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    1. "weird plot"

      by , 08-17-2014 at 04:04 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #71 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:Since this is me looking back at my old DJ, I didn't write what I did I was too lazy, so I can't write anything here.

      Lucid Dream # 71, day: 08/14/14, time: 3:50-4:03 Am " It's just a Weird plot":
      I am looking at an ant hill. I am trying to find the biggest hill to do some sort of math problem. As I was putting stickers on them a female, EN, showed up and she tried to seduce me. She put her butt out, bending over to touch me. She started to grind her butt in front of me. I yelled, "What are you doing?". She turned around and smiled back at me. She stood upright and I put my hand on her shoulder to tell her that it is wrong. Instead she grabs my hand and puts them on her boobs. I freaked out and moved my hands right away. I looked around and saw that I am in my backyard. She is still next to me. I put my and on her boobs I am turned on. She turned over and replied, "yeah, grab my ass", so I did. I thought about this weird plot and realized it was a dream.I got up and shredder from TMNT showed up and beat me up. He knocked me out. I thought I woke up and it was over with .

      I got up and he told me to leave. I did, and I still had a katana, a type of sword on my back. I was angry that I couldn't defend myself from the shredder. I could feel the heaviness of the katana in my hand. I tried to slice objects with the katana. I see a group of martial arts students followed by a female sensai. I see them fight each other. I told them to be careful with the katana. They instructor informed me that they are fake. I looked closer at them and realized that they are indeed plastic. I realized that it is a dream. I told the DC to ask herself "what is real?", "is this real", "am I real?", "Am I you imagination?". She replied, "it feels weird". I said, "yeah it's ok to feel weirded out by it". As I was walking trying to make dream stable, I see ES. I am rubbing my hand I could feel the dream fade. As I am waking, ES says to me, "I need to suffocate". I looked at him weird and he said, "breath! breath!". I said, "Ok...ok" kinda annoyed. We found our way to the small room in church. I smell cow or horse manure and it reminded me of my childhood home. ES is talking, "They are no supposed to be here, only we know this place." I opened a door to my backyard. She, EN, wasn't there. I was relived. My dream kept its intensity. I didn't want to think about task or anything. I flew around and before I woke up I saw a Ninja turtle and a roller coaster. . It wasn't false memory, but it was exaggerated I may have walked by a farm or horse dump but at the moment I thought I was once living at a farm.

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    2. "I got Shot" 04/11/14

      by , 04-13-2014 at 03:29 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      I go to sleep early so I will quickly write this dream down to add to it tomorrow.

      I was with this guy that had no problem flashing his money giving it to random people. I took out my money and wanted to know if he was for real. I told him to rip the dollar bill into pieces he did. I looked at how much money I had about $300. I realized I better go since people saw my money. The manager started approaching, he was dressed like a "gangbanger", he had a security guard that had a suit on. I realized he was trying to check me and since this is his store he can do what he wants. I run out, they run after me. I realized I was in SF. I go in middle of the street. They started to walk around me in circles.

      I was tired pf running so I decided to face them. I pulled the security guy's jacket (he had now red jacket and look like gangbanger) with my left hand and he turn around and he said "fo'real? FO'REAL?"He had this look on his face full of rage. He took out a pistol from his right arm and I saw the barrel of the gun. Time slowed down at that moment. He shot without hesitation. It felt like a brick or a pillow coming at me at high speeds.
      I woke up and my head jolted. I felt a numbing sensation that people get when their leg is dead and somebody slapped it hard, but now imagine that on the face.

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    3. "SP as a Body" 03/27/14

      by , 03-30-2014 at 02:01 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Non-lucid Dream #57 Dream,(Comments)
      Background: I meditated for 15 min again. and slept without a problem.
      Dream fragment 1 from 8:23pm-1:20am" SP as a Body":
      I was using some superpower. I see a dark being. I thought he was a spirit, with power to go inside of people. He turned into a shadow and I could no longer see him, it entered inside of me. I felt paralysis and my eyes was starting to close. I willed myself to control my body. I went to my grandmother room and turned on the light since their was no darkness there I thought that I could escape it from controlling my body. I was wrong. It started entering my body. I didn't want to fear it anymore. I thought to myself I could either meditate and defend my body or I could figure out what it is. I choose meditation. When I meditated I got control of my body. The dream stabilized and I sat at the computer. My mom, dad and sister showed up. I had a conversation with my mother and while that I did that I thought, "I could still feel the spirit and yet they don't". My sister shows up and she asks me to do a favor for her. She kept pressuring me. She said, "I really need you?" I told her no. She got upset, then she mentions that it is almost one o' clock and I should come with her. I finally gave in and said ok I will for you. and I woke up

      I realized that it was not a spirit at all. It was the process of waking up embodied as a dream character. I only gave in when it was my sister. And also, after recalling the trippy dream I checked time and it was 1:20 am. (it takes me a long time to hand write)
    4. 03/22/14 " Magneto's Power"

      by , 03-22-2014 at 05:24 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Non-lucid Dream #56 Dream,(Comments)
      Background: I meditated for 15 min again. I paid my respects to Buddha, for giving this understanding thousands of years ago. I became peaceful in my meditation. The mind seemed to wonder but it didn't bother me. I came back to the breath after being aware of what ever distracted me. I did this many times. I was restless as I was going to sleep but I found out it was because I forgot to give grandma her medicine.

