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    by , 12-10-2020 at 04:20 PM (230 Views)
    (night of) 09-12-20

    Focusing on the dog and Becky, only get some flashes during meditation : the dog's 'home' which is a kind of rescue center for dogs (though more of a hostel) and the color green or blue

    1) At a pub that seems to double up as a night club - though it is daytime now. It's quite dark in the pub and while I am drinking, with some friends, a guy approaches me - he asks me if I could give something to Fabienne (my wife) and hands me a plastic bag with some stuff in. He's pretty tall, has a nice suit and some kind of hair style that looks overly too styled. Simon, my mate, asks me what's in the bag - so I take a look. It has various papers and cut outs in it, I don't understand any of this - what does he want? what does it mean? As we are walking back home (which seems to be just down the street to the night club) I look through the contents again. There are some notes, hand written on old bits of paper, from what I can gather he tried to talk to her (via written notes) 15 years ago, and now wants to marry her. On one sheet of glossy paper there is a collage of images expertly put together, it's difficult to work out what any of it means, but I can see that this guy is a big deal. He runs a production studio and is a big tv star. An old photo of him in the early 2000's is also attached, the guy has tall spiky multi colored hair and looks like a total douche. When I get back home, which is now in my old home town I grew up in, I walk past my mum and wife who are in the living room, I'll give Fabi the bag in a bit. I go to see my step dad, he's painting this small intricate model of a creature. It's beautifully painted, a kind of sea monster, octopus with movable parts, a mouth that can be opened sideways to reveal red gums and razor sharp teeth. I tell him how impressed I am by it, though he was really good at art.

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