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    invisible tricvertops and alien invasions!

    by , 12-11-2020 at 04:23 PM (211 Views)
    (night of) 10-12-20

    Pre-sleep : focusing on Becky
    1) Early night dream (1:21-1:37) I'm fighting in a big huge field, I'm beating up these people one by one - they are mean horrible racist (white supremacists) things. Each time I smash one to the ground I see an image of a black woman and child pop up (almost like I am saving them) but it's all very much in a video game type of format. Though the format is daft my rage is real, I feel so angry I need to get rid of these vile human beings. I go deeper and deeper into this infinite field, and rack up quite a few points, feels kind of like Classic Doom game. I wake up with my blood pumping

    2) (from long dream period of 3:16 - 4:00) Suburban setting: Middle America, an innocent looking back yard with a white picket fence, and then some kind of electrical sparks -and 'boom' the whole area around the house has been morphed and changed, sparking different colors and metals (though layered on top of the same structures) And a bunch of scary looking aliens appear in this mess, armed to the teeth and running after the lady who did this: Now we see a blond lady, mid twenties, she is driving away from this craziness, driving in her pink Cadillac, no roof and I am sitting in the back with another person. Behind us the aliens are catching up, but a invisible triceratops comes stampeding around the corner and bashes the aliens out of the way. Now we have the same scene from the viewpoint of the Triceratops, his journey begins - seemingly willed into existence just after the aliens appeared, outside the american house. He sees the aliens and feels and urge to chase after them and we see the pink Cadillac from the perspective of the triceratops now, as he charges directly at the aliens saving the car from harm.
    After a few moments the car slows down to a halt and I ask the lady driving the car what she has in the glove compartment - I m not sure WHY I ask though. I climb forward to the front seat and open it - inside it's like a doorway to another universe, vast and open, I don't know how it is this big. The door to open the glove compartment is both regular size and the size of an actual door.
    **time missing**
    I ve warmed up to this lady with the blonde hair, we have a spark between us, I know she likes me too. We sit at a dinner table, a bunch of us eating and I move seats so that now I am sitting directly across from her. I want to talk to her more, kiss her even. My wife walks into the room, I'm confused - am I married? I recall then that I AM married, and I don't know what to make of these feelings toward this woman now

    3) Dream Frag (from 5:45 - 6:05) Watching an episode of classic Sabrina the teenage witch, She is in New York, in the middle of the new York iconic Central Park. She is walking past what looks like a coffee shop and now we see it is actually 'central Perk'. Phoebe pops her head out of the door. It looks like she is working there as it is late and she is cleaning up, she waves at Sabrina and we now know this is a 'cameo'. She runs over to Sabrina to say hi, but Phoebe is actually tiny compared to Sabrina, like a mouse, and there seems to be a crazy explanation here that she exists in a parallel 'smaller' reality. It makes for a comedic exchange between characters though

    4) Short dream (7:19-7:27) Sitting in my house (that is not my real house) My wife asks me to write a song for her, she needs it for work. It looks like I am a professional song writer in this reality. I tell her I will, and start to talk some more but she butts in - then she starts to moan at me , saying that I always say that I will do things, but never actually do them (even though I was about to start) I tell her I just wanted to ask if she needed just the lyrics or the tune as well? because I usually just write lyrics. Then I am sitting on a sofa and I have longer hair, I'm suddenly a teenager again - and it is my step dad that is shouting at me - I get pissed off, I tell him to try to talk to me like an actual human being every once in a while.

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