn’t know it was a dream. There was something about waiting for a shower.

    I had to solder something or do some kind of machine work that created a smell. When the other people got back they complained. We were out doors but I still put a fan on to blow the smell away.

    Then I was taking out the garbage too because I felt bad about the smell. I overhead one of the rich people talking about eating lint from the couch. Or licking it. I think they were trying to get me to lick the couch lint.

    Then I was at a mall. I had boxers on but not pants. I was holding my tan khaki pants and looking for a place to put them on.

    There was a thing about needing to consult with agents from the bank. They were waiting around on some couches for people to come do their appointments.

    I found a mall computer and started filling in the form. It seemed like it would be easier that way.

    I remember seeing that in my dream. I had to confirm my information. Then they detected I was at a computer and came to me.

    They wanted me to pay them 1500 dollars a year for my bank account. I was thinking how I will probably have to change banks. I really needed the bathroom so I had to desperately seek a bathroom before I could finish my form and have an appointment. I was afraid to leave my personal information up on the mall computer.

    I walked by these dog cages looking for a place to go to the bathroom. Then there was a hairy school bus outside.

    I said, “Nice hairy bus!” And a guy poked his head out of the window. “Thanks!” Said the guy.

    Then I went left and it seemed like I was in the back of a haunted house. My high school gym teacher was at the bottom of some steps. I passed through there, thinking he wouldn’t let me. But he was fine with it. Seeing high school teachers is a dream sign.

    Then I saw a woman who I went to college with. I asked her if she would go with me on a date. She said, “Give me a day, a date, a time, and a place!” But I didn’t have one. I thought, oops, was I supposed to?

    Then I woke up. I was thinking if I could ask for her number, and call her when I think of a “day, date, time and place”. Then I realized it was a dream and began recalling it.

    I drifted back to sleep one more time and had a dream of being by this house outside. To the left was a stream. I was on the phone with my friend, talking about some stuff. I was also walking around peeing.

    I woke up in my bed again and thought I had wet the bed for sure. However I didn’t want to move because then I might dislodge the dream. So I stayed still and thought it through. It turned out I hadn’t wet the bed. Thank FHQWHGADS!

    Round 3 of dreams

    I fell asleep pretty consciously this time. One dream flash was of a tan beverage and nutrition facts.

    Woke up briefly.

    dreamed I worked in a restaurant.

    Woke up briefly.

    Dreamed I was in college. And thinking of going to audit a class on dreams. Then I was in a class on dreams. The teacher was giving a lecture. Some guys next to me did something funny like hijacking the lecture.

    Then I was shuffling blue books with a woman from the class. She spoke very softly and I could barely hear her.

    Then I had a false awakening that it was around 7 A M. And there was tons of noise. I went to look if my Dad was home. He wasn’t but there was a big red truck out front. In the back yard they had all this equipment going. They were laying out sod. I got mad because it distracted me from my dream recall.

    Woke up briefly, glad it had just been a dream.

    Then I dreamed of being at my old house’s kitchen with some food. I sat on some pine needles outside. There was glass in the pine needles so I went to put my shoes on. There was food in my shoes. I ate the food and then realized that was probably not the cleanest. I felt kind of sick.

    Woke up briefly again, glad it was just a dream. I decided to hold all the dreams in my head and stay still, to keep dream chaining.

    This was where I started to get lucid in them. I dreamed of these cartoon characters. And I dreamed I had a camera that could take pictures from my dreams. And I would see them when I woke up. So I got really excited about that.

    Woke up briefly again…

    Then I was walking towards an empty playground. There was a retainer (for teeth) on a slide thing that reminded me of mine. I figured a kid had left it there. When I looked back it was in a blue case. I tried to move it somewhere safer for the time being.

    Then I looked out onto the neighborhood for some people to tell. A mom was at the door as her daughter left for school. I walked up to them.

    The daughter said, “You can’t punch me any more!” The mom had purple under her eyes. I was like, “Uh oh. Good thing I’m here to distract the mom a little.” I told them about the retainer.

    The Mom pulled the door knob and the whole door came off. She put the door to the side like it was weightless. That plus the dream chaining got me lucid. But I decided to finish what I had set out to do before I had become lucid.

    The daughter left and the mom went to look toward the empty playground. Then I woke up.

    Laid there recalling the dream until one more started.

    I was working in a Restaurant Again. My job was a bus boy but instead of a pitcher of water, I had a pitcher of tan bean soup stuff. One of the pitchers was made out of a taco shell.

    So I carried the beans out and poured them in people’s cups. One couple said “Charles, more beans please!” I gradually realized this was a dream, especially from having dreamed of it earlier.

    I decided to play along. I said, “Okay, so I just pour the beans in your cup, right?” They looked like almonds.

    Round 4 of dreams

    One vague dream

    Went back to sleep hoping for dream chain

    Woke up not remembering any other dreams


    My dream recall and lucidity are improving again. I thought they took a little dip for a few days.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      These dreams have plenty of comical moments where i couldn't help but laugh. Also, its great that your recall and lucidity is getting better. I noticed that you were writing less as well but at least you recalled more than a fragment.
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    2. LeaningKarst's Avatar
      Charles, I had a lizard named Dinner as a childhood pet. Are you in my head or something?
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    3. Charles3's Avatar
      DawnEye11 - Thanks for noticing. Yeah, there are some things in my life that can be a krptonigt to dreaming and I did some of them. So i stopped doing those again and my dream recall and lucidity came back up. I always used my voice recorder for my dreams at night but I had lost motivation to write them.

      And yes LOL my dreams have a sense of humor I really appreciate. I notice it in other peoples dreams too. Dreams are very wonderful.

      LearningKarst - Ha ha, well, I didn't think I was in your head! But maybe its a sign... Of the existence of a collective unconscious
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    4. LeaningKarst's Avatar
      Charles3 - Well, I guess we'll know for sure if you start dreaming about more of my old pets. I'll be sure to keep an eye out.
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