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    by , 05-09-2018 at 10:00 AM (267 Views)
    I am back at school, for some reason I am retaking the final year, I am pretending that I am 16 again and for some reason nobody thinks this is weird, they totally buy that I am 16 and fit in this class. I am with a group of other guys, we have just been up to something , but we missed the bus to get to school so we are running late. When we get into the class the teacher is crazy angry at us, at me in particular. She shouts and puts me down, and even though I am an adult and shoudlnt take this shit, I need to keep my mouth closed because I know it would just cause trouble to answer her back. But she is being way out of line. I then try to catch up with the course work but the book I have in front of me is a cooking book and I have no idea what is going on
    2 old friends
    I am visiting some friends from my town, and it is a social gathering , my friends introduce me to their friends - a couple of jolly chaps named Fred and George Weasley. They then introduce me to their brother - Milo - then I become partially lucid. It has been so long since I have seen him, and he tries to make light of it, that it is nothing, but damn I have missed him. I force him close and give him a big hug, and weep, because it hurts, something hurts, and I know I need to do this.
    3 cancer
    My wife is panicking because my daughter has a problem and the doctor said there is a 50 percent chance, if tested, that it could be Cancer, I say 50 percent that it is NOT cancer, but she focuses on the 50 percent that it is
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