      Dream fragment 1 from 8:43pm-12:50am" Magneto's Power":
      I was flying a helicopter. I gave an order out, another helicopter pilot was suppose to respond but he was a newbie so I had to respond. They(?) wanted me to stop another helicopter from stealing the nukes. I was told to distract them. I saw this purple glowing ring. I flew to it and I was about to land the helicopter. The other helicopter showed up connected by wires. I then used magneto's power and lowered the helicopter down. Inside was some an android which I assumed to be evil. She looked very human. I picked her up with telekinesis and I ripped her body in half. I didn't see any blood nor did I see any wires but I heard the metal rip. I then started crumbling her body with my hands clenching. I can hear the metallic noise. People were scared of me and they started running. I have been watching a lot of movies that has to do with superpowers mainly telekinesis.
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    5. March 19, 2014 non-lucid #56 "Awareness is Everything"

      by , 03-21-2014 at 02:27 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Non-lucid Dream #56 Dream,(Comments)
      Background: I rekindled my interest for meditating and meditate for 15 min. I had the hardest time but I stuck with it. I did nothing else special. I noticed that mindfulness meditation increases dream recall because of the heighten state of self awareness. When I wake up I normally don't recognize that I have awoken. I just lay there thinking to myself either about the dream or other stuff. But after meditation before going to be I start recognizing when I wake up. I also believe the better one gets at meditation the shorter the awareness from sleep to awakening, maybe even before awakening. What I mean is right when you awaken you will become aware of it or before you awaken you might become Lucid.

      Dream fragment 1 from 8:20pm-1:07am" Awareness is Everything":
      -I was walking around in a garden completely unaware. I started gaining awareness, I looked around me I see flowers, I smell and feel the air across my face. I see the sun. I turn and I see my father. Although I didn't realize it at the time I was in my school. He started talking to me, he said, "Awareness is everything, awareness is the teacher, all you need is awareness everything else follows". I was surprised to hear that from my father. I asked him, "Do you think I could learn about God by becoming aware of nature?" He simply replied in a calm voice, "no". I was shocked after he mentioned that sentence about awareness. He continued, "The only way to know God is through Jesus Christ". I thought oh this is my typical dad. He said, "you could know his creation but not him", I said, "Yeah that is what I meant to say". Then we started walking down the stairs, I saw the sun as we were about to start going down the stairs. I awoken shortly after.

      Reflection (thoughts): I thought about this dream for quite some time.
      I got out of it the following:
      -Without awareness any task will be done incorrectly or results may not be as expected.
      -It, awareness, teaches for those that listen and pay attention.

      And from it I have now tried to increase my awareness, and dedicate my time to love meditation for it increases awareness. And the part with the response of my dad was just years of talking about the same subjects that we never agreed upon.
    6. March 14, 2014 non-lucid #55

      by , 03-15-2014 at 01:42 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Non-lucid Dream #55 Dream,(Comments)
      Background: I meditated for a while. I did a WBTB.

      Dream fragment 1 from 8:30pm-11:47pm" Water mayhem":
      - I was doing something on a mountain. I picked a mountain and I went towards it. I was a white man sitting in a room a dinning room. I noticed that he experience the world in a different light. The blue and the yellow were expressed in his eyes. The world looked beautiful. I picked up a toy shark. This sparked the interest of a little kid. I gave him the shark and I tried to leave.

      -I was now on top of a helicopter landing area. It was on a tall building. *object transformation it got shorter when I looked back. *environmental change It looked like the docks now. I see helicopters landing. A lot of people started running for it. I tried running as fast as I could but it did me no good. I tried to run into the boat house and then I jumped. A girl was in front of me. I landed nice and safely on her butt, more like i bumped into her butt. *environmental change, I was now in a room. I saw my friend so I talked to him.

      -I also had a dream about a test. The teacher gave me my test back and I see writing all over it. She put different point value possible that I could earn. I asked which point will I get, but she didn't respond.

      I woke up and I stayed up for some time. Then I had a LD which I will write separately. I woke up after wards and I stayed up for a couple of minutes and I went back to sleep to get these dreams.

