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    Box and Workshop

    by , 11-10-2011 at 04:54 PM (422 Views)
    I am watching a webcomic about this male protagonist carrying a box with woman? in it during Josun dynasty. he's not kidnapping her, he's trying to save her.

    scene jump

    it's at night. I am a male wearing beige coat. I think I have black hair...(probably he is from the movie Source Code; the teacher, Sean) I am carrying a huge box with green cover, female person in it and a paper bag. I want to buy something to feed her. I walk cross the street and I see a McDonald down the stairs. I get in and for some reason there is my art teacher working here. -.- she recognizes me as 'real' me. I give up buying a Mc burger because it's not healthy, so I try to find other store. when I get out of McDonald, I see two people who are on my blacklist. that one bastard tries to fight with me, slightly kicking my leg. I resist and try to walk away. I have to protect the box. then this bitch tries to fight with me too. I get so mad, I put down the box and beat them up.
    at this point I recognize that I've been helping this woman in the box at the street every night. she has a baby. I suddenly feel sad about this...

    dream 2 - I am in kinda of workshop. there is my favorite webcomic Dieter room! cartoonist Neon B let me in. she looks toatlly different than I thought. I see Caramel too. I sit in the back with teenagers ...I volunteer for making something like photo-animation.
    Neon B shared ice cream with us...

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