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    "Epic Battle"

    by , 08-31-2014 at 05:21 AM (583 Views)
    Journal Entry Lucid #75 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
    Background:I was still practicing gravity RC around this time. All that I could say from memory, and I also did noseplug, and other RC as usual, but I don't know if I meditated or not.I did WBTB

    Lucid Dream # 75, day: 08/26/14, time: 4:06-5:06 Am " Epic battle with guy1":
    I am at school, in a boring class. I walk around the campus and I end up in my grandmas room. It is pitch dark other than a computer screen. My sister is playing her annoying music. I asked her kindly to turn it off. She didn't, but instead decided to go talk on the house phone. I was angry. I reminded myself to be mindful and that music is just sound. I got up and turned it off. She comes back and yell at me for turning off her music. I am not listening to her because I got fascinated by a shadow on the computer screen. A shadow of a huge spider. I didn't know where the source was coming from. I get up and walk to the kitchen. I tell my mother and grandma about the incident and they seem to just ignore me. I just had a weird feeling to do a RC. Nothing prompted it. I thought this can't really be a dream. I did a noseplug and at the same time I felt the gravity at the sole of my feet, and it fluctuated.

    I then floated to fully test dream. I rubbed hands together. I told myself not to worry about waking up. I landed and stopped rubbing my hands. I went for the front door. Normally in other LD, I wouldn't go for the front door because it was always pitch black, but this time I did. I opened door not pitch black, but it is night time. The neighborhood certainly changed and I see some construction site nearby. I fly towards opposite side of street. I felt that I needed to stabilize. I looked around and I paid attention to the sounds. I hear crickets. I could feel my legs and I'm amazed it is a dream. I am walking on sidewalk of what looks like outside of our church. I see two DC "training to become lucid dreamer". One DC was IN, a friend from school smart man, very open minded to new ideas, he is the teacher. I see them running and coming out of their bodies. Their body lands straight to the ground. I got quite into dream plot because I asked friend, TO, if I came out of body. He said no. Another guy, call him guy1 said yes. I said it is still a dream. I start to fly a little. They said, "How is he doing that". One screamed, "he has super powers". Guy1 said, "they should restrain me". I landed and levitated the two followers,who were running towards me. Guy1 walked towards me. I created a force field and he couldn't walk anywhere near me. My friend, TO thought I was a threat, so he came from the side and tried to get me. I used TK to stop him as well. There they were all straining their muscles to be free. I remembered what ~dreamer~ said to me about holding back. I put them down and I said to them, "ok we can talk about this..." my friend rushed towards me with a war cry.

    I stopped him with force field and I picked him up with one hand, he felt like a fragile. I slammed him over. His face facing the floor. I put my feet above his head. He didn't look like my friend anymore, but he felt like it. (maybe it is to make it easier for me not to hold back I don't know). He was crying. I let him go and I said, " you are not the problem". I went to guy1, the agitator, and there him into the sky with my hand. I start to fly away. I kind of lost lucidity and I ended up in a helicopter. I hear and feel a loud thumb on the helicopter followed by it spinning out of control. I felt the gravity change rapidly. I realized still dream. Guy1 came inside the helicopter. I threw him out of the window of the spinning helicopter. I then jumped out of the helicopter and started to fly. I start to hear a guitar solo, a very good one too. I start to charge at him. He punches me to the buildings, the buildings crumble. After a good exchange between each other. He start to plummet towards the floor and he screamed "high density field" I guess gravitational field. It messed with my head too and I started to feel a pulling effect. I see myself fall. I then awoken

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