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    19/05/12 Trying to meet with Windhover

    by , 05-19-2012 at 10:38 AM (333 Views)
    WILD attempts

    It is around 4am uk time, I need meet with Windhover. I go into mentally turning left and right until I go into a Wild, but as soon as I roll out of bed I wake, I try this many time and get to different stages of WILDing. I finally get a proper WILD, I walk down the stairs and out of my house, it is dark outside - something is not right - it's nearly ALWAYS light, and I've just walked out onto my street - usually I go to random places. I cannot focus, my vision is all blurry, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest - perhaps I am too excited? 'Clarity NOW' I shout 'CLARITY NOW' I demand again but it is too late everything is fading and I wake

    I go back under into a false awakening, or maybe it's a WILD, I'm not sure - I'm excited at trying to dream share with Windy - but then a wall mounted tv switches on in my bedroom (which I do not have in RL) it is a woman reading a news report (I think she was asian looking with long black hair) she is reading a kind of news report, saying how dream sharing can be dangerous - once the link is made there may not be a way to come back - you could be stuck in the astral. WTF? I've never heard about this before, I've always read the opposite - but something about this news report scares me, like I'm on the edge of a dream share - this is real and is going to happen but something very dangerous is afoot. hmmm. I wake.

    Na'vi shared?

    I am a Na'vi, from the movie Avator - I am sitting inside a some kind of space craft high in the clouds. Another Na'vi is with me , we are going to jump out of the ship, base jump onto one of those flying creatures (I cannot remember the correct name) I am holding a large framed photo or painting in one of my hands. I cannot remember what it is, I just remember that it is a portrait of a guy, he's smiling so that we can see his white teeth - I think he is wearing a cowboy hat!
    We are happy because we have found something, something to do with dream control I think - my power/or title is 'the spirit of the Lion'

    This is a weird dream and seems somehow out of place - could this have been shared?

    Toilet humor

    I am sitting on a bench and on the end of the bench is a toilet. A woman uses the toilet next to me, and because of this I got toilet in a hole in the bench, this seems normal somehow - and then I get up, reach past the woman to retrieve some toilet paper. The woman then starts to brush her legs and thighs with what looks like a make-up brush - but she is brushing on some kind of transparent jelly substance on lots of small open scars/wounds. A teacher then comes into the room and explains to us what exactly she is doing, it turns out that she has somekind of rare illness/desease where she has to put this special substance onto the wounds to help them heal.

    Ben Folds

    I am watching tv with my wife when Ben Folds comes on the tv, he starts singing some thing and it sounds really good live, my wife turns the tv up.

    Distracting Baby

    I am waiting in a queue with my wife an my daughter who is sitting in her pushchair. A woman is standing next to us and accidentally drops a coin while she is fumbling around in her purse, the coin drops onto my daughter's hand and leaves a mark! She appologises and give my daughter some more coins to play with, one of the coins is a twenty pence piece but 3 times the size of a regular coin. She then gives my daughter her house keys to play with!

    Note - this woman seemed similar to the woman I saw in my previous dream warning about dream sharing - could this be the same woman? Could it also be the same woman I saw in the dream I tried to share with Windhover where I saw three woman?

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