      Dream fragment 2 from 4:40am-6:50am" Unwanted Attention":
      -I was in the school. They were celebrating something. I see paparazzi everywhere. I tried to avoid them since I don't like pictures. I went up some stairs to do something but I forgot.
      -My sister was playing in some body of water. She was terribly annoyed by this man. The man walked up to me and asked me if I could help him. I said sure. He wanted help in music and music reading. I tried to remember the rules but it was such a long time that I couldn't bring it up. I tried again and again but I kept on getting something wrong. I thought how strange but I didn't take it any further than that.

      I have been getting lazy lately. I may not post like I used to.

      Possible Dream Sign:
      Object transformation(x1)
      environment transformation(x2)
    7. 3/12

      by , 03-13-2014 at 04:35 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      BF3 simulation. i remember jumping from helicopter. i called 1800 ##. I got a foundation #. I felt bad because i was going 2 prank them
    8. 03/10

      by , 03-11-2014 at 02:28 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Very lazy to write down full dream so here is main things.

      -I had a game simulation of COD.
      -BF3 simulation nearly got sniped here.
      -In the sewer on a boat.
      -Met a guy that looked like a hippy and he told me that he likes to take acid and base together.
    9. March 08, 2014 non-lucid #54

      by , 03-09-2014 at 04:20 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #54 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I didn't do anything before going to sleep ANYTHING. I didn't meditate, incubate, nothing. I just went to sleep.

      Dream fragment 1, 8:37pm-1:24 am." Strange Kitty": I had a dream about my old Eng 142b teacher, he was teaching mathematics instead. My Calc III teacher told me to wait for him. I instead followed him. He went to my old English teacher and they were just sitting there laughing and telling jokes. I then started walking around. I saw this adorable little kitty. I started looking at it. I realized that it was raining outside and I could see the shadows. I don't remember sunlight being there however. I saw the kitten playing with it. The kitten then got stuck inside the shadow, which was strange but I viewed it as the kitten playing. I thought that strange why would the kitten play around like that. I did no further investigations but instead I tried to help the kitten. I picked it up, it was the size of my hand. It was really cute.

      Dream fragment 2, 4:12am-7:37 am."": I remember I was with my sister and we had to go back home by bus because she lost her keys.

      I only remembered this fragment while talking to my dad in waking life.

      Possible dream sign:

    10. March 07, 2014 non-lucid #53

      by , 03-08-2014 at 03:10 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Really bad night, had one of the worst dream recall but tomorrows will be better.

      -my sister made some really nice food.
      -I saw my counselor helping people with math and I told her that I will be seeing a new counselor today. (I did actually see a different counselor today in waking life)

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    11. March 06, 2014 non-lucid #52

      by , 03-07-2014 at 03:58 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #52 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I have been having interesting dreams lately. I don't do anything particularly interesting as well. I didn't even hear the Robert Monroe. I nearly forgot my dream in this one. I woke up recalled my dream then I started day dreaming. I caught myself before doing that for too long. I then scraped up this.

      Dream fragment 1, 8:15pm-1:42 am." SP & Demons": I remember splitting my body in two and going into two direction, but I don't remember the details. I also remembered driving fast on a mountain. I with in the car with LS. He became scared when I drove fast on the mountain. He asked me if we could go to the park. I looked out on the mountain and thought we could jump we will be alright. We started running down the mountain, in no time we reached the ground, as if the height of the mountain was just an illusion. I saw another guy named LS, relatively big compared to other one, and he joined us. I forgot what we were doing and met up with my sister. She told me about some DC that showed up in her dream that won't stop bugging her. I thought about it and I said their was a DC in my dream as well. I said his name. I felt like I was beginning to wake up. I felt a weird sensation like SP. I couldn't move and I heard a voice that said angrily MY NAME IS NOT _____ (I don't remember). I was scared at the moment because I couldn't move. I thought maybe it was SP. I thought if it is a demon it could hold me down again. I said your name is _____. Nothing, so I continued the dream, shortly waking afterwards.

      In short I should have became lucid and also there was no demons just an active imagination. I woke up after this but I didn't recall anything.

      Possible dream sign:

      Emotion: Fear,
      Context: "Wacky context"; jumping from mountain
      Sensation: S.P sensation
    12. March 05, 2014 non-lucid #51

      by , 03-06-2014 at 01:24 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #51 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: (Also an extension to the LD I had on the same day): My father wished me a LD. I went to sleep and I told myself I will have a LD but no worries if I don't. I placed an importance on remembering a dream than having a LD.

