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    1. "Monster & Mirror"

      by , 03-07-2015 at 06:20 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: It was a dry LD week for me. I am stressed out about school. I manged to get one lucid dream with ToTM. I kept doing RC and if I was next to a mirror I would try and act like it is a dream and reach out to it. I laid on my bed for a long time hoping to get a lucid dream, maybe 30-40min passed before I fell asleep. The monster part could have been some inner psyche stuff. I been feeling a little down lately.

      ToTM: March 2015 Advanced I

      Lucid Dream #Unknown, day: 03/05/15, time: -5:03am" Monster & Mirror":
      I am walking around the house. It is fairly dark. There is a man in one of the rooms. He goes to the light and he flicks it on then off. He said to me, "the light is not working you know what that means?"I jumped backwards as the reality hit me.

      (Monster):This is a dream. I wanted to get out of the darkness so that I won't fall into the void of darkness. He rushed out and closed the door. I followed him. I am in the dinning room, and it is a little bit bigger than usual. I am trying to keep my awareness. I touched my hands, I touched the floor and I try to hear my environment. That is when he starts to hit the wall. Bam bam bam. I told him to stop. He stopped for a split second and he turned around smiled and said, "I am trying to help you out". I felt like he was distracting me. I tried to use telekinesis, but I was powerless. He grabbed me and threw me against the ground. I struggle to find my strength. He is a tall large man. I manged to get him off.

      He started to circle me, he said, "let my monster be, I like it. Aren't you happy that you are in a lucid dream? I don't want to be free". I thought, "does he represent my monsters, my demos?" I get ready to fight him again. My shoulders felt stiff. It felt like I have a backpack on or something. I removed it and my shoulders felt lighter. I then removed jacket. We spared, I got some few hits, he got his. Ultimately he took me down, but I found my strength and pushed him off. I am now in my parents room. I look at my hands and I imagine bright light since I have done that in a different LD. Instead I got pitch black hole spiraling on my hands, it looks as though it is eating up my skin. I said, "hopefully this works". He was on the floor and as I reached to put my hands towards him he screamed. Once I touched him, he became mummified, his skin is glued to his bone and he is boney. I got up i felt satisfied but I knew that I would wake up if I don't have another task to do. I remembered ToTM.

      (Mirror): I walk into my room. I have a huge mirror. I look at my reflection. It is surprisingly realistic. I look closer and I noticed that my eyes are pitch black with a silverfish reflection no white part. In movies that meant I am possessed.

      I ignored it. I got on the counter top and went inside the mirror. I felt my skin get pulled from me. I walk out of the mirror and it is an exact replica of the room I was in, my room. I look back at the mirror. I am white! My hair is brown curly and kind of long to my neck. I have a beard. I was amazed I look at my hands, the dream is still consistent still white. I walked out my room. My sister laughs at me for being too white. I see that I am in some sort of reception. People from my church are there. They ask me what my name is. I told them. They looked at me weird and said, "what a strange name for a white man". I laughed it off. I gave one of the lovely ladies a kiss to the hands, like a real gentleman, as if to ask her to dance with me. I woke up soon after.

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    2. "The Eye of the Storm"

      by , 02-14-2015 at 07:24 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background:I didn't meditate, but I should. I watched show Smallville. I listened to lucid dream series. The reason why I wrote 4:12-4:50 is because I laid on my bed for that long without realizing that 40min went by. The whole time telling myself, "next thing I see is a dream". I got up for a min checked time, laid in a different position, and I dosed off. I was relatively peaceful and stress free.

      ToTM: Feburary 2015 Advanced I
      Lucid Dream #Unknown, day: 02/11/15, time: 4:12-4:50-5:50am" Eye of the storm":
      I am at my school. A car cuts me off. I try to go in front of them by speeding. I looked at the parking lot and it is empty. I turn and it is full. I nearly hit a car. I am suspicious about it all. I parked and decided to go. A pale girl from one of my class along with one other girl and one man came inside the car. As I reversed the car. The pale girl says, "wow it looks so realistic". I responded, "what do you mean 'realistic'". It went into an awkward silence. Her smile turned into a sad frown, she started to look down at the floor. As I kept driving. I started to explain to her that I practice this thing called lucid dreaming and I look for cues like that.

      That's when it clicked. This is a dream. I realized that I haven't been able to find a way out of the parking lot. I come out the car and started to walk. Another car went over a ram and landed inside the building. It is Lex Luthor and lana from Smallville. A women dressed in a general outfit walks up to us. She starts to explain the ordeal of the world. I should have been listening but I dazed off. I walked away and I see a fountain at the center of the building. It shot out water up to six feet up.

