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    by , 12-16-2011 at 04:34 PM (537 Views)
    finally!!! my lucidity is getting back !

    dream 1 - I become lucid right away when dream starts. I'm at my hometown holding a dark blue umbrella; it's raining like cats and dogs. I see bricks falling from a tall light tower... the dream is so vivid and long. holding my unbrella I fly all over the town. near me there's my elementay school, but the buidlings that surround the school are all unfamilar. I fly over to the top of the buildings and find a port. the raining stops. I see a huge steam boat coming in the port and hear people below talking. I was afraid of being found out that I'm actually flying, so I leave the port behind.
    I dont know how I get to somewhere where there's TV, maybe I am at a train station? I am watching a TV.(it was LCD monitor)
    I want to see my comic PPM as an animation film so I imagine my character Yerin from PPM on the Tv. her face is vivid but the animation sucks. she is waiting for the bus, which reminds me of Dong-in so I imagine him coming toward her. he's wearing that school uniform, but his hair was in weird shape, so I think 'what? that's not his hair!' and then his hair starts to change in a very weird way..... it was funny, but very weird.. -.- anyway Dong-in walks in, greeting Yerin friendly, but she says 'what', being tsun-tsun and all. they sit separately on the bus. Yerin's face blushes.
    at this moment the anime ends and 2 commercials air.(the commercials were so old, like 90's) after that a question about my PPM anime appeared on the screen: raise your hand if you feel the anime version is different from real comic. I think, of course it is different, and there are 7-8 kids beside me, then 4-5 kids raise their hand. another question appeared: raise your hand if you want PPM comic to be animated.(!!!!) and everyone raises hand including me! I am kinda excited. lol

    when I turn around I am suddenly in kind of big theatre/ auditorim/ big building with bunch of rooms. I look around and walk, and find a music recording studio, which an orchestra is preparing for recording. I also find a room where 'cartoon culture content award' ceremony is going. I recognize a man who has to do with PPM anime... I feel a little mad toward him when he gets an award. (bc the animation sucked?) I pass the music studio again, seeing women talking in their seats while the players playing their instruments. I do the internet in a computer room I've found and have an urge to search PPM opening song video on Youtube. the video is really weird. it's just a slideshow of retarded high schoolers, and the song is completely unrelated (song by singer Cool?). I scroll down because it's so embarrassing... so I watch that PPM anime again. it's exactly the same anime I saw a while ago (even though it was dream, the anime was still the same, I thought it would change) seeing Dong-in's hair changing in a weird way, again -.- Yerin says 'wut' then she gets on the bus. at this moment I suddenly put myself into the anime scene(?!) and get on the bus before Dong-in comes. I take a seat in the same row with Yerin, and when Dong-in gets on the bus, I forcefully push his shoulder so that he can sit with Yerin. He sits with Yerin, making puzzled face toward me, then I sit like a badass, saying
    "hey you guys. if you guys sit like that, then what am I? huh?'
    I think I say this because I kinda want to tease the 'couple'. (forever alone....) Yerin blushes her face again.
    I laugh because this situation is so funny, and then I wake up.

    I was still laughing in my bed.

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