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    dry spell finished

    by , 05-15-2012 at 11:40 AM (369 Views)
    finally, I think my dry spell is starting to be over - I hate dry spells, if only there was a way we could get rid of them completely!!

    - I have a small Lucid where I realize I am dreaming while talking to my sister. My real memory is fuzzy, and for some reason I think she is staying at my house in real life so I feel it is a good time to try to do a shared dream. Without checking if she is a DC or not I start to tell her that she is dreaming - she just looks at me blankly. So I get a 10 note and rip it up in front of her to try and get a reaction - but she is still just dumbly staring at me. I then rip my head in two so that at the least, if this is really her then she may be able to remember it - but again, not much reaction!

    - weird disturbing dream of a kind of reality television show, a group of people, some of which are celebrities are sitting around what I think is a steam room. There are two commentators, and they are giving advice on sex. The camera pans to - Sylvester Stallone having sex with some random woman, as the commentators try to give him advice he just turns and says something like 'It's too late, I've finished' and chuckles, prompting the others in the room to laugh with him. urgh

    - I'm walking around a type of military complex, dark high walls surround me. I have foreign thoughts in my mind, positive ideas regarding society and my country. I realize I am dreaming (or I think I do) and realize that all of this is a fabricated dream - it must be being beamed into my mind by the government. I then quickly deduce that everybody must be having this - it is one of the ways which they are controlling us. (I have no idea what to think of this dream - lol!)

    - I am in some kind of small concert hall with my wife, we are all seated around in a kind of semicircle. I start to sing 'lump' to myself from the Presidents and suddenly everybody in the concert hall starts to sing the song at the same time - it sounds awesome!! My wife then mentions a Motorhead song, and the guy starts singing an acoustic slow pop version of a motorhead song - which is pretty funny!

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