      I remember I could control water(bending). I started making it do spirals and zig zags around itself. It was cool but nothing new. I started to think to myself I wanted to do something and the ToTM came to me, a storm. I see a window, and I try to go through by jumping. I got rejected and fell back down, I felt temporarily pain. I shake it off. I see a window that is open. I started to imagine the storm. First some dark clouds rushed in, then it started to spiral around itself. It looked like a mixture of a tornado and hurricane. I remembered reading somewhere that the eye of the storm is actually peaceful. I decide to go to it.
      Was this Lucid? Still unsure-640px-helene_sts-115_90_kt.jpg

      I felt hesitant to jump out a window since my normal flight is a take off not a suicide jump. I jumped anyways and my flight was weak at first. I went through the clouds. I didn't feel any rain or wind. As I got closer and closer to the eye of the storm the wind and rain started to kick in. I try my hardest to get closer and closer to the storm. I reached out to get inside the eye of the storm and the cloud was literally a solid object I could hold. I then felt a great deal of water soak my body. I felt powerless. I have a fear of waking up, so I ended up waking up
      . I guess that was my subconscious way of saying "F#*k your facts". I can't believe I still have fear of waking up and I end up waking up.

      (Accidentally DEILD): As I lay there trying to remember the whole dream, I end up in a dream again. I am lucid and I realized i am clark kent from Smallville. I hear a voice tell me that I need to save lex. I am outside the mall or base, that I flew out of earlier. I got inside a car and went over a ramp to get inside the building. I overshot it and the car flipped. I flew out of it. I then continued to fly until it went into a 3rd person perspective. I couldn't fly or control character. When I landed, it went back to 1st person perspective. I see cop cars surrounding me. I hit the floor with my foot and a shockwave tore up the floor and some of the cop cars exploded. The dream went back into 3rd perspective and in slow motion. I see a giant purple and green frog pop. He had a humaniod body. He started to destroy cars around us. He tells me he will watch over me. I realized I am getting way to carried away, and decided to wake up.

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    3. "Sun in the Palm..."

      by , 12-18-2014 at 01:49 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid # unknown Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I been thinking alot about lucid dreaming. I have been doing a R.C. when I see my sister since she is in every dream. I did this for only 1 hour before I went to sleep. I have been listening to PercyLucid's audio religiously.I heard it before I went to bed. I took his advice on not watching videos for an hour before I go to bed. While going to sleep I listened to Lucid dreaming series. While listening to it and telling myself I am already asleep. I relaxed my body and acted like I am asleep. I used PercyLucid Mantra as I tried to visualize snow to get ToTM. I drank water to do WBTB. I woke up after 2nd rem so dream is short. I also went to sleep excited, positive and energized. I told myself I wasn't going to write new LD I had until I updated my 3 month absence of writing on DV, but I was so excited about this dream. I wrote it a day late because I had an exam followed by getting into a minor accident.

      Lucid Dream # unkown, day: 12/16/14, time: 8:18-11:23 pm" Sun in the Palm of my Hand.:

      It was a bizarre story about a nerd that got teased by people. This girl tells him to do a song about them. He started rapping. I don't remember what the rap was about other than it was cool.Then I see a dream about corrupt cops roaming the streets. They been tailing people around the city causing chaos. They are playing loud rap on their patrol car. They pretended to help a civilian out but instead started to shoot at them. The other cop, not in patrol car maybe in a detective car, was just shooting at another car filled with gangsters. The cops are shooting just like gangsters. One had a shotgun in one hand just shooting at them.

      I believed what triggered my lucidity was being in garage with my sister. I was telling her how I would love recreate the fullmetal alchemist scene where the guy named father became god and made sun in hand. She just laughed it off. I became lucid, only remember this part of the dream. I was still thinking about creating the sun. I had a moment of doubt what if it don't work. I told myself to get something to help me out at first. I turn around and like a mistletoe I see a red circle held by strings dangling on the door. I hovered my hand a little below it and I just believed like theflowofmysoul said. And it went from a 2d cut out to a 3d eminatting red/orange/white sun, miniature of course. I was amazed by the outcome. I now wanted to create it without any type of assistance from the dream schema. I threw the mini sun I made and threw it at my dirty garage which I didn't notice until later.

      I held out my hand and opened it and out of thin air *boop* the sun, but this time it looked less realistic. The dominate color was red and the fire was just like a ball on fire. I then tried to do a different thing. First a red dry ball, I thought mars? then I created some weird colored ones. And finally I made a small little Earth. I know I should have thought about putting them together and making them revolve but I didn't. I threw them at the garage floor. My sister asked me, "could you make me one?" I said sure, and I tried it was hard to make this time. I told her after I gave it to her to make it herself. I told her to do it for another it is draining, but to do it for oneself is motivation. She asked, "how do you do it?" I told her believe not wish. Then her friends showed up. One girl I had a crush on for a while now.

