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    dreams are getting back to normal!

    by , 11-18-2011 at 06:56 PM (412 Views)
    dream 1 - I am back in Korea with my old friend on a tour bus. we go to a restaurant and my brother and I confronts 4-5 American gangs? at the entrance... or some gloomy place. I try to avoid them smiling, and saying 'hey woah woah.. lets be all friends!' but they try to fight with us... anyway we get into the restaurant and sit besides the table. I see big white plates.

    false awakening: in the morning my brother and I talk about those American gangs in dream with our mom. I think that my brother and I had shared dream.

    false awakening: I dont know when I dreamt this but I am doing the internet pming Katsuno on DV in the morning..

    dream 2 - I am in typical American village. its warm summer. next to me, there's a man who's an animation/ film director.(Brad Bird?) we are observing the backgrounds to get inspired for filming. I am holding a digital camera to film the houses. the village is really beautiful and sort of fairy. the director says 'isnt it nice to recall 1960's?' and then we go to a lake along the houses. I walk closely on the shore, but I'm scared of falling into the water so I shout 'somebody lend me a hand!' above the ground.(there is a little cliff next to me and there are bunch of people up there, maybe partying?) a man grabs my hand and I go up. the man looks like he's in ill. sunddenly that man slips my hand and I fall into the lake. I am puzzled. the water is deep. I float on the surface of the water and the man grabs my hand again. I acted as if this was okay..

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