      Dream fragment 1, 8:45pm-1:22 am." Dead Indian Lady": I was walking in a line and we were doing mathematics as we walked. The line ended somewhere and I saw my friend EK. He looked a lot like a mix of Tyler the creator. This guy asked my friend to move something so that he could sit down, but EK ignored him. I asked him to stop doing that and he did. A teacher came inside and told us that we were going to watch a movie. I sat back relaxing. Too many ropes around my chair so I started moving them. It made lots of noise like a metal chain. People stared back at me. I didn't seem to care. This guy behind me flinched and clinched his muscles as if to fight me. I got ready and I realized it was someone I knew and was no longer angry. The teacher started telling a story about a women who was flawless in dancing or singing. I walked out to use the bathroom. Instead I ended up in a old room. It looked like a museum. It had glass case for objects. I kept walking and I saw a room with a women sitting there motionless. She had black hair that was long. I looked at her cloth, it didn't look like anything that is casually worn. I assumed it was Indian cloth, it had yellow orange and brown as main colors. I looked at how still her body is and I said she is dead. A girl came inside. She asked why I stopped. I told her (jokingly) "I don't want to be stuck with an old lady telling me old events". I then looked at the women and said, "I give you my blessings, (acknowledging that she is dead), and I wish you happiness". We walked out together. This guy and girl talked as I overheard them. They said our class lies to get out of class talking about going to the bathroom.

      Possible dream sign:

      Emotion: Angry (x1),
      Context: "Wacky context"
    13. March 04, 2014 non-lucid #50

      by , 03-05-2014 at 03:16 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      *note to self: write full dream down. The dream was very long but I lost some of the details.

      -I do remember that I found this girl that was a nerd for mathematics. I really liked her.
    14. March 03, 2014 non-lucid #49

      by , 03-04-2014 at 01:35 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      *reminder to self: write full dream down after exam

      -BS was in my dream again. I tried to summon a door so I could teleport (non-lucid)
      -some sad story about a women living in harsh occultist time. She got tormented because she disobeyed their laws.
    15. March 02, 2014 non-lucid #48

      by , 03-02-2014 at 10:22 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #48 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I am so grateful to remember these dreams. I changed my priority now. LD is my main goal but without dream recall it means nothing, so I am making dream recall #1. I will now be happy with my dream recall rather than short LD that I don't remember. So, I woke up at 2:26 am, and I had a horrible time recalling anything. I managed to get a sentence or two out of my head. I went to sleep around 4am, listening to Robert Monroe again, with intent of increasing dream recall.

      Dream fragment 1, 4:05-5:56 am." Everything is out of context": I was in my house, in my room. I notice that a lot of people were in my room. These children rushed to my room. For some reason I had all my old toys. They started taking them out. I looked at the plastic box with amazement thinking how long did I have this in my closet. I wanted the children to leave so I told them they have to leave, I need to change cloth. They left but when I closed the door more rushed in. Their parents walked in too. It was getting hectic. Their was piano players that played the piano. The piano piece sounded like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It didn't quite sound the same but nonetheless it was wonderful to listen to. BA, from church showed up, and started shuffling through my cloths. I told him to stop and he walked away.

      I followed him after opening the door, *environmental change*, I was now in some sort of construction zone. I saw him on top of it. I went up the stairs and I saw him in meditative pose. I thought, "this has to be a dream, he was just standing when I saw him" It then followed with a "logical" or at the moment sounded like it. The thought was "he could have sat down when I came up the stairs". I stopped questioning the dream and I saw a old elementary classmate that I knew in a different school district, and we managed to come to the same college. I told BA about the classmate.

      *environmental change* the second building was now ground floor, and I went up a concrete hill. I saw all these birds (I have been paying attention to birds in waking life), they flew around humans fearlessly. One of the birds landed on this guy. He started petting the bird. The bird made all sort of noises. These guys playing basketball stop playing and they said, "who ever is making these birds go crazy got to stop or we will make you stop". Instead of getting scared I got angry, or I got scared(fear) and I acted in anger. I was going to charge one of the guy. He took out a shotgun and started pointing it on us. They align themselves in a line and he walked around us with a shotgun in one hand pointed at us. I knew that getting angry wouldn't solve anything, but I jumped.

      As strange as it sounds, this part of the dream I am sure that an environmental change happened. My emotions made this part of the dream more memorable.
      *environmental change* *context change*When I jumped I landed inside of a car. I started driving the car in snow. I was driving in 3rd perspective all of a sudden then back to 1st. I stopped at a huge hotel. I got in and I brought a bag with me. This person was telling me that I have a choice. He said I could either give money to the janitors, who will be nice and clean after you when you give them money, or give it to the people that helped you...or keep it to yourself. I assumed that I robbed a bank with my friend. I thought I don't want to be selfish, but I would like to give it to someone that i can trust instead of the janitor. I went to my friend and I told him that I want to give him his cut. He didn't seem to care and he wanted to play a game. He was on a laptop with another guy and they were playing some game. I thought a game in a game, Inception. They were like avengers and I saw iron man.

      Possible dream sign:

      Emotion: Angry (x1),
      Context: "Wacky context". Environmental change(x3).
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