      I tried to impress them. I saw the clutter on the floor of the garage, some pieces of metal scrap. I told them that I could pick up all of them. I start to use TK to pick them up. Some of them were very small and hard to concentrate on. But little by little they start gravitating upwards to my will. I managed to get half of them up their, imagine little bits of metal the size of a chair. Some of them were sharp. I although I was amused but to girls I was just annoying. She said to me, "that's boring". I dropped the metal that I TKed. I then thought maybe it is the size that they want to see. I start TK the TV, they all jumped and said,"Nooooooo". I don't know what I did wrong. I watched the TV and I kind of lost lucidity for a second. Saw something about rihiana getting married to somebody. I got bored of this drama show and I got up. I became lucid again. I walk to my grandmother room looking for something but I forgot. I look at the computer and I hear this person speaking a foreign language. I note it into my head about the absurdity. I remembered what I was doing before I got distracted and I wanted to create a life size model of the sun and planets.

      I walk out side and I remembered that I have been in this dream for a long time or it felt like it. I start to feel the dream destabilize and I remembered reading that flying helps. So, I after rubbing my hands a bit I start to fly. The dream looked clear again. I could see a pool in the yard. I then felt dream destabilize again. I am being sucked in by something. I try to escape it. I grabbed on to a rail. and I began doing what PercyLucid suggested to feel objects around you. I felt the coldness of the rail, the roughness and smoothness. I landed. My father shows up and he brought a watermelon which began to roll into the swimming pool. It was the same size as me. It went into the water and it had a hole in it. It began to sink. I went into a weird water bending stance, lol don't know why I did it at the moment. I used TK to take it out of the water, it was fairly difficult. After taking it out I just levitated it and brought it to my dad. He gets mad and tells me that I am wasting my time and I need to study. I told him I never felt more alive, and I feel energized. I then had a thought that woke me up. What if I wake up.

      Just want to say thanks to PercyLucid for the audio class. And flowofmysoul for those words of wisdom on dream control.

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    4. "Epic Battle"

      by , 08-31-2014 at 05:21 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #75 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:I was still practicing gravity RC around this time. All that I could say from memory, and I also did noseplug, and other RC as usual, but I don't know if I meditated or not.I did WBTB

      Lucid Dream # 75, day: 08/26/14, time: 4:06-5:06 Am " Epic battle with guy1":
      I am at school, in a boring class. I walk around the campus and I end up in my grandmas room. It is pitch dark other than a computer screen. My sister is playing her annoying music. I asked her kindly to turn it off. She didn't, but instead decided to go talk on the house phone. I was angry. I reminded myself to be mindful and that music is just sound. I got up and turned it off. She comes back and yell at me for turning off her music. I am not listening to her because I got fascinated by a shadow on the computer screen. A shadow of a huge spider. I didn't know where the source was coming from. I get up and walk to the kitchen. I tell my mother and grandma about the incident and they seem to just ignore me. I just had a weird feeling to do a RC. Nothing prompted it. I thought this can't really be a dream. I did a noseplug and at the same time I felt the gravity at the sole of my feet, and it fluctuated.

      I then floated to fully test dream. I rubbed hands together. I told myself not to worry about waking up. I landed and stopped rubbing my hands. I went for the front door. Normally in other LD, I wouldn't go for the front door because it was always pitch black, but this time I did. I opened door not pitch black, but it is night time. The neighborhood certainly changed and I see some construction site nearby. I fly towards opposite side of street. I felt that I needed to stabilize. I looked around and I paid attention to the sounds. I hear crickets. I could feel my legs and I'm amazed it is a dream. I am walking on sidewalk of what looks like outside of our church. I see two DC "training to become lucid dreamer". One DC was IN, a friend from school smart man, very open minded to new ideas, he is the teacher. I see them running and coming out of their bodies. Their body lands straight to the ground. I got quite into dream plot because I asked friend, TO, if I came out of body. He said no. Another guy, call him guy1 said yes. I said it is still a dream. I start to fly a little. They said, "How is he doing that". One screamed, "he has super powers". Guy1 said, "they should restrain me". I landed and levitated the two followers,who were running towards me. Guy1 walked towards me. I created a force field and he couldn't walk anywhere near me. My friend, TO thought I was a threat, so he came from the side and tried to get me. I used TK to stop him as well. There they were all straining their muscles to be free. I remembered what ~dreamer~ said to me about holding back. I put them down and I said to them, "ok we can talk about this..." my friend rushed towards me with a war cry.

      I stopped him with force field and I picked him up with one hand, he felt like a fragile. I slammed him over. His face facing the floor. I put my feet above his head. He didn't look like my friend anymore, but he felt like it. (maybe it is to make it easier for me not to hold back I don't know). He was crying. I let him go and I said, " you are not the problem". I went to guy1, the agitator, and there him into the sky with my hand. I start to fly away. I kind of lost lucidity and I ended up in a helicopter. I hear and feel a loud thumb on the helicopter followed by it spinning out of control. I felt the gravity change rapidly. I realized still dream. Guy1 came inside the helicopter. I threw him out of the window of the spinning helicopter. I then jumped out of the helicopter and started to fly. I start to hear a guitar solo, a very good one too. I start to charge at him. He punches me to the buildings, the buildings crumble. After a good exchange between each other. He start to plummet towards the floor and he screamed "high density field" I guess gravitational field. It messed with my head too and I started to feel a pulling effect. I see myself fall. I then awoken

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    5. "Gravity RC"

      by , 08-31-2014 at 04:34 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #74 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:I actually remember what I did this morning because it was so memorable. I did wbtb at 3:19 and I slept from 10-3. I watched a movie as I normally do while being attentive and imagining that the movie is my dream. I didn't meditate before going to bed. I actually didn't meditate for a weeks now, I became increasingly lazy. I haven't been putting my LD DJ on here and I haven't been doing as many reality checks. It all had to do with school starting and I felt kind of sad about my classes. Well on the 08/24 I started to accept my circumstance and I started to go back to my regular schedule. I started to do R.C both noseplug and gravity RC. I only do gravity RC on and off but the noseplug I always do it with my RC. (Written 12/31: I have not done gravity RC in quite some time so it didn't develop like his did, it was just starting to mature and I prematurely stopped doing it when school got started.)

      Lucid Dream # 74, day: 08/25/14, time: 7:00-7:24 Am " "Gravity RC"":
      At first I had a dream about a test that was due in class. I am on the website for my school and they had a random search button. I clicked on it an it took me to a random website. It had naked people on it. I swiped the website to get another website. I pause for a minute to let it sink in I am thinking "WTF". I thought about how such a program to exist that takes people to random websites and the downside to it. The teacher informs us that the test has started. Everybody is finishing. I am stressing out. I tried to read but words were to small to read. I got mad and start talking to others about it. I see ER, I say sup to him. He gives paper to the teacher, and throws a huge back of chips in the trash. He left without helping me, it is just like him though. I then went to the teacher to complain. I asked her how long do we have. She tells me as long as you want. I said a whole day.
      I wake up next to a swimming pool. I see my DJ in the water. I laugh at my dream. I say wow what a stupid dream. I have to take a test. I looked around and I think stupid me I didn't even do a RC I could be in a dream for all I know. I do a RC but I wasn't mindful. I then told myself to be aware of the whole body kind of gravity RC. I tried to feel my weight and my legs felt like noodles. The weight fluctuated up and down in a circular motion. I realized I am in a dream.
      .I am now in my room, I ask did I wake up, told myself nope still dreaming. I couldn't believe that the gravity RC worked. I feel the dream fading. Fear start to enter my heart. "NOT NOW" I say to the dream, desperate to hold on to it. I then hear a voice in my dream it was my voice or how I think I sound like. It said, "You have to get to get used to this, you are now a lucid dreamer. You don't need to be terrified of waking up". I start to feel happy. I then calmed down. I then went to a light switch to turn it on/off. I remembered reading about a task somewhere to turn on and off by your mind. I think brighter it didn't turn on. It has a window, where a mirror is supposed to be. I see a door outside. (dream start to fade so I concentrated on visuals.) I walk to it thinking it is a door to darkness. I opened it and it was dark. I then see a face look at me. The face was size of my body. It got smaller and it had three eyes. I got a little scared but I calmed myself and asked it what is wrong? He replied back but I forgot. I woke up after hearing him/

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    6. "Dinosaur abandoned desert"

      by , 08-24-2014 at 03:23 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #73 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:All I wrote was that I listened to some audio by sleep.(Idk what that means either, dam past me)

      Lucid Dream # 73, day: 08/19/14, time: 3:23-5:59 Am " "Dinosaur Abandoned Desert"":
      I am walking in abandoned town in the desert. I am looking around noting the environment. I saw little lizards running across, some hiding in the sand. After looking around at the half destroyed buildings I realized it is a dreamI see ants maybe 2 inches long rush towards me. I am trying to stabilize the dream. I tried to rub hands together but I woke up .

      I am watching some video. I am in dessert again.
      I quickly realized that it is a dream. I put hand in sand. It felt very realistic, I could feel the small grains falling down my hands. I look up and I see dinosaurs, a trex to be exact, and the one with three horns. The trex rushed towards me. I wanted to run but I told myself not to fear it. I turned around and acted like nothing is happening. I start to feel like I am waking up. I try to stabilize. I said to myself, "I will not wake up". I watched in 3rd person perspective, the trex killing the three horned dinosaur. It didn't want to eat it but it gauged its stomach to death leaving it to bleed to death. I see a temple and I start to go towards it. The trex cries, it looks at me. I see now it is more cartoonish, maybe 3d rendered
    7. "Invisible Pokemon"

      by , 08-17-2014 at 04:16 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #72 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:Since this is me looking back at my old DJ, I didn't write what I did I was too lazy, so I can't write anything here.

      Lucid Dream # 72, day: 08/16/14, time: unknown-7:03 Am " invisible pokemon":
      I was just wathcing the dream go by me. I see a pokemon flying and chasing another Pokemon so that it could attack . I realized it is a dreamI started to fly and use telekinesis on both of them. One of them looked like a dragon. The other one was a small little pokemon. I put the dragon in a force field and launch it into the air. I went to a city square, pokemons and humans are just staring at a little cube. I went to them and asked, "what's wrong?" They tell me that their is a Pokemon that is invisible and can't be touched but it can touch you. I see its hand breaking though the barrier. I try to use TK to pick ti up but I woke up. .

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    8. "weird plot"

      by , 08-17-2014 at 04:04 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #71 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:Since this is me looking back at my old DJ, I didn't write what I did I was too lazy, so I can't write anything here.

      Lucid Dream # 71, day: 08/14/14, time: 3:50-4:03 Am " It's just a Weird plot":
      I am looking at an ant hill. I am trying to find the biggest hill to do some sort of math problem. As I was putting stickers on them a female, EN, showed up and she tried to seduce me. She put her butt out, bending over to touch me. She started to grind her butt in front of me. I yelled, "What are you doing?". She turned around and smiled back at me. She stood upright and I put my hand on her shoulder to tell her that it is wrong. Instead she grabs my hand and puts them on her boobs. I freaked out and moved my hands right away. I looked around and saw that I am in my backyard. She is still next to me. I put my and on her boobs I am turned on. She turned over and replied, "yeah, grab my ass", so I did. I thought about this weird plot and realized it was a dream.I got up and shredder from TMNT showed up and beat me up. He knocked me out. I thought I woke up and it was over with .

      I got up and he told me to leave. I did, and I still had a katana, a type of sword on my back. I was angry that I couldn't defend myself from the shredder. I could feel the heaviness of the katana in my hand. I tried to slice objects with the katana. I see a group of martial arts students followed by a female sensai. I see them fight each other. I told them to be careful with the katana. They instructor informed me that they are fake. I looked closer at them and realized that they are indeed plastic. I realized that it is a dream. I told the DC to ask herself "what is real?", "is this real", "am I real?", "Am I you imagination?". She replied, "it feels weird". I said, "yeah it's ok to feel weirded out by it". As I was walking trying to make dream stable, I see ES. I am rubbing my hand I could feel the dream fade. As I am waking, ES says to me, "I need to suffocate". I looked at him weird and he said, "breath! breath!". I said, "Ok...ok" kinda annoyed. We found our way to the small room in church. I smell cow or horse manure and it reminded me of my childhood home. ES is talking, "They are no supposed to be here, only we know this place." I opened a door to my backyard. She, EN, wasn't there. I was relived. My dream kept its intensity. I didn't want to think about task or anything. I flew around and before I woke up I saw a Ninja turtle and a roller coaster. . It wasn't false memory, but it was exaggerated I may have walked by a farm or horse dump but at the moment I thought I was once living at a farm.

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    9. "Haunting Baby"

      by , 08-10-2014 at 03:05 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Nightmare # 3 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I saw a picture of a baby duck and it was pink and stuff.

      Nightmare #3 day: 08/09/14, time: 2:00- Am":
      I am around dining area. I see guests, a girl I know from church, FN, and her mom. The father wasn't there. I looked on the floor and their is sharp objects, like needles and knives. I am trying to remove it. They said they want to stay the night. They went to our garage. A man shows up and the house got dark. We huddled up and he tells us that their is something else in the house. We start hearing something crawl on the ceiling, all across the floor. The man tells us that we need to hid any reflective objects. He wraps the knives with aluminum foil. He was about to throw it in the garage but I told him their is a family their. I go to my grandma's room and I see a creature on the floor. It had pink reddish skin that blended with its eyes. It had no hair. Its guts were hanging out. It looked like an unborn baby. It was disgusting, so I left the room. I then see the girl FN's father show up. I didn't know how he looked like so I made some stuff up. He came in a van. He raced off, the van opened up and it let out several babies with umbilical cords linked up to the van. They were being dragged on the pavement.

      I wasn't really scared but disgusted.

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    10. "Water Zero Gravity"

      by , 08-09-2014 at 11:45 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #70 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background: no meditation for this one. Before going to sleep after WBTB I watched avengers and I did RC since most of my dreams are me spectating. While going to sleep I listened to Robert Monroe Lucid dreaming audio. I was also pretty determined for LD.

      Lucid Dream # 70, day: 08/03/14, time: 4:24-5:30 Am " Water Zero Gravity":
      I see scarlett Johansson getting beat up by rogue agents. I intervene. I soon realized it is a dream Every agent pointed their gun at me. I chuckled and told them to stop joking. I then used telekinesis on every one in that room. Their leader asked for mercy, and he doesn't want to die like this. I let them down and I left. I see my sister in the kitchen. I tell her it is a dream. I started to fly/float to prove it to her. She got spooked by it. I tell her it is ok and anybody could do it. She burst into tears of joy and she said, "All of us could do what you did?". I land and I wanted to create something I have never done before. I started rotating my right finger in a circle expecting for water to form from thin air. And surely it did. Not only that it kept going like perpetual motor. I then create another and throw them at each other. They started to interact with each other. It was beautiful. It had diffraction like water and it reflects maybe not as accurately but it reflects. I am getting overexcited. I then wanted to taste if it is close to water. I then float like an astronaut and put it into my mouth. I am overjoyed and excited that such a world exist inside all of us. . I woke up due to excitement.

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    11. "Met Vegeta"

      by , 08-03-2014 at 03:29 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #68-69 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background: I didn't meditate for this but I put on Robert Monroe's Audio tape about focusing and fell asleep while listening to it.

      Lucid Dream # 68, day: 07/30/14, time: 1:32-5:22 Am " Met Vegeta":
      I was with AL and his sister BY. I am in their supposed house. They had the same house. I feel so relaxed, I am beginning to fall asleep. I am now at an airport. I see a man, he is moving his lips, I start to listen. He said," If want to be at focus 10 you just have to say 10". I was confused, I turned and kept on walking. A women shows up and says the same thing. Then another man tells me I could use force field. I am confused. I realize that I had played the mp3 before I went to sleep. I said, "Focus 10" like he told me. I started to gain lucidity. The world isn't completely focused. These men tried to run towards me. I then use telekinesis to throw some of them. I remembered what the man told me, "I could create force fields". I am on some sort of bridge on a building. I believed and I put my hands out. The men that came after me stopped dead in their tracks. I am amazed that I created a force field with no straining. I then woke up in the dream room of my cousin. I have lost lucidity.

      I wake up moments after the audio ended when Robert Monroe does his countdown.
      I went straight back to sleep. I see dragon ball z characters fighting. I became lucid shortly after. I am at church when I became lucid. These children are bugging me to make the dragon ball z character vageta to become real essentially. I then go to the poster that vegeta was on and I pulled him out of the poster. He was still in cartoon form but he had life. He was way taller that I expected for him to be. I then told him to entertain the children. I then lost lucidity some where after that waking up. I then had an extensive dream about an old high school friend.

      Lucid Dream # 69, day: 07/31/14, time: 4:20-5:22 Am " Jaguar Motorcycle":
      Dream was about Doctor Who. I see Marta Jones and she is in the sewer looking for some sort of clue. She climbs out and aliens showed up and chased her. I then get a physical form. I become lucid. In the middle of the street was a yellow car. It is hard to describe but it had no real form until one goes inside of it. I went inside and it was a fast farrari. It didn't have controls, just willpower to maneuver if want to turn it turns. As I was going down a hill, the car transformed into a motorcycle but in a jaguar form. It looked like it is jumping and the front paws hold the wheels together, the back holds wheels and I am in the middle, it had a glass protection.I kept on riding until I woke up. .

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    12. "First Blood"

      by , 08-02-2014 at 09:13 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #66-67 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background: I Meditated before going to sleep. WBTB. This is the first time I have ever killed a DC, while lucid, and it was brutal.

      Lucid Dream # 66, day: 07/29/14, time: 3:30-unknown " The house in middle of nowhere":
      The dream started with an investigator that looked like
      Our ad banners.-143381.jpg He started a charity even in the lady's death. He bought all her stuff, before she died. People cheered him because they thought he was noble man. A screen pops-up and it asks to add a new character the girl that died. He looked dismayed by it. He didn't want her to come back to life. He killed her. The game say's new character added. She is transported to a new house. She is wearing 1600 cloth, the corset. I became her. I am using telekinesis to lift the couch and I see a glowing green thing around the object. I started to pay attention to it. It looks like an aura. The object started to move on its own. I see these twin sisters, old I mean really old. I became lucid without any cause.

      They tell me to a have a good day, as they smiled and walked away. I looked for a door and left. I see a front porch and the house looks old too. It had wood coming off of it. It had an old wild wild west feel to it. I wanted to go some where but I see only the house and grass that surrounds it. Everywhere I looked was white space literally just empty white space as if the dream hasn't finished forming. Maybe the dream doesn't want me to go somewhere else.I looked back at the house and I see an elevator man, he had the hat and everything to the red top. He shook his head with disapproval. I felt the sensation that I am about to wake up. I went to the floor to interact with the dream. I started to touch the grass and the dirt. I woke up though.

      I woke up to write down my lucid and then after some time I went back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream # 67, day: 07/29/14, time: unknown-5:02am " First Blood":
      I wake up in my room and I see that SN and his brother, YA were in my room playing on the ps3. It was night time so I didn't expect them to be over at my house. They left to get some food or something. I wanted to go back to sleep so I turned off the light. The light switch controlled controlled the ps3. That's strange. I plug the tv and the ps3 back on. I am suspicious now. My father brings another person and tells us to get along. The kid started to threaten us and he wants to play the next game because he is tall. I am angry now. I could beat him up. He couldn't do what he said. The guy from Doctor Who season 2-3 was in my dream. he summoned us all at once. We are in a room. He tells us that everybody has to obey their goddess and this creature with a head on her chest about 2 ft in diameter. She also has a big head where her head should be. She also had an uncanny smile. The color of her skin is green. And that ugly thing had the nerves to put on red lipstick, absolutely disgusting. I see her talking to her granddaughter. She tells her that she could do anything she wants and told her to fly. I see them fly. I then see the Doctor kiss goddess of his. It was repulsive. I asked them to stop kissing.

