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    by , 05-22-2012 at 10:40 AM (336 Views)
    Death row

    There is a kid, he misses his dad. He stays at some place, a 'foster home' until he can be back with his dad. He doesn't feel right here - but his dad, he doesn't respect him, he doesn't even seem to care for him. He knows he's not a clever kid, at school they put him in a special 'learning group', and his friends - they just call him a retard.

    He misses his dad.

    Today he gets to see his dad, he is excited - he walks across the big city to the scary looking building. When he arrives his dad is sitting across from him but they are separated by a piece of glass. His dad, who usually has a kind of disdain for his kid just looks at him with sorrow in his eyes. He's never looked this way before - what's going on?

    * skip to first person view, I am the kid, or I can feel everything that the kid is feeling

    I know, this is not good is it? What is going on Dad? I see that his cuts on his fingers and wrists are open again, I take carefully cut pieces of sticky tape that I bought with me from the foster home, and pass them to my dad. I guess I should have taken a bandage but this is all I could find. He smiles at me, with that sadness in his eyes, and wraps the tape around his cuts. He tells me that he needs to go and won't be coming back, he says something about having to be executed the next day. I don't understand. He tells me that he is going to be killed.

    I start to cry, a massive ball of emotion surges inside of me - I scream and cry at him - he can't leave me, I don't want to loose my dad - I CAN'T loose my dad!! I don't want to be alone.

    Cruise control

    I am on a Cruise, I see an old college friend who I catch up with, we get on real well. I help her with a project she's working on and in return, because of the place she works she gives me all of these real cool toys/collector figures. I see the time, it is late and I need to get back - the dream starts to have a transparency to it, as I look out from the ship's deck I see a grand city spread out in front of me, we must be near New York, but I see through this and realize that this is all me. I watch the work men dig some kind of tunneling next to the shore, as they carry out there work, shoveling and tunneling, calling to one another I wonder why I am seeing this, of all the possible things I could see to represent a city I am seeing this particular combination of events. I wonder if the old college friend is Windhover...

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