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    "Water Bending" 04/12/14

    by , 04-12-2014 at 05:03 PM (781 Views)
    Journal Entry Lucid #22 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
    Background:I meditated before going to sleep. I tole myself I could have a LD but it is ok if I don't have one just as long as I could remember my dream.

    Dream fragment 2 time 8:00pm-2:37am"":
    Long story short inside game, met a guy that was trying to teach my friend to shoot with a helicopter. He landed an airplane and he tried to convince us that he has a book that is wonderful. we were in a book store and he picks up a book and he told us it is really good and we should buy it. I turn and I see a pig looking guy like from Simpsons, he was in the store and he was inside my house all of a sudden. I asked who's dream am I in?(dream quality went up) Am I inside this pig guy's dream? They chuckled at me. I thought about it, it doesn't make sense, why would I be in someone else's dream. I am most likely in my dream. I did a finger count 5. My hands were wavey though going back and forth. I then did nose plug. I felt my hands pinch my nose while feeling the air pass through my hands.

    I realized it was a dream. As I am heading to my room, I see grandmother and it started to get pitch black. I decided to go outside. It felt like somebody put a purple overlay on my eyes. The world looked different with an increase in highlights of purple. I then started to rub hands and it started turning reddish. I then did spin technique and it stabilized the dream incredibly fast. I see tree's all over my house. I saw green trees and blue. Some tall as the red wood and some short. I walk and I see a swimming pool and in the middle a nice little island with a tree on it. I tried to walk on water. I did it before I told myself.

    I touched the water and I felt the water beneth my feet. I didn't walk on water. I thought I was going to sink in so I started to fly. I then realized that the water was not big enough because it hasn't even covered my legs. I then landed and started swaying my hands up and down to make the pool get full. The water followed my hands as I push forwards the wave went forward as I pushed down it goes backwards. I realized I still can do telekinesis so I turned and lifted my left arm the water followed me. The water itself was motionless above my head. I wanted to see the texture of the water so I put my hands in side of it. It felt like any water I ever had. I became excited about the realism of the dream and the possibilities. So I woke up
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    1. Mindraker's Avatar
      Cool dream! What's this 'spin technique' that you used?
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    2. DefineMeAsOne's Avatar
      Thanks. The spin technique is done by putting both arms stretched out to the side and start spinning in the dream. It is not made by me; Stephan LaBarge along with a lot of Lucid dreamers talked about it. It help stabilize the dream since it overload the mind with sensory input in the dream thus stopping sensory input from waking life. It could also be used as a teleportation, just have to imagine a place to visit and it might show up.