      I realized it was a dream and I am back at what looks like my house, but bigger. I see all these people worshiping one of the goddess' minions. She was told that she could have power over these group of people. I told them to stop worshiping her. They were too scared at first. I started to fly and they trusted me. They got up and came towards me. She started to yell at me. I use TK to lift her up and push her against the wall. I see one kid from church, the one that practices LD was there, he was also using TK. I told him to stop assisting me. He stopped. I tried again and further inspection led me to see that she was just on her tip toe. I was upset that I didn't have control over my power. I strained myself hard and I managed to get her up on the wall. I then lost control again.

      I wanted to create water out of my hands. I put my hand out and imagined sweat come out. At first it was just normal amount of sweat and then it started to rush, more and more. It was up to my ankle. The DC were all scared. I told them that I am going to kill them. They became terrified. I told them I am joking around. All the water vanished just like that. I wanted to try and do TK again since it is all that I love. I then tried to lift a table. I put my hand out as a gesture and it started to levitate. I then realized that lifting my hand was just a guidance for my will. It started moving up even though I didn't move my hand. I started experimenting with it, bringing it closer and further.

      "HOW DID HE GET THOSE POWERS", screamed a man. He continued, "HOW DO WE KNOW WE COULD TRUST HIM?" He turns to me and demanded, "HOW?" He said with a whimper , "my grandmother told me 'avoid the things you don't know' " . Look at him still wearing orange. He is still a slave. Even though I freed him from the cult, I didn't free him from his mind. I mockingly said, " Your grandma is not a very smart lady". I laughed at the Forest Gump reference, no one else did. We then went to tables. They were filling me in on what is going on. They told me that we are underground tunnel. I started dazing off trying to understand will power. I started to use TK to lift chairs around. I grabbed a ring about 10 inches in diameter. I threw it and I willed it or used TK, but I didn't use hand gesture. For the first time I understood that it was not TK but will. I would throw it and in mid flight I bring it back like a boomerang. I didn't quite master it. A man came in. He sat next to me and he had a metal neck brace that signifies that he once was a slave. It had cool designs. He had all these tattoos. One of a tear drop on his face. He didn't look at me at all. He just sat there. I look down at the table and see this 3 x 4 ash tray except it melts metal. It is red hot. I tried to do the TK thing. I kept dropping it and nearly hitting people. One time it fell and hit a chair and shattered it. I then accidentally dropped it on the guy's foot.

      He got mad at me and he grabbed me by the neck. He looked at everyone they looked scared. He said, "I don't care what they think you are but I don't care". He started to put a stronger grip on me. I tried to use TK on him but it wouldn't work. I then looked at the metal burner on the table. If only I could reach it. I stretched my arm. It started to move towards me. I thought, Maybe I have magneto's power control metal.I couldn't reach the man's throat but I now can use magnetism. I put my hand towards his throat and I start clinching my hands into a fist slowly. He grabs his neck. I then without hesitation put my hand in a fist and the metal around his neck just got so small that it was a decapitation. He died instantly. His head didn't fall though. This was the first time I killed. I don't care far too long have I let my DC kick me around. I see a hand on my right hand. It was frozen shut. I said jokingly, "how can I remove this hand?" I looked around everybody looked at me with fear. I said, "It is just human hand". I broke it off like it was just frozen meet. It was easier to break. I threw it into the metal burner. I saw his hand burn away. It happened instantaneously, I saw the skin burn right away and then the flesh with the bone.

      Everyone is rushing towards the exit of the tunnel. I wanted to leave. As we were leaving I see that the girl that was cloned by the game was what they used to make the tunnel. They were cloning her and grinding her body into mush.

      I do not get the ending.

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      lucid , memorable
    13. "Walking on Walls"

      by , 07-26-2014 at 08:47 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #65 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I meditated before sleeping. WBTB.

      Lucid Dream #65, day: 07/25/14, time: 3:32-5:47 Am"":
      I was in a house. I saw enormous amount of people there. One of them fancy house parties. I saw mostly people from church. The lighting in the house was mostly blue. I then get introduced to some Muslims. All of them had hilarious names. I wish I could remember the names but I do know that the names either contradicted their belief or it straight out a stereotypical name. I saw my friend IN, he was just following us. They took us to a soccer field and they wanted to have a match. They tricked us and kept playing soccer by themselves. They didn't play with us because we sucked at soccer. (I woke up sometime and went back to sleep) I am on a rooftop.
      I became lucid. I went down from the house and the environment became a maze of some sort. I started rub my hands to stabilize the dream. I am walking around making turn after turn. I see Xavier this weirdo:
      Tried my first WILD last night.-xavier_renegade_angel_186x250.jpg
      He tells me to follow him and I do. He started talking nonsense about everything universe, and every other crap together. He takes me to a tunnel. I think it was a sewage of some kind. He spoke so much nonsense that I got confused to the point I became non-lucid but moments later realized what happen and decided to wake up.

      Inside my home. I hear sounds from the backyard. My grandma tells me not to open the backdoor. It is dark. I am scared. I turn on the lights to see something already made it inside my house. Out of fear I became lucid.
      It was green creature, tall and fat. They broke through the window. I told them to leave. I then calmly walked in my hallway. I decided to do a back flip, more like flying and spinning in circle. Environment change, I see the actor for Charles Xavier, Patrick Stewart, he is driving a car. I mistaken him for Gandolf. I told him that when he did this shot he was in a green screen illusion, but now he is in my dream. He started to touch the environment. He tells me that, "how can you experience something that you have not experience before?" I started to touch the front window of the car. Touching the cold surface feeling the cracks. I was token away by all of it. I look up and it is my sister driving now.

      (Walking on Wall): I didn't notice the shift in characters since I was infatuated by the details in the dream. I told her that Lucid dreaming allows us to experience things which we never did before. I then open the car door. I put my hand out and touch the pavement. It felt like brushing my hands against my bed sheet. I thought that is strange I should have felt paint. I started feeling a burning sensation on my left thumb. We are about to pass an exit. I thought ok that didn't work out as well as I thought but let me do something I never tried before, walk on wall. I told my sister to exit and stop the car. She stopped next to a tall building. I went to the wall of the building. All white building, made of marble tiles, which was strange but I already know it is a dream so I didn't bother asking. I then put my right foot up and I imagined that this was my new plane in which gravity would exist in. I then put my left leg on it, I could see the blue sky. I started walking directly up. I looked down and looked at my foot, I couldn't believe that I am walking on the wall. I look back up and I am in my kitchen. That is what the tiles are for I thought. I then went to my grandmas room, everything was there the shelf, the computer, everything. I now wanted to walk sideways. Same idea. I put my foot out and I started to walk. At first it was easy but for some reason I started to tilt towards the right or the floor. I then try to stay in the middle and I tilt to my left towards the ceiling. I am walking on the wall like a drunk wobbling back and forth. It became so hard that it felt like an abdominal exercise. I felt my leg and abs tense up. I decided to get back down. I ran into the living room and I ran across the wall. My sister told me to stop I will hurt myself. I then woke up.

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    14. "Raccoon fly!"

      by , 07-26-2014 at 07:56 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid # 64 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I meditated before going to bed. I did WBTB.

      Lucid Dream # 64 , day: 07/24/14, time: 3 something - 5:10 Am"":
      I was an adopted child, I am in a house. I walk around the house and go to the bathroom. The bathroom didn't have a door. I left the house after finding my way to the door. I took a car, looks like my father's car, and I parked it outside just a block away. I came out of the car and I see a black guy walking in the middle of the street. At first I thought he said, "How's everything?", so I replied, "good!". He then babbled on, "I should have done this ..It is so simple just ask her...". I left him alone and started walking away. I look and see that the adopted house I am in is a block away from my house. I see a Muslim family come out of the house, a women with a hujab. I went back into the house and I see my sister in my grandmother room. She is listening to a song. I ask her to do something for me. She mumbled something and said, "After I finish this song". I then see a fly the size of a pit-bull on the window. It is tapping the glass with its mouth. I looked at it and became terrified. I called my sister and said, "Have you ever seen a fly that big? It is huge, we should record it to make sure that people believe us". My sister took off her headphones, and saw the severity of the situation. I then left her room to get a phone to take the picture. I realize that I am in my sister's room. I then realized, " Hey wait a minute, it's her dream". I rushed into the room and I see my sister struggling with a raccoon the size of a bear. I thought about it, "Her dream?...It is my dream".

      After realizing that it is my dream. I see the fly break the window. So many things are happening at once. I wanted to stabilize the dream. I started spinning. I felt nauseous. I stopped and the raccoon disappeared. The fly was still there. I tried to do the spinning technique again but it only made me lose balance and lucidity. I saw the environment start changing and I didn't want it to.

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    15. "Mafia"

      by , 07-19-2014 at 05:57 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid # 62-63 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I Meditated before going to sleep. WBTB

      Lucid Dream # 62, day: 07/13/14, time: 8:56-2:50am Am"":
      This dream was very short because I started to realize it was a dream, but the realism made me question again. I was in a school and I didn't want to look like an idiot. So, I went back to a non-lucid dream.

      Lucid Dream # 63, day: 07/18/14, time: 2:57-6:26am Am" Mafia":
      I was being chased by the mafia. They had the old classical Tommy gun. They were fat. I am just trying to run away. I got trapped in a dead end. I then realized it was a dream

      I used TK to launch them in the air and they stopped bothering me. I was about to walk away but then I thought I could go back and see where that door would have led me. When I went back and opened it. I